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The Beginner and Intermediate book categories include those titles which generally provide broad coverage of VB topics. All other categories include books which focus in more detail on that topic. Click on any of the book titles to see additional information about the book, including a book review and the Table of Contents.

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Beginners Book Titles




An Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 6.0 4th EdPrentice01393642850

Beginning Visual Basic 6WROX1-861001-05-339.99

Bug Proofing Visual BasicWiley0-471-32351-939.99

Computer Programming Fundamentals with Applications in VB6Addison-Wesley02016126820

Essential Visual Basic 6.0 FastSpriner Vertag185233207729.95

Essentials of Visual Basic 6 ProgrammingPrentice Hall01301272050

Exploring Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0Prentice Hall01365759430

Fundamentals of Visual Basic 6 ProgrammingActive Education15826408580

How to Use Visual Basic 6SAMS067231443624.99

Introduction to Computer Programming With Visual Basic 6: A Problem-Solving ApproachPrentice Hall01301653360

Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic 6.0Prentice Hall01393642850

Learn Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 NowMicrosoft Press073560729X49.99

Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6Active Path1-902745-00-029.99

Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6 ExamplesActive Path1-902745-06-X19.99

Learning to Program with Visual BasicWiley0-471-19814-50

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Introductory Concepts and TechniquestInternational Thomson Publishing07895465310

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer's GuideMicrrosoft Press0735608121 0

Microsoft Visual Basic Professional 6.0 Step by StepMicrosoft Press1-57231-809-039.99

Murach's Visual Basic 6Mike Murach & Associates1-890774-04-945

Paul Sheriff Teaches Visual Basic 6Que0-7897-1898-719.99

Peter Norton's Guide to Visual Basic 6 for WindowsSAMS0-6723-1054-629.99

Practical Visual Basic 6Que0-7897-2145-729.99

Programming for Technology Students using Visual BasicPrentice Hall013622044466

Programming in Visual Basic: Version 6.00

Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Microsoft Press073560558049.99

Programming With Microsoft Visual Basic 6.007600107140

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6Osborne007882556329.99

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 ?IDG076457516329.99

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 10 MinutesSAMS0-672-31458-412.99

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 DaysSAMS0-672-31310-329.99

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 HoursSAMS0-672-31306-519.99

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 Online in Web TimeSAMS0-672-31665-X49.99

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Visual Basic 6Que078971812X19.99

Using Visual Basic 6Que0-7897-1633-X29.99

VB & VBA in a NutshellO'reilly1-56592-358-824.95

Visual Basic 6 : How To ProgramPrentice Hall013456955557.99

Visual Basic 6 CompanionQue0-78971-875-859.99

Visual Basic 6 Core Language Little Black BookCoriolis1-57610-390-024.99

Visual Basic 6 for DummiesIDG0-7645-0370-729.99

Visual Basic 6 for Dummies Quick ReferenceIDG0-7645-0371-514.99

Visual Basic 6 from ScratchQue0-7897-2119-834.99

Visual Basic 6 from the Ground UpOsborne007882508334.99

Visual Basic 6 How To ProgramPrentice-Hall01345695550

Visual Basic 6 In Plain EnglishMIS Press076457007224.99

Visual Basic 6 In Record TimeSybex0-7821-2310-429.99

Visual Basic 6 Interactive CourseSAMS1-57169-133-249.99

Visual Basic 6 Programming ExplorerCoriolis157610281549.99

Visual Basic 6: Visual QuickStart GuidePeachpit Press02013538300

Intermediate/Advanced Book Titles




1001 Visual Basic Programmer's TipsJamsa Press188413356854.95

Advanced MIcrosoft Visual Basic 6.0Microsoft Press157231893959.99

Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Second EditionMicrosoft Press157231893759.99

Advanced Visual Basic 6, 2nd EditionScott/Jones1577603080

Automating Science and Engineering Laboratories with Visual BasicWiley0-471-25493-20

Core MCSD: Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with VB6Prentice Hall013013988249.99

Custom Controls LibraryWiley0-471-24267-549.99

Developing Visual Basic Add-insO'reilly1-56592-527-027.95

Expert Guide to Visual Basic 6Sybex0-7821-2349-X49.99

Hands On Visual Basic 6Prima Publishing0-7615-1635-240

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Development0

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals0

Mastering Visual Basic 6Sybex0-7821-2272-849.99

MCSD Developing Desktop Applications with Visual Basic 6 Study Guide; Exam 70 -176Osborne007211930649.99

MCSD Exam Cram Visual Basic 6 DesktopCertification insider1-57610-376-529.99

MCSD Fast Track Visual Basic 6 Exam 70-175New Riders07357001840

MCSD Fast Track Visual Basic 6 Exam 70-176New Riders0-7357-0019-219.99

MCSD Test Success: Visual Basic 6 CoreSybex078212568964.99

MCSD Test Success: Visual Basic 6 DesktopSybex078212432124.99

MCSD Test Success: Visual Basic 6 Distributed ApplicationsSybexq078212434824.99

MCSD Training Guide: Visual Basic 6 - Exams 70-175 and 70-176New Riders0-7357-0002-869.99

MCSD Visual Basic 6 Core RequirementsSybex0782125824109.97

MCSD Visual Basic 6 Exam PrepCoriolis157610260249.99

Microsoft Mastering: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 DevelopmentMicrosoft Press073560900449.99

Microsoft Mastering: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 FundamentalsMicrosoft Press073560898949.99

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Developer's Workshop, Fith EditionMicrosoft Press1-57231-883-X49.99

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Reference LibraryMicrosoft Press1-57231-864-379.99

Microsoft Visual Basic 6: Complete Concepts and TechniquesSouth-Western Pub078954654X0

MTS Programming with Visual Basic 6SAMS067231425829.99

Parallel Port CompleteLakeview Research096508191-539.95

Platinum Edition Using Visual Basic 6Que0-7897-1916-949.99

Professional Visual Basic Project Management0

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0: An Object-Oriented Approach - ComprehensiveCourse Technology07600107650

Pure Visual BasicSAMS0-672-31598-X24.99

Rapid Application Development With Visual Basic 6McGraw-Hill007135422049.99

Ready-to-Run Visual Basic AlgorithmsWiley0-471-24268-349.99

Ready-to-Run Visual Basic Code LibraryWiley0-471-33345-X49.99

Serial Port CompleteLakeview Research096508192-339.95

Special Edition Using Visual Basic 6Que0-7897-1542-239.99

Teach Yourself More Visual Basic 6 in 21 DaysSAMS0-672-31307-329.99

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days, Professional Reference EditionSAMS0-672-31542-449.99

The Complete Visual Basic 6 Training CoursePrentice Hall013082929399.99

VB Movies: Building Applications with Visual Basic 6.0 096758020X 0

VB Tips & Tricks Volume OneMabry1-890422-00-224.95

Visual Basic 6 : Design, Specification, and Objects Prentice-Hall013085084549.99

Visual Basic 6 : The Complete ReferenceMcGraw-Hill007211855549.99

Visual Basic 6 BibleIDG0-7645-3227-849.99

Visual Basic 6 Black BookCoriolis1-57610-283-149.99

Visual Basic 6 Certification Exam Guide0

Visual Basic 6 Client/Server Programmer's Gold BookCoriolis1-57610-282-349.99

Visual Basic 6 CompleteSybex078212469019.99

Visual Basic 6 Design, Specification and Objects0

Visual Basic 6 Developer's HandbookSybex0-7821-2283-349.99

Visual Basic 6 How ToThe Waite Group1-57169-153-739.99

Visual Basic 6 Master ReferenceIDG0-7645-3253-769.99

Visual Basic 6 Programmer's ReferenceMcGraw-Hill007882576816.99

Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue BookCoriolis1-57610-281-549.99

Visual Basic 6 Programming: Business Applications with a Design PerspectivePrentice Hall01302619980

Visual Basic 6 SecretsIDG0-7645-3223-559.99

Visual Basic 6 SuperBibleWaite Group067231413449.99

Visual Basic 6 UnleashedSAMS0-672-31309-X39.99

Visual Basic 6 Unleashed Professional, Reference GuideSAMS06723158449.99

Visual Basic 6.0 Complete CourseMcGraw-Hill00280581270

Visual Basic 6.0: Environment, Programming & ApplicationsQue15807627270

Visual Basic 6: Error Coding and LayeringPrentice Hall013017227834.99

Visual Basic 6: The Complete ReferenceMcGraw-Hill007211855549.99

Visual Basic Annotated ArchivesOsborne007882502449.99

Visual Basic Controls in a NutshellO'reilly1-56592-294-824.95

Visual Basic Developer's ToolkitMcGraw-Hill0-07-912309-044.95

Visual Basic Graphics Programming, Second EditionWiley0-471-35599-249.99

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial CommunicationsMabry1-890422-25-80

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Windows RegistryMabry1-890422-26-60

Visual Basic Programmer's Library0

Visual Basic Programmer's Library Second Edition0

Visual Basic Programmer's Reference0

Visual Basic Source Code LibrarySAMS067231356135

Database Book Titles




ADO Programming in Visual Basic 6Prentice Hall013085857949.99

Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database ProgrammingWROX1-861001-06-139.99

Building N-Tier Applications with Com and Visual Basic 6.0Wiley0-471-29549-349.99

Database Access with Visual Basic 6.0SAMS067231422339.99

Database Developer's Guide with Visual Basic 6SAMS0-672-31063-559.99

High Performance Client/Server with Visual Basic 6Coriolis157610282349.99

Hitchhiker's Guide to VB & SQL Server Sixth EditionMicrosoft Press15231848149.99

Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Basic and SQL Server, Sixth EditionMicrosoft Press1-57231-848-149.99

Learn to Program Databases with Visual Basic 6Active Path1-902745-03-529.99

Mastering Database Programming with Visual Basic 6Coriolis157610260244.99

Oracle for Visual Basic DevelopersSybex078212322834.99

Professional Visual Basic 6 DatabasesWROX1-861002-02-549.99

Teach Yourself Active Web Database Programming in 21 Days0

Teach Yourself Database Programming with Visual Basic 6 in 21 DaysSAMS0-672-31308-145

Teach Yourself Database Programming with Visual Basic 6 in 24 HoursSAMS0-672-314099-619.99

Visual Basic 6 Client/Server How-ToWaite Group157169154549.99

Visual Basic 6 Database How-ToWaite Group1-57169-152-939.99

Visual Basic 6 Database ProgrammingIDG0-7645-3254-549.99

Visual Basic 6 Database Programming for DummiesIDG0-7645-0625-024.99

Visual Basic Developer's Guide to ADO0

Object Book Titles




Beginning Visual Basic 6 ObjectsWrox1-861001-72-X39.99

Developing COM/ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 6SAMS1-56276-576-049.99

Distributed Applications with Microsoft VB6 MCSD Training KitMicrosoft Press073560833469.99

Distributed COM Application Development Using Visual Basic 6.0 and MTS Prentice Hall013021343849.99

Doing Objects in Microsoft Visual Basic 6SAMS1-56276-577-949.99

Enterprise Development Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0: mcirosoft MasteringMicrosoft Press073560901249.99

High Performance Visual Basic 6 Object-Oriented ProgrammingCoriolis157610255649.99

Learn to Program Objects with Visual Basic 6Wrox190274504329.99

Mastering Enterprise Development using Microsoft VB60

MCSD Study Guide Visual Basic 6 Distributed ApplicationsMcGraw-Hill007211932249.99

Professional Visual Basic 6 Business ObjectsWROX186100107X59.99

Professional Visual Basic 6 Distributed ObjectsWrox10861002-07-649.99

Professional Visual Basic 6 MTS ProgrammingWrox1-861002-44-049.99

Professional Visual Basic 6 XMLWrox186100332349.99

Programming Components with Visual Basic 6.0Microsoft Press157231966644.99

Programming Distributed Applications with Com and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0Microsoft Press1-57231-961-544.99

UML for Visual Basic 6.0 Develoers: Using Visual Modeler and Rational Rose 98Ap Professional155860545241.95

VB COMWrox1-861002-13-039.99

VB6 UML: Design and DevelopmentWrox1-861002-51-349.99

Visual Basic 6 Business ObjectsWrox1-861001-07-X59.99

Visual Basic 6 Object Oriented Programming Gold BookCoriolis1-57610-255-639.99

Visual Basic 6.0 COM Developer's Workship0

Visual Basic Developer's Guide to COM and COM+0

API Book Titles




Visual Basic 6 Win32 API TutorialWrox1-861002-43-239.99

Visual Basic Developer's Guide to the Win32 API0

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Win32 APISAMS0-672-31590-459.99

Visual Basic Programming with the Windows API0

Win32 API Programming with Visual BasicO'Reilly1-56592-631-539.95

Internet Book Titles




Enterprise Application Architecture with VB, ASP and MTSWrox1-861002-58-059.99

Hands On VB6 for Web DevelopmentPrima Publishing0-7615-1647-640

Microsoft Visual Basic Web Database Interactive Course0

Professional VB6 Web ProgrammingWrox1-861002-22-X49.99

Teach Yourself Internet Programming with Visual Basic 6 in 21 DaysSAMS0-672-31459-229.99

Visual Basic 6.0 Internet ProgrammingWiley0-471-31498-644.99

Books found: 178