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Blue Squirrel
A$PCharge works with VBScript, VBA, Visual Basic, or any other language that will communicate with an ActiveX object. Simply tell A$PCharge which processor you are using, the credit card number and expiration date, and tell it to clear the credit card. When A$PCharge finishes communicating with the credit card processing network, ask A$PCharge whether the credit card cleared. If an error occurs, you can use A$PCharge's predefined error messages, or you can use A$PCharge's numeric error codes and give your own customized messages.

Anton Britten Computing LTD
ABCEncrypt is a small ActiveX control providing public/private key encryption and digital signing. It supports key lengths of up to 2,048 bits, offering unrivalled security, and its small footprint makes it suitable for web deployment. ABCEncrypt is simple to use particularly from Visual Basic or scripting languages. Its simple interface of methods and properties avoids API calls or long parameter lists. ABCEncrypt provides a full range of supporting facilities, including data compression and symmetrical encryption.

Finmar Software
aBox is an ActiveX component that enables formatting of input text, multiline text, boolean, date, time, currency, single, double, integer, and long data types. It is a single component, not a collection of data entry components, and offers many advanced features such as different border styles, dropdown calendar and calculator, UpDown and lookup buttons, full integration with Visual Basic, and more.

Access 2000
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Access 2000 makes it easy to get the information you need and provides powerful tools that help you organize and share your database so you and your team make better decisions. Quickly find answers that count, share information over intranets, and build faster and more effective business solutions. Build Powerful Business Solutions More Easily and Find Answers Faster Enable Web collaboration and improve productivity with new tools in Access 2000. Make data immediately available to any coworker. Update sales figures from the road or quickly check on customer details. Customize your views and formats to show precisely the information you need. And use built-in Microsoft SQL Server™ integration to create a scalable database that can grow with your business.

Greenwich Financial Modeling
AccessToVB is designed to convert programs written in Microsoft Access to equivalent Microsoft Visual Basic projects. AccessToVB analyzes the database and then converts the forms, macros, modules, reports, and code behind forms to VB. A number of user-selectable options include which forms and modules to convert, the choice of custom controls supported, and the ability to convert the project to an MDI project. All standard Access controls are converted, including the tab and page break controls. AccessToVB offers the complete solution for all of your Access conversion needs.

Ace Toolbar includes 16-bit OCX and 32-bit ActiveX controls for creating a wide variety of active toolbars, including but not limited to Internet Explorer 3.0, Office 97, and other innovative toolbars. You can also use AceToolbar as a versatile button control.

Active Delivery
Inner Media Inc
The Active Delivery developer's toolkit allows you to easily add self-extracting ZIP creation to your 32-bit Windows applications and ASP web pages. Provides both programmatic (DLL, ActiveX, and VCL) and wizard-based interfaces. Royalty-free, creates true 16 and 32 bit EXEs. Perfect for packaging content for delivery via email or download from a web site.

Active Uploader Source Code
Web Integration Lab
Active Uploader is an ASP script solution for uploading files to your server using a browser. No DLLs need to be installed. Use Active Uploader to upload pictures (GIF, JPG), programs (ZIP, EXE), or any other files. Customizing is easy because it's 100% ASP script.

Active VB5 Tools OCX
Galileo Technologies
The ActiveVB5 Tools OCX package gives you the ability to implement parts of the Visual Basic 5.0 (TM) IDE applications. You are presented with the new "active" interface, such as active buttons, menus, and drop-down buttons. Active VB5 Tools already provides you with the latest in MS UI technology, and any further updates to our system (which reflect Microsoft UI (TM) updates) are free to your users!

Active Verification Suite
The Software Company
Active Verification Suite will allow you to quickly and easily build name and address verification into your custom applications. Active Verification Suite is composed of two products: ActiveAddress and ActiveGender. ActiveAddress accepts addresses free-form and will identify the address type, set the address quality flag then automatically split each address into USPS standard components. ActiveGender will automatically split each customer name into standard components: Prefix, First, Middle, Last and Suffix no matter what the original name format. Using a 100,000 name look-up table and an 8,000 word company table the gender can be determined with accuracy unmatched by any other software.

The Software Company
ActiveAddress will allow you to quickly and easily build address verification and parsing into your custom applications. Accept addresses free-form and ActiveAddress will identify the address type, set the address quality flag then automatically split each address into USPS standard components. Additionally the upper/lower case will be intelligently set according to your applications requirements. NO DATABASE SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED!

Data Dynamics
ActiveBar gives you and your users complete control over toolbar & menu appearance and functionality. ActiveBar is a 32-bit ActiveX control that lets you effortlessly create dockable toolbars, detachable menus, tabbed toolboxes, and sliding tabs. The ActiveBar designer reduces development time by providing an integrated toolbar/menu design environment.

The Software Company
Not available.

ActiveError Foundation
ActiveError Foundation is unique in that it allows for applications and components to actually recover from errors and exceptions and so remain stable and reentrant, as if the error never even happened. Error handling systems for Visual Basic are traditionally more passive, simply trapping the error and logging diagnostics and offering you no real assistance in recovering from the error. ActiveError Foundation's ActiveError Engine takes control when an error occurs, unwinding the Call Stack through TransActive Error Recovery, a structured recovery framework in which each procedure encapsulates its own recovery code.

ActiveFile is an add-on component for ASP, providing file upload and download capabilities that work seamlessly with all leading web browsers. Using Active Server Pages scripting, your application can also manipulate files and directories, import and export files from a database, and much more!

Logic Dreams
ActiveFolders is an ActiveX control very useful for the representation and the visualization of hierarchical data using an explorer-like style. It seems to be the ideal solution for the representation of all the models based on hierarchical-structured data or to render relational-structured data by a hierarchical model.

The Software Company
ActiveGender will allow you to quickly and easily build name verification, parsing and gender identification into your custom applications. Accept names free-form and ActiveGender will automatically split each name into standard components: Prefix, First, Middle, Last and Suffix no matter what the original name format. Using a 100,000 name look-up table and an 8,000 word company table the gender can be determined with accuracy unmatched by any other software. Additionally the upper/lower case will be intelligently set according to your applications requirements.

Logic Dreams
ActiveGrid is an ActiveX control very useful for the representation and the visualization of hierarchical data through a tree representation of the data structures and an exploration of the contents using a specialized grid. It seems to be the ideal solution for the representation of all the models based on hierarchical-structured data that needs a more sophisticated data management.

Infragistics, Inc
ActiveListBar is a 32-bit ActiveX control that lets you easily create client/server applications with the look and feel of Microsoft Office 97's Outlook Bar. ActiveListBar includes such features as sliding groups, enabling you to group icons into a logical subset for enhanced accessability; facilities that enhance web applications like asynchronous download and PNG compression.

Logic Dreams
ActiveMailer gives you a way to have a complete mail client with a very simple but extremely powerful programmable interface. Using this ActiveX you will have a way to completely manage your mail system. You will be able to send messages, have a complete client to store or visualize them, have an event when new messages arrive, the possibility to read all the internal components of a mail message and so on. The ActiveMailer control was designed mainly for programs that automatically manage the mail exchange in a company or over the internet, but it can be used in many other situations such as web development or single station mail systems. All the operations that you normally do in a mail client, you can now do using the programmable interface of the ActiveMailer.

Fath Software Inc
ActiveMP3 is a stand-alone OCX you can use as a fully functional MP3 player. It has volume control and ability to convert MP3 files to WAV sound files.

ActiveOptimizer pdGuideBook
Platform Development Technology
The GuideBook provides you with over 15 categories of performance tips with well over 100 actual tips. Each performance tip contains detailed information covering the implementation, impact potential, risks, and detailed samples. Plus, we have thoroughly tested each tip to insure you know what level of performance improvement to expect. You may be surprised to find that many developers spend time on optimization techniques that provide little or even negative performance gains. We dispel the myths and provide you with the most comprehensive list of REAL performance improvement tips ever compiled!

ActiveOptimizer Suite
Platform Development Technology
ActiveOptimizer Suite provides the first complete optimization solution for Visual Basic developers. The suite contains 3 enterprise level tools. pdProfiler is the most impressive code profiler you have ever seen. View profile data, execution trace and coverage in one tool. pdGuideBook contains the most comprehensive database of performance improvement techniques ever compiled - completed with detailed explanations, impact timings, risk assessments, and samples. Don't know where to start? Let the pdCodeScanner analyze your code and show you where improvements can be made. It is just that easy!

activePDF, Inc.
activePDF provides you with all the tools you need to generate and work with PDF files from any Windows application. activePDF Server is a combination of COM Object and NT Service that can redirect output from virtually any server-based Windows application to PDF. With 3 simple method calls, you can dynamically generate PDF from Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Clarion, Delphi and a host of other products. And if your development environment does not have native printing support (e.g. Active Server Pages), the activePDF Printer and WebGrabber products can fill in the gaps. The activePDF Toolkit enables you to manipulate PDF files by supporting watermark images, form fields, headers/footers, page extraction and concatenation. The Toolkit also supports information gathering (Author, Title, Subject, etc).

activePDF Printer
activePDF, Inc.
activePDF Printer is an add-on for activePDF Server that the scripting developer can use to "print" directly to PDF. Printer supports drawing text, lines, boxes and even tables. Images are supported as well with our PaintPicture and PaintOlePicture commands and you have complete control over how the images are rendered onto the page. Available as a COM object, Printer is the ideal tool for those developers that need low-level precision control over their PDF output.

ActivePicture ActiveX/OCX is an all-in-one solution for constructing and displaying unlimited virtual instrumentation devices or active pictures such as automobile/aircraft dashboards, clocks, meters, gauges, sliders and knobs. It can also serve as a programmable version of the 'Windows Paint' bitmap editor; or act as an enhanced PictureBox control.

Personalize your Active Server Pages application in a snap! No database programming. No messing around with limited solutions like browser cookies. ActiveProfile is the answer. Set program and user group defaults for your application or let users set their own options. Save yourself hours of programming with an off-the-shelf solution to the problem of adding customization capabilities to web-enabled applications.

Logic Dreams
ActiveProperties gives you a very simple way to represent and to visualize a set of property data. This control was designed mainly for the representation of the properties of an object, but you can use it in all the situations in which you must represent a set of properties.

Data Dynamics
ActiveReports combines the power and ease of use of Microsoft Visual Basic with advanced ActiveX Designer Component technology to provide the ultimate report designer for Visual Basic Developers. ActiveReports is fully integrated in the Visual Basic programming environment. It feels and works like VB. No more cryptic scripts or work-arounds. It provides a fully open architecture that lets you use VB code, ActiveX and OLE Objects in your reports so you can handle the toughest reports without limits. .

M&M Software
activeSHAPES brings dynamic graphics to your application in an easy and efficient way. Based on OLE/ActiveX technology, activeSHAPES can be used with a wide range of programming environments. The software kit includes a graphics editor assisting in static drawing, an ActiveX control (activeSHAPES Viewer) used to view and animate your drawing in target application and an extensive online help, a tutorial, and a sample application.

Data Dynamics
For professional Windows developers who need to provide automatic form sizing, splitting, scrolling, and form hosting within their business applications, ActiveSizer delivers complete functionality in an easy-to-use designer. Unlike other sizer controls, ActiveSizer combines these four popular control functions into one. ActiveSizer automatically sizes control fonts to match the scaling ratio and behaves as a group control with a variety of border and bevel settings. Multiple horizontal and vertical splitters can be specified independently. ActiveSizer supports 3D, flat and pager scrollbars. You can use form hosting (subforms) to create wizard layouts and reuse the same forms in different settings

ActiveSuite Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveSuite Plus is a collection of four products from Sheridan's ActiveSuite Series product line. It is a high-quality package that delivers the look and feel of Microsoft Office 97 and 2000 at a low price. Included in the suite are: ActiveThreed Plus, ActiveListBar, ActiveTreeView, and ActiveToolBars Plus.

ActiveThreed Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveThreed Plus is a set of 11 32-bit ActiveX controls that give your applications the look and feel of Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet Explorer. ActiveThreed Plus now includes a powerful new Resizing control and the ability to create irregularly (nonrectangular) shaped controls, buttons, forms and splash screens. The SSSplitter control is also enhanced to allow forms to be dropped into the panes it creates. ActiveThreed Plus also includes four new controls SSResizer, SSScroll, SSSplash, and SSTransition

Infragistics, Inc
ActiveTreeView™ extends the common Microsoft® TreeView with a host of upgraded features, allowing the developer to display a pleasing, graphical tree, incorporating sound, colors, fonts and images. Our unique approach to providing a variety of methods for fetching and navigating data make Infragistics' ActiveTreeView ideal for large and small databases.

ActiveVR ActiveX Control
Innovative Drafting Concepts
The ActiveVR® ActiveX Control is a hot new innovation for those wishing to incorporate 3D virtual views into presentations, custom programming, and web sites. This technology allows you to use your native digital video movie format and turn it into a virtual space or model. With the Active Control, it's now possible to create interactive media directly from your favorite 3D application.

R.M. de Boer Software
ActiveWizard is an easy-to-use ActiveX control that enables you to create Windows 2000-style wizards. Just put an ActiveWizard control on your form, add some ActivePane controls, and the ActiveWizard control automatically resizes the panes for you. The ActivePane controls acts like a container, where you can put other controls. You can insert the ActiveWizard ActiveX Control in your application, maintaining ActiveX controls, as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual FoxPro and others. With the ActiveWizard Control you will also receive a free sample on MS VB 6.0 for demonstrating the possibilities of this control.

ActiveX Gallimaufry
Desaware, Inc.
Now that Visual Basic supports the creation of ActiveX controls, more and more VB programmers are taking advantage of that technology. But it's a big step between creating a simple control and one that meets professional standards. Desaware's ActiveX Gallimaufry can help you bridge that gap. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes a collection of useful, entertaining and educational ActiveX controls that include complete Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 source code. Among them are a TWAIN scanning control, MDI Taskbar Control ,Hex Edit Control, Rotate Picture control, SpiralBox Control, Banner Control, PerspectiveList Control, and a Common Dialog Component. These components are worthwhile for the educational value alone, even if you have no use for them in your applications and web sites. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes 32-bit controls for Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and other COM/ActiveX containers.

Fath Software Inc
ActiveZip is an OCX for manipulating files in ZIP archives. It is a fully compilant ActiveX control you can use in any ActiveX Windows development tool. It includes: Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Visual C++, etc. By using few simple methods you can get info about files in archive, create ZIP archives, compress, extract or remove files from them. Encryption/decryption of files in archive is also supported.

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Systems, Inc
Tired of colleagues not being able to open your documents? Frustrated by software and platform incompatibilities that destroy your documents' look and feel? You need Adobe® Acrobat® 4.0 software. It's the most reliable, efficient, and effective way to share information electronically. Acrobat lets you convert any document - including entire Web sites - into an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file, with its original appearance preserved, and then distribute it for viewing and printing on any system. Powerful markup tools make electronic review a snap, so you can collaborate more easily and productively than ever before.

Adobe GoLive
Adobe Systems, Inc
From Paris to San Francisco to Tokyo, the Web's top designers and developers use Adobe GoLive™ 4.0 software to create and manage world-class sites. Its visual design tools let you lay out pages with pixel-level control, while the flexible source-code editor helps you write, edit, and check your HTML. Add in easy-to-use Dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, QuickTime editing, ready-to-use JavaScript actions, and advanced site-management capabilities, and it's no wonder that GoLive is the tool of choice for Web professionals.

Advantage Database Server Client Interface
Extended Systems
The Advantage Client Engine is a custom designed Windows Application Programming Interface (API) created specifically to provide client/server access to the Advantage Database Server and is the basis for Advantage Windows support. The Advantage Client Engine was designed specifically to provide Xbase functionality through a Windows API. With typical Xbase programming, the current work area is specified with a Select() function and each subsequent database operation applies to that work area. The Advantage Client Engine has replaced the work area concept of previous implementations with a handle-based hierarchy of objects to provide more flexibility and control. le.

Advantage Database Server for Windows NT
Extended Systems
Advantage Database Server is a scalable, seamless, high-performance DBMS that brings client/server benefits to PC database applications. By redesigning the PC database architecture, Advantage allows developers to work with the same easy-to-use development tools and methodology, but replaces the distributed PC database architecture with a client/server model. Developers can deliver PC database applications that grow as the business grows without adding a tremendous amount of complexity and cost to the development cycle.

Aegis Database Monitor Add-on
Abacus Systems
This add on to Aegis Help Desk allows you to monitor an incident database for new incidents, closed incidents and responses in the last N minutes. You can also notify selected users when the number of new incidents added, closed or number of responses is more than a specified number in the last N minutes

Aegis Escalation Add-on
Abacus Systems
The Escalation Add-On to Aegis Help Desk allows you to escalate an incident if it is not closed, or if the last response has passed a specified interval. Escalation can be system wide, specific to each client or each incident. You can define how to exclude incidents from being escalated, which fields to update and how they should be updated. You can also notify selected users when an incident has been escalated.

Aegis Help Desk
Abacus Systems
Aegis is a full-featured help desk and defect tracking system. It is very easy to use, intuitive, affordable and packed with features Help Desk users have come to rely on. Aegis simplifies the process of providing a high level of service to your customers. It is a painless approach to providing a high level of support and service to your clients. The standard package can be used out of the box. With it's customization capabilities, it can be easily setup to track any incidents reported by clients and internal staff.

Agendum Software
AgDigital allows you to add digital counters, timers and display capabilities to your applications WITHOUT using a timer control! With 8 presets built in, AgDigital gives you the flexibility to create many type of applications requiring digital display!

Agendum Software
Simply drag & drop an AgFastForm control onto your form and begin your development as usual. Absolutely No Programming required ! For experienced developers, properties may be set at design time or during runtime. Some of the properties include form open and close transitions, fit to form and tile picture and Printform independent resolution printing!

Agendum Software
Find files or groups of files matching a specific criteria and receive information such as the number of files found, the full path structure, the number of directories searched, and the files version, size, attributes, copyright and internal name if available.

Agendum Software
AgMapThat also allows you to perform common coding tasks such as inserting Comment Headers, Error Handlers and Line Numbers with a simple right click of your mouse! There is even a compile with line numbers option built into AgMapthat! Using hotkeys or the right mouse button menu allows for easy inserting or saving of your code. With the built in AgTask system, AgMapthat gives you an integrated project task tracking system using drag and drop functionality. Full configurable user options allow you to print you project in the most detailed format you can imagine!

AgOnline Update
Agendum Software
AG Online Update is an ActiveX control which allows easy insertion of automated software update and patch download capabilities into your application. Our control handles auto-patching from any local drive, network drive OR the web!!

AgProgressive D/L
Agendum Software
No coding Necessary! This powerful ActiveX control has properties that can be set at design time to avoid coding or during runtime for those more experienced programmers. Various information can be returned to your application including but not limited to: Remote Host, Name, RemoteHostIP, LocalHostName, LocalHostIP, URL, File Size, Download time, Date… plus much more.

Agendum Software
Have you ever wanted to grab a screen by drawing an area with the mouse? Or how about using the HWND property? Or better yet, how about by active window? With AgScreen, these are just a few of the ways you can now add screen capture capabilities to your applications

Aircraft ActiveX Library
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Aircraft ActiveX Library is a bundle of four (4) aircraft-specific custom controls designed for developers interested in creating games, simulations, or cockpit emulations. These controls include the Aircraft Dynamics, Aircraft Instruments, Joystick, and Moving Map ActiveX controls. Packaged together to provide customers with an economical and powerful set of tools for aircraft-related applications.

Aircraft Instruments ActiveX
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Aircraft Instruments ActiveX Control displays 12 small aircraft flight instruments including air speed indicator, altimeter, artificial horizon, automatic direction finder, climb rate indicator, compass, course indicator, heading indicator, horizontal situation indicator, omni-bearing indicator, radio magnetic indicator, and turn coordinator. It utilizes dynamic property pages and is self-registering. It is used by every branch of the US Military and every large commercial aircraft manufacturer. In fact, the Aircraft Instruments ActiveX has been licensed throughout the world as the only commercially available Aircraft-specific instrumentation suite in ActiveX format.

ALLText HT/Pro
Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
ALLText is a full formatted text box (Rich Text) control designed for Windows programmers by Bennet-Tec Information Systems. ALLText looks like a standard textbox on your form, but supports the simultaneous display of multiple fonts, font characteristics and colors; paragraph formatting; and even inclusion of any bit map as the background to the control.

AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control provides a highly customizable digital display. Its dynamic property pages provide full control of the control's sizes, colors and bitmaps. It may be used to display either numeric or alphanumeric values. With its data-aware features, the AlphaNumeric LED is an ideal element for technical interfaces.

Mirus Data AB
Generate interactive systems on both local and remote servers across the Internet. ALSTRA VB/WEB Toolkit is a Visual Basic / HTML / DHTML rapid application development. It uses a template-driven code generator, which produces well-structured and fully documented object-orientated code, without any manual coding. The generated application includes all forms for an MDI environment, supporting multiple instances of VB forms or HTML / DHTML Web clients.

Angular Gauge ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Angular Gauge ActiveX Control is a multi-purpose, highly customizable angular gauge custom control. Its dynamic property pages provide a powerful tool for designing gauges with full control of scales, needles, fonts, captions, annulars, hubs and tics. With its data-aware and mouse input features, AGauge is an ideal display element for technical interfaces.

WexTech Systems Inc
AnswerWorks is a natural language development system that allows Help authors and software developers to add an easy-to-use natural-language interface to Windows Help and HTML Help. AnswerWorks lets online Help users get answers to questions phrased in everyday language. Users simply type in questions, and AnswerWorks retrieves the most pertinent help topics. The result is faster, easier, and more accurate access to any help system.

Apollo Database Server
Vista Software
Apollo Database Server is a full-featured, SQL high-performance client/server DBMS. It can be configured to simultaneously serve data over the Internet, LAN or Intranet. Move your database applications to true client/server computing and allow Apollo Database Server to provide solid client/server DBMS support to your database files. Apollo Database Server makes it easy.

Apollo OLE DB
Vista Software
Apollo OLE DB is a high-performance OLE DB Provider that offers a breadth of features for any ADO/OLE DB enabled development environment including Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, C++Builder, Visual InterDev and more. Apollo OLE DB hooks into the SuccessWare Database Engine (or SDE). It extends the original Apollo technology.

Apollo SQL
Vista Software
ApolloSQL is a powerful, local SQL engine add-on for Apollo VCL and Apollo OLE DB that allows developers to use SQL-92 commands with these products in local mode. ApolloSQL is ideal for developers that want to use SQL in their standalone database applications. Developers with applications deployed in a peer-to-peer environment should consider moving to Apollo Database Server . ApolloSQL makes migration to client/server computing totally seamless.

AppForge, Inc.
AppForge software is fueling the handheld revolution. It lets you create applications for PDAs and other Palm OS® devices using Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0®. It's incredibly powerful and easy to use. AppForge software supports products made by Palm, Handspring, Sony, Symbol, Kyocera, TRG, and others. Think it. Build it. It's that easy!

Applet Designer Enterprise
Diamond Edge, Inc.
Applet Designer Enterprise edition migrates Microsoft Windows applications written with Visual Basic into cross-platform, object oriented distributed applications, complete with database access.

SysFire LLC (formerly Greenleaf Software)
Greenleaf ArchiveLib contains data compression and archiving functionality which can be included in a wide variety of applications. Written in C++, this library also supports C, Visual Basic, Delphi. Three compress and decompress engines are included: a PKZIP 2.0x compatible engine (Encryption not included outside the Unites States), a Greenleaf engine which is lossless, dictionary based and 5-level, and a copy engine as an alternative for small files. The PKZIP 2.0x archive support will insert, extract, delete and list. Supports MS-DOS, Windows 3.x Windows 95, Windows NT including long filenames in 32-bit Windows.

ASP FileFunctions Object
Jeroen Ritmeijer
ASP FileFunctions Object is a component that exposes almost every feature needed to manipulate files and folders on the hard drive to supplement limitations in IIS. It allows you to retrieve file lists, sort them by many criteria, and manipulate files and directories (move, copy, rename, and delete).

ASP Fundamentals
Instructor Eric Polson, a guru in Web site development, brings his skills to the screen in these two 1-hour video discs. ASP technology is the backbone of many dynamic web sites running on Windows NT today. If you're doing any Web development and want to know about VB integration, then ASP Fundamentals is for you.

The course has two full hours of presentation video and a complete student/reference guide with labs and solutions included and on the Web site. Geared for Web developers, the labs cement concepts presented in the lectures. ::::::These VideoCD's will play in any Windows PC and most DVD Players. :::

ASP MagicBundle
Dana Consulting
ASP Magic Bundle Components extend the boundaries by Active Server Pages programming by adding the rich, enhanced functionalities not available before. It extends the reach of ASP by making file, registry and INI manipulations easy and efficient. All components supports standard COM interface and will work well with Active Server Pages, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other COM enabled software

netExs LLC
ASP XL delivers fast, efficient report creation for Web Development with Active Server Pages. With a tuned COM DLL for data access and HTML/XLS report generation, ASP XL is the finishing touch on your web project for creating HTML and Excel downloadable reports. The intelligent user interface analyzes your data source, allows you to set colors, formats, and properties, and generates ASP framework files for running and configuring your reports utilizing the COM DLL.

netExs LLC
ASP+ delivers a new paradigm for Visual Web Application Development with IIS and Active Server Pages. With four tuned, highly configurable server objects, ASP + generates easily understandable and commented web forms with browser independent client-side JavaScript field validation to reduce server round-tripping, search forms, grids, and downloadable Excel snapshot extracts all in a convenient recognizable DHTML framework with optional DHTML toolbars. Also included is a robust security layer that is integrated into ASP +'s generated pages and can be added to pre-existing ASP and HTML pages.

USIntertech, Inc.
ASP-db is an ASP component that allows you to display your database tables with only four lines of ASP code. With a variety of options, including "grid" mode, "form" mode, hidden fields, and filtering ASP-db is a powerful component that encapsulates your database and outputs it as HTML.

Stonebroom Software
ASP2XML provides an easy-to-use interface between a data source and an XML client. It creates XML documents from the data source that include specific information about that data. These XML documents can then be edited by the client and returned to the server. There, the ASP2XML component uses the information in the document, together with the edits made by the client, to update the original source data.

netExs LLC
ASP3 delivers FAST, scalable, multi-tier web solutions by leveraging Stored Procedures, ActiveX Data Objects, COM components, Active Server Pages, and Internet Information Services. Beginning its efficient design at the back end, ASP3 generates SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE database-specific stored procedures, applies them to your database (any data source with an ODBC driver is supported), and allows you to further modify them. File based data sources (i.e. Microsoft Access) use dynamic SQL for these actions. Then, Visual Basic classes are created for each table and combined with a general factory class and general framework module.

Diamond Software Concepts
Include robust, data-bound grids in your web application. Aspect is an Active Server Pages (ASP) component that provides facilities for web-based database development as well as services for uploading binary or text data to web servers, file management, SQL statement building, date format conversion and manipulation, and simple one-way encryption facilities. Aspect uses standard ADO DB connections to any supported database, including SQL Server and Access.

Tashcom Software
ASPEdit 2000 is a powerful Active Server Pages and HTML editor with full support for Visual Basic script. Its code highlighter provides a clear view on your code and shows all HTML, ASP, and VBScript colorized, so you immediately can see what is code and what is text. Discover the ease of use ASPEdit provides when you are editing your web pages. Features like plugin support enable third party programmers to write their modules for ASPEdit.

ASPEdit also supports the webtv tags, coldfusion and common SQL commands and is able to generate SQL functions via an easy SQL query builder. ::::::ASPEdit is for *all* levels of web authoring. It provides easy to use wizards who enable you to work fast and easy, and you can switch them off if so desired.:::

Persits Software
AspGrid is an active server component that brings to your ASP application the power of a data-bound grid control. With AspGrid, you can build browser-independent editable grid interfaces to your databases in as little as three lines of ASP code. AspGrid's features include an intuitive object interface, enabling you to customize the appearance of data in a grid; support for foreign-key recordsets; support for HTML controls such as checkboxes, list boxes, and text areas; the ability to turn data fields into links or images; support for column-wise sorting; navigation buttons; and support for data-bound forms.

You've just spent months developing the killer ASP application. You're just days away from unleashing it on the world. But now you have a dilema. While ASP scripting made development a breeze, you can't afford to have all that VBSCRIPT code, your intellectual property, left unprotected. ASPLightning is the solution.

ASPLightning is revolutionizing the ASP application industry with the first ever packaging system that not only protects your source code, but also improves the performance of your application. :::

Stonebroom Software
ASPointer makes it easy to access and update XML, HTML, ASP and similarly-structured files directly on the server, without having to load them into a browser or other client application. It reads the file on disk and returns the selected content as a string that can be manipulated using script or code. The component can also automatically replace all matching instances in the target document with new content that you specify.

AspSmartSuite contains all of the aspSmart components in one package. With aspSmartSuite you instantly can use powerful components such as : aspSmartFile, aspSmartUpload, aspSmartDate, aspSmartCache, aspSmartForum, aspSmartMail, and aspSmartSecurity

Software Artisans
In a single easy to use package, ASPstudio includes a rich set of tools for popular functions like file upload, transactional (MTS) file management, data validation and much more. ASPstudio includes over 20 components with hundreds of functions to meet the need of ASP Developers ASPstudio combines Software Artisans' most popular and powerful components in one solution. ASPstudio includes many different components including their latest: SA-Admin, SA-Jfile and SA-FileManagerTx. Hundreds of methods meet almost any need of the ASP Developer.

Persits Software
AspUpload is the leading upload component on the market. It allows your ASP application to capture, save and process arbitrary files uploaded with a browser.

Persits Software
AspUser is a comprehensive NT user and permission management component. It provides your with an object-oriented programming interface to NT user and group accounts as well as access control lists of files.

Async Professional
TurboPower Software
Async Professional ActiveX is TurboPower's flagship communications toolkit, now available for COM and ActiveX developers using Microsoft Visual Basic. Async Professional ActiveX is more than just an optimized comport component. It's a full-featured toolset with serial communications and TCP/IP support for building tomorrow's Internet applications. It's true VT-100 terminal emulation, error-correcting file transfer protocols, and a simple gateway to the power of TAPI. Best of all, APAX builds on years of time-tested communications expertise. It's fully documented, royalty-free, backed with solid support, and ships at a price that might surprise you.

Implementing an Audit Trail to track database changes is a common need but bullet-proof solutions are rare. Even if you have code in your app. that writes to an Audit log there's no way to capture data coming in from another front end or direct input to the database via Query Analyzer. Anything other than a server side solution can't be guaranteed get all the data but who wants to write all the procs or triggers to implement it? Auto-Audit™ generates server side triggers automatically that capture audit data from every update, insert and delete that occurs on every field that you choose to track. If your database changes, simply drop your audit triggers and re-run Auto-Audit™ to layer on bulletproof audit trail functionality every time. You select which tables and fields to track, from only a few to every field in the database. Auto-Audit™ships with powerful reporting utilities to extract the audit data into meaningful reports.

LockwoodTech Auto-Error™ processes Microsoft Visual Basic files (forms, modules, etc.), adding line numbers and customizable Error Processing code to every function, sub and property statement. This application, used in conjunction with a powerful Error Processing Component that ships with the Auto-Error™ install, solves the tedium of Visual Basic error handling once and for all.

Do you spend a large amount of time updating Insert scripts manually or have to update your test data scripts every time you add data to the database? LockwoodTech Auto-Inserts™ eliminates this drudgery by automatically processing table data into insert scripts that you can save and use later. Do you ever need to get a database to a remote developer with data included? With Auto-Inserts™, the solution is as easy as generating a script from SQL enterprise manager. Instant-Inserts allow you to script one or all the tables in your database into .sql file(s). Even the largest database is scripted in seconds. Rebuilding a database is as easy as 1 - 2, run "Generate Scripts" from SQL Enterprise Mgr., Erwin etc. for your Data Definition Language script and then create your insert scripts with Auto-Inserts™. Auto-Inserts™ is smart enough to order your scripts based on object dependencies so you can populate a whole database even with Referential Integrity still intact!

Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation
AutoPlay Menu Studio is the quickest and easiest way to create professional AutoPlay/AutoRun menus for CD-R, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Now features internal MP3 audio, multi-line text objects, scrolling text objects, 1000 page menus, new events with multiple actions, auto 8/24 bit color, embedded AVI video, dynamic hiding and showing of objects, improved variables & conditions, and much more. All of this from within our much applauded visual development environment. Just drag and drop!

Azalea Bar Code Suite
Azalea Software
See web site for details.

AZSpell (formerly HighSpell)
BeCubed Software
AZSpell is a first class spell checker to be used with programmable word processing systems or any regular Windows data fields. A vocabulary, containing more than 120,000 words, is now available and can be extended to almost any number of words. AZSpell 3.0 is provided with an intelligent word identification algorithm and is suitable for the complexity of almost any language. The tremendous speed permits spell checking, including vocabulary and suggestions for spelling correction, while input is being done. Usually, common mistakes are identified and corrected by AZSpell automatically.