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Kenonic Controls
CASPER is a beautifully simple and secure system for automating payment and authorizations for programs that are protected with CrypKey. Normally, customers must call you to get their unlocking code, which requires a customer service representative to handle the phone call and generate the unlocking key. With CASPER the authorization process is fully automated, saving you money and saving your customer time.

Pegasus Software
CadXpress ActiveX is an ATL based control that offers high-speed access to DXF and DWG AutoCAD files from within databases, Internet/Intranets or any other 32bit Windows environment. CadXpress' background processing makes DXF, DWG, JPEG, TIFF G3/G4, TGA, WMF, PNG, BMP and others fly to the screen with very little effort. This engine includes many powerful image features such as printing, transparencies, smoothing, annotation/redlining, rotate, zoom, crop, copy-to-clipboard, rubber-banding, and much more! CadXpress is the perfect tool for displaying the most popular AutoCAD files!

Calendar Tools
DBI Technologies Inc.
Calendar Tools consists of five calendaring components including the flagship component ctCalendar. Display time by day, week, month, or year with this scrolling virtual calendar. ctCalendar offers definable start and end dates, drag and drop functionality, image, color, and printing capability, for complete user controlled presentation. ctDropDate makes its debut in Calendar Tools offering a fully functional drop down monthly calendar ideal for easy date selection and navigation. Also packaged in Calendar Tools are month and year components for added presentation options. ctMonth supports drag and drop, images, colors, printing and multiple selection of dates. ctYear offers multiple display options to meet your interface requirements.

Calendar Widgets
Infragistics, Inc
Calendar Widgets includes most of the features of a high-quality commercial personal information manager, but in a component form! Four separate controls cover every aspect of time and date input and management. Calendar Widgets has StyleSet design templates to speed formatting display of dates and days of the week and it has reusable components for date and time management.

Pegasus Software
CapturePRO provides you with all the features you could want in a high level image acquisition toolkit. CapturePRO works with digital cameras and digital video capture cards to provide high level image and video management. Whether you are creating an internet video solution, a networked security application, an industrial monitoring system, or a medical imaging device, CapturePRO solves your problem. It interfaces with your image device using TWAIN and MCI calls, it selectively acquires images, outputs to high-speed JPEG files, and can even upload frames to remote FTP sites. The variety of applications is endless for this Cadillac of toolkits.

CAST Software
CAST VB-Miner is an innovative tool that breaks down one Visual Basic code module and displays detailed graphical representations showing all the elements inside the module as well as the elements called by this module. Powerful syntactic and semantic code analyzers within VB-Miner "read" and "understand" the inherent meaning of programs written in Visual Basic. VB-Miner takes into account the thousands of subtleties specific to VB and stores this information in an XML structure. VB-Miner then uses these findings to display graphic views of the Microsoft Visual Basic application's inner structure.

CCS Colman Computer
Build professional applications using a single component on your forms. ccsMultiControl incorporates nine different types of forms controls including Text Box, Check Box, Combo Box, Date/Time, Radio Buttons, and more. ccsMultiControl allows you to specify a caption for each control on your form without needing to add a separate Label control. Combo Boxes are automatically formatted to adjust to the maximum width of the contained data.

CFD HTC Mapper ActiveX
CAE Power Tools
The CFD HTC Mapper Finite Element Results ActiveX control makes using Heat Transfer Coefficients from Computation Fluid Dynamics in downstream thermal analyses easy. HTC results are usually exported from the CFD package in the form:

X,Y,Z,HTC :::1,0,0,0,0 :::2,0.013555,0,0,3.07E-10 :::3,0.02711,0,0,5.19E-10 :::CFD HTC Mapper Finite Element Results ActiveX control provides a way to map the HTC results from the CFD analysis onto the structural mesh (coarser). It provides no import or export facility - that is left up to you, using the controls methods and properties.

Chant SpeechKit
Chant Inc.
Voice-activate your GUI. Fill out forms, query databases, enter transactions, navigate controls, ask questions, and get responses without having to use a mouse or keyboard. Chant components handle the complexities of speech recognition and text-to-speech for your desktop and web-enabled applications written in C/C++, Delphi, Java, Smalltalk, or VB.

Chart FX
Software FX
Chart FX Client Server is a COM-based product that lets you deploy powerful charts in VB, Visual C++, Delphi, and Access applications. As soon as you install Chart FX Client Server, the Wizard manager helps you set up your preferred chart type and visual attributes, without even handling properties or writing code. Wizards to control visual attributes and the Chart FX User Interface are included right out of the box! And Chart FX Client Server's royalty-free annotation extension allows programmers and end users to draw shapes and import images for highlighting important data in the charts. Chart FX Client Server also provides an Active Document Server (OLE Server) that allows your users to email, paste and work with active Chart FX charts in other Windows applications.

Chart FX Internet Edition
Software FX
Chart FX Internet Edition is a set of server-side and client side components for adding dynamic charting capabilities to Web sites and corporate intranets. On the server side, it includes ActiveX DLLs for Active Server Page development (all we care about :-) but it also includes ISAPI and NSAPI components as well as Standard and Console CGI applications. On the client, although it provides a 32-bit ActiveX for IE3 & IE4 and both 16&32-bit Netscape plugs-ins, it can generate JPG files for least-common denominator approach. This is an incredibly powerful, polished, and well thought-out product that has won many awards in the past, including VBxtras' Thunderbolt Award for Best Charting Package for the past two years. If you need charting, or even think you do, you should check out Chart/FX Internet Edition.

Sub Systems, Inc.
ChartPro allows you to enhance the user interface of your application by offering a wide variety of sophisticated charts. ChartPro offers bar, pie, line/area, high/low, and XYZ point charts in an unlimited number of styles and colors. Your application can specify the titles, legends and margins for the charts. ChartPro can display the chart in your application window, or it can print the chart to your application specified device context. Your application specifies the dimension and location of the chart. ChartPro can also return the chart in a bitmap or metafile format.

Chili!ASP brings the power of Active Server Pages to Netscape and Lotus Web Servers. This powerful programming environment lets you use a combination of VBScript and Jscript to create interactive Websites including database access, Active Server components and other powerful features.

Iceminster Pty Ltd
The concept for ClassWiz was developed to overcome the need for repetitive coding of Visual Basic Code, particularly for storing data in Collections and KeyedLists, copying object data from one object to another and writing data to PropertyBag Objects. ClassWiz can be used as a drop-in replacement for the ClassBuilder Add-In supplied with Visual Basic. Use ClassWiz Source Code Generator to increase productivity and maintain code consistency and uniformity by creating your own self-editing Code Objects for Classes, Modules, Forms, and UserControls.

COBOL File Control
COBOL File Control is a custom control which implements COBOL files as a class for VB applications. With this control, your application can tap into the value of existing COBOL files without writing any COBOL programs or special interface code. It allows you to access any Micro Focus data file, including text, sequential, relative, indexed, mainframe report, and Btrieve files. All this and royalty-free run time!

Code Co-Op
Reliable Software
Code Co-op is an excellent Version Control System that offers many benefits that you don't typically realize with other VCSs. You can collaborate with developers on and off site by using your existing infrastructure. There is no need to purchase a costly server system. Also, development doesn't have to stop when your away from the network. Program from anywhere at anytime and synch with your team the next time you get connected.

Code Complete
MicroHelp, Inc.
Code Complete is a suite of products that work well together, but can easily be used independently of each other. Cross reference, review and optimize your VB projects with Code Analyst. Automate the addition of code templates to visual programs with AutoCoder. And Add robust version and resouce checking to your visual apps as well as splash screens with Splash Wizard!

Code.Print Pro
Caladonia Software
Code.Print Pro gives you full control over titles, margins, fonts and styles, line spacing, line numbering, headers/footers, and more. Create your own style for all your project documentation. Once you've defined your own settings, everything you print will look consistent and professional - the way you want it. Four-sided margin control assures you'll never again have to punch holes through your code when you place it in a binder. Adjustable line spacing and numbering make it easy to write notes between the lines during code reviews.

Infragistics, Inc
CodeAssist is a template driven code generation product that streamlines the data application development process and slashes development time. Using breakthrough, template-driven technology, CodeAssist helps Visual Basic and Active Server Page developers create sophisticated data access routines faster, more efficiently and more economically than ever. Developer modifiable code templates include a variety of VB, ASP, and SQL code to produce n-tier or client/server applications.

Sequiter Software Inc.
CodeBase 6 is a high-performance database engine designed for developers who need maximum speed in their applications, using a minimal amount of memory. CodeBase meets this need by combining a small, fast database library with an easy-to-use API that integrates seamlessly with your favorite programming language. CodeBase 6 provides royalty free distribution for all supported configurations, including client/server. This means you can even distribute the 10-concurrent user CodeBase server engine royalty free along with your applications. You can also distribute other CodeBase applications, such as our report designer, and various administration utilities, all royalty free!

Coder for VB
Teq-Net International
Coder For VB is an add-in to Visual Basic that provides a number of unique features, such as shortcut keys, indent, line numbering, close all windows, clear immediate windows and fully customizable keyword expansion. Everyone that uses Visual Basic on a regular basis will find that Coder For VB greatly increases their productivity. Coder For VB requires Visual Basic 6.0 with service pack 3 or higher .

AxTools / E-Lite Enterprises
AxTools CodeSMART empowers your VB IDE with the professional features you have always dreamed of: state-of-the-art integrated Project Explorer with expandable code and filtering, SourceSafe automatic check-out, tabbed Immediate window like in the Visual C++ environment, powerful error handling code inserter, code templates, code formatting and other high-quality productivity tools.

COM Express
COM Express lets you generate ready-to-use 3-tier and N-tier COM objects for all mainstream datasources. COM Express includes full support for relational hierarchies to n-level (add as many children/grandchildren as you like, with no limits). It offers templates that generate high-performance stateless hierarchical data-centric and business-logic object classes, which you can use to build your enterprise-level desktop and web applications. COM Express' professional template editor facilitates the building and editing of templates. Each individual template in a template file has a set of properties to define the level (object level or project level) and layer (data-centric layer, business-logic layer, presentation layer) to which it applies.

SysFire LLC (formerly Greenleaf Software)
Combine file transfers with Hayes modem controls, add ANSI, VT100, VT52, or "glass teletype" terminal emulation, select an appropriate screen driver and a platform driver. You can drive any number of simultaneous ports on standard or intelligent multiport boards! Select XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS or DSR/DTR handshaking, along with powerful file transfer protocols! You can select screen drivers and add onto the base classes yourself to create entirely new communications functionality for your applications! Start with Comm++, end on time, within budget!

SysFire LLC (formerly Greenleaf Software)
Let CommX from sysFire, LLC eliminate the complexity of serial communications! Pro-quality ActiveX controls: multithreaded event driven I/O, easy to use terminal emulation and standard protocols tame the serial port as never before! Property pages make dropping these interfaces on your application in Visual Basic, C++ or Delphi easy. And it's from the folks who brought you Greenleaf CommLib and Comm++. If you need serial comm, you need CommX!

Compare for VB
Aardvark Software, Inc.
It is a fact that reviewing code by comparison is one of the best ways to ensure quality. When programs are modified, bugs often creep in. It is a difficult and time consuming task to review an entire program when changes have only been made to a few routines - and which routines? Compare allows you to quickly zero in on the procedures and code lines that have been changed. It does this by first breaking each file into procs. Then the procs are compared. This eliminates many false matches. It does not matter if the order of procs has been changed - even if procs are added or removed. Within each file, many types of non-significant differences can be eliminated. These include leading, embedded and trailing blanks; case; comments, even line numbers. For display, there is an option to only show the procs that have changes and only the changed lines within them.

SoftInterface, Inc
CompareFilesX (CFX) is an ActiveX component designed to help you quickly add a file and directory comparator utility to your applications. Comparing of text files is encountered often in all areas of software programming. A key feature of this OCX is that it runs on a separate thread, allowing the end users' application to continue functioning in a responsive manner.

Young Software Works
See website for details.

Component Toolbox OCX
DBI Technologies Inc.
DBI Technologies' Component ToolBox 4 is no longer just the world's premier collection of cross platform component tools. It is now the best-bang-for-the-buck bundle of powerful ActiveX OLE components ever. Component ToolBox 4 is a cache of 54 dynamic, feature-rich ActiveX components that have been proven in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Access, Delphi, PowerBuilder and HTML. Component ToolBox 4 is the one cross platform set of components that visual application developers want to have at their fingertips.

ComponentOne Chart
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
ComponentOne Chart 7.0 (formerly Olectra Chart) is the most powerful charting control available to create stunning, blazingly fast charts and graphs. Easily create 2D and 3D charts in minutes and distribute them royalty-free. Choose from a wide variety of chart types, and get all the robust, time-saving, easy-to-use features you expect, such as data binding to any data source, often without writing a line of code; built-in zooming, scaling, and rotating; and intelligent update for fast, real-time charting and tracking. Included is more than 60 demos with source code and 30 sample code files!

Comport Wizard
Century Soar Technology Co. Ltd
Not available.Comport Wizard is a general tool for testing the communication of serial ports. It can receive or send several types of data, such as ASCII, decimal number, and hexadecimal number. You can set the parameters of communication without restarting the application and save them automatically. ComWizard is a necessary tool for communication engineers and programers. It will improve the efficiency of development and debugging. New version supports save debug record.

Context! VB
Context! VB has been designed to short-cut the process of developing context sensitive help for Visual Basic 5 and 6 applications. The product drastically reduces the time and effort required to develop context sensitive help by providing an intuitive user interface to enter and maintain help text within the Visual Basic IDE. Context! VB compiles your context sensitive help in HTML Help, Winhelp or both formats. Help topic information is automatically associated with individual controls and a full context sensitive help file generated and compiled. Help text is stored as a 'Related Document' in your VB project, making it easy to track and manage your help alongside your source code.

Creator's Toolkit
This control contains a variety of basic graphical objects that can be used to create new and/or enhance existing controls, windows, and other user-interface elements. By encapsulating various popular, yet complex drawing effects, the Creator ToolKit Library aids in the development of almost any user-interface element. Furthermore, each graphical object is highly configurable and implements a simple and consistent sizing/rendering scheme.

Crescent Internet ToolPak
Sax Software
Add Internet functionality to your applications. Crescent Internet ToolPack allows you to create applications that access the resources of the Internet without Internet protocol expertise or low-level coding. Connect to email and messaging, use RAS to dial-up, execute FTP file transfers, and more, directly from your Visual Basic application. Features include: TCP/IP server control, IMAP4 control, IRC/Chat, FTP proxy support, web form parsing, and more.

Crescent QuickPak/J++
Sax Software
Perform visual enhancements and functionality improvements on Visual Basic and Visual J++ applications. QuickPack VB/J++ is a comprehensive collection of 32-bit ActiveX components for developing applications using VB and VJ++ that will reduce development time and increase productivity. It includes Internet functions to open, read, and parse IIS log files, convert logs files to HTML tables, and get and set IIS properties in either the local or remote system registry.

#ifdef Software, Inc.
crondSys is a robust, Enterprise-capable, Windows NT/2000 batch-scheduling system that allows users to schedule the execution of Windows NT-based commands and programs at specified dates and times. It's easy to use, has flexible scheduling options and is tightly integrated with Windows NT and Windows 2000. Its abundance of management features make crondSys an excellent choice for NT-based Enterprise Scheduling.

DC Micro Development
Crusher! is far more than a typical compression program. With Crusher! you can easily make a backup and span backups across multiple diskettes. It has all the features you'd expect from utilities like Pkzip, like multi-file archives, encryption, subdirectory tree inclusion, and viewing and testing of archives, all without running an external utility! Versions are also available for Macintosh, UNIX and OS/2.

Kenonic Controls
CrypKey provides copy protection to prevent unauthorized use & duplication of your software. CrypKey's software licensing features allow you to ensure that your software only runs for those who you have authorized, with the software license options that you have authorized. Extensive features let you provide free trials that can offer one free demo, then convert remotely to a full working version. You can control access to options, levels, number of executions, duration of use, number of network seats and more. Because the protection is IN your software, you can distribute it over the Internet, or any other conventional method with full security. Even copies from authorized users become demos when 'loaned' to an unauthorized user. By controlling the authorization of your software through CrypKey's protection technology, you ensure that if someone hasn't paid for your software, they aren't using it.

Crypto++ SDK
Sampson Multimedia

Provides total software control and copy protection to new and existing applications. Turn your trial/demo into full blown applications instantly. Wide range of protection schemes: Date and run limits, number of allowed users, modules, features, etc. It is 100% Royalty-Free. It is the real programmer's choice in software control and copy protection! :::

Crystal Reports (formerly Seagate Crystal Reports)
Crystal Decisions
Whether it's web reporting that leverages existing skills, flexible report integration within applications, or presentation-quality reports from any database, Crystal Reports does it all. Its page-on-demand, thin-wire architecture ensures superior Web response time. New for VB developers are an Automation Server interface to the Crystal Report Engine; event/call back support; the ability to create UFLs in VB; enhanced grid support; and reporting off application data and memory blocks. Check out the "Press Release" for information on the new Report Designer Component!

Cypress Enable
Cypress Software
Basic Scripting for Applications is a Visual Basic for Applications and VBScript compatible Basic Scripting Language designed to be embedded in software applications. With Enable developers can add scripting language functionality to their applications or Web pages to automate complex tasks. Users can also create scripts for launching and manipulating other applications via OLE Automation or external DLL's. Enable is a complete programming language and is available under Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and is now available on Mac, UNIX and DOS.