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M&M Software
activeSHAPES brings dynamic graphics to your application in an easy and efficient way. Based on OLE/ActiveX technology, activeSHAPES can be used with a wide range of programming environments. The software kit includes a graphics editor assisting in static drawing, an ActiveX control (activeSHAPES Viewer) used to view and animate your drawing in target application and an extensive online help, a tutorial, and a sample application.

ActiveVR ActiveX Control
Innovative Drafting Concepts
The ActiveVR® ActiveX Control is a hot new innovation for those wishing to incorporate 3D virtual views into presentations, custom programming, and web sites. This technology allows you to use your native digital video movie format and turn it into a virtual space or model. With the Active Control, it's now possible to create interactive media directly from your favorite 3D application.

ActiveX Gallimaufry
Desaware, Inc.
Now that Visual Basic supports the creation of ActiveX controls, more and more VB programmers are taking advantage of that technology. But it's a big step between creating a simple control and one that meets professional standards. Desaware's ActiveX Gallimaufry can help you bridge that gap. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes a collection of useful, entertaining and educational ActiveX controls that include complete Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 source code. Among them are a TWAIN scanning control, MDI Taskbar Control ,Hex Edit Control, Rotate Picture control, SpiralBox Control, Banner Control, PerspectiveList Control, and a Common Dialog Component. These components are worthwhile for the educational value alone, even if you have no use for them in your applications and web sites. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes 32-bit controls for Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and other COM/ActiveX containers.

Dark Shadows
Pegasus Micro-Technologies Inc.
Dark Shadows is number two in a suite of advanced 3D animated desktops for Visual Basic Programmers, set in an Enchanted Forest. This product is designed with the VB programmer in mind, from novice to advanced. Program source code and graphics may be changed or altered as needed to create your own personalized 3D desktop. (Visual Basic 4.0 or better required)

FXTools Gold
Pegasus Software
FXTools Gold v5.0 provides nine (9) award-winning ActiveX components packed full of visual effect features that imaging and multimedia applications crave! Featuring over 100 built-in multi-threaded professional effects such as 3D fonts, block shadows, gradient filled backgrounds, audio, video, and much more! High speed display of 10 popular image formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIF, ePIC, and TGA. Winner of 4 industry awards, FXTools Gold is a must-have for any 32-bit multimedia project!

KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls
Put KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls (KOAC) on your form and you get a visual interactive dynamic interface that's ready to use. KOAC is designed specially for those programmers who develop applications featuring dynamic interactive objects, including images, text, rectangles or OLE objects. KOAC allows you to manipulate objects with unprecedented flexibility: create, move, size, select, delete, copy, or place objects on top of each other. It's perfect for developing for desktop publishing, training, advertising, architecture, etc. Also put OLE Controls on the Form, and KOAC makes it moveable and sizable at runtime. Use KOAC for creating Internet Dynamic InterActive HTML, too.

Pegasus Software
SuiteFace Create powerful, visually-engaging applications with SuiteFace. These user-interface controls provide image display, custom scrollbars, background graphics and much more, with precise object layering, full-screen transitions, animations, and internet download. SuiteFace also includes RivetText, a lightweight, high-performance rich text display control, featuring flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop and rich hypertext interactivity.