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Aegis Database Monitor Add-on
Abacus Systems
This add on to Aegis Help Desk allows you to monitor an incident database for new incidents, closed incidents and responses in the last N minutes. You can also notify selected users when the number of new incidents added, closed or number of responses is more than a specified number in the last N minutes

Aegis Escalation Add-on
Abacus Systems
The Escalation Add-On to Aegis Help Desk allows you to escalate an incident if it is not closed, or if the last response has passed a specified interval. Escalation can be system wide, specific to each client or each incident. You can define how to exclude incidents from being escalated, which fields to update and how they should be updated. You can also notify selected users when an incident has been escalated.

Aegis Help Desk
Abacus Systems
Aegis is a full-featured help desk and defect tracking system. It is very easy to use, intuitive, affordable and packed with features Help Desk users have come to rely on. Aegis simplifies the process of providing a high level of service to your customers. It is a painless approach to providing a high level of support and service to your clients. The standard package can be used out of the box. With it's customization capabilities, it can be easily setup to track any incidents reported by clients and internal staff.

Azalea Bar Code Suite
Azalea Software
See web site for details.

Fath Software Inc
BarcodeX is an ActiveX control / object you can use to print various types of barcodes from Windows applications like MS Visual Basic, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc. Formats supported are: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code39 Ext., Code 128, EAN-128, ISSN, ISBN and codebar bar codes.

Kenonic Controls
CASPER is a beautifully simple and secure system for automating payment and authorizations for programs that are protected with CrypKey. Normally, customers must call you to get their unlocking code, which requires a customer service representative to handle the phone call and generate the unlocking key. With CASPER the authorization process is fully automated, saving you money and saving your customer time.

Data Quality COM Object Suite
MAILERS Software
Add the power of data verification and enhancement to your custom program or Web site. Your program will be able to verify addresses, update area codes, find the nearest dealer, parse names, geocode addresses and append valuable marketing data. You'll find time-saving sample source code included that you can cut and paste into your own program. These COM objects work with Windows programs written in Visual Basic, Java, Visual Foxpro, C++, Delphi, SQL and more.

dBest Barcode Font Library for Windows
HALLoGram Publishing
dBest Barcode Fonts are royalty-free, Windows TrueType fonts that may be displayed and printed from any Windows product. Code 39, Interleaved 2/5, Code 128, UPC/EAN/JAN, POSTNET and Codabar styles are supported. You have complete control over the actual width of each bar code with Narrow, Medium and Wide fonts for each style.

DevPartner Studio
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
DevPartner Studio accelerates team development of multi-language components and applications for the enterprise and Internet. DevPartner's SmartDebugging tools automatically detect, diagnose and facilitate resolution of software errors and performance problems. DevPartner Studio reduces software development costs by decreasing the time spent finding and fixing software errors and performance problems.

Energy Credit Card Component
Energy Programming Limited
Energy Programming's Credit card component lets you accept data via Magnetic card readers as well as via keyed input methods. All data is validated to ensure maximum authenticity and reduce chargebacks from the banking community. With increased levels of fraud, banks are increasing premiums on retailers for invalid posting of information, called chargebacks. With the Credit Card Component, all acquired information is presented and retrieved in the recognized formats for all EFTPos systems.

Energy Tax Component
Energy Programming Limited
Energy Programming recognizes that tax is a complicated issue, and so they have developed a component to ease the burden of calculating tax. This component has been developed for use in today's most advanced payroll system, Payroll32. You can now use the component to calculate/verify tax payments from within your own systems.

Business eTouch
eShop helps you put your store on-line without having to write a single line of code. Merchants who want to set up shop on the web are faced with a maze of technical details. The online store layout is designed with the use of HTML templates, thus allowing you to create an entire store without writing any HTML code and it also gives you complete control over the way it looks. Developed with end users in mind, eShop allows visitors to easily browse the available products, choose products for purchase, select payment and shipping options and submit the order via a secure server and sit back and anticipate delivery from you!

ESTIMATE Professional
Software Productivity Centre
ESTIMATE Professional is the affordable, reliable project planning and estimation tool that helps you plan, manage and control project scope, risk and schedule. See immediately, whether you can build required features within schedule constraints. Manage and control projects from requirements to delivery. Use ESTIMATE Professional to create or validate estimates

TeraTech, Inc.
FinLib/VB is a great compliation of functions to make everything from calculating simple interest to bond calculations easy! It has 65 Financial Functions and contains source code and formulas for you to learn and customize. FinLib/VB has functions for both beginning programmers and financial wizards. The Quick Basic and Power Basic versions are included free! Check out what FinLib/VB can do for you, take a look at our manual

MAILERS Software
FONE*Data allows you to match up telephone numbers to ZIP Code data. The database includes up to three commonly used ZIP Codes for each area code and prefix combination. Although there is no exact match between ZIP Codes and telephone numbers, this does allow you to form some loose geographical associations. Use the information from FONE*Data to avoid the frustration that occurs when area codes change or split. Each quarterly update contains the existing, or old area codes, along with the new area codes scheduled to replace them. You'll be talking to your customers while the competition is calling information for the new numbers.

John Galt
ForecastX SDK is an ActiveX that allows you to add forecasting and time series analysis to your applications. Forecasting includes moving average, several exponential smoothing methods, linear regression, multiple regression, Box Jekins, multivariate analysis and over 30 supporting statistics.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbSchedule allows users to build custom schedules. It can handle any number of appointments with color-coded categories. Any number of days or rooms can be displayed with 24-hour days. Time increments can be displayed in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 minute modes. Allows for drag and drop schedule moves or copies. The control can be displayed in any of six ways or modes. These modes are determined by the display of the time, on top or left, and the configuration of the days and rooms. You can display days only, rooms only, or days and rooms together.

GeoCoder Object
MAILERS Software
Now you can add geocoding to your custom program or Web site. You pass a ZIP+4 Code to this COM object and it returns the latitude & longitude coordinate along with the Census tract and block number. You can use the Census tract and block to link to Bureau of the Census demographic data.

GeoView LT
Blue Marble Geographics
GeoView is a powerful and comprehensive OCX mapping and geographic analysis engine for Windows95 or NT. Support for AutoCAD DXF, DWG, Microstation DGN, Shape, MapInfo, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, BSB, NOS, Targa, and PCX is lightning fast. Custom layer types provide a true "common API to spatial data."

:::Please note that a separate distribution agreement will need to be negotiated directly with Blue Marble Geographics

Heidi Computers, Ltd
HelloEURO converts any currency amount to the euro and back again if required. HelloEURO works with your Worksheets, Documents, Databases and Presentations, indeed any Windows application that handles the clipboard. The user simply highlights the area to convert and presses a hot key. User also has use of a triangulation calculator for cross currency pricing with various rounding methods, VAT and export to several file formats. Users can download the latest exchange rates directly from the Internet. The developer version includes a COM DLL and 3 OCX controls with examples for VB, ASP, Java, and VC. HelloEURO is available as an end user edition and as a developer edition. The developer edition includes the conversion tool and a set of COM libraries. The end user edition includes the conversion tool.

Haley Enterprise
CPR allows a database of cases representing problems and their symptoms and diagnostic questions to be incrementally accumulated and maintained by workgroups of non-technical authors and end-users. Help!CPRTM is a multi-user Windows application for managing troubleshooting knowledge and conducting troubleshooting sessions. ActivFiX is an ActiveX control that encapsulates CPR knowledge bases and the problem resolution process within a COM API.

Pegasus Software
ImagXpress v5.0 gives developers powerful, flexible, and reliable imaging technology. With over 80 image processing functions and support for over 30 file formats, ImagXpress includes the standard imaging functions you expect and the advanced imaging features you need, like high-performance deskew and despeckle. ImagXpress supports multiple page TIFF, including compacting of multiple page files, TIFF tag editing, and Wang TIFF annotation compatibility. ImagXpress includes TWAIN scanner support, video frame capture, advanced printing support, and fully programmable annotations, as well as add-on tookits for Barcode recognition and printing, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and high-speed ISIS scanning.

ImagXpress Professional includes CapturePRO for video capture, TwainPRO for low level image scanning, PrintPRO for expanded printing capabilities and NotateXpress for annotation. ImagXpress supports your platform of choice with COM objects, lightweight ActiveX controls, and Delphi VCLs and provides samples for VB, VC++, C++ Builder, Delphi, Access, and HTML. :::

Inabyte, Inc.
A component that can take Credit Card number details and validate the data provided using the recognized algorithms. Programming an application or web that collects credit card details (number/type and/or expiration date) for data storage or online verification needs the data to be pre-validated before it is commited. InaCardCheck eliminates bad credit card data entry and possible fraud! Supports Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners, Enroute, JCB, Cat Blanche and Discover.

LEADTOOLS Barcode Modules
LEAD Technologies Inc

The LEADTOOLS Barcode Modules allow you to read and write Linear (1D), CodeOne (2D), and PDF417 (2D) barcodes with support for 18 different sub-types. Read multiple barcodes at any orientation using a scanner or camera w/frame-grabber, write barcodes to any supported raster image file or to any windows compliant printer, encode thousands of characters per barcode symbol with 2D barcode technology, read barcodes from or write barcodes to selected regions of interest. Integrate our extensive image processing technologies for complete control over your barcode recognition process. :::

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support and much more.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging is an API, C++ Class libs, ActiveX and VCL toolkit featuring everything in LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro and adding Document Imaging features including Document Clean-up, Annotations, ISIS scanning, specialized bitonal image processing and display filters, and performance optimizations for bitonal images, with add-ons available for OCR, JBIG and Barcode Recognition. LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Pro includes OCR and JBIG along with the ability to add Barcode Recognition. :::

Mabry BarCod Control
Mabry Software
BarCod VBX/OCX makes barcode display and printing really easy. Just pick the barcode Style, set the Size, and fill the Caption property with the information you want to be displayed as a barcode. You can choose vertical as well as horizontal orientation. For printing, add instructions for position placement on the paper, and BarCod paints into the Printer Object.

Mabry Time/X Control
Mabry Software
The Time control allows you to retrieve the current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from time servers on the Internet. Use it in any application where you need to have accurate time/date stamps. This includes financial transactions, medical data, long-term data collection, or anywhere else that a reliable time-stamp is needed. You can even use this control to update the time-of-day on your systems and servers.

MailIt - US Mail and Label Control
etc Computers, Inc.
Easily add print mail pieces to your VB applications. Options include envelopes, postcards, Avery labels, address lists and custom mail pieces

MKS Source Integrity
MKS - Mortice Kern Systems, Inc.
MKS Source Integrity 7.2 is a software change management (SCM) system for client/server and Intranet project leaders who must manage change and enable team development. As the only SCM solution to manage both client/server and Web-based development environments, it is available for Windows/NT/95, Web Browsers, Web Servers, DOS, OS/2 and UNIX.

Sierra Data Systems, Inc.
PageOCX is a 32-bit ActiveX control that is easy to implement with any system that works with Visual Basic, Access, Active Server Pages, or any other ActiveX system. The control is quickly incorporated into a program's design and enables the system to send alphanumeric pages using a standard modem. PageOCX will work with any modem using the AT commands set (Hayes compatible) and uses a separate process that allows your application to do other things while paging is taking place.

Parser ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
The Parser ActiveX control is designed to simplify the creation of neutral files containing finite element analysis results.

Network Commerce (formerly Go Software, Inc.)
PCCharge Pro , formerly PC-Charge is an award-winning product that helps reduce fraud losses, saves the merchant time and money, and provides powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. Whether you are a retail or direct marketing brick-and-mortar store, mail-order/ telephone order or e-store business, PCCharge Pro is a cost-effective solution that will work for you!

Pepperwhite Street
Pepperwhite StreetTM is a very easy to use, complete geographic information and mapping component that adds royalty-free maps, street addresses, distance calculations, and powerful geographic visualizations to your applications. Look up addresses to street level, add your own points, animate storm systems, and more with this incredibly fast mapping component. Includes entire United States street map, ZIP codes, and much more.

PR-Tracker helps manage your software development projects by tracking software bugs with problem reports. PR-Tracker records problem reports in a network database that supports simultaneous access by multiple users. Its features include classification, assignment, sorting, searching, and estimation, and it supports easy configuration of data collection and workflow on a project-by-project basis. It also uses redundant data storage for speed and backup.

:::** PR-Tracker Web Server is required to use PR-Tracker over the internet or an intranet. It is not required for use PR-Tracker over a network.

NetResults Corporation
ProblemTracker is a powerful, easy-to-use Web-based tool for defect tracking and change management. ProblemTracker delivers the benefits of automated bug tracking to any desktop in a familiar web browser interface, at a price every organization can afford. ProblemTracker is accessed entirely via a standard web browser. There is no proprietary client or administrative program to distribute or maintain. This zero-footprint architecture means there is no impact on client desktops both in terms of disk space and also training, greatly reducing the effort necessary to deploy and support a bug tracking system.

Project Analyzer
Aivosto Oy
Project Analyzer analyzes design quality with industry standard metrics of complexity, understandability and reusability. It counts lines of code too. In its analysis, the program makes extensive use of cross-reference information. Three add-in tools are included with Project Analyzer Pro Pack. Super Project Analyzer add-in analyzes groups of projects ("super projects") that share some modules. Project Printer add-in generates code manuals and source documents with cross-references. It can also put your code in a Help file or an HTML file for quick hypertext style viewing. Project Graph add-in builds graphical call trees.

Massinissa Software
SafeCard is an ActiveX DLL and OCX that allows both credit and debit card validation for almost all breeds of credit/debit cards. These include: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Delta, JCB, Diners Club, enRoute and Discover. The validation process uses the most common MOD 10 checksum algorithm and returns a value representing the status of the validation.

Smartscan Xpress Barcode
Pegasus Software
Smartscan Xpress Barcode ActiveX/COM specializes in high-speed accurate readings of more than 20 industry formats such as Code39, CODABAR, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code128, UCC128, EAN128, Code93, UPC-A, and many more! Smartscan Xpress makes it easy to add barcode recognition to your applications. In fact, you can add barcode recognition using less than 10 lines of code. It's as simple as 1-2-3. Just give Smartscan Xpress an image containing 1 or more barcodes. Tell Smartscan Xpress to detect the barcodes. Then ask Smartscan Xpress to give you the results. It's really that easy. Try it today!

SourceGear Corporation

SourceOffSite is a true client/server solution designed to provide quick and reliable access to a SourceSafe database from remote locations. The SourceOffSite Client provides an interface that closely resembles Visual SourceSafe Explorer, allowing users to perform most SourceSafe operations in a familiar fashion. SourceOffSite Professional Edition offers support for encryption of passwords and files to protect your data as it travels across the Internet. The product is easy to install and has been specifically designed to work over dialup TCP/IP. :::

Standards Master
FlexiSoft Solutions, Inc.
Standards Master is a Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 Add-In that checks VB code against a configurable set of standards. Whenever activated, Standards Master will generate a list of violations of your own coding standards. It then provides an easy to use mechanism for correcting the problems - all from within the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment. There is no need to run a separate application after you have finished coding, since Standards Master checks your code while you work. And best of all you do not have to put up with other products' arbitrary default standards - Standards Master allows you to configure everything!

Starbase Versions
Starbase Corp
Versions 2.0 provides intuitive version control for individuals and local groups of developers using Windows 95 and Windows NT. Versions 2.0 provides a unique blend of power and intuitive ease-of-use unparalleled in current version control products. Versions 2.0 provides intuitive version control, visual differencing, build and milestone management, audit logs and an advanced project repository for individuals and local groups of developers using Windows 95 and NT. Versions 2.0 includes advanced features like 3-way merge to support parallel development and optional milestone and volatile versions for large projects.

Systemsmith Address Components
Let's face it, you've got more important things to know than the fact that New Zealand requires a numeric postal code of between one and four digits in length. This control combines the required address logic of all 190 Universal Postal Union member countries in a single resizable ActiveX control. When used with the optional Systemsmith ZipData-US product, it provides auto-completion of zip code from city and state, or auto-completion of city and state from zip code. Because it's an OCX, you can add all this functionality without duplicating and maintaining the same code throughout all of your applications.

Systemsmith ZipData-US
Systemsmith ZipData-US provides a one-year subscription to a US Postal Service 5-digit zip code database and a DLL for performing forward and reverse lookups. Imagine an address data entry solution where your user skips straight to the zip code field, types 5 digits and the city and state are filled in automatically! The result is faster data entry, fewer errors, and improved customer satisfaction. That's what Systemsmith ZipData-US can do for your applications.

TAL Bar Codes
TAL Technologies
Add high resolution bar code graphics capabilites to Windows 3.1, 95 and NT applications. Royalty Free! Create perfect bar codes as device independent Windows MetaFile (WMF) graphics. NOT fonts! NOT bitmaps! Extremely easy to use. Includes programming examples, bar code symbologies and all possible bar code options. (16 bit and 32 bit DLL's included.)

TestTrack Pro
Seapine Software
TestTrack is an advanced bug tracking solution for all Visual Basic programmers. Features like SoloBug, receiving bug reports via e-mail, sending e-mail notifications, handling duplicate bugs as single bug reports, automatically generating product release notes, attaching files to bug reports, etc. make TestTrack the best choice to save you time and money, and improve the quality of your products. TestTrack Pro is the newest addition to the top-selling TestTrack product line. TestTrack Pro is a client/server version of TestTrack, offering ODBC databse access, customizable fields, high scalability, access from Windows and web browser-based clients.

Total Visual CodeTools
FMS, Inc
Integrated directly into the VB/VBA Integrated Development Environment, Total Visual CodeTools gives you a rich set of enterprise-enabled coding tools. Increase productivity and let your entire development team share a consistent set of standards and rules. Total Visual CodeTools allows you to define all aspects of your coding standards, including visual style, indentation, error handling, commenting, variable naming conventions, and more. Define your settings once, save them to a shared location, and your entire team can use your enterprise standards without even thinking about it.

Total Visual SourceBook
FMS, Inc
Total Visual SourceBook 2000 provides a solution to your VBA code problems for Visual Basic 6 and Access/Office 2000. Shave weeks off your development projects by using our ready-to-run code. Every major area of software development is covered, from ADO to XML, with 85,000+ lines of code, 150+ modules and 40+ categories! New in 2000 is FMS' Source Code Exchange (SCE) technology for sharing code when you aren't connected to your network. Take any code from SourceBook and package it into an SCE file--code, comments, and author information are automatically included. Then email your SCE file or put it on your website. Other SourceBook users can import SCE files and handle new and modified code with ease.

Total ZipCode Database
FMS, Inc
FMS in conjunction with the US Postal Service (USPS) is pleased to offer a monthly subscription to the official USPS zip code database. Provided in the subscription is the official USPS zip code database with the list of every valid zip code and their acceptable city and state names across the entire USA. That's over 50,000 records! With this data you can simplify data entry by automatically filling city and state fields when a zip code is entered. Improve data entry speed and accuracy! There are over 42,000 unique zip codes each with a primary city and state name. But did you know some zip codes have more than one acceptable city? Our database gives you all the acceptable city names, plus the county name and number. Easily let your users choose the one they need without spelling a city name or state abbreviation EVER again!

LogiGear Corporation
TRACKGEAR is a Web-based bug tracking solution that is powerful, flexible, and simple to use. It offers custom workflow, e-mail notification, meaningful metrics, and attachment features and supports multiple projects while maintaining security at user, group, and project levels. Create unique queries with its flexible search tools. TRACKGEAR's intuitive interface lets you access any information with just a few clicks, and it supports any client platform with Netscape Navigator 4.x or MS Explorer 4.x.

VB Language Manager Professional
Translate your VB app for customers around the world with VB Language Manager Professional! With its string editor, translation of your VB apps is easy. You can have multiple translations in one project file and view, edit, and sort those tables in a variety of ways. VB Language Manager is compatible with all versions of Visual Basic.

R.M. de Boer Software
VBBackup is a Visual Basic add-in to create backups of all your Visual Basic projects. With each project you can: Add/include additional files to be backed up, enter a memo for each project, provide a password for each backup for security, backup all components/references of the project (.DLL/OCX). Seamlessly integrated into the Visual Basic IDE, projects are saved with a mouse-click, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the project at hand without worrying about timely storage of your code revisions.

:::Only works with Visual Basic 6.0

Yingling Associates
VBCompare compares two versions of a source program or a library of source programs in a folder or compressed PKZip 2.04g format file to determine the differences and produce a merged output file that is displayed and can be edited.

Diakonos Corporation
vbMake is an exciting tool that simplifies the process of building multiple components for any software development project. With its build reporting tools and direct integration to Visual SourceSafe, vbMake also provides an easy means of implementing Software Configuration Management. vbMake is a professional development tool that addresses problems by streamlining the build process and allowing you to focus on more productive tasks like creating great software!

Vermont High Test Plus
Vermont Creative Software, Inc.
Vermont HighTest is the easy and affordable way to automate testing of Windows software. Test scripts are created simply by running your application! The drag and drop Suite Manager lets you combine scripts into structured test suites, set up nested loops, and run tests...all without script programming! Test cases are evaluated and results logged automatically. It's that easy!

Visual Build
Kinook Software Inc.
Visual Build is a tool that enables developers and build specialists to create an automated, repeatable process for building their software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, SourceSafe, Installer, Borland Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, and more.

Download the new build management solution for Windows and web developers and increase your productivity today! It's easy to put Visual Build to work doing all that manual labor for you so you can focus on more important things. Visual Build is a powerful but affordable build management solution that will automate the build process without a huge commitment of time, and it works with the tools you're using today. :::

Visual Intercept
Elsinore Technologies
As the only project-oriented enterprise ready bug tracking system for Microsoft developers, Visual Intercept is integrated with Visual Basic, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Test, and more. It is a Lightning fast, 32 bit app containing a native GUI for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x. Visual Intercept is also fully scaleable and ODBC enabled. All in a simple, easy to use graphical user interface.

Visual SourceSafe 6.0
Microsoft Corp
The Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 version control system is the latest edition of Microsoft's award-winning version control system for managing software and Web site development. Fully integrated with the Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual InterDev, and Visual FoxPro development environments, as well as with Microsoft Office applications, it provides easy-to-use, project-oriented version control. Visual SourceSafe works with any type of file produced by any development language, authoring tool, or application. Users can work at both the file and project level while promoting file reuse.

Visual Test
Rational Software Corporation
Rational Visual Test is an automated functional testing tool that helps developers and testers rapidly create tests for Windows applications created with any development tool. Rational Visual Test is integrated with Microsoft Developer Studio, a desktop development environment, and has extensive integration with Microsoft Visual Basic. Rational Visual Test makes developers and testers more productive and makes it easier for organizations to deploy applications of virtually any size for the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems and for the World Wide Web.

VisualSoft Cart
VisualSoft Technologies
Create your online storefront on the Internet with VisualSoft Cart. Implement in hours for a fraction of the cost. This Cart component provides store front "cart" tools that integrate with e-commerce sites for generic shopping cart manipulation. The technology used to create VisualSoft Cart is based 100% on Microsoft Active Server Pages. The component enables adding to, removing from and replacing items in the shopping cart while the customer continues shopping or even before placing an order.

xAuthorize, LLC
xAuthorize is an ActiveX component that enables developers to incorporate real-time credit card processing into their programs or websites within a matter of minutes. xAuthorize is compatible with various types of programming environments. The component also supports some of the largest credit card processors in the world including Authorize.Net, Cybercash, ECX, and Planet Payment.

ZipData was originally designed to to find the dealer/office closest to any zip code. It does rather quickly too, considering there are 44,000+ zip codes to compare. ZipData is extremely scalable and has yet to meet an application it couldnt handle. The ZipData SQL procedures have been load tested to well over a million searches a day.