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3D Data Map ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
3D Data Map ActiveX control provides a means to create, use, save, and open 3d surface data as typically used in efficiency maps, etc. The x, y grid is regular but need not be square. Interpolated Z values can be retrieved using the InterpZ method and a valid x,y point.

Nevron LLC
The 3DChart is an ActiveX component, used to display 2D and 3D charts. It supports all basic charting types with lots of different style variations. All chart type combinations can be simultaneously displayed. 3DChart has 4 vertical axes plus one category and serie axis and an integrated legend. You can extract the data from an ADO datasource as well as apply fill effects and materials on all chart elements, including individual data points and texts.

3DCharting Toolkit
Nevron LLC
The 3D Charting Toolkit is an ActiveX components bundle designed to help you create powerful 2D and 3D presentations. It includes 3DChart 5.0, 3DPieChart 5.0, 3DLegend 5.0, 3DClock 5.0 and 3DText 5.0. With it you can create amazing presentations of your data using numerous charting types and display 3d titles and logos. Since the components share a common set of DLLs, their usage together is very effective. The bundle is also value priced.

Nevron LLC
The 3DPieChart is an ActiveX component used to display 2D and 3D pie charts. You can shape the date items as either a standard pie or a torus. You can also apply fill effects and materials on data items and texts. Properties include begin angle, pie depth, pie detachment from center, label formatting, label detachment from data items, pie and torus radii, and more. 3DPieChart also has an unique text reordering algorithm, which reorders even the worst text overlaps.

Access 2000
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Access 2000 makes it easy to get the information you need and provides powerful tools that help you organize and share your database so you and your team make better decisions. Quickly find answers that count, share information over intranets, and build faster and more effective business solutions. Build Powerful Business Solutions More Easily and Find Answers Faster Enable Web collaboration and improve productivity with new tools in Access 2000. Make data immediately available to any coworker. Update sales figures from the road or quickly check on customer details. Customize your views and formats to show precisely the information you need. And use built-in Microsoft SQL Serverô integration to create a scalable database that can grow with your business.

Chart FX
Software FX
Chart FX Client Server is a COM-based product that lets you deploy powerful charts in VB, Visual C++, Delphi, and Access applications. As soon as you install Chart FX Client Server, the Wizard manager helps you set up your preferred chart type and visual attributes, without even handling properties or writing code. Wizards to control visual attributes and the Chart FX User Interface are included right out of the box! And Chart FX Client Server's royalty-free annotation extension allows programmers and end users to draw shapes and import images for highlighting important data in the charts. Chart FX Client Server also provides an Active Document Server (OLE Server) that allows your users to email, paste and work with active Chart FX charts in other Windows applications.

Chart FX Internet Edition
Software FX
Chart FX Internet Edition is a set of server-side and client side components for adding dynamic charting capabilities to Web sites and corporate intranets. On the server side, it includes ActiveX DLLs for Active Server Page development (all we care about :-) but it also includes ISAPI and NSAPI components as well as Standard and Console CGI applications. On the client, although it provides a 32-bit ActiveX for IE3 & IE4 and both 16&32-bit Netscape plugs-ins, it can generate JPG files for least-common denominator approach. This is an incredibly powerful, polished, and well thought-out product that has won many awards in the past, including VBxtras' Thunderbolt Award for Best Charting Package for the past two years. If you need charting, or even think you do, you should check out Chart/FX Internet Edition.

Sub Systems, Inc.
ChartPro allows you to enhance the user interface of your application by offering a wide variety of sophisticated charts. ChartPro offers bar, pie, line/area, high/low, and XYZ point charts in an unlimited number of styles and colors. Your application can specify the titles, legends and margins for the charts. ChartPro can display the chart in your application window, or it can print the chart to your application specified device context. Your application specifies the dimension and location of the chart. ChartPro can also return the chart in a bitmap or metafile format.

ComponentOne Chart
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
ComponentOne Chart 7.0 (formerly Olectra Chart) is the most powerful charting control available to create stunning, blazingly fast charts and graphs. Easily create 2D and 3D charts in minutes and distribute them royalty-free. Choose from a wide variety of chart types, and get all the robust, time-saving, easy-to-use features you expect, such as data binding to any data source, often without writing a line of code; built-in zooming, scaling, and rotating; and intelligent update for fast, real-time charting and tracking. Included is more than 60 demos with source code and 30 sample code files!

KeyLogic Systems Inc.

EasyTree ActiveX control for Visual Basic lets you easily incorporate tree functionality into your VB applications. You can create a tree (or outline) within an application with only a couple lines of code. A sample application is included. :::

First Impression
Tidestone Technologies, Inc.

First Impressional supplies more than 35 two-dimensional and three-dimensional chart types. The component's extensive programming interface offers an unparalleled degree of customization while built-in features such as a Chart Wizard, a Chart Designer, and printing support expedite the development process. First Impression also contains Internet Explorer friendly methods and can output charts in .JPEG format for Internet applications. :::

Flipper Graph Control
Don't just chart your data - Communicate it! Award-winning Flipper Graph Control lets you add fast, compelling and customized business and scientific charts to Windows applications with amazing ease. It then helps your end users understand the charts' significance with selected detail zoom, interactive data drill-down and printer-resolution hardcopy. Unparalleled optimization for high performance and small footprint. From ProWorks, trusted makers and supporters of expert graphical visualization components since 1987.

AddSoft, Inc.
Gantt/OCX is a 32 bit OLE custom control that adds protect and task tracking to your applications with the click of a button. You can now produce applications with professional project management features like planned, actual, progress and slack tracking through visually interactive Gantt charts.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GBGraphs allows for the easy display of bar, Gantt, and line graphs. It can display multiple series, each with its own color. The legend can be toggled on/off. Any text you wish can be displayed on the X and Y axises. The scale can be changed to include any minimum and maximum value for the X and Y axis. Many other features, you need to test it to see. The GravityBox Graphs control is easy to use and comes with easy to understand examples. Try it and see!

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbSchedule allows users to build custom schedules. It can handle any number of appointments with color-coded categories. Any number of days or rooms can be displayed with 24-hour days. Time increments can be displayed in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 minute modes. Allows for drag and drop schedule moves or copies. The control can be displayed in any of six ways or modes. These modes are determined by the display of the time, on top or left, and the configuration of the days and rooms. You can display days only, rooms only, or days and rooms together.

GigaSoft ProEssentials
GigaSoft, Inc.
GigaSoft ProEssentials' five controls provide quick and easy graphic presentation and interactive data visualization. You can implement ProEssentials in a matter of hours -- the end result will look as if it took you years. Whether at the DLL or OCX/VCL/VBX level, ProEssentials are totally property oriented, no complex functions required. The ProEssentials are a stable, professionally engineered tool that will help your projects be visually and functionally impressive while being delivered on time.

ProEssentials v3 adds a powerful 3D Scientific Graph, 3D effects optional on 2D charts, JPEG output along with other internet improvements, more plotting methods including 2D contour, as well as horizontal stacked bar, step, ribbon, annotations, hot spots, legend placement, axis formatting, more user interface, improved 580 page manual, improved example code, and much more. :::

Graphics Server
Pinnacle WebWorkz

Graphics Server is the easiest way to add sophisticated graphing support to your Windows, Windows NT and Windows 95 applications. Because it is built to support even the most high-end, mission-critical applications, Graphics Server offers much more than other graphing software -- multiple platforms, multiple hosts, multiple interfaces, the most extensive range of graphs, charts and statistical functions available, and much more. :::

Iocomp Plot Pack
Iocomp Software
Iocomp Plot Pack is our premier, high speed, real-time, advanced, and easy to use ActiveX and VCL controls for instrumentation automation, industrial, and scientific plot and charting applications. Our popular Plot Pack Controls include 2GB per channel capacity, multiple axis support, unlimited number of channels and axes, copy, printing and save support, advanced scrollable legend, runtime property editors, sliding scales, time based and xy plotting support, Value/Exponent/Prefix/Date-Time Scale Labels, null data support, and user interface controls, even while plotting.

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
ScatterPlot3D is designed to support the creation and display of three-dimensional scatter plots composed of points and lines (optionally marked with colors or characters,) allowing display from a specified point of view. The plot can be rotated or zoomed quickly, and the end-user can select the particular groups of points an lines using the mouse.

AddSoft, Inc.
Schedule/OCX is a 32 bit OLE custom control that adds scheduling to your applications with the click of a button. A display more property shows year, month, week and day at a glance as well as a resource view for data entry.

Infragistics, Inc
The ScheduleX combines five powerful, lightweight components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. Using the advanced Calendar, DayView and TaskPad components create Personal Information Management (PIM) software, project management and tracking, or any application that requires advanced scheduling. Also included are Date Edit with drop-down calendar and Time Edit.

Strip Chart ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Strip Chart ActiveX Control is a dynamic two-dimensional charting control that provides an ideal interface for viewing one or more streams of real-time data. Panning and zooming functionality allows for quick review and in-depth analysis of data trends. Its dynamic property pages provide a powerful tool for designing chart with full control of scales, captions, fonts, and tics. Additionally, multiple methods are provided to easily pass data to the control.

TeeChart Pro Active X
Steema Software SL (formerly teeMach SL)
Packed with many exciting features, TeeChart Pro will help you deliver your Charting application quickly and effectively. Providing general purpose and specialised Charts and Graphing for all areas including Business, Engineering, Financial, Statistical, Scientific, Medical, Real-Time and the Web, TeeChart Pro AX v4 32-bit ActiveX Charting Component can be used as part of an executable desktop application or at the core of almost any ActiveX compatible application and server based system including Internet Information Server and ASP. TeeChart Pro connects directly to ODBC v3 Data Sources or may be populated by ADO Recordsets, has 29 Chart Series types in 2D and 3D, Statistical functions, Design and Runtime Chart Editor, 5 Toolbox components, Print Preview, Gallery, Multiple Axes, extensive Internet demos, JPEG Charts streamable straight to the browser from ASP, URL Charts, many coded examples including HTML Map Hotspot builder, tutorials and Online help including User guide.

TreeBuilder is a smart control that can be used to build Information Browsers, Organization Charts, Decision Trees and to logically organize any kind of hierarchical data. Treebuilder has over a dozen combinations of tree styles, sser defined link style and colors, and user defined fonts. Each node can have multiple bitmaps and colors, data can be stored in individual nodes, trees can be stored in files using user defined file formats, trees can be copied to the Clipboard, and you can Drag/Drop and Cut/Paste branches/nodes in the ActiveX version. Transparent node bitmaps (ActiveX version) User defined node height (ActiveX version)

True WebChart
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True WebChart gives you the same charting power as Olectra Chart but in an ASP environment. True WebChart can generate different types of output, depending on the abilities of the requesting browser. Using Microsoft Visual InterDev, you can load the True WebChart component and right away create charts for your ASP pages.

XpressDeveloper's Studio
Developer Express Inc.
The DevExpress XpressDeveloper's Studio combines six great in one value-priced package. Included in the suite are: XpressQuantumGrid, XpressQuantumTreeList, XpressInspector, XpressEditors Library, XpressPrinting System and XpressSideBar.

Developer Express Inc.
Built from the ground up using 100% ATL-based code, the XpressQuantumTreeList represents some of the most advanced tree-list technology available in the ActiveX marketplace. The XpressQuantumTreeList is a power-packed, lightweight component library that will help you create killer applications, deliver unbelievable features to your end users, and blow away your competition -- all without writing a single line of source code!