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Active Delivery
Inner Media Inc
The Active Delivery developer's toolkit allows you to easily add self-extracting ZIP creation to your 32-bit Windows applications and ASP web pages. Provides both programmatic (DLL, ActiveX, and VCL) and wizard-based interfaces. Royalty-free, creates true 16 and 32 bit EXEs. Perfect for packaging content for delivery via email or download from a web site.

Fath Software Inc
ActiveZip is an OCX for manipulating files in ZIP archives. It is a fully compilant ActiveX control you can use in any ActiveX Windows development tool. It includes: Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Visual C++, etc. By using few simple methods you can get info about files in archive, create ZIP archives, compress, extract or remove files from them. Encryption/decryption of files in archive is also supported.

SysFire LLC (formerly Greenleaf Software)
Greenleaf ArchiveLib contains data compression and archiving functionality which can be included in a wide variety of applications. Written in C++, this library also supports C, Visual Basic, Delphi. Three compress and decompress engines are included: a PKZIP 2.0x compatible engine (Encryption not included outside the Unites States), a Greenleaf engine which is lossless, dictionary based and 5-level, and a copy engine as an alternative for small files. The PKZIP 2.0x archive support will insert, extract, delete and list. Supports MS-DOS, Windows 3.x Windows 95, Windows NT including long filenames in 32-bit Windows.

DC Micro Development
Crusher! is far more than a typical compression program. With Crusher! you can easily make a backup and span backups across multiple diskettes. It has all the features you'd expect from utilities like Pkzip, like multi-file archives, encryption, subdirectory tree inclusion, and viewing and testing of archives, all without running an external utility! Versions are also available for Macintosh, UNIX and OS/2.

Inner Media Inc
DynaZIP lets your app read/write standard ZIP files easily, quickly, reliably and royalty-free! Your apps will be able to compress, extract, span disks, recurse directories, repair ZIP files, and tons more by setting properties on a control! DynaZIP now supports true multi-threading and Active Server Pages (ASP). ZIPping files can easily reduce them in size by 40%. The over-burdened hard drives of the world cry out for DynaZIP Compression!

Inner Media Inc
If you've spent any time at all around the Unix-based operating systems you know that the format most frequently used for data compression and archiving is a combination of the GZip and Tar file formats. (GZip for data compression, and Tar for its ability to put multiple files together into one archive). Keeping that in mind, Inner Media has designed DynaZIP-GT to handle both formats, and in both directions (reading and writing). You can even GZip your data memory-to-memory, avoiding files altogether.

NCT Company
The NCTDataCompress ActiveX Control allows you to compress information such as files and data in memory from you VB application. Two modern and powerful methods of compression are used in this control: Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT) method and Prediction of Partial Matching (PPM) method. NCTDataCompress ActiveX Control compresses different types of files better on 20-50% than most popular compression utilities. You can insert NCTDataCompress ActiveX Controls in your application, maintaining ActiveX controls, as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual FoxPro and others.

Polar ZIP Component
Polar Software
The Polar ZIP Component provides your application with the full range of useful abilities for manipulating industry-standard zip files. It includes both a 32-bit ActiveX control and DLLs. With this reliable data compression toolkit for Windows developers, your application will perform all zip and unzip operations: read/write/modify files, create multi-volume archives (disk spanning), fix corrupted zip files, multiple callback and progress monitor options, and many more. Polar ZIP Component can now also create multiple archives on removable volumes (disk spanning) as well as on non-removable disks (multifile zip creation).

Sax Zip Objects
Sax Software
Sax Zip Objects adds industry-standard, robust data compression to your application. Every application can benefit from smaller, more secure data that is guaranteed to be uncorrupted. Optional data encryption helps protect you from reverse-engineering and unauthorized data-access. Available as both an ActiveX control and a COM object, Sax Zip Objects is very easy to plug into your application.

TurboZIP is a Total Archive Management tool that offers an amazing depth of features, with an interface that is easily accessible to every level of user. Hidden beneath this easy to use interface is a powerful proprietary engine, with multithreading and spooling features to allow simultaneous operations - the reason behind its incredible responsiveness.

TurboZIP Express
TurboZIP Express combines ease of use and powerful functionality by giving you several intelligent tools, which increase functionality while saving you time. Almost every imaginable archiving and unarchiving option in TurboZIP Express is fully configurable, letting you choose your won ZIP options. With MAPI integration, you can have TurboZIP Express insert one or more zipped files into an e-mail using the default email client. In addition, TurboZIP Express lets you add password protection, autoscan for archived files as well as add and edit zip comments.

VB Compress Pro
VB Compress Pro lets you write better Visual Basic code in less time, and clean up projects in minutes! Compatible with VB4, 5, and 6, VB Compress Pro reduces the size of your VB project (both source and EXE) by safely removing unnecessary code. VB Compress Pro provides detailed reports and a wide range of options to let you fine-tune the compression process!

Xceed Absolute Packager
Xceed Software
The Xceed Absolute Packager is designed to let you create high-quality Smart Zip Files™ quickly and easily. Smart Zip Files are feature-rich self-extracting Zip files designed with your reputation in mind. Unlike most self-extracting zip files, which offer a cluttered, user-unfriendly look, Absolute Packager's smart zip files offer a polished, easy-to-use interface. Use Absolute Packager to create smart zip files that inspire user confidence and reinforce the credibility of the files you want to distribute.

Xceed Zip Compression Library
Xceed Software
This high-performance Zip and Unzip compression ActiveX component has the industry's richest feature set and uses the fastest multi-threaded compression engine available. Its clear design, impeccable documentation and free expert support will ensure your compression needs are implemented quickly and easily. Supports almost all languages through ActiveX or DLL interfaces.