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Access 2000
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Access 2000 makes it easy to get the information you need and provides powerful tools that help you organize and share your database so you and your team make better decisions. Quickly find answers that count, share information over intranets, and build faster and more effective business solutions. Build Powerful Business Solutions More Easily and Find Answers Faster Enable Web collaboration and improve productivity with new tools in Access 2000. Make data immediately available to any coworker. Update sales figures from the road or quickly check on customer details. Customize your views and formats to show precisely the information you need. And use built-in Microsoft SQL Server™ integration to create a scalable database that can grow with your business.

Greenwich Financial Modeling
AccessToVB is designed to convert programs written in Microsoft Access to equivalent Microsoft Visual Basic projects. AccessToVB analyzes the database and then converts the forms, macros, modules, reports, and code behind forms to VB. A number of user-selectable options include which forms and modules to convert, the choice of custom controls supported, and the ability to convert the project to an MDI project. All standard Access controls are converted, including the tab and page break controls. AccessToVB offers the complete solution for all of your Access conversion needs.

Active Verification Suite
The Software Company
Active Verification Suite will allow you to quickly and easily build name and address verification into your custom applications. Active Verification Suite is composed of two products: ActiveAddress and ActiveGender. ActiveAddress accepts addresses free-form and will identify the address type, set the address quality flag then automatically split each address into USPS standard components. ActiveGender will automatically split each customer name into standard components: Prefix, First, Middle, Last and Suffix no matter what the original name format. Using a 100,000 name look-up table and an 8,000 word company table the gender can be determined with accuracy unmatched by any other software.

The Software Company
ActiveAddress will allow you to quickly and easily build address verification and parsing into your custom applications. Accept addresses free-form and ActiveAddress will identify the address type, set the address quality flag then automatically split each address into USPS standard components. Additionally the upper/lower case will be intelligently set according to your applications requirements. NO DATABASE SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED!

The Software Company
ActiveGender will allow you to quickly and easily build name verification, parsing and gender identification into your custom applications. Accept names free-form and ActiveGender will automatically split each name into standard components: Prefix, First, Middle, Last and Suffix no matter what the original name format. Using a 100,000 name look-up table and an 8,000 word company table the gender can be determined with accuracy unmatched by any other software. Additionally the upper/lower case will be intelligently set according to your applications requirements.

Advantage Database Server Client Interface
Extended Systems
The Advantage Client Engine is a custom designed Windows Application Programming Interface (API) created specifically to provide client/server access to the Advantage Database Server and is the basis for Advantage Windows support. The Advantage Client Engine was designed specifically to provide Xbase functionality through a Windows API. With typical Xbase programming, the current work area is specified with a Select() function and each subsequent database operation applies to that work area. The Advantage Client Engine has replaced the work area concept of previous implementations with a handle-based hierarchy of objects to provide more flexibility and control. le.

Advantage Database Server for Windows NT
Extended Systems
Advantage Database Server is a scalable, seamless, high-performance DBMS that brings client/server benefits to PC database applications. By redesigning the PC database architecture, Advantage allows developers to work with the same easy-to-use development tools and methodology, but replaces the distributed PC database architecture with a client/server model. Developers can deliver PC database applications that grow as the business grows without adding a tremendous amount of complexity and cost to the development cycle.

Aegis Database Monitor Add-on
Abacus Systems
This add on to Aegis Help Desk allows you to monitor an incident database for new incidents, closed incidents and responses in the last N minutes. You can also notify selected users when the number of new incidents added, closed or number of responses is more than a specified number in the last N minutes

Aegis Escalation Add-on
Abacus Systems
The Escalation Add-On to Aegis Help Desk allows you to escalate an incident if it is not closed, or if the last response has passed a specified interval. Escalation can be system wide, specific to each client or each incident. You can define how to exclude incidents from being escalated, which fields to update and how they should be updated. You can also notify selected users when an incident has been escalated.

Aegis Help Desk
Abacus Systems
Aegis is a full-featured help desk and defect tracking system. It is very easy to use, intuitive, affordable and packed with features Help Desk users have come to rely on. Aegis simplifies the process of providing a high level of service to your customers. It is a painless approach to providing a high level of support and service to your clients. The standard package can be used out of the box. With it's customization capabilities, it can be easily setup to track any incidents reported by clients and internal staff.

Apollo Database Server
Vista Software
Apollo Database Server is a full-featured, SQL high-performance client/server DBMS. It can be configured to simultaneously serve data over the Internet, LAN or Intranet. Move your database applications to true client/server computing and allow Apollo Database Server to provide solid client/server DBMS support to your database files. Apollo Database Server makes it easy.

Apollo SQL
Vista Software
ApolloSQL is a powerful, local SQL engine add-on for Apollo VCL and Apollo OLE DB that allows developers to use SQL-92 commands with these products in local mode. ApolloSQL is ideal for developers that want to use SQL in their standalone database applications. Developers with applications deployed in a peer-to-peer environment should consider moving to Apollo Database Server . ApolloSQL makes migration to client/server computing totally seamless.

Applet Designer Enterprise
Diamond Edge, Inc.
Applet Designer Enterprise edition migrates Microsoft Windows applications written with Visual Basic into cross-platform, object oriented distributed applications, complete with database access.

netExs LLC
ASP XL delivers fast, efficient report creation for Web Development with Active Server Pages. With a tuned COM DLL for data access and HTML/XLS report generation, ASP XL is the finishing touch on your web project for creating HTML and Excel downloadable reports. The intelligent user interface analyzes your data source, allows you to set colors, formats, and properties, and generates ASP framework files for running and configuring your reports utilizing the COM DLL.

USIntertech, Inc.
ASP-db is an ASP component that allows you to display your database tables with only four lines of ASP code. With a variety of options, including "grid" mode, "form" mode, hidden fields, and filtering ASP-db is a powerful component that encapsulates your database and outputs it as HTML.

Stonebroom Software
ASP2XML provides an easy-to-use interface between a data source and an XML client. It creates XML documents from the data source that include specific information about that data. These XML documents can then be edited by the client and returned to the server. There, the ASP2XML component uses the information in the document, together with the edits made by the client, to update the original source data.

netExs LLC
ASP3 delivers FAST, scalable, multi-tier web solutions by leveraging Stored Procedures, ActiveX Data Objects, COM components, Active Server Pages, and Internet Information Services. Beginning its efficient design at the back end, ASP3 generates SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE database-specific stored procedures, applies them to your database (any data source with an ODBC driver is supported), and allows you to further modify them. File based data sources (i.e. Microsoft Access) use dynamic SQL for these actions. Then, Visual Basic classes are created for each table and combined with a general factory class and general framework module.

Diamond Software Concepts
Include robust, data-bound grids in your web application. Aspect is an Active Server Pages (ASP) component that provides facilities for web-based database development as well as services for uploading binary or text data to web servers, file management, SQL statement building, date format conversion and manipulation, and simple one-way encryption facilities. Aspect uses standard ADO DB connections to any supported database, including SQL Server and Access.

Persits Software
AspGrid is an active server component that brings to your ASP application the power of a data-bound grid control. With AspGrid, you can build browser-independent editable grid interfaces to your databases in as little as three lines of ASP code. AspGrid's features include an intuitive object interface, enabling you to customize the appearance of data in a grid; support for foreign-key recordsets; support for HTML controls such as checkboxes, list boxes, and text areas; the ability to turn data fields into links or images; support for column-wise sorting; navigation buttons; and support for data-bound forms.

Implementing an Audit Trail to track database changes is a common need but bullet-proof solutions are rare. Even if you have code in your app. that writes to an Audit log there's no way to capture data coming in from another front end or direct input to the database via Query Analyzer. Anything other than a server side solution can't be guaranteed get all the data but who wants to write all the procs or triggers to implement it? Auto-Audit™ generates server side triggers automatically that capture audit data from every update, insert and delete that occurs on every field that you choose to track. If your database changes, simply drop your audit triggers and re-run Auto-Audit™ to layer on bulletproof audit trail functionality every time. You select which tables and fields to track, from only a few to every field in the database. Auto-Audit™ships with powerful reporting utilities to extract the audit data into meaningful reports.

Do you spend a large amount of time updating Insert scripts manually or have to update your test data scripts every time you add data to the database? LockwoodTech Auto-Inserts™ eliminates this drudgery by automatically processing table data into insert scripts that you can save and use later. Do you ever need to get a database to a remote developer with data included? With Auto-Inserts™, the solution is as easy as generating a script from SQL enterprise manager. Instant-Inserts allow you to script one or all the tables in your database into .sql file(s). Even the largest database is scripted in seconds. Rebuilding a database is as easy as 1 - 2, run "Generate Scripts" from SQL Enterprise Mgr., Erwin etc. for your Data Definition Language script and then create your insert scripts with Auto-Inserts™. Auto-Inserts™ is smart enough to order your scripts based on object dependencies so you can populate a whole database even with Referential Integrity still intact!

BackOffice Suite 4.5
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft BackOffice 4.5, built on Windows NT Server, is the only complete and integrated platform for building business solutions for your company's network, intranet and the Internet.

BeeGrid Pro
BeeGrid is a full-featured, database-aware, ActiveX grid control. It supports development tools such as: Visual Basic, Internet Explorer, Visual InterDev and Visual C++. BeeGrid can be used in a bound (both OLEDB and ICursor), unbound and virtual data modes. BeeGrid has all features expected from a modern grid control: fast and easy manipulation of tabular data, powerful display capabilities, easy to use unbound mode, easy to use event and interface based virtual modes, outlook-like grouping, etc. But it doesn't stop there. BeeGrid has unique features that will make your applications stand out: rich object model, preview pane, group calculations, group header/footer formulas, XML layouts, CSV/XML import and export, HTML export, row filtering, powerful custom drawing...

Blast Pack
Not available.

Chili!ASP brings the power of Active Server Pages to Netscape and Lotus Web Servers. This powerful programming environment lets you use a combination of VBScript and Jscript to create interactive Websites including database access, Active Server components and other powerful features.

Infragistics, Inc
CodeAssist is a template driven code generation product that streamlines the data application development process and slashes development time. Using breakthrough, template-driven technology, CodeAssist helps Visual Basic and Active Server Page developers create sophisticated data access routines faster, more efficiently and more economically than ever. Developer modifiable code templates include a variety of VB, ASP, and SQL code to produce n-tier or client/server applications.

Sequiter Software Inc.
CodeBase 6 is a high-performance database engine designed for developers who need maximum speed in their applications, using a minimal amount of memory. CodeBase meets this need by combining a small, fast database library with an easy-to-use API that integrates seamlessly with your favorite programming language. CodeBase 6 provides royalty free distribution for all supported configurations, including client/server. This means you can even distribute the 10-concurrent user CodeBase server engine royalty free along with your applications. You can also distribute other CodeBase applications, such as our report designer, and various administration utilities, all royalty free!

COM Express
COM Express lets you generate ready-to-use 3-tier and N-tier COM objects for all mainstream datasources. COM Express includes full support for relational hierarchies to n-level (add as many children/grandchildren as you like, with no limits). It offers templates that generate high-performance stateless hierarchical data-centric and business-logic object classes, which you can use to build your enterprise-level desktop and web applications. COM Express' professional template editor facilitates the building and editing of templates. Each individual template in a template file has a set of properties to define the level (object level or project level) and layer (data-centric layer, business-logic layer, presentation layer) to which it applies.

Data Lookup - The List Box Killer
Appsoft (Pty) Ltd
Is a lot of your development time spent writing search boxes or do you have speed issues when incorporating list boxes into your applications e.g. Customer and Item Lookups? You need Data Lookup - The List Box Killer. Cut down your development time and add value to your application with this intelligent, easy to use search control.

Data Quality COM Object Suite
MAILERS Software
Add the power of data verification and enhancement to your custom program or Web site. Your program will be able to verify addresses, update area codes, find the nearest dealer, parse names, geocode addresses and append valuable marketing data. You'll find time-saving sample source code included that you can cut and paste into your own program. These COM objects work with Windows programs written in Visual Basic, Java, Visual Foxpro, C++, Delphi, SQL and more.

Data Widgets
Infragistics, Inc
Data Widgets 3.1(tm) Data Widgets 3.1 is a set of six bound ActiveX (tm) Controls for Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 or higher and other ActiveX host environments. Featured is the DataGrid (tm), a fully editable data grid identical in look and feel to the Access grid. The DataGrid allows updating, adding and deletion of records, along with unbound columns. It also supports Bound, Virtual and AddItem modes. Other features include printing, exporting to HTML, saving/restoring grid layouts, and masked editing.

Database to COM
Create a complete COM object interface to your database. Database to COM generates a complete ActiveX DLL COM Object whose function is to provide a complete interface to your database. You specify the Datasource, and select the tables that you want to include in the COM Object and their relationships using drag and drop. Database to COM then generates a complete code interface to the tables you specified.

Information Management Systems
DataFerret is a "Sounds-Like" search tool for Visual Basic 5 or 6. It is ideal for searching databases and text files where the exact spelling of a word is not known. If an exact match is not found, DataFerret finds the closest matches, using an extensive set of phonetic rules. Its ability to find the right information is uncanny! Is it Brown or Braun? Irving or Erving? Carn or Kahn? Cahoon or Calhoun? Urnhart or Earnhart? Aldukey or Al-Dookhi? Kacachi or Cacace? With DataFerret, it really doesn't matter; you'll almost always find the right name

Infragistics, Inc
The DataTable grid component, with its cutting-edge OLE DB/ADO binding support, continues to be the leading choice for both VB and ASP developers alike. DataTable requires no coding to bind to hierarchical recordsets to produce the industry-standard Microsoft-style user interface for data display. Also included are Currency, Date Edit with drop-down calendar, Mask Edit Numeric and Time Edit components that may be used stand-alone or as in-cell editors for DataTable. Completing this feature-rich component set are the ProtoView drop-in replacement ListBox & ComboBox.

DB Connect OCX
DB Connect OCX allows you to obtain or edit any ADO-compliant connection string using a standard datasource GUI. You can obtain a new connection string, or edit an existing connection string. You can even obtain a verified connection string to any ODBC-compliant datasource with one line of code. A built-in custom datasource dialog box retrieves information from the user and passes back a connection string.

Chisel Software

Manage the queries and tables in your Microsoft Access database. dBOrganiser allows you to import and export tables between an Access and other database types, such as text files, Excel spreadsheet, dBase, ODBC and others... :::

DDF Sniffer
Pervasive Software, Inc.
DDF Snifer allows you to build DDfs for undocumented Btrieve files. If you dont know the structure of your Btrieve data files, dont worry. DDF Snifer was designed to help you analyze and document these files so you can easily build the necessary DDFs.

Borland International
See web site for details.

Data Dynamics
DynamiCube(tm) facilitates data mining/analysis through instant filtering, drill-down, roll-up and pivoting of virtually unlimited quantities of relational data. Developers can license DynamiCube and easily drop OLAP and reporting capabilities into applications, including web sites, while fully controlling which features and abilities will be available to the end user.

e-BIZ Factory
e-BIZweb (Formerly Luxent Webworks)
Visual WebGrid, the world's first e-Business Component Factory, is now known simply as e-BIZ Factory! With e-BIZ Factory, you can build reusable Professional (Database) e-Business Components in minutes--without writing any code. Wizards get you started, while e-BIZ Factory's intuitive Visual Designer makes completing and customizing the design applications a matter of point-and-shoot.

Woll2Woll Software
EditPower is a powerful collection of edit components specifically designed to give professional database developers unmatched power in their Visual Basic applications. From the most powerful mask language for user validation, to the most aesthetically pleasing looking controls, EditPower delivers quality and robust applications. Other powerful features include: quicken-style incremental searching, history and MRU (Most Recently Used) capabilities, maplist support (where a user sees descriptive text instead of a stored mapped code), display formatting for currency & numeric fields, custom button glyphs, & more. And it offers full support for ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.0, Data Access Objects (DAO), and Remote Data Objects (RDO).

Effective ADO
Instructor, Marty Mazurik, a 16 year veteran of programming brings his wit and flair for explaining details to ActiveX Data Objects. ADO is an essential database enabling middleware and one technology that no VB programmer can do without.

The course has two full hours of presentation video and a complete student/reference guide with labs and solutions included. Geared for SQL Server and/or Access the labs cement the concepts presented in the lectures. ::::::These VideoCD's will play in any Windows PC and most DVD Players. :::

Enterprise Database Pack
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's Enterprise Database Pack is a comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to provide a robust database front-end. You get Spread, a comprehensive spreadsheet/grid; List Pro, a robust ListBox and ComboBox; and Input Pro, a collection of six formatted-edit controls, a memo control and boolean control.

Ermas Components Active Server Suite
Ermas Consulting
Ermas Components Activer Server Suite 1.01 bundles eight server side components into one low-priced toolkit. Featuring HTML Table Designer, presents database data in in many formats, data manager. Maintains database data, Data Transfer, User Manager, Email Manager, Event Manager Directory & Idle Manager, and Java Data Transfer Class.

Computer Associates International Inc.
ERwin is an industry-leading data modeling solution that creates and maintains databases, data warehouses, and enterprise data resource models. ERwin models visualize data structures in a manner that helps you organize, manage, and even mitigate the complexities of data, database technologies, and the deployment environment. Not only are databases developed faster, but also their quality and maintainability are dramatically improved.

Business eTouch
Web Database publishing has become a big factor in building Application Web Services. We all know Rapid Application Development is important in keeping up with technology trends. With the new eTouchDB Version 2.1, Business eTouch has developed a unique Microsoft BackOffice solution not only to publish databases to your web site quickly but also to provide an extremely easy ASP database development interface that takes all the guesswork out of ODBC and ADO objects.

FarPoint's Input Pro
FarPoint Technologies
Easily create professional data-entry screens using Input Pro's eight custom controls. Take advantage of the six formatted edit controls to quickly validate data and alert your user as they enter information or as the application programmatically assigns or edits values. Use the boolean control to display a check box, option button, or custom true/false/grayed value appearance. Use the memo control to display large amounts of text, even those greater than 64K.

FarPoint's Spread
FarPoint Technologies
Use FarPoint's Spread 3 to create powerful database front-ends, manage the display and entry of two billion rows and two billion columns using the enhanced Virtual Mode, print reports, perform calculations, import/export files, sort data, support OLE Drag and Drop, respond to user changes, or take advantage of its unparalleled cell-level formatting, including twelve built-in cell types. All of this is included in one control. Unmatched power, flexibility, and speed combine to make Spread the perfect complement to any application.

Find/Findx Control Pack
Chisel Software
Use wildcards to search your database. The Find/Findx Control Pack provides you with two ways to search through your databases. Once connected to a data component, the Find/Findx ActiveX Controls can search for the first, previous, next, and last record that meets the search criteria. The Find dialog window is loaded at runtime and floats on top of your application. The Findx component can be added to any form at design time.

Focal Point
Panatech Computer Management Inc.
Focal Point is a comprehensive set of Active X controls that encapsulates Recordsets, Business Rules, and other commonly needed functions for typical data base applications. In its very simplest form, think of the Focal Point as a replacement for the Microsoft Data Control, but one that also encapsulates Parent/Child relationships, encapsulates your business rule classes, provides hooks for all major navigation and I/O events, and much, much more.

Gatsby Database Explorer
Gatsby Software Inc.
Gatsby Database Explorer generates a rich interface with three integrated views that allows users to edit, view and search database content over an intranet or extranet. You don't need to know any programming or hire an outside consultant. You'll get a rapid solution, without having to waste internal time and resources.

Import Studio
Import Studio is a powerful tool to import EDI, XML, dBase, fixed or variable length text and any other format data into database using ODBC . Import process is based on data import rules . Those are defined as map and used to locate data in message (file) and form dynamic INSERT statements for database . Whole processing is based on map definitions . After map is defined it can be used to import data in batch processes or be used in ActiveX component as part of other application .

InstallPump is a software deployment application specifically designed to create custom installation routines for Lotus Notes applications. Drag and drop the database files that your application uses and set a few InstallPump Actions and your installation is complete. InstallPump can also create custom installations for the Notes client itself. Administrators can now upgrade Notes users without visiting each and every desktop. Many companies currently use InstallPump to manage the deployment process of Lotus Notes within the entire enterprise.

XML Software Corporation
Client/server Internet database connectivity programming tool and remote database browser application, enabling Universal Data Access using XML (UDAX).

Chisel Software
Enhance your COM-based database application. JetPack is a collection of ActiveX components that provides database functionality such as visual querying, table designing, import/export, searching, and more. Most of JetPack's components are non-visual and lightweight, and they will help you take control of your database application.

jtScroll ActiveX Component
Jagat Technology, Inc.
The jtScroll ActiveX component is a page navigation aid. It helps you build web pages to view the contents of an ADO recordset in a highly customized navigable fashion. This server side component takes out the repeated tedious tasks of building the navigation logic, the navigation bars, and the presentation of data in a grid, justified, or any custom format. The jtScroll provides all this by using very few characters per user session of system resources. The component provides extremely rich set of properties and methods to have total control over your presentation as well as the navigation. The component is based on Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model) architecture. It can be used from ASP (Active Server Pages) scripts with or without design-time controls, and CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs.

ObjectSpark helps you speed through coding, testing, and maintenance of distributed applications by: Automating the generation of your Data Services Layer (DSL), persisting data via simple API's that hide the complexity of your data storage model, leveraging development standards such as UML, delivering a simple graphical interface that walks you though the development process… and more.

Everett Ward Systems
ObjGen from Everett Ward Systems is a powerful, yet easy-to-use template-driven code generator for building database applications and data access objects. Using ObjGen's Auto-Build facility, an entire application complete with forms and data access classes can be built instantly over any database accessible via ODBC. Applications are generated from frameworks that consist of individual code templates for each type of object. Users can easily create and modify their own frameworks and code templates using ObjGen's integrated code editor. ObjGen 2.0 comes with frameworks to support Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 applications using templates that implement logic for ADO, RDO and DAO data access libraries.

PowerDesigner is the first design tool that combines object-oriented, conceptual, and physical data object modeling capabilities in a single, integrated environment. It supports more than 30 of today's most popular DBMSs giving you a sound strategy for consistent adaptable business logic and database design across heterogeneous systems. PowerDesigner's new common user interface, along with its powerful set of tools, makes it easier than ever for designers and developers to collaborate on increasingly complex distributed applications.

LockwoodTech's Proc-Blaster is a Rapid Application Development Data Access tool for use by Visual Basic, ASP and/or Microsoft Office/VBA developers who use Microsoft SQL Server 7. Proc-Blaster rapidly creates Parameterized Stored Procedures, the fastest way to process data in SQL Server. Proc-Blaster reads each table, determines datatypes, keys, and identities, and creates the procedure scripts accordingly.

LockwoodTech Query-Blaster™ is a Rapid Application Development Data Access tool for use by Visual Basic, ASP and/or Microsoft Office/VBA developers who use Microsoft Access 97 or 2000. If you need to write Parameterized Stored Queries for Inserts, Updates, Selects, and Deletes on a database with hundreds of tables, as well as the ADO/DAO data access code to call out of them in Visual Basic or ASP, Query-Blaster makes this job as easy as Point and Blast. Query-Blaster calls the query, passes parameters, figures out NULLs and quotes, and gets ADO or DAO syntax correct. It writes the VB/ASP code to call the Queries using ADO command objects or DAO parameterized querydefs. Quotes, apostrophes, and Nulls are all handled easily.

Chisel Software
QUERYer is a fully featured database managment system. It utilises the Microsoft Jet database engine at its core to provide access to a wide range of database formats. It provides an innovative point-and-click user interface for table and query specifications!

Queryer/Queryerx Control Pack
Chisel Software
Build complex, ad hoc SQL queries with just a few mouse clicks. Queryer/Queryerx Control Pack allows you to instantly view the results of your query both as a SQL statement and as a table of results. When you are happy with your query, the SQL is passed back to your application. The Queryer ActiveX Control is a dialog window that is loaded at runtime.

SILOGIC QueryBuilder
Silogic Solutions
SILOGIC QueryBuilder is an ActiveX Component that generates SQL statements in the same fashion as Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Give your application the edge by adding this component to allow your users to create custom queries easily - in a way that's familiar to them. The demo application included with the product can also be used as a separate query tool.

Spotlight on SQL Server
Quest Software
As a DBA, you can't keep your SQL Server database running optimally if you can't see and respond quickly to database performance problems. Spotlight on SQL Server helps you correct problems quickly and easily. Its unique graphical display shows, in real time, the actual server processes and flow of your data. From Spotlight's intuitive user interface, you can quickly identify congested areas in your server and take corrective action. From the overview screen, you can view server activity to pinpoint and alleviate problem areas as they occur. When detailed information is needed, you can drill down on any problem to view in-depth tables and charts of underlying statistics. Spotlight's built-in knowledge base gives you tips on what you can do to fix each problem and explains exactly what the information on each screen means.

SQL Navigator
Quest Software
SQL Navigator helps you cut SQL development time in half with an integrated environment for developing and testing stored procedures, scripts and more. With a drag-and-drop, graphical user interface, developers can quickly create and edit database structures and ensure quality with powerful debugging and integrated version control.

SQL Server 2000
Microsoft Corp
Develop your database solutions with the new and enhanced capabilities of SQL Server 2000. Built on the extensible foundation of SQL Server 7.0, it represents the next-generation database of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers. SQL Server 2000 is the complete relational database management and analysis system for building scalable e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing solutions.

Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio
Sybase® SQL Anywhere™ Studio is a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise synchronization to enable the rapid development and deployment of distributed e-Business solutions. Optimized for workgroups, laptops, handheld devices and intelligent appliances, SQL Anywhere extends the reach of a corporation's e-business information to anywhere business transactions occur.

Table Artist
18 Rabbit
Diagramming your databases has never been this easy! 18 Rabbit is proud to announce the release of Table Artist. Finally, there's a tool to help you design, document, diagram, and manage your databases that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Whether you're a developer, a DBA, or even a 'newbie' who's struggling with databases for the first time, you owe it to yourself to check out this exciting new product!

Table X-Ref
The Retsel Group

The Report Miner Table Cross-reference provides a useful cross-reference between reports and the table (file) they reference. All sub-reports are also included in the cross reference. The data available is provided in an easy to use grid: report file name, report title, sub-report name, if any, table reference, with full qualifications, and record selection formula. The cross-reference listing can be ordered (sorted) by any of the fields in either ascending or descending order, providing listing by table (file) name, for example. :::

Quest Software
TOAD empowers developers and DBAs to be more productive by providing an intuitive graphical user interface to Oracle. TOAD is a powerful, low-overhead tool that makes PL/SQL development faster and easier and simplifies database management tasks. Advanced editors allow users to work on multiple files simultaneously — even different file types such as SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, Java, and text. Hot keys, auto-correct, code templates, and numerous other productivity features speed development, while editing and testing are made easier with integrated result sets, explain plans, tracing, and DBMS_OUTPUT views.

Total Access Analyzer
FMS, Inc
Total Access Analyzer 2000 is the latest version of the world's premier database analysis and documentation program for Microsoft Access. Total Access Analyzer 2000 analyzes all the objects of a database to provide extensive documentation, cross-reference, application and flow diagrams, and over 250 presentation-quality reports. Over 100 types of errors, suggestions, and performance tips are detected. Only Total Access Analyzer 2000 provides you with complete documentation of your Access 2000 database projects, with full object and property documentation of all objects.

Total Access CodeTools
FMS, Inc
Total Access CodeTools is the leading collection of tools for writing code in Access. Total Access CodeTools makes your job of developing Access applications much easier by helping you write new procedures, create difficult code elements, and clean up all the code in an existing project. If you write more than a few lines of code a week, Total Access CodeTools is the tool for you!

Total Access Components
FMS, Inc
Total Access Components 2000 is the only collection of ActiveX controls specifically designed and tested for Microsoft Access. 27 ActiveX controls are included in Total Access Components. You can place them on your forms and reports to enhance your application's ease of use, appearance, and operation. Many controls allow you to provide new and enhanced display effects, while others allow you to use properties and methods to perform complex operations with little or no programming.

Total Access Detective
FMS, Inc
Access database database development takes time and effort. Losing changes or not realizing what has changed can cost you considerable time, money, and headaches. Only Total Access Detective 2000 handles this problem for you.

Total Access Detective 2000 is the next version of FMS' award-winning database and object comparison tool for Access. This newest version includes support for Access 2000 and a host of other new features, including support for Access 2000 databases; the ability to compare Data Access Pages (DAPs), two Access objects in an ADP project, and text blocks; and a faster VBA parser engine. :::

Total Access Inspector
FMS, Inc
How you customized Access can also cause your databases to handle dates improperly. Without careful analysis, many Access databases will fail after 1999. Don't let this happen to you! Total Access Inspector 2000 is the most comprehensive Year 2000 tool for Access. Designed specifically for Access by the world's leading Access Year 2000 and database documentation experts, Total Access Inspector 2000 gets you ready for the next century!

Total Access Memo
FMS, Inc
Total Access Memo gives Microsoft Access users and developers the ability to add formatted memo fields to their forms and reports. Enhance your applications by adding support for features such as fonts, point sizes, boldface, italics, underline, bullet points, paragraph alignment, and tab stops.

Total Access SourceBook
FMS, Inc
Don't program without it! Discover why VB developers of all levels are raving about FMS's Total VB SourceBook, the most extensive professional VB source code library. Over 100 modules and classes are available for you to insert into your applications royalty-free! This quality code is extensively commented, tested, and documented with examples. And because it's code, you can edit it or simply learn from it. Organized with a powerful Code Explorer, you can even add your own code to the repository. Pays for itself even if you only use a few classes.

Total Access Statistics
FMS, Inc
Total Access Statistics 2000 gives users a wide range of statistical analysis functions for Access 2000 with the features and options database users and developers expect. Calculations such as percentiles, correlations, confidence intervals, regressions, t-Tests, group analysis, non-parametric analysis, and probability calculations can be easily generated. Total Access Statistics 2000 works directly in Access as an Access add-in. Simply open the database containing the data to analyze, then invoke Total Access Statistics 2000 from the menu.

Total Visual Agent
FMS, Inc
Discover the ease and simplicity of automated database maintenance! Total Visual Agent 2000 from FMS, Inc. lets you schedule unattended database maintenance chores such as repairs, compacts, data-only backups, rolling backups, and zip archives. You can also track records and run macros and command lines on a schedule. Manage multiple databases and set schedules hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. A complete audit trail is maintained, and you can even generate e-mail notification of a system administrator if errors are encountered.

Total Visual SourceBook
FMS, Inc
Total Visual SourceBook 2000 provides a solution to your VBA code problems for Visual Basic 6 and Access/Office 2000. Shave weeks off your development projects by using our ready-to-run code. Every major area of software development is covered, from ADO to XML, with 85,000+ lines of code, 150+ modules and 40+ categories! New in 2000 is FMS' Source Code Exchange (SCE) technology for sharing code when you aren't connected to your network. Take any code from SourceBook and package it into an SCE file--code, comments, and author information are automatically included. Then email your SCE file or put it on your website. Other SourceBook users can import SCE files and handle new and modified code with ease.

True DataControl
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DataControl 6.0 is an enhanced ActiveX data control that replaces the standard Microsoft ADO data control (ADODC) in Visual Basic 6. True DataControl is enriched with application logic and advanced features that free developers from the hours of coding formerly needed to build intuitive database front-end applications. Developers no longer have to code hundreds of event procedures in various bound controls because the application logic is enforced in the source as a set of business rules. This leads to more robust, manageable, and scalable applications.

True DBGrid Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBGrid Pro 7.0 is here!!! ComponentOne has added even more great features to the powerful grid control you've come to know and love, based on customer feedback. New features include enhanced display of Master-Detail relationships with fully editable hierarchical grids; Excel-style cell selection; additional display modes; even better keyboard navigation; expanded styles; more print and print preview options; a Filter Bar interface to easily code filtering and formatting behavior; native integration with True DataControl; and more.

True DBInput Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBInput Pro 6.0 is a collection of eight high-quality, data-aware ActiveX input controls and five objects designed for Microsoft Visual Studio database front-end application development. The user-friendly interface and powerful feature set make True DBInput Pro 6.0 a powerful tool for enterprise-wide Internet/intranet database front-end application development.

True DBList Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBList Pro 6.0 is a customizable set of data-aware ActiveX list and combo controls for Visual Studio 5.0 and 6.0. Patterned after the DBList and DBCombo controls included in Visual Basic, True DBList Pro 6.0 adds dozens of data presentation and user interface features to the intrinsic controls enabling it to work like a grid but with the lightweight requirements of a list.

True DBReports
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBReports 6.0 is an Active X control that lets you add robust reporting capabilities to your Microsoft Visual Studio applications. With its rich set of properties, methods, and events, True DBReports 6.0 makes it easy to create informative and attractive reports for your organization. It allows you to extract and present critical information in a professional format without a lot of effort. It also lets you access data stored in an ADO or OLE DB data source, data from a memory array, or even data provided programmatically by user events. You can then easily manipulate that data and customize its appearance for printing. True DBReports 6.0 is the ActiveX control to easily create the reports your enterprise needs!

VBeXpress 2000
DataCast Systems Ltd.
VBeXpress 2000 is the new development tool for Microsoft Visual Basic™ that slashes development time and cuts application development and maintenance costs. VBeXpress 2000 will help you create a fully functional n-tier application (with standard screens or ASP screens) based on Microsoft's COM technology in seconds. In three easy steps VBeXpress 2000 will save you hours of development time by generating all your database access classes for you. It even generates a fully functional UI (with VB forms or Web screens) for you so that you can add, update or delete any record in your database using embedded SQL or stored procedures. The database classes generated will provide you with high-performance objects that can be used in production environments without any apprehension. If the code that is generated does not meet your standards, simply amend the code generation templates to suit your particular requirements.

VBeXpress Lite
DataCast Systems Ltd.
VBeXpress Lite is a development add-in for Microsoft Visual BasicTM 6.0 that slashes development time and cuts application development and maintenance costs by providing 16 time saving utilities and a vast library of pre-tested code.

Visual ADEPT
Parameter Driven Software
A tremendous tool for users with little or no programming experience to easily create VB programs for multi-user environments. Visual ADEPT automatically creates multi-user Visual Basic executable code and ACCESS data structures by guiding the user through a series of on-line parameters which drive the application's data processing functions.

AJS Publishing Inc.
Visual/db -- the complete, fast, small, reliable, and dBASE-compatible relational Database Management System for Microsoft Windows. Visual/db's powerful routines create, read, and write dBASE-type database, index, and demo files and give your Basic applications full DBMS capabilities --including sound and bit map graphics. Visual/db is the complete relational Database Management System for Windows because it specializes in dBASE-type file access, gives you direct control over all aspects of file management, and is implemented entirely with straightforward CALL statements.

VisualSoft DataManager
VisualSoft Technologies
VisualSoft DataManager lets you cut through the complexity of large corporate database applications with fast and flexible drill-down capabilities and rich report feature, which facilitates easy storage and retrieval of data. DataManager makes it easier than ever for you to build data-intensive applications. Using DataManager one can build scalable data application which can be developed using flexible interfaces for accessing them.

LGB Systems
XControls is a collection of powerful ActiveX controls designed to enable you to build robust database applications in Visual Basic 6.0. It is full of advanced data presentation and user interface features to build user-friendly functionality into complex applications that previously required extensive coding. Unlike other grid controls, XControls supports not datasheet-oriented but single record and master/detail forms. Designed to display and manipulate data using an intuitive user interface XControls is the best solution for all developers who want to quickly and easily build any database application. .

Massinissa Software
OCX & DLL which allows one or more valid Excel 97/2000 input files to be converted into HTML format. Because XlToHtml uses Excel 97/2000 OLE automation objects, these input files can be XLS, XLT, ... extensions. List of files to be converted are held in a string array which can be populated calling the OpenFileDialog method or by simply declaring a dynamic array and filling it with list of files. Once the file array is generated, passing it as an argument to the ConvertToHtml method and supplying the output folder as another argument will convert those files into HTML format. XlToHtml handles multiple sheets per Excel files and can create one HTM file per sheet. XlToHtml OCX can be used in any environment which support activeX control technology such as VC++, VB, Visual Foxpro and Delphi. XlToHtml DLL is an ASP compatible version of XlToHtml OCX and is therefore fully scriptable in environments such as Visual Interdev.

Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
XPEDITER/SQL is an integrated set of workbenches designed to help you quickly create, test and manage Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase stored procedures, triggers, and scripts. The straightforward graphical interface provides quick access to its entire workbench of development productivity tools. You can navigate through objects and packages to perform the following tasks: debug packages, procedures, functions and triggers; create and edit stored procedures; develop and test in a safe team environment; and test stored procedures throughout the application life cycle.

XpressDeveloper's Studio
Developer Express Inc.
The DevExpress XpressDeveloper's Studio combines six great in one value-priced package. Included in the suite are: XpressQuantumGrid, XpressQuantumTreeList, XpressInspector, XpressEditors Library, XpressPrinting System and XpressSideBar.

XpressEditors Library
Developer Express Inc.
The XpressEditors Library is a revolutionary suite of 15 data edit controls - all with innovations previously unavailable in the ActiveX/COM marketplace. Every single editor in the suite is available to you in both unbound and data-aware mode (ADO, DAO, RDO) and is engineered to help you create modern interfaces while minimizing and often eliminating code.