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AgOnline Update
Agendum Software
AG Online Update is an ActiveX control which allows easy insertion of automated software update and patch download capabilities into your application. Our control handles auto-patching from any local drive, network drive OR the web!!

Applet Designer Enterprise
Diamond Edge, Inc.
Applet Designer Enterprise edition migrates Microsoft Windows applications written with Visual Basic into cross-platform, object oriented distributed applications, complete with database access.

Kenonic Controls
CASPER is a beautifully simple and secure system for automating payment and authorizations for programs that are protected with CrypKey. Normally, customers must call you to get their unlocking code, which requires a customer service representative to handle the phone call and generate the unlocking key. With CASPER the authorization process is fully automated, saving you money and saving your customer time.

Kenonic Controls
CrypKey provides copy protection to prevent unauthorized use & duplication of your software. CrypKey's software licensing features allow you to ensure that your software only runs for those who you have authorized, with the software license options that you have authorized. Extensive features let you provide free trials that can offer one free demo, then convert remotely to a full working version. You can control access to options, levels, number of executions, duration of use, number of network seats and more. Because the protection is IN your software, you can distribute it over the Internet, or any other conventional method with full security. Even copies from authorized users become demos when 'loaned' to an unauthorized user. By controlling the authorization of your software through CrypKey's protection technology, you ensure that if someone hasn't paid for your software, they aren't using it.

Crypto++ SDK
Sampson Multimedia

Provides total software control and copy protection to new and existing applications. Turn your trial/demo into full blown applications instantly. Wide range of protection schemes: Date and run limits, number of allowed users, modules, features, etc. It is 100% Royalty-Free. It is the real programmer's choice in software control and copy protection! :::

Dan Bricklin's Demo-IT
Lifeboat Software
Whether you're in sales, marketing or development, demo-it! will show off your product when you're not there. Dan Bricklin's demo-it! requires no programming to create a professional looking demo quickly, easily, and without headaches! It is completely WYSIWYG, incorporates Rich Text support, provides a screen capture utility and has support for WAV files!

InstallShield Software Corporation
DemoShield is designed to create snazzy interactive and self-running presentations. It is the perfect tool for demonstrating or teaching your application for Windows. It is also an ideal training development tool since it allows you to show live use of existing applications and allow your customer live app interaction!

DevPartner Remote Agent
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
DevPartner Remote Agent provides the ability to analyze applications or components running on machines that do not have DevPartner developer tools installed. No longer are you limited to obtaining information from a single machine for debugging and testing purposes.

Energy Software Licensing Component
Energy Programming Limited
The Software Licensing component allows you to provide evaluation products that can be instantly made live using a registration key. These keys will protect your applications from unauthorized distribution and use while also protecting your revenue stream. You can therefore maximize your revenue stream by providing users with a demonstration/evaluation copy of your software that can be triggered to self-expire at a given date, or provide subscription notification for users that enroll into the software on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The component lets you concentrate on developing a single source product, which can be made into a live/demo/subscription-based application based upon the input of a registration key.

Protect your software with this licensing and copy protection system. Its also a database program that manages your license keys, orders, customers and products. You can also use EzReg to lock your EzStor/HSP files so they can't be opened or run without a license.

Zero G Software
InstallAnywhere is a very powerful software deployment solution. It brings intelligence and simplicity to the process of deploying software to virtually any client or server platform, such as Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS, HP-UX, and AIX. Designed with an easy-to-use interface that complements an advanced customization mode, InstallAnywhere automatically handles all the installation details for each platform.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallBuilder features Wise's advanced technology, including: fully customizable script editing, integrated, real-time debugging, custom dialog and graphic creation, and built-in Windows API calling. InstallBuilder also features SmartPatch for creating efficient installation patches between different versions of an application.

InstallConstruct makes creating a Software Package, Setup Wizard, Installer, and Uninstaller for software installation and delivery as easy as it can be. It is designed for demanding professionals as well as for non-programmers with a user-friendly expanding wizard system using intuitive step-by-step procedures. Unlike other Installer and Setup programs, InstallConstruct does not require programming background; nor does it require you to learn any application specific language. Your work is automatically saved in reusable scripts, which require no programming efforts.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallMaker is the perfect solution for developers who want quick, simple Windows installations. InstallMaker's Installation Expert guides you through a few easy steps to build an installation program in minutes. InstallMaker includes Wise Installation System 7.03 and SmartPatch, for creating installation patches that contain only the differences between two versions of an application.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallManager is the complete administrator's tool for creating and managing installations for their end users. Follow Wise's 6-step process and point-and-click your way to a setup program in minutes. InstallManager includes all the functionality of InstallMaster, plus ConflictManager - a database application that quickly and easily identifies potential file conflicts before deployment.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallMaster is designed for the power user who wants complete control over every detail of their installation, yet it is remarkably easy to use. InstallMaster includes SmartPatch; SetupCapture, for quick "repackaging" of existing installations; WebDeploy, for creating dynamic Internet/intranet-based installations, plus all the functionality of InstallBuilder; WiseUpdate, installs a small client app that checks for periodic updates over the Internet and, based on user preferences, can download and install.

InstallShield Express
InstallShield Software Corporation

For developers with short cycles, InstallShield Express is the ideal setup solution. Only InstallShield Express provides an intuitive, point-and-click interface with an easy-to-follow guide for setup creation. With a low learning curve and no training, you can complete and customize your installation in less than a day. :::

InstallShield Express Multi-Platform Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Express - Multi-Platform Edition is the solution developers need to target multiple platforms with a single, easy-to-build installation. You'll deploy bulletproof InstallShield installations to any number of supported platforms. Just build your install, choose your target platforms, and deploy with technology from the industry's installation leader, InstallShield.

InstallShield Professional Multi-Platform Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Professional - Multi-Platform Edition is the solution developers need to target multiple platforms with only one, customized installation. You'll be able to use an open API and robust functionality to customize and deploy bulletproof InstallShield installations to any number of supported platforms. Just build your install, customize to fit your exact needs, choose your target platforms, and deploy with technology from the industry's installation leader, InstallShield.

InstallShield Professional Standard Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Professional Standard Edition provides breakthrough productivity, usability, and control for professional Windows developers distributing applications with sophisticated installation requirements. Developers can create custom setups of any size and complexity - for any Windows platform - while reducing build time and installation development cycles. InstallShield Professional 2000 is the new standard for software deployment.

InstallShield Professional Windows Installer Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Professional 2000 for Windows Installer is the most comprehensive Setup-development solution available for applications targeting Microsoft's new Windows Installer service, the set of APIs and processes governing installations for Microsoft Windows 2000

InternetUpgrade OCX
InternetUpgrade OCX Control is an ActiveX component that will let your customers download and run your latest software update from your website from within your application. Just add this OCX to your project, set the properties and let the InternetUpgrade wizard do the rest. When the user clicks the Upgrade button, the download begins will a full progress bar and bytes downloaded status

LEAD Technologies Inc
The LEADTOOLS PDF Plug-in is an add-on to any LEADTOOLS SDK and extends support for PDF, Postscript, and EPS formats. The LEADTOOLS PDF Plug-in allows for the loading, saving, viewing, rasterizing, and encoding of these three formats and integrates seamlessly with the broad imaging functionality present in the existing LEADTOOLS toolkits, encompassing specialized display, color-conversion, image-processing, scanning, annotations, document clean-up, and much more.

Protection PLUS
Concept Software
Protection PLUS is a powerful, flexible software licensing toolkit which allows developers to protect their applications by remotely managing customer access. Protection PLUS gives developers the power to control applications, turn a demo application into a live one, extend a demo, rental or lease for an additional time period and even permits turning on one or more menu options or applications in a suite. There is single user mode and multi-user mode as well as a mechanism that allows modification of the number of allowed network stations.

Sikander Soft
The most advanced and complete Copy Protection solution available; SafeSerial can avoid unwanted piracy, create shareware/trial versions of your software, and add remote licensing capabilities to your VB project in minutes. SafeSerial is an OCX (ActiveX) control extremely easy to use: only drag and drop, and write three or four lines of code and your project will be protected! Users of SafeSerial have right to free updates to any future version, and first-class, lifetime tech support.

Sax Setup
Sax Software
With Sax Setup 6, your app's installation is ready for the future! New Windows 2000 and Internet support is just the beginning... We've also added features that make it easy to upgrade your existing installations. And the new If Then/Else actions give you total customization power so your setup works exactly the way you want. All Sax products are compatible with VB6

Setup Factory
Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation
Setup Factory does something quite unique in the world of installation tools. It actually combines ease of use with flexiblity. Using an intuituve visual interface, you will be able to create professional setups in only minutes. Setup Factory will exceed your expectations!

Nesbitt Software Corporation
Stop software piracy! Get paid for your software! Kenn Nesbitt's ShareLock 2.1 instantly turns any 32-bit Windows program into a trial version. ShareLock includes ActiveX, VCL and DLL versions for use with any 32-bit Windows programming language.

TurboSFX is a complete front-end file distribution application that uses a user-friendly expanding wizard system to make creating packages for file delivery and installation easy, with intuitive step-by-step procedures. This expanding wizard system allows either a new or an experienced user to create impressive projects, taking advantage of as much or as little as TurboSFX has to offer. TurboSFX automatically saves each step in the creation of a project in a package script file (*.ads), which not only saves you time when re-creating or updating a package, it also supports command line batch processing for unattended operations. Unlike other Installer programs, TurboSFX does not require programming background; nor does it require you to learn any application specific language.

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
UpdateLive is a utility you ship with your application that keeps your software and data current. It can be run at the end of an install kit to check your web site for updates. It can be run from a start menu, allowing your users to update anytime. And it can be run at system startup to check for updates on a daily basis.

Wise for Windows Installer
Wise Solutions Inc.
Wise for Windows Installer is a complete, easy-to-use installation toolkit for professional setups that comply with Microsoft's new Windows Installer technology. You can manage install/uninstall at the component level for the entire system, advertise applications with loading software on a system, automatically repair corrupted key product files, and rollback cancelled installations. Using Wise's "patented" 5-step process, you can point-and-click your way to a Windows 2000 compliant setup program in minutes.