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ActiveVR ActiveX Control
Innovative Drafting Concepts
The ActiveVR® ActiveX Control is a hot new innovation for those wishing to incorporate 3D virtual views into presentations, custom programming, and web sites. This technology allows you to use your native digital video movie format and turn it into a virtual space or model. With the Active Control, it's now possible to create interactive media directly from your favorite 3D application.

Aircraft ActiveX Library
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Aircraft ActiveX Library is a bundle of four (4) aircraft-specific custom controls designed for developers interested in creating games, simulations, or cockpit emulations. These controls include the Aircraft Dynamics, Aircraft Instruments, Joystick, and Moving Map ActiveX controls. Packaged together to provide customers with an economical and powerful set of tools for aircraft-related applications.

Aircraft Instruments ActiveX
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Aircraft Instruments ActiveX Control displays 12 small aircraft flight instruments including air speed indicator, altimeter, artificial horizon, automatic direction finder, climb rate indicator, compass, course indicator, heading indicator, horizontal situation indicator, omni-bearing indicator, radio magnetic indicator, and turn coordinator. It utilizes dynamic property pages and is self-registering. It is used by every branch of the US Military and every large commercial aircraft manufacturer. In fact, the Aircraft Instruments ActiveX has been licensed throughout the world as the only commercially available Aircraft-specific instrumentation suite in ActiveX format.

GigaSoft ProEssentials
GigaSoft, Inc.
GigaSoft ProEssentials' five controls provide quick and easy graphic presentation and interactive data visualization. You can implement ProEssentials in a matter of hours -- the end result will look as if it took you years. Whether at the DLL or OCX/VCL/VBX level, ProEssentials are totally property oriented, no complex functions required. The ProEssentials are a stable, professionally engineered tool that will help your projects be visually and functionally impressive while being delivered on time.

ProEssentials v3 adds a powerful 3D Scientific Graph, 3D effects optional on 2D charts, JPEG output along with other internet improvements, more plotting methods including 2D contour, as well as horizontal stacked bar, step, ribbon, annotations, hot spots, legend placement, axis formatting, more user interface, improved 580 page manual, improved example code, and much more. :::

iGrafx Designer
The iGrafx Designer suite includes iGrafx Designer and iGrafx Image, the powerful upgrades to Micrografx's award winning Designer and leading Windows image editing software Picture Publisher. iGrafx Designer bridges the gap between the highly precise CAD/CAM world and any type of published outcome from printing, HTML and SGML or Microsoft Office. Anyone who creates vector-based graphics will benefit from Designer's easy-to-learn interface and highly productive tools. iGrafx Image provides users the easiest professional level image editing tools with an incredible array of visual and special effects and unique functionality. TWAIN support allows scanning or acquiring images directly from a digital camera with 16-bit per channel quality so even small images look great after processing.

Global Majic Software, Inc.
Software The Joystick ActiveX Control is the perfect add-on for gamers and simulators. Don't have a joystick? You don't need one! If you have a mouse, you can use this control with its on-screen joystick emulator. Or it easily attaches to a joystick if you have one. It supports up to four axes joysticks with floating point precision. Each axis may be calibrated using defined options for minimum, maximum, center position, and deadzone. A weight option is also included for non-linear mapping of stick input to output. Other features include movement and button events, throttle and rudder control, point of view control, graphical joystick for mouse control and stick input display. Dynamic property pages allow the user to calibrate the joystick and customize its screen appearance.