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3D Data Map ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
3D Data Map ActiveX control provides a means to create, use, save, and open 3d surface data as typically used in efficiency maps, etc. The x, y grid is regular but need not be square. Interpolated Z values can be retrieved using the InterpZ method and a valid x,y point.

Nevron LLC
The 3DLegend is an ActiveX component used to display 2D and 3D legends. The shape of the item marks can either be a cube or a sphere. With 3DLegend, you can apply fill effects and materials on marks, texts and legend base plane. You can also easily control the dimensions of the legend and the displayed labels.

Global Majic Software, Inc.
3DLinX is a real-time graphic rendering engine and development tool based on established industry standards: Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) architecture and ActiveX technology. 3DLinX takes advantage of COM and ActiveX to bring these models to life by making them independent objects with unique behaviors and characteristics. The language-independent 3D development environment allows for real-time computer graphic rendering. 3DLinX uses standard PCs and lets you choose from a variety of Windows development languages to create rich 3D applications as easily as today's current 2D applications

Nevron LLC
The 3DPieChart is an ActiveX component used to display 2D and 3D pie charts. You can shape the date items as either a standard pie or a torus. You can also apply fill effects and materials on data items and texts. Properties include begin angle, pie depth, pie detachment from center, label formatting, label detachment from data items, pie and torus radii, and more. 3DPieChart also has an unique text reordering algorithm, which reorders even the worst text overlaps.

Nevron LLC
The 3DText is an ActiveX component used to display 2D and 3D multi-line text. You can fill the text and the background with a fill effect as well as apply material properties text. Properties include text extrusion, line spacing, font, and size.

Logic Dreams
ActiveFolders is an ActiveX control very useful for the representation and the visualization of hierarchical data using an explorer-like style. It seems to be the ideal solution for the representation of all the models based on hierarchical-structured data or to render relational-structured data by a hierarchical model.

Logic Dreams
ActiveGrid is an ActiveX control very useful for the representation and the visualization of hierarchical data through a tree representation of the data structures and an exploration of the contents using a specialized grid. It seems to be the ideal solution for the representation of all the models based on hierarchical-structured data that needs a more sophisticated data management.

ActivePicture ActiveX/OCX is an all-in-one solution for constructing and displaying unlimited virtual instrumentation devices or active pictures such as automobile/aircraft dashboards, clocks, meters, gauges, sliders and knobs. It can also serve as a programmable version of the 'Windows Paint' bitmap editor; or act as an enhanced PictureBox control.

M&M Software
activeSHAPES brings dynamic graphics to your application in an easy and efficient way. Based on OLE/ActiveX technology, activeSHAPES can be used with a wide range of programming environments. The software kit includes a graphics editor assisting in static drawing, an ActiveX control (activeSHAPES Viewer) used to view and animate your drawing in target application and an extensive online help, a tutorial, and a sample application.

ActiveVR ActiveX Control
Innovative Drafting Concepts
The ActiveVR® ActiveX Control is a hot new innovation for those wishing to incorporate 3D virtual views into presentations, custom programming, and web sites. This technology allows you to use your native digital video movie format and turn it into a virtual space or model. With the Active Control, it's now possible to create interactive media directly from your favorite 3D application.

ActiveX Gallimaufry
Desaware, Inc.
Now that Visual Basic supports the creation of ActiveX controls, more and more VB programmers are taking advantage of that technology. But it's a big step between creating a simple control and one that meets professional standards. Desaware's ActiveX Gallimaufry can help you bridge that gap. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes a collection of useful, entertaining and educational ActiveX controls that include complete Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 source code. Among them are a TWAIN scanning control, MDI Taskbar Control ,Hex Edit Control, Rotate Picture control, SpiralBox Control, Banner Control, PerspectiveList Control, and a Common Dialog Component. These components are worthwhile for the educational value alone, even if you have no use for them in your applications and web sites. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes 32-bit controls for Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and other COM/ActiveX containers.

Agendum Software
Have you ever wanted to grab a screen by drawing an area with the mouse? Or how about using the HWND property? Or better yet, how about by active window? With AgScreen, these are just a few of the ways you can now add screen capture capabilities to your applications

ALLText HT/Pro
Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
ALLText is a full formatted text box (Rich Text) control designed for Windows programmers by Bennet-Tec Information Systems. ALLText looks like a standard textbox on your form, but supports the simultaneous display of multiple fonts, font characteristics and colors; paragraph formatting; and even inclusion of any bit map as the background to the control.

AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control provides a highly customizable digital display. Its dynamic property pages provide full control of the control's sizes, colors and bitmaps. It may be used to display either numeric or alphanumeric values. With its data-aware features, the AlphaNumeric LED is an ideal element for technical interfaces.

Fath Software Inc
BarcodeX is an ActiveX control / object you can use to print various types of barcodes from Windows applications like MS Visual Basic, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc. Formats supported are: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code39 Ext., Code 128, EAN-128, ISSN, ISBN and codebar bar codes.

Pegasus Software
CadXpress ActiveX is an ATL based control that offers high-speed access to DXF and DWG AutoCAD files from within databases, Internet/Intranets or any other 32bit Windows environment. CadXpress' background processing makes DXF, DWG, JPEG, TIFF G3/G4, TGA, WMF, PNG, BMP and others fly to the screen with very little effort. This engine includes many powerful image features such as printing, transparencies, smoothing, annotation/redlining, rotate, zoom, crop, copy-to-clipboard, rubber-banding, and much more! CadXpress is the perfect tool for displaying the most popular AutoCAD files!

Pegasus Software
CapturePRO provides you with all the features you could want in a high level image acquisition toolkit. CapturePRO works with digital cameras and digital video capture cards to provide high level image and video management. Whether you are creating an internet video solution, a networked security application, an industrial monitoring system, or a medical imaging device, CapturePRO solves your problem. It interfaces with your image device using TWAIN and MCI calls, it selectively acquires images, outputs to high-speed JPEG files, and can even upload frames to remote FTP sites. The variety of applications is endless for this Cadillac of toolkits.

Creator's Toolkit
This control contains a variety of basic graphical objects that can be used to create new and/or enhance existing controls, windows, and other user-interface elements. By encapsulating various popular, yet complex drawing effects, the Creator ToolKit Library aids in the development of almost any user-interface element. Furthermore, each graphical object is highly configurable and implements a simple and consistent sizing/rendering scheme.

DbCAD dev
Complete and easy-to-use, DbCAD dev allows your application to manage an integrated graphic window (multi-instance available) with zoom, pan, entity pick and dynamic overview commands with event control by using the OCX component. Available for most standard 2D vector and raster formats including AutoCAD DWG (R14 or lower), DXF (R14 or lower), ESRI Shapefile, WMF, TIF, BMP, RLE, and RLC. It is also possible to load a custom installable driver to use the unsupported raster and vector formats within the DbCAD dev graphic window.

Borland International
See web site for details.

FarPoint's Button Objx
FarPoint Technologies
Button Objx (previously ButtonMaker) is the most comprehensive button-like control available. Not only can you replace the Windows button control to create visually enhanced buttons, you can create fully customized active buttons and toolbars as well as custom-shaped containers. You can also dynamically change pictures and shapes, add multiple hotspots within your custom-shaped region, or use its many features to fully customize your interface. Also included is the Balloon control, the easiest and most extensive control for adding customized help balloons (tool tips) to your application using standard or custom shapes.

File Pack 1
File Pack 1 is a collection of 3 ActiveX controls for working with files and folders:

:::DirDlg allows users to select existing directories and/or create new ones. ::::::XFind is a utility designed to recursively search folders for files matching user defined search string. ::::::XPODlg is a control allowing users to preview image files (resized and full) before opening them. It also gives information of image dimensions in pixels.

FXTools Gold
Pegasus Software
FXTools Gold v5.0 provides nine (9) award-winning ActiveX components packed full of visual effect features that imaging and multimedia applications crave! Featuring over 100 built-in multi-threaded professional effects such as 3D fonts, block shadows, gradient filled backgrounds, audio, video, and much more! High speed display of 10 popular image formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIF, ePIC, and TGA. Winner of 4 industry awards, FXTools Gold is a must-have for any 32-bit multimedia project!

Gravitybox Software LLC
The Gravitybox ColorCombo allows you to give users the ability to select colors in a professional manner similar to MS Frontpage. The combo drops down the main predefined colors from which the user may choose.

Gravitybox Software LLC
The GbHotspot control lets you display a picture and define areas on it as hotspots. When the mouse moves over a hotspot, it changes to a hand like an Internet browser. The control has two modes of operation: an admin mode that allows you to define hotspots, and a user mode for their display. With GbHotspot you can create a hotspot map of any graphic in any ActiveX container. This control is very useful when you need to map areas of a graphic to allow user interaction. Hotspots may be assigned in two ways: programmatically through code by using the HotSpots collection; or by using Admin mode so that a user may graphically drag areas on to the canvas. Through this dual functionality, you can construct applications that allow users to set up their own hotspots. Afterwards, you may loop through the HotSpots collection and save it to a database for later display.

GeoView LT
Blue Marble Geographics
GeoView is a powerful and comprehensive OCX mapping and geographic analysis engine for Windows95 or NT. Support for AutoCAD DXF, DWG, Microstation DGN, Shape, MapInfo, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, BSB, NOS, Targa, and PCX is lightning fast. Custom layer types provide a true "common API to spatial data."

:::Please note that a separate distribution agreement will need to be negotiated directly with Blue Marble Geographics

GigaSoft ProEssentials
GigaSoft, Inc.
GigaSoft ProEssentials' five controls provide quick and easy graphic presentation and interactive data visualization. You can implement ProEssentials in a matter of hours -- the end result will look as if it took you years. Whether at the DLL or OCX/VCL/VBX level, ProEssentials are totally property oriented, no complex functions required. The ProEssentials are a stable, professionally engineered tool that will help your projects be visually and functionally impressive while being delivered on time.

ProEssentials v3 adds a powerful 3D Scientific Graph, 3D effects optional on 2D charts, JPEG output along with other internet improvements, more plotting methods including 2D contour, as well as horizontal stacked bar, step, ribbon, annotations, hot spots, legend placement, axis formatting, more user interface, improved 580 page manual, improved example code, and much more. :::

Graphics Server
Pinnacle WebWorkz

Graphics Server is the easiest way to add sophisticated graphing support to your Windows, Windows NT and Windows 95 applications. Because it is built to support even the most high-end, mission-critical applications, Graphics Server offers much more than other graphing software -- multiple platforms, multiple hosts, multiple interfaces, the most extensive range of graphs, charts and statistical functions available, and much more. :::

HiColor Tools
BeCubed Software
Finally, a tool package that makes full use of the expanded color capabilities of today's machines. No more flat, one color controls. These tools were written using ATL3.0 - which means no MFC file overhead and no external supporting DLL's. This package is perfect for use across the Internet or any 32bit visual programming environment. Average OCX size is only 104K (3 - OCX's in package). Package includes, Panel/Frame, Multi-Column Label, Option button, Checkbox, Command Button, State Button, and Group Button. Data Aware. Full Color, and Aspect control. Controls will work with 256 color (16bit color or better preferred) and can optionally be set to a solid fill color if desired.

IconMaker PRO
Visual Soft Corporation
IconMaker Pro is a must-have program if you are working with Icons. Period. With it, you can convert a fax or scanned image into an icon. You can convert a DLL or EXE icon into a .ICO file. Do you want to resize, cut, paste, edit on a pixel by pixel basis, or save multiple icon images to a single resource file for Win95 apps? IconMaker Pro gives you the capabilities to do almost everything possible with icons.

iGrafx Business
iGrafx Business is the only business solution that gives every user across the enterprise all the tools needed to quickly and easily create, share and utilize powerful visual communications. With complete solutions for diagramming, drawing, image editing, 3D, media management and application deployment, iGrafx Business is specifically designed for the communication demands of today's business environment.

iGrafx Designer
The iGrafx Designer suite includes iGrafx Designer and iGrafx Image, the powerful upgrades to Micrografx's award winning Designer and leading Windows image editing software Picture Publisher. iGrafx Designer bridges the gap between the highly precise CAD/CAM world and any type of published outcome from printing, HTML and SGML or Microsoft Office. Anyone who creates vector-based graphics will benefit from Designer's easy-to-learn interface and highly productive tools. iGrafx Image provides users the easiest professional level image editing tools with an incredible array of visual and special effects and unique functionality. TWAIN support allows scanning or acquiring images directly from a digital camera with 16-bit per channel quality so even small images look great after processing.

iGrafx Development
iGrafx Development from Micrografx is the essential tool-kit for building and deploying powerful data- and process-oriented graphics solutions based on iGrafx Professional and iGrafx Process. Using the comprehensive hard-copy documentation, developer tools and code samples within iGrafx Development as their guide, developers can easily leverage the powerful and intuitive graphical process, and data visualization features of these two leading applications from Micrografx.

iGrafx Development also includes a full version of iGrafx Professional as well as other end-user productivity tools from the iGrafx System consisting of iGrafx Share, iGrafx Deploy, and iGrafx Business. Developers can also obtain iGrafx Process when their solution requires process simulation and improvement capability. :::

iGrafx Professional
In today's wired workplace, clear, impactful information isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. iGrafx Professional provides powerful visual tools that do more than deliver a polished, professional edge; they help users at every level communicate ideas and information instantly and effectively. iGrafx Professional's sophisticated diagramming power provides professional-quality diagrams with built-in intelligence that can actually aid in critical problem solving and decision making.

Image Pack 1
XShow is a control designed to create transition effects between bitmap images. It supports both BMP and JPG file formats. It offers the choice of more than 150 transition effects. If you build a slideshow, presentation software or a screensaver XShow is the tool to make your job easy.

:::XImgEdit is an image-processing tool. It allows you to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. It will make images sharper or blur them. It will allow you to create special effects such as embossing or pixelation. It will rotate image by arbitrary angle, flip it and convert to grayscale. The most exciting feature is its ability to alpha-blend two images creating stunning effects.

Image Pack 2
Image Pack 2 is a collection of 3 ActiveX controls:

:::XJPG displays BMP and JPG images and converts bitmaps from BMP to JPG file format with user-defined compression ratio. ::::::XGIF is a control designed to display BMP and GIF images (including animated gifs) and to compress bitmaps from BMP to GIF file format. XGIF uses LZW compatible RLE compression algorithm.:::

Data Techniques, Inc.
The ImageIt drivers allow you to create raster image files from any Windows 95/98/NT or Windows 2000 application that supports printing. Creating a raster file is as simple as selecting the desired file resolution printing from your Windows application to the ImageIt driver. The driver automatically creates the file in the directory specified during the simple install process or optionally prompts the user for the filename. ImageIt creates images in industry standard raster formats including TIFF, PCX, BMP, DCX, Fax and PNG.

Newtone Corporation

Use the ImageKit5 to create, edit, and manipulate a variety of image types to enhance your applications. The ImageKit5 adds image-processing functions including watermarks, layers, filters, etc. It also handles loading and saving, editing, displaying, and printing. Retrieve images from any TWAIN scan device, create thumbnails, slideshows, and save in a variety of formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, and more. The ImageKit5 has a free run time license and is capable of running in multiple containers. :::

ImageLib Corporate Suite ActiveX
SkyLine Tools
The Corporate Suite ActiveX is a royalty-free* document imaging toolkit which includes a comprehensive TIFF package and superior TWAIN scanning capabilities. The Corporate Suite ActiveX also features a unique anti-aliasing (scale-to-gray) function essential for cleaning up lossy, scanned documents and guaranteeing clear, high-resolution text. A full annotation package is also included. For programmers who want more flexibility, SkyLine includes Visual C source code for the ActiveX.

Data Techniques, Inc.
ImageMan looks like a simple picture box, but it's NOT! Built-in dialogs allow you to load, save, and convert images in a multitude of formats - both bitmapped or vector based. And if that isn't enough, ImageMan permits you to acquire images using any industry standard TWAIN compatible device. The ImageMan VBX/OCX Suite includes both 16-bit VBX and 16- & 32-bit OCX controls for one price!

Pegasus Software
ased on Microsoft's IIS and Active Server Pages (ASP), Images ASaP! is an advanced color image compression and manipulation tool. You can now easily acquire images from web browsers, process the image, store the image, convert the image and return optimized images and thumbnails directly within your Active Server Pages application.

Pegasus Software
ImagN' for Windows is a series of add on tools that allow software developers to easily integrate graphic images in just about any Windows application. ImagN's easy-to-implement VCL, VBX, DLL,FLL and OCX interfaces make displaying BMP, PCX, DCX, GIF, JPEG, PIC, and TIFF images a snap, while still providing the performance you need when working with graphic images.

Pegasus Software
ImagXpress v5.0 gives developers powerful, flexible, and reliable imaging technology. With over 80 image processing functions and support for over 30 file formats, ImagXpress includes the standard imaging functions you expect and the advanced imaging features you need, like high-performance deskew and despeckle. ImagXpress supports multiple page TIFF, including compacting of multiple page files, TIFF tag editing, and Wang TIFF annotation compatibility. ImagXpress includes TWAIN scanner support, video frame capture, advanced printing support, and fully programmable annotations, as well as add-on tookits for Barcode recognition and printing, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and high-speed ISIS scanning.

ImagXpress Professional includes CapturePRO for video capture, TwainPRO for low level image scanning, PrintPRO for expanded printing capabilities and NotateXpress for annotation. ImagXpress supports your platform of choice with COM objects, lightweight ActiveX controls, and Delphi VCLs and provides samples for VB, VC++, C++ Builder, Delphi, Access, and HTML. :::

Designer Controls, Inc.
ImgX is an ActiveX DLL that allows you to add powerful image manipulation to your Visual Basic applications. Simply add a reference to the DLL and your application will be able to easily read and write various bitmap image formats. It will also be able to grab image data from other sources such as the clipboard, device contexts, device independant bitmaps and screen captures. Once the image is in memory, it will be able to perform various effects including resizing, rotation, embossing, mosaic and many others.

Ingenuware Ltd
ImpulseGlobals is incredibly useful in all types of Visual Basic applications... whether business, commercial, database, or even games! With dozens of global objects & creatable classes, and hundreds of global functions, ImpulseGlobals gives you the POWER and CONTROL you've always wanted in Visual Basic! ImpulseGlobals gives you great features, including Image Processing & Fast Drawing Methods, String Parsing & Searching, System Settings, Registry and INI file Access, and much MUCH MORE!!

Ingenuware Ltd
ImpulseStudio is comprised of 26 high quality, highly customizable ActiveX Controls, hundreds of functions, and dozens of objects & creatable classes. It covers all aspects of Visual Basic development from the user interface to graphics & multimedia to core application functionality. ImpulseStudio is ideal for all types of Visual Basic development. It even lets you easily create skinnable applications! ImpulseStudio 3.0 has the right components for the job! Many of the components have been rebuilt from 2.0 for optimal speed & performance!

iTmove - DC Computacion Internacional
iTbutton v2 is an ActiveX control for displaying images using a variety of special effects. The control lets you add gradient tooltips, change the image when the mouse is over, and apply various visual effects, including blending, mixing, color masking, working with transparency, desaturating, animating, adding gradient fills, text, and more. You can also have images load from the Internet via HTTP, and install fonts via HTTP. You can also execute files and Web pages.

KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls
Put KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls (KOAC) on your form and you get a visual interactive dynamic interface that's ready to use. KOAC is designed specially for those programmers who develop applications featuring dynamic interactive objects, including images, text, rectangles or OLE objects. KOAC allows you to manipulate objects with unprecedented flexibility: create, move, size, select, delete, copy, or place objects on top of each other. It's perfect for developing for desktop publishing, training, advertising, architecture, etc. Also put OLE Controls on the Form, and KOAC makes it moveable and sizable at runtime. Use KOAC for creating Internet Dynamic InterActive HTML, too.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support and much more.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging is an API, C++ Class libs, ActiveX and VCL toolkit featuring everything in LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro and adding Document Imaging features including Document Clean-up, Annotations, ISIS scanning, specialized bitonal image processing and display filters, and performance optimizations for bitonal images, with add-ons available for OCR, JBIG and Barcode Recognition. LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Pro includes OCR and JBIG along with the ability to add Barcode Recognition. :::

LEADTOOLS File Format Plug-ins
LEAD Technologies Inc
The LEADTOOLS File Format Plug-ins are add-ons to LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging, Raster Imaging Pro, Multimedia, Multimedia Pro, Document Imaging, Document Imaging Suite, Medical Imaging and Medical Imaging Suite toolkits, and allow you to view, rasterize and save as any of the 60+ supported raster formats in LEADTOOLS.

Rasterized DWG View rasterize and save DWG :::Rasterized DXF View rasterize and save DXF :::Rasterized DWF View rasterize and save DWF :::Rasterized Pack View rasterize and save EMF, WMF, CGM, DGN, DRW, HPGL, PICT and VEC :::Rasterized Suite View rasterize and save DWG, DWF, DXF, EMF, WMF, CGM, DGN, DRW, HPGL, PICT AND VEC

LEADTOOLS FlashPix Module
LEAD Technologies Inc
The FlashPix Module extends the input/output functionality in LEADTOOLS by providing increased versatility in the handling of color and grayscale images by taking advantage of the complete FlashPix file structure. FlashPix is a file format sponsored by Kodak, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and many other industry leaders. LEAD was asked by this industry group to add the format to LEADTOOLS, and to join the group in supporting this new image format technology. Features of the module include working with non-image data, loading and saving a portion of an image, working with thumbnail images in a FlashPix file, and working with transformation parameters in an existing FlashPix file.

LEADTOOLS Internet Imaging Pro
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support and much more.

Distribute only what you need with your application. No more overhead, with the smallest set of footprints available. With the LEADTOOLS Internet Imaging Pro toolkit you get all of the comprehensive imaging functionality found in the popular LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro but now that complete imaging feature set comes with a COM interface. :::

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support and much more.

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging is an API, C++ Class libs, ActiveX and VCL toolkit featuring everything in LEADTOOLS Document Imaging and adding specialized Medical Imaging technology, including full DICOM file support, 12-16 bit grayscale imaging support, annotations specialized for the medical industry, window-leveling and LUT processing. LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite adds complete support for the DICOM Communications protocol, including complete DICOM client/server application samples. :::

LEADTOOLS Multimedia
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support and much more.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia is an ActiveX toolkit featuring everything in LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging and adding Capture, Play, Edit, and Audio/Video Internet-Transfer capabilities :::

LEAD Technologies Inc
The LEADTOOLS OCR Module is an add-on to LEADTOOLS Document Imaging, Medical Imaging, or Medical Imaging Suite which adds Xerox® TextBridge® based Optical Character Recognition capabilities. This module is included in LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite

LEAD Technologies Inc
The LEADTOOLS PDF Plug-in is an add-on to any LEADTOOLS SDK and extends support for PDF, Postscript, and EPS formats. The LEADTOOLS PDF Plug-in allows for the loading, saving, viewing, rasterizing, and encoding of these three formats and integrates seamlessly with the broad imaging functionality present in the existing LEADTOOLS toolkits, encompassing specialized display, color-conversion, image-processing, scanning, annotations, document clean-up, and much more.

LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support, and much more.

LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging and Raster Imaging Pro are ActiveX and VCL toolkits each with 60+ raster file formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF...), 70+ image transforms and filters, extensive display options, TWAIN scanning, capture, printing, screen capture, imaging common dialogs, thumbnail browser, image list, Internet and database imaging functions, and much more. LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro also includes API and C++ class library development environments, providing even more flexibility and control.:::

LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support and much more.

LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging provides 2-D and 3-D vector imaging for loading, viewing, modifying and saving vector files to memory/disk in native vector format. :::

LiveMap is an ActiveX control for developing interactive map applications. The control allows you to create any type of map interfaces that you would like your users to interact with. The product also includes samples for USA maps ready to be included into your own applications.

Mabry RoText Control
Mabry Software
RoText VBX/OCX is a Visual Basic custom control that lets you put a single-line label on your form at any angle of rotation. Use it to create spinning labels, map labels, vertical headings for columns in spread sheets, anything you can think of that requires non-horizontal placement on your form or paper. The label's text can be initialized at design time and then changed at run-time. RoText will bind to a data control using the DataField, DataSource, and DataChanged properties.

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
MetaDraw is a plug-in component solution to the rather complicated problem of implementing high performance drawing in your VB applications. MetaDraw is a special purpose picturebox/image editing tool that offers unique support for the creation, editing and display of MetaFiles, which are smaller than Bitmaps and resolution- and device-independent.. It is specially designed to allow you to tag individual graphic objects for Hypergraphic/HotSpot applications and makes creating interactive graphic interfaces as easy as can be!

Moving Map ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Moving Map ActiveX Control is a highly customizable mapping tool. Multiple Maps of known extents (North, South, East and West) may be defined with any consistent units (LAT/LONG, UTM, custom). These maps may be pieced together to form a large composite map or may be overlapped to give more detail to certain regions. Multiple objects may be placed at any location and are displayed as standard shapes (airplane, navaid, airport, waypoint, etc), user defined shapes, or pictures. Additionally, multiple views (map areas defined by a center location and a relative radius) make it possible to either view a small area or to "follow" any object. Pan and Zoom features are also available.

Multimedia Imaging Suite
Pegasus Software
This suite of tools features the award winning FXTools, SuiteFace, PhotoPRO and CapturePRO products which provides a powerful array of components for building applications with pizzaz! This comprehensive set of 19 ActiveX controls is packed full of multimedia and imaging power. It includes over 100 visual special effects, scrollable hypertext with images and video, load and save over 20 image formats, video capture and playback, MIDI and WAVE playback, 3D fonts, 3D borders, and over 70 image processing functions such as sharpen, soften, emboss and more. You can create fantastic custom user interfaces, acquire images from scanners and digital cameras, download images from Internet addresses, and much, much more!

Pepperwhite Street
Pepperwhite StreetTM is a very easy to use, complete geographic information and mapping component that adds royalty-free maps, street addresses, distance calculations, and powerful geographic visualizations to your applications. Look up addresses to street level, add your own points, animate storm systems, and more with this incredibly fast mapping component. Includes entire United States street map, ZIP codes, and much more.

Pharoah 1
Pegasus Micro-Technologies Inc.
Pharoah is one of a suite of advanced 3D animated desktops for Visual Basic Programmers, set in ancient Egypt. This product is designed with the VB programmer in mind, from novice to advanced. Program source code, graphics, and notes included! Every element may be changed or altered as needed to create your own personalized 3D desktop.

PicConverter is an ActiveX control that allows you to read image files in over 50 formats and convert them to 15 formats. PicConverter writes the following formats: Amiga IFF/ILBM, Autodesk CEL, ColorRIX SCX, Dr Halo/Genius CUT, JPG, MS Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, PC Paint/Pictor PIC, PBM, PGM, PNM, PPM, Silicon Graphics IMG/RGB, SunRaster RAS, TIFF, True Vision Targa TGA, True Vision Targa 32 bit TGA, ZSoft PCX.

Polar ActiveToolbox
Polar Software
Polar ActiveToolbox is a set of ActiveX (OCX) controls comprising of following components: BitmapFX, CharMap, ColorSelect, FindFile, FontComboBox, HyperLink, ShapedButtons, TableSize, and TrayIcon.

Polar Draw ActiveX Control
Polar Software
Polar Draw is a 32-bit OCX/ActiveX control that will enhance your application with abilities of creating, editing, displaying, storing and printing drawings. It looks like a standard picturebox within your application, but offers unique support for the creation, editing, displaying, storing and printing drawings. Polar Draw incorporates Vector drawing abilities together with Raster Image Tools such as bitmap filters (brighten, add and limit color, transparency, heatmap, tinted grayscale, custom color map and invert). Over 300 functions together with a dozen built-in formatting dialogs for your convenience, dozens of built-in textures and patterns will suite your needs, whether you need a simple picture preview, or graphical animation of some developing process, or even your own vector drawing application.

Pegasus Software
A lightweight, high-performance text display control, RivetText will make your applications stand out from the crowd. It provides fast flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop, in-line images that can be inserted on-the-fly, and rich hypertext interactivity. Since the RivetText control is Internet-enabled, you can load your text and images asynchronously from any TCP or URL address. RivetText supports RTF and plain text, as well as popular image file formats including BMP, TIFF, Targa, GIF, and the fastest JPEG available.

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
ScatterPlot3D is designed to support the creation and display of three-dimensional scatter plots composed of points and lines (optionally marked with colors or characters,) allowing display from a specified point of view. The plot can be rotated or zoomed quickly, and the end-user can select the particular groups of points an lines using the mouse.

AddSoft, Inc.
Schedule/OCX is a 32 bit OLE custom control that adds scheduling to your applications with the click of a button. A display more property shows year, month, week and day at a glance as well as a resource view for data entry.

Infragistics, Inc
The ScheduleX combines five powerful, lightweight components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. Using the advanced Calendar, DayView and TaskPad components create Personal Information Management (PIM) software, project management and tracking, or any application that requires advanced scheduling. Also included are Date Edit with drop-down calendar and Time Edit.

Pegasus Software
SuiteFace Create powerful, visually-engaging applications with SuiteFace. These user-interface controls provide image display, custom scrollbars, background graphics and much more, with precise object layering, full-screen transitions, animations, and internet download. SuiteFace also includes RivetText, a lightweight, high-performance rich text display control, featuring flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop and rich hypertext interactivity.

Sylvan Ascent, Inc.
SylvanMaps/OCX integrates sophisticated interactive maps and the Geographic Information System with VB. SylvanMaps/OCX can also find the latitude and longitude corresponding to a given address or ZIP code. It's very flexible and open architecture allows you to use data you already have in the format you have it. With all this great functionality, you really can't go wrong!

THB Componentware
THBImage displays an image and offers all ways to align and stretch the image and keep the aspect ratio. Additionally, THBImage can be used as a background image. You can create perfect flickerfree backgrounds either for the complete form or for some parts of it. With a special texture effect you can create textured backgrounds without 'hard' borders by mirroring the picture alternately.

Infragistics, Inc
Create robust and dramatic applications that emulate the rich look of Microsoft Office 2000 with UltraToolBars, complete with quick customization, personalized menus, flyout toolbars and an integrated tab control. We've included even greater value, with eleven interface-enhancing controls to stretch your imagination. Our exclusive PictureRegion technology enables forms and components to adopt virtually any shape you can dream up. And, after you've created the perfect application, add the finishing touches with 37 attention-grabbing, PowerPoint-style transitions for a dramatic, polished interface.

VectorDraw Professional
VectorDraw takes drawing editing to a new level of functionality and ease of use. Designed for users who want control, power, and flexibility, VectorDRAW is the tool you need to easily create and manage your drawing projects. It's Automation objects expose methods and properties are compatible with AutoCAD objects. Give you the ability to localize VectorDraw. Customize the VectorDraw messages and dialogs. VectorDraw provides over 350 methods and properties. Supports DWG, DXF and VDF drawing formats. It is compatible with AutoCAD 2000. Fully object oriented!

VectorDraw Viewer-Net
Add to your application or your web site the ability to view and print DWG, DXF, VDI, VDF formats. Supports hyperlinks and tooltips when picking or moving over drawing entities. Automatic open new urls or even downloading and displaying new drawings. Supports drawing manipulation functions including Zoom, Pan, Print/Print preview, Layer manage, Hide, Render and many more!

XWebPic is an ActiveX control designed to display and convert images between standard web formats (BMP, WBMP, GIF, JPG, PNG). The control is able to resize images. It also includes clipboard support (copy and paste) allowing easy integration with other image-processing software. Images may be displayed inside fixed-size scroll box (with scroll bars appearing automatically when needed) or the control may adjust its size to the dimensions of image.