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R.M. de Boer Software
ActiveWizard is an easy-to-use ActiveX control that enables you to create Windows 2000-style wizards. Just put an ActiveWizard control on your form, add some ActivePane controls, and the ActiveWizard control automatically resizes the panes for you. The ActivePane controls acts like a container, where you can put other controls. You can insert the ActiveWizard ActiveX Control in your application, maintaining ActiveX controls, as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual FoxPro and others. With the ActiveWizard Control you will also receive a free sample on MS VB 6.0 for demonstrating the possibilities of this control.

Aegis Database Monitor Add-on
Abacus Systems
This add on to Aegis Help Desk allows you to monitor an incident database for new incidents, closed incidents and responses in the last N minutes. You can also notify selected users when the number of new incidents added, closed or number of responses is more than a specified number in the last N minutes

Aegis Escalation Add-on
Abacus Systems
The Escalation Add-On to Aegis Help Desk allows you to escalate an incident if it is not closed, or if the last response has passed a specified interval. Escalation can be system wide, specific to each client or each incident. You can define how to exclude incidents from being escalated, which fields to update and how they should be updated. You can also notify selected users when an incident has been escalated.

Aegis Help Desk
Abacus Systems
Aegis is a full-featured help desk and defect tracking system. It is very easy to use, intuitive, affordable and packed with features Help Desk users have come to rely on. Aegis simplifies the process of providing a high level of service to your customers. It is a painless approach to providing a high level of support and service to your clients. The standard package can be used out of the box. With it's customization capabilities, it can be easily setup to track any incidents reported by clients and internal staff.

WexTech Systems Inc
AnswerWorks is a natural language development system that allows Help authors and software developers to add an easy-to-use natural-language interface to Windows Help and HTML Help. AnswerWorks lets online Help users get answers to questions phrased in everyday language. Users simply type in questions, and AnswerWorks retrieves the most pertinent help topics. The result is faster, easier, and more accurate access to any help system.

Context! VB
Context! VB has been designed to short-cut the process of developing context sensitive help for Visual Basic 5 and 6 applications. The product drastically reduces the time and effort required to develop context sensitive help by providing an intuitive user interface to enter and maintain help text within the Visual Basic IDE. Context! VB compiles your context sensitive help in HTML Help, Winhelp or both formats. Help topic information is automatically associated with individual controls and a full context sensitive help file generated and compiled. Help text is stored as a 'Related Document' in your VB project, making it easy to track and manage your help alongside your source code.

Doc-to-Help 2000
WexTech Systems Inc
WexTech has long been on the cutting edge of help development technology, introducing features such as the Doc-To-Help Navigator, which tracks a table of contents, and the ability to embed sophisticated graphics and video inside help windows. Doc-To-Help Pro 2000 continues this tradition of innovation with breakthrough technology such as HelpXtender and AnswerWorks, while still delivering the industry's only true single source tool for easy development of printed documentation, Windows Help, HTML, HTML Help, and now JavaHelp, from a single, easily maintained source.

Massinissa Software
OCX & DLL which allows one or more valid Word 97/2000 input files to be converted into HTML format. Because DocToHtml uses Word 97/2000 OLE automation objects, these input files can be doc, rtf, txt, ... extensions. List of files to be converted are held in a string array which can be populated calling the OpenFileDialog method or by simply declaring a dynamic array and filling it with list of files. Once the file array is generated, passing it as an argument to the ConvertToHtml method and supplying the output folder as another argument will convert those files into HTML format. DocToHtml OCX can be used in any environment which support activeX control technology such as VC++, VB, Visual Foxpro and Delphi. DocToHtml DLL is an ASP compatible version of DocToHtml OCX and is therefore fully scriptable in environments such as Visual Interdev.

FarPoint's Button Objx
FarPoint Technologies
Button Objx (previously ButtonMaker) is the most comprehensive button-like control available. Not only can you replace the Windows button control to create visually enhanced buttons, you can create fully customized active buttons and toolbars as well as custom-shaped containers. You can also dynamically change pictures and shapes, add multiple hotspots within your custom-shaped region, or use its many features to fully customize your interface. Also included is the Balloon control, the easiest and most extensive control for adding customized help balloons (tool tips) to your application using standard or custom shapes.

ForeFront, Inc.
All help authoring tools output help files. What sets ForeHelp apart is its WYSIWYG authoring environment, Instant Test Mode, powerful project management features, and its dozens of timesavers designed just for help authoring tasks. ForeHelp is a standalone authoring environment it does not ride on top of Microsoft Word, so it can provide TRUE WYSIWYG authoring and all the incredible project management features that let you manage your projects like a pro, no matter how big the project! Time after time, our customers and industry experts alike praise ForeHelp for its short learning curve,ease of use, and powerful editing features.

ForeHelp Premier Suite
ForeFront, Inc.
Now more than ever, you're being pressed to put information online faster, better, and in multiple formats. ForeHelp Premier 2000 offers superior performance and all the tools you need for professional Help authoring. Take advantage of its many new and enhanced features including FrameMaker .mif import, live topic list editing, as well as headers, footers, and stamps.

ForeHTML Pro
ForeFront, Inc.
ForeHTML Pro creates a help project which supports both WinHelp and HTML-based help formats. ForeHTML Pro features a WinHelp/HTML mode switch allowing you to instantly switch between WinHelp and HTML editing modes–simply change modes to use the unique features of WinHelp or of HTML-based help. Dialog boxes and testing options change accordingly. When you're in HTML mode, ForeHTML Pro provides HTML editing features and gives you all the options to create sitemaps, splash screens, information types and other HTML-based help features.

ForeFront, Inc.

Now you can easily add context-sensitive help as you create your Visual Basic applications. Add help topics as you create forms, or let ForeVB scan your entire Visual Basic project to create a help file. ForeVB builds and compiles basic help files with context-linking to your applications. ForeVB is an add-in to Visual Basic, allowing you to create help right from your Visual Basic menus. :::

Help Magician Pro
StateLine Software
Help Magician Pro, a pioneer in the help authoring community since 1992, comes complete with everything you will need for creating professional quality help files. With support for WinHelp and HTML Help, Help Magician Pro stands out in the running with no learning curve. To create the growing standard in today's help, (HTML Help), just read in your existing HLX files, push a few buttons, and view a compiled HTML Help file. As for WinHelp the similarities are uncanny. With Help Magician Pro you will feel as though you are actually working within WinHelp. Great program at a great price!

Haley Enterprise
CPR allows a database of cases representing problems and their symptoms and diagnostic questions to be incrementally accumulated and maintained by workgroups of non-technical authors and end-users. Help!CPRTM is a multi-user Windows application for managing troubleshooting knowledge and conducting troubleshooting sessions. ActivFiX is an ActiveX control that encapsulates CPR knowledge bases and the problem resolution process within a COM API.

RoboHELP for Microsoft HTML Help
eHelp Corporation
Specialized for creating the new Windows 98 and NT 5.0 Help format (Microsoft HTML Help). You can create an entire HTML Help project from start to finish, as well as leverage existing WinHelp (HLP) files to quickly move them to HTML Help. Offers a pure WYSIWYG authoring environment that supports standard and advanced HTML features such as Dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, inline styles, multi-level bulleted and numbered lists, related topics, frames, information types, tables, and much more.

RoboHELP for WinHelp
eHelp Corporation
Get the industry's best WinHelp support which is used by more professionals worldwide to create high quality, full-featured WinHelp systems. Make your everyday WinHelp authoring easier than ever with the easy-to-use functionality in this major new release. Enhanced WinHelp 2000 offers your WinHelp systems the look and feel of HTML Help with just one mouse click - no need to rewrite anything.

RoboHELP Office
eHelp Corporation
RoboHELP Office is a powerful tool that lets you create full-featured Help systems for your Web site and software applications. This versatile tool automates the Help development process making it fast and easy to create full-featured Help. Simply add a RoboHELP system to your Web site or application to significantly improve usability, reduce support costs, save on development time and increase end user satisfaction

True Help
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True Help is a standalone Windows application that converts Microsoft Word documents into professional-looking Help systems quickly and easily. It's a truly new approach to creating Help: different, intelligent, streamlined, and reliable.

True Help was developed to produce the online Help and print documentation for APEX's award-winning software. The philosophy behind True Help is simple: to produce Help in a way that respects authors' intelligence and time constraints, as well as end-users' needs. True Help's proven technology will free you from cumbersome and repetitive tasks so you can focus on content, not production. Whether you're an expert or a novice Help author, we think you'll be amazed at how easy and pain-free the Help development process can be. :::

VB HelpWriter
Teletech Systems
Create a working help system in no time with VB HelpWriter. Its automatic helpfile generator reads VB project files and creates help topics for each form. VB HelpWriter doesn't require Microsoft Word and uses complete drag and drop operations! It is compatible with Windows 95 and works with VB 3.0, VB 4.0, VB 5.0 and VB 6.0!

Visual Help Pro
WinWare Inc.
Visual Help Pro is a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop Windows-based help authoring tool that lets you incorporate multimedia into your help files. Supports jumps, pop-ups, buttons, bullets, enumerated lists, secondary windows, non-scrolling regions, Windows help macros, as well as multimedia VAV, MDI, and AVI files. It features automatic generation of glossary and index, and assignment of context IDs. You can export help to a user manual, includes files and supports Windows '95.

ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
Easily create professional documention for ActiveX controls with VideoSoft VSDOCX! Create controls using VB5.0 or Visual C++, and VSDOCX automatically creates the user documentation and help files. VSDOCX prepares error-free documents that would take an experienced writer weeks to produce, and lets you focus on the creative aspects of the documentation (examples, hints, remarks, etc.) VSDOCX is a must for ActiveX control developers.