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Active VB5 Tools OCX
Galileo Technologies
The ActiveVB5 Tools OCX package gives you the ability to implement parts of the Visual Basic 5.0 (TM) IDE applications. You are presented with the new "active" interface, such as active buttons, menus, and drop-down buttons. Active VB5 Tools already provides you with the latest in MS UI technology, and any further updates to our system (which reflect Microsoft UI (TM) updates) are free to your users!

Logic Dreams
ActiveProperties gives you a very simple way to represent and to visualize a set of property data. This control was designed mainly for the representation of the properties of an object, but you can use it in all the situations in which you must represent a set of properties.

Data Dynamics
For professional Windows developers who need to provide automatic form sizing, splitting, scrolling, and form hosting within their business applications, ActiveSizer delivers complete functionality in an easy-to-use designer. Unlike other sizer controls, ActiveSizer combines these four popular control functions into one. ActiveSizer automatically sizes control fonts to match the scaling ratio and behaves as a group control with a variety of border and bevel settings. Multiple horizontal and vertical splitters can be specified independently. ActiveSizer supports 3D, flat and pager scrollbars. You can use form hosting (subforms) to create wizard layouts and reuse the same forms in different settings

ActiveSuite Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveSuite Plus is a collection of four products from Sheridan's ActiveSuite Series product line. It is a high-quality package that delivers the look and feel of Microsoft Office 97 and 2000 at a low price. Included in the suite are: ActiveThreed Plus, ActiveListBar, ActiveTreeView, and ActiveToolBars Plus.

ActiveThreed Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveThreed Plus is a set of 11 32-bit ActiveX controls that give your applications the look and feel of Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet Explorer. ActiveThreed Plus now includes a powerful new Resizing control and the ability to create irregularly (nonrectangular) shaped controls, buttons, forms and splash screens. The SSSplitter control is also enhanced to allow forms to be dropped into the panes it creates. ActiveThreed Plus also includes four new controls SSResizer, SSScroll, SSSplash, and SSTransition

Infragistics, Inc
ActiveTreeView™ extends the common Microsoft® TreeView with a host of upgraded features, allowing the developer to display a pleasing, graphical tree, incorporating sound, colors, fonts and images. Our unique approach to providing a variety of methods for fetching and navigating data make Infragistics' ActiveTreeView ideal for large and small databases.

R.M. de Boer Software
ActiveWizard is an easy-to-use ActiveX control that enables you to create Windows 2000-style wizards. Just put an ActiveWizard control on your form, add some ActivePane controls, and the ActiveWizard control automatically resizes the panes for you. The ActivePane controls acts like a container, where you can put other controls. You can insert the ActiveWizard ActiveX Control in your application, maintaining ActiveX controls, as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual FoxPro and others. With the ActiveWizard Control you will also receive a free sample on MS VB 6.0 for demonstrating the possibilities of this control.

ActiveX Gallimaufry
Desaware, Inc.
Now that Visual Basic supports the creation of ActiveX controls, more and more VB programmers are taking advantage of that technology. But it's a big step between creating a simple control and one that meets professional standards. Desaware's ActiveX Gallimaufry can help you bridge that gap. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes a collection of useful, entertaining and educational ActiveX controls that include complete Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 source code. Among them are a TWAIN scanning control, MDI Taskbar Control ,Hex Edit Control, Rotate Picture control, SpiralBox Control, Banner Control, PerspectiveList Control, and a Common Dialog Component. These components are worthwhile for the educational value alone, even if you have no use for them in your applications and web sites. ActiveX Gallimaufry includes 32-bit controls for Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and other COM/ActiveX containers.

Agendum Software
Simply drag & drop an AgFastForm control onto your form and begin your development as usual. Absolutely No Programming required ! For experienced developers, properties may be set at design time or during runtime. Some of the properties include form open and close transitions, fit to form and tile picture and Printform independent resolution printing!

Agendum Software
AgMapThat also allows you to perform common coding tasks such as inserting Comment Headers, Error Handlers and Line Numbers with a simple right click of your mouse! There is even a compile with line numbers option built into AgMapthat! Using hotkeys or the right mouse button menu allows for easy inserting or saving of your code. With the built in AgTask system, AgMapthat gives you an integrated project task tracking system using drag and drop functionality. Full configurable user options allow you to print you project in the most detailed format you can imagine!

AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control provides a highly customizable digital display. Its dynamic property pages provide full control of the control's sizes, colors and bitmaps. It may be used to display either numeric or alphanumeric values. With its data-aware features, the AlphaNumeric LED is an ideal element for technical interfaces.

Mirus Data AB
Generate interactive systems on both local and remote servers across the Internet. ALSTRA VB/WEB Toolkit is a Visual Basic / HTML / DHTML rapid application development. It uses a template-driven code generator, which produces well-structured and fully documented object-orientated code, without any manual coding. The generated application includes all forms for an MDI environment, supporting multiple instances of VB forms or HTML / DHTML Web clients.

BestofWare SmartUI
BestofWare SmartUI is far from being just another specific toolbar, or menu control. It can supersede almost any UI control, thanks to its revolutionary concept, and improve almost any application. BestofWare SmartUI gives your Visual Basic 6.0 applications the look and feel of Windows 2000, Office 2000, or any other user interface you choose. With this product, you will always be able to implement the latest UI styles on the market.

Blast Pack
Not available.

Build! VB
Build! VB is a development tool designed to enhance your ability to deliver robust and supportable Visual Basic applications and components. It does this by adding a host of capabilities to your Visual Basic project including structured error identification, logging and on-line diagnosis, object instance monitoring and runtime debug output. Build! VB will ensure that if your software should stumble unexpectedly that it is easy to accurately identify the fault, the context surrounding the failure and will provide you with a tool set to do further diagnosis if necessary.

CAST Software
CAST VB-Miner is an innovative tool that breaks down one Visual Basic code module and displays detailed graphical representations showing all the elements inside the module as well as the elements called by this module. Powerful syntactic and semantic code analyzers within VB-Miner "read" and "understand" the inherent meaning of programs written in Visual Basic. VB-Miner takes into account the thousands of subtleties specific to VB and stores this information in an XML structure. VB-Miner then uses these findings to display graphic views of the Microsoft Visual Basic application's inner structure.

Code Complete
MicroHelp, Inc.
Code Complete is a suite of products that work well together, but can easily be used independently of each other. Cross reference, review and optimize your VB projects with Code Analyst. Automate the addition of code templates to visual programs with AutoCoder. And Add robust version and resouce checking to your visual apps as well as splash screens with Splash Wizard!

Code.Print Pro
Caladonia Software
Code.Print Pro gives you full control over titles, margins, fonts and styles, line spacing, line numbering, headers/footers, and more. Create your own style for all your project documentation. Once you've defined your own settings, everything you print will look consistent and professional - the way you want it. Four-sided margin control assures you'll never again have to punch holes through your code when you place it in a binder. Adjustable line spacing and numbering make it easy to write notes between the lines during code reviews.

Coder for VB
Teq-Net International
Coder For VB is an add-in to Visual Basic that provides a number of unique features, such as shortcut keys, indent, line numbering, close all windows, clear immediate windows and fully customizable keyword expansion. Everyone that uses Visual Basic on a regular basis will find that Coder For VB greatly increases their productivity. Coder For VB requires Visual Basic 6.0 with service pack 3 or higher .

AxTools / E-Lite Enterprises
AxTools CodeSMART empowers your VB IDE with the professional features you have always dreamed of: state-of-the-art integrated Project Explorer with expandable code and filtering, SourceSafe automatic check-out, tabbed Immediate window like in the Visual C++ environment, powerful error handling code inserter, code templates, code formatting and other high-quality productivity tools.

Compare for VB
Aardvark Software, Inc.
It is a fact that reviewing code by comparison is one of the best ways to ensure quality. When programs are modified, bugs often creep in. It is a difficult and time consuming task to review an entire program when changes have only been made to a few routines - and which routines? Compare allows you to quickly zero in on the procedures and code lines that have been changed. It does this by first breaking each file into procs. Then the procs are compared. This eliminates many false matches. It does not matter if the order of procs has been changed - even if procs are added or removed. Within each file, many types of non-significant differences can be eliminated. These include leading, embedded and trailing blanks; case; comments, even line numbers. For display, there is an option to only show the procs that have changes and only the changed lines within them.

Context! VB
Context! VB has been designed to short-cut the process of developing context sensitive help for Visual Basic 5 and 6 applications. The product drastically reduces the time and effort required to develop context sensitive help by providing an intuitive user interface to enter and maintain help text within the Visual Basic IDE. Context! VB compiles your context sensitive help in HTML Help, Winhelp or both formats. Help topic information is automatically associated with individual controls and a full context sensitive help file generated and compiled. Help text is stored as a 'Related Document' in your VB project, making it easy to track and manage your help alongside your source code.

Creator's Toolkit
This control contains a variety of basic graphical objects that can be used to create new and/or enhance existing controls, windows, and other user-interface elements. By encapsulating various popular, yet complex drawing effects, the Creator ToolKit Library aids in the development of almost any user-interface element. Furthermore, each graphical object is highly configurable and implements a simple and consistent sizing/rendering scheme.

Crescent QuickPak/J++
Sax Software
Perform visual enhancements and functionality improvements on Visual Basic and Visual J++ applications. QuickPack VB/J++ is a comprehensive collection of 32-bit ActiveX components for developing applications using VB and VJ++ that will reduce development time and increase productivity. It includes Internet functions to open, read, and parse IIS log files, convert logs files to HTML tables, and get and set IIS properties in either the local or remote system registry.

Dark Shadows
Pegasus Micro-Technologies Inc.
Dark Shadows is number two in a suite of advanced 3D animated desktops for Visual Basic Programmers, set in an Enchanted Forest. This product is designed with the VB programmer in mind, from novice to advanced. Program source code and graphics may be changed or altered as needed to create your own personalized 3D desktop. (Visual Basic 4.0 or better required)

Data Explorer
Infragistics, Inc
Quickly deliver polished Microsoft® explorer-style application interfaces with minimal coding. The Data Explorer features a programmable explorer UI with built-in right-hand viewer panes for web pages, Microsoft® Office documents, VB® Forms, MFC® Dialogs, ListViews or any ActiveX® component required. The ProtoView Outlook Bar and Resizer are also included, delivering a comprehensive user interface framework.

Borland International
See web site for details.

Designer Widgets
Infragistics, Inc
Designer Widgets 2.0 from Sheridan Software Systems provides versions for 16and -bit Visual Basic® Custom Controls 16- and 32-bit ActiveX Controls. It includes such features as the Dockable Toolbar, FormFX, Index Tabs and Notebook Tabs. Designer Widgets provides the ideal elements for creating state-of-the-art Windows®-based applications.

DevPartner for Visual Basic
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
DevPartner for Visual Basic speeds development of Visual Basic components and applications for the enterprise and Internet. DevPartner's SmartDebugging tools automatically detect, diagnose and facilitate resolution of software errors and performance problems.

Deliver Visual Basic components and applications in record time by decreasing the time spent finding and fixing software errors and performance problems. :::Get bug-free, standardized code with CodeReview. :::Increase the speed and usability of software with TrueTime. :::Automate the process of fatal run-time error location and diagnosis with SmartCheck. :::Implement powerful structured error handling that pinpoints remote errors to the line number with FailSafe.

FarPoint's Button Objx
FarPoint Technologies
Button Objx (previously ButtonMaker) is the most comprehensive button-like control available. Not only can you replace the Windows button control to create visually enhanced buttons, you can create fully customized active buttons and toolbars as well as custom-shaped containers. You can also dynamically change pictures and shapes, add multiple hotspots within your custom-shaped region, or use its many features to fully customize your interface. Also included is the Balloon control, the easiest and most extensive control for adding customized help balloons (tool tips) to your application using standard or custom shapes.

FarPoint's List Pro
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's List Pro contains the most powerful list box and combo box development components. These extremely robust controls allow you to display up to two billion list items, display single records or items on multiple rows, merge cell text for easier viewing, search for specific list items, or sort list items using unlimited keys. List Pro has over two hundred properties that you can use to further customize the look and feel of the controls. Together, these features help make List Pro the Ultimate Data Viewer.

FarPoint's Tab Pro
FarPoint Technologies
Tab Pro contains the most flexible tab control available. Named "the tab control of choice" in a national review and used by developers around the world, Tab Pro is the easiest and quickest way to enhance your application's appearance using a tab metaphor. Whether taking advantage of its eight pre-defined appearance styles or dynamically changing the tab's appearance in response to your user, Tab Pro gives you the most comprehensive tab feature set to customize any application.

FileView ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The FileView ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like listview to your application, showing all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the filelist used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to contextmenus, dragdrop, AutoUpdate, infotips, renaming, virtual folders and much more.

FlyTreeX ActiveX is a fast, powerful, and flexible multi-columnar Tree/Grid/List/Outline control. Its 14 controls include OptionGroup, Checklistbox, Treeview, Explorerbar, CustomGrid and Sectionlist. FlyTreeX's features increase application speed and convenience, helping you design programs that use varying arrays of data.

FolderView ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The FolderView ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like treeview to your application, showing all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the tree used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to contextmenus, dragdrop, AutoUpdate, infotips, renaming, virtual folders and much more.

Frameplus Object Library & Application Wizard
VB Frameplus

The FramePlus Wizard is a Visual Basic add-in component that helps you create FramePlus-enabled applications. In just four steps, you can have a fully-functioning application containing all of the advanced framework features that FramePlus provides, including dockable window, dockable toolbars, splittable windows, customized menu items, and statusbars. :::

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbControls is a set of six controls that allow you to add complex functionality to your applications. The Calendar control allows you to add date functionality to your applications without writing you own date routines. The DateBox Control allows you to have a text box that only accepts dates. The Lists control allows you to create OptionLists and CheckLists without having to use control arrays. The NoteBook control is a simple container control that keeps items organized in notebook fashion. The PickList control allows you to add available and selected capabilities to your applications. The Toolbar control adds enhanced functionality to applications. And the RibbonBar control is very similar to the toolbar -- it also has dropdown capabilities but has a button selected all the time.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbDials allows you to add a number of dials and gauges to any application. These can be used to display information to users in a more readable format then text or spreadsheet. The pack of controls includes a LED, 3 sliders, and a stereo bar. Use these in any combination to create professional information displays.

Gravitybox Software LLC

GbListbar allows you to build applications with the ListBar popularized by MS-Outlook. The ListBar is a substitute for a treeview of two levels. There is a collection of tabs that serve as the root of the tree. Each tab has an associated collection of items, each with text and an icon. All objects, tabs and tab items, have a tooltiptext property so you can display additional information to the user. Make your applications windows standard with this control. :::

HiColor Tools
BeCubed Software
Finally, a tool package that makes full use of the expanded color capabilities of today's machines. No more flat, one color controls. These tools were written using ATL3.0 - which means no MFC file overhead and no external supporting DLL's. This package is perfect for use across the Internet or any 32bit visual programming environment. Average OCX size is only 104K (3 - OCX's in package). Package includes, Panel/Frame, Multi-Column Label, Option button, Checkbox, Command Button, State Button, and Group Button. Data Aware. Full Color, and Aspect control. Controls will work with 256 color (16bit color or better preferred) and can optionally be set to a solid fill color if desired.

Ingenuware Ltd
ImpulseStudio is comprised of 26 high quality, highly customizable ActiveX Controls, hundreds of functions, and dozens of objects & creatable classes. It covers all aspects of Visual Basic development from the user interface to graphics & multimedia to core application functionality. ImpulseStudio is ideal for all types of Visual Basic development. It even lets you easily create skinnable applications! ImpulseStudio 3.0 has the right components for the job! Many of the components have been rebuilt from 2.0 for optimal speed & performance!

KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls
Put KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls (KOAC) on your form and you get a visual interactive dynamic interface that's ready to use. KOAC is designed specially for those programmers who develop applications featuring dynamic interactive objects, including images, text, rectangles or OLE objects. KOAC allows you to manipulate objects with unprecedented flexibility: create, move, size, select, delete, copy, or place objects on top of each other. It's perfect for developing for desktop publishing, training, advertising, architecture, etc. Also put OLE Controls on the Form, and KOAC makes it moveable and sizable at runtime. Use KOAC for creating Internet Dynamic InterActive HTML, too.

KazaGur Tracker
The KazaGur Tracker control is a necessary supplement to any OLE control or even any VB native object. KazaGur Tracker is irreplaceable for development of those programs that allow the end-user to move and size different objects. KazaGur Tracker instantly renders any OLE control and VB native object moveable and sizable at run time. KazaGur Tracker while sizing Panel controls or any other "simple frame" can also move and resize controls housed inside.

Knob ActiveX
Global Majic Software, Inc.
Knob ActiveX is an easy-to-use, versatile, configurable (100+ properties) knob component. Double-buffering technology makes screen updates the fastest possible. Property pages are organized by functionality, extremely easy to use, and are very powerful. Property pages are even available at run time if desired. Properties are available to control styles, scales, tics, bands, captions, and background. Mouse input is optional. It is even data aware for fast, efficient database connectivity. Supports all standard methods and events as well as several Global Majic custom events and methods. Possible uses include: VCR Jogging Component; Tuning Knob; Audio or Video Mixer; Volume Knob; Input Control Knob; Aircraft or Automobile Dial; and Factory Dials and Knobs.

LED ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The LED ActiveX Control provides a highly customizable Light-Emitting Diode (LED) interface. Its dynamic property pages provide full control of the LED's size, shape, colors and bitmaps. Horizontal or vertical arrays of LEDs may be used to display meter levels or dip switch settings. With its data-aware and mouse input features, LED is an ideal element for technical interfaces.

List Collection
Provide robust display of list data. List Collection is a set of ActiveX Components with more than 45 properties and methods for displaying configurable lists. It includes the List and Item objects, 5 visible OCX display controls, 2 utility objects (Filer and Parse), and one OCX used for run-time property page access. There are 3D Borders, Images, Fonts and colors, and rich-text display. For additional data, each Item also has extra string and numeric properties. There's even a property for storing other OLE objects.

Mabry FileView/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's new FileView/X component provides a file list view which is identical to that seen in the Windows Explorer. Using FileViewX you can easily present a list of files to users which they can, optionally, be allowed to display as large icons, small icons, names, or complete details. There is a FilePattern property you can use to select which files will be displayed. And, for more demanding filtering requirements an event is fired for each item before it is displayed, enabling you to determine on the fly which items to display. There is a pattern matching method to help you filter names, and many other useful properties and events. FileViewX can be used in conjunction with Mabry's FolderViewX to create applications which have complete - or limited - explorer capabilites.

Mabry List/X Control
Mabry Software
List/X sets a new standard for functionality and programmability in ActiveX controls. List/X provides multiple sortable columns, multi-line headers, captions, and list items, unlimited color options, and more. The Mabry List/X control is a 32-bit light ActiveX.

List/X also provides a unique owner-draw capability using high-level COM objects that you create with Visual Basic. This feature provides unlimited flexibility, freeing you from the design limitations built into other controls. Using owner-draw objects, you can easily define the exact appearance of any column in any row. Display bitmaps, change fonts and colors on the fly, and use any of the graphical methods available in Visual Basic or the Windows API. :::

Mabry PropertiesList/X Control
Mabry Software
PropertiesList/X is a list box with columns in which you can edit program-defined properties just like the properties edit list in your favorite development environment. PropertiesList/X has two (or more) columns -- one column for the property name, one or more for the value. Properties can be strings, values selected from a combo box, fonts, colors, or even boolean values. This control lets you put all of your user-modifiable values in one place for ease and convenience.

PropertiesList/X allows full control over the appearance. Border styles, headers, background and text colors, etc. are all set through properties. Each cell may have its own background and text color. ::::::PropertiesList/X can be used anywhere that an easy-to-use interface and efficient use of screen space are required. If you need to edit a wide range of values, you can use PropertiesList/X. :::

Mabry RoText Control
Mabry Software
RoText VBX/OCX is a Visual Basic custom control that lets you put a single-line label on your form at any angle of rotation. Use it to create spinning labels, map labels, vertical headings for columns in spread sheets, anything you can think of that requires non-horizontal placement on your form or paper. The label's text can be initialized at design time and then changed at run-time. RoText will bind to a data control using the DataField, DataSource, and DataChanged properties.

MKS Toolkit for Developers
MKS - Mortice Kern Systems, Inc.
MKS Toolkit for Developers is a Windows development product for software, script, and Web developers, who can choose from UNIX-style command-line or graphical VisualStudio build environments. It is ideal for developing common, cross-platform scripts for UNIX, Linux, and Windows, from a single Windows desktop. Using the power of more than 300 UNIX and Windows command-line software and Web development utilities, including make, cc, and vi, you can develop native Windows applications, as well as Perl, Korn shell, C shell, sed / awk, and CGI scripts. Preserve your existing investment in UNIX training and easily migrate UNIX scripts to Windows.

NCT Company
The NCTDesignBox ActiveX Controls is a package of ActiveX Controls that allow you to design a beautiful and functional multimedia application. NCTDesignBox includes:

AmpBar Amplification - a bar for displaying amplitude of signal. :::CMU - for color music. :::HorSliderVer01 - Type 1 horizontal slider. :::HorSliderVer02 - Type 2 horizontal slider. :::PlayButtonsVer01 - a control center for playback, record, and track functions. :::StepButtonVer01 - a control for adjusting the volume of playback or gain of the record. :::VertSliderVer01 - Type 1 vertical slider. :::VertSliderVer02 - Type 2 vertical slider. :::VolumeButtonVer01 - a control for adjusting the volume of playback (type 1). :::VolumeButtonVer02 - a control for adjusting the volume of playback (type 2).

Object Briefcase
SevenStar Technologies
Object Briefcase is an add-in for the Visual Basic development environment. As an add-in, Object Briefcase allows you to store reusable controls and/or code, as well as images in a library/scrapbook that you can access from within the development environment. Whenever you wish to add the code or controls back to your Visual Basic project, you simply select it using the Object Briefcase Explorer and click the "Send To VB" button. Alternatively, you can either use hotkeys to send the currently selected object, or select from a QuickMenu available from within the context menus of forms and code editors. Object Briefcase allows you to creates powerful code wizards as well as automatically send customized error handling to every procedure in your VB projects and/or modules. This product is excellent for corporate and team use to share code and enforce standards. Very easy to use. Comes with a complete help file.

Odometer ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Odometer ActiveX Component is a numeric display similar to an automobile's odometer or tripometer. It is a perfect accompanying product to the Global Majic Software Angular Gauge ActiveX or the Automobile Instruments ActiveX. The Odometer has the ability to "roll" numbers for a realistic odometer-like visual effect. The font, number of digits, colors, number of decimals, and reset button are user-definable. The use of double-buffering technology provides extremely fast screen updates for continuous, jitter-free display.

BeCubed Software
OLETools is the premier collection of custom OLE controls for visual programming with RAD tools such as Visual Basic and Visual C ++. Offering more than 60 32-bit COM Object components in one package, OLETools is an incredibly diverse collection designed to be your right-hand when building any type of application. OLETools offers controls for interface building, multimedia, time management, and much more.

Percentage Indicator ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Percentage Indicator ActiveX Control is a data-aware, versatile percentage interface used to indicate a level or progress. Percent levels can be set directly by the user or indirectly by allowing the control to calculate them. The user can define the number of percentage areas and shapes (bar, ellipse, tank, user-defined).

Polar ActiveToolbox
Polar Software
Polar ActiveToolbox is a set of ActiveX (OCX) controls comprising of following components: BitmapFX, CharMap, ColorSelect, FindFile, FontComboBox, HyperLink, ShapedButtons, TableSize, and TrayIcon.

Power Form Scroll98/Resizer Plus Bundle
Trinitronix Resizer Plus ads the ease of effortlessly resizing controls and fonts during run-time in Microsoft(R) VB(R) 4 & 5 (VB4-32bit compatible). Add to that Power Form Scroll 98 OCX which allows the developer to design forms larger than screen size and then to distribute applications which support form-scrolling to end-users! Compatible with VB6

PowerDesigner is the first design tool that combines object-oriented, conceptual, and physical data object modeling capabilities in a single, integrated environment. It supports more than 30 of today's most popular DBMSs giving you a sound strategy for consistent adaptable business logic and database design across heterogeneous systems. PowerDesigner's new common user interface, along with its powerful set of tools, makes it easier than ever for designers and developers to collaborate on increasingly complex distributed applications.

PropertiesList Control
The PropertiesList control (similar to the control used to manipulate properties in Visual Studio) provides an efficient, intuitive and visually compact way to handle data input with minimal coding and user interface design. The PropertiesList control natively supports the capture of both standard text / numeric values and more complex data items such as Color, Font, File names, pictures. Custom property types such as RTF or HTML can also be seamlessly supported, saving you valuable coding time and effort and providing an intuitive way for your users to input and manipulate a set of related values.

Quick Tab
Web Integration Lab
Quick Tab is a VB DLL component that allows developers to easily add tab control functions in their ASP applications. It generates 100% HTML output, and no ActiveX is required. It is a royalty-free component and includes the VB source code.

Quick Tree View
Web Integration Lab
Quick Tree View is a VB DLL component that lets you add Treeview controls in your ASP applications. It generates 100% HTML output, and no ActiveX is required. Applications created with QTV enables users to easily navigate web sites.

ReSize OCX
Larcom & Young
ReSize alters the sizes, font sizes and positions of controls on Visual Basic forms as they are sized. ReSize does this without requiring you to write any code. You simply place the ReSize control on your form.

Newtone Corporation
Make applications size and screen resolution independent in one easy step. Simply attach the ResizeKit to your form and automatically resize any or all controls and fonts without writing a single line of code. Both ResizeKit ActiveX and VCL components are included in the same package. The ResizeKit contains properties, methods and events to allow you to customize the resizing process. It can even resize most third party controls. The ResizeKit can be used from the first day on new programs and of course on established programs without changing the design or code. The ResizeKit for Visual Basic, is an ATL ActiveX control that is fast and lightweight. The ResizeKit for Delphi and C++Builder offers both types of VCL components in the same package. Runtime royalty-free license.

Resizer OCX
Resizer OCX is a fully automatic resizing component that you can use to completely customize how your components are resized and repositioned. You can ensure that your single line text boxes don't get taller when they shouldn't, and those buttons stay aligned with the bottom right hand corner of the form, without getting bigger. Optionally restrict the form minimum and maximum size as well.

Pegasus Software
A lightweight, high-performance text display control, RivetText will make your applications stand out from the crowd. It provides fast flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop, in-line images that can be inserted on-the-fly, and rich hypertext interactivity. Since the RivetText control is Internet-enabled, you can load your text and images asynchronously from any TCP or URL address. RivetText supports RTF and plain text, as well as popular image file formats including BMP, TIFF, Targa, GIF, and the fastest JPEG available.

Sax Basic Engine
Sax Software
An add-on macro language in the form of a custom control, Sax Basic Engine is compatible with every major Windows application. It allows your users to write Basic macros that will automate common tasks, customizing your application to suit their needs. The new version has the same time-saving usability features as VB6, including hover evaluation, auto-completion, syntax tooltips, and on-the-fly parameter info.

AddSoft, Inc.
Schedule/OCX is a 32 bit OLE custom control that adds scheduling to your applications with the click of a button. A display more property shows year, month, week and day at a glance as well as a resource view for data entry.

Infragistics, Inc
The ScheduleX combines five powerful, lightweight components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. Using the advanced Calendar, DayView and TaskPad components create Personal Information Management (PIM) software, project management and tracking, or any application that requires advanced scheduling. Also included are Date Edit with drop-down calendar and Time Edit.

Selector Knob ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Selector Knob ActiveX Control is a knob-style control that can be used to choose between discrete options. It can be used as a replacement for option buttons and provides the user with an easy-to-use and intuitive mouse input. Additionally, there are automatic features that define the control with minimal work required.

ShComboBox Control ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The ShComboBox ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like drive-selection combobox to your application, showing all the drives, folders and even files exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the combobox used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to virtual folders and much more.

Shell Control Pack
Plasmatech Software Design
With the Shell Control Pack you can easily add Windows Explorer-like file and folder selection capabilities to your applications with 7 controls in a high-performance, easy to distribute ActiveX package. Most development environments today come with file selection controls of some sort. The problem is, they look and act like Windows 3.1 controls nearly a decade old. Windows 95 revolutionized the Windows PC environment, especially for file management with the Explorer shell interface, yet developments tools available now, still do not provide your applications with easy access to this interface. Now you can use the latest Explorer interface in your applications, thanks to the Shell Control Pack ActiveX.

SizerOne (formerly VS-OCX)
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
SizerOne 7.0 (formerly VS-OCX) is the latest version of this four-in-one best seller! Two resizing controls handle all your sizing requirements, from simple to complex. A tab control presents several screens' worth of data in the space of one. And a parsing control scans and parses text files. Now works in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++Builder, and Windows environments!

Slider ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Slider ActiveX Control is a versatile input/output tool used to create sliders, gauges, meters, etc. that incorporate a sliding mechanism. It uses dynamic property pages for easy design of unique sliding displays in short time. Its mouse control and data-aware features make it an ideal element for technical interfaces

SoftWIRE Technology (formerly ComputerBoards, Inc)
SoftWIRE is a complete graphical programming package. Select the functions you need from a simple menu. Place the objects on the screen where you'd like them. Connect the objects with a few simple drag-and-drop wires. Run the program. It's as simple as that! And unlike other graphical programming languages, SoftWIRE runs in VB. Is there a graphical function you need that's not provided? Do you have an I/O board or instrument that's not supported? In SoftWIRE, there's no problem. You're already in the VB environment, so you can write a VB routine and you're ready to go. Try that in any other graphical programming language!

All SoftWIRE control blocks are fully COM/ActiveX compatible and are easily interfaced to your Visual Basic programs. It's also easy to convert your existing ActiveX controls for use with the SoftWIRE graphical progammer. An easy-to-follow public specification tells you how. :::

Source + 2000
AxTools / E-Lite Enterprises
AxTools Source+ 2000 brings the real VB components reusability to your fingertips through a powerful manager with extremely versatile code and designer components import/export (including private controls), powerful wizards integrated in both VB/VBA and a high quality components library of more than 25,000 lines of code updateable through the Internet.

SPEED Ferret
Black Moshannon Systems
Still using traditional find and replace methods? SPEED Ferret searches all object properties and source code, then LISTS the results to give you the big picture BEFORE saving the changes you select. Quickly determines where an object is used. Renames objects while updating all references. Implements global terminology changes. Supports Visual Basic 5/6, Access 97/2000, and SQL Server 6.5/7.

Standards Master
FlexiSoft Solutions, Inc.
Standards Master is a Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 Add-In that checks VB code against a configurable set of standards. Whenever activated, Standards Master will generate a list of violations of your own coding standards. It then provides an easy to use mechanism for correcting the problems - all from within the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment. There is no need to run a separate application after you have finished coding, since Standards Master checks your code while you work. And best of all you do not have to put up with other products' arbitrary default standards - Standards Master allows you to configure everything!

Pegasus Software
SuiteFace Create powerful, visually-engaging applications with SuiteFace. These user-interface controls provide image display, custom scrollbars, background graphics and much more, with precise object layering, full-screen transitions, animations, and internet download. SuiteFace also includes RivetText, a lightweight, high-performance rich text display control, featuring flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop and rich hypertext interactivity.

THB Componentware
THBCoolCaption allows you to add buttons to the Caption Bar and assign them different pictures for normal, mouseover and pressed state. Additionally you can use color gradients. You can either use simple 2 color gradients by selecting starting and ending color and the direction(top-down or left-right) Or you can uses extended gradients. These are more colorful and extremely modifiable. To ensure that the gradients are smooth shaded you can select between 3 different halftone modes. All properties can be selected within a convenient user interface.

THB Componentware
Your job is to write sophisticated applications doing great things. So don't mess around with positioning controls on the form. Delegate this job to THBResize and concentrate on more important things. Implemented within minutes. Extendable to all your needs. When you resize a standard unintelligent form, nothing happens. All controls stay in the upper left corner of the form and don't change in any way. As soon as you place THBResize on the form and you resize again all controls will change their size and position accordingly to the formsize. The form will in each situation present a compact overall impression

TList Pro
Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
TList is an enhanced outline (tree) control for presenting information in organized hierarchical lists. TList 6 is faster than ever and now offers MS TreeView syntax compatibility -- allowing you to convert your projects to TList in seconds without having to rewrite your code. TList also adds true Column support. It becomes a collapsable grid, or you can have numerous grids embedded as children of the tree. You can search/sort on any column or hidden data, format by column, by cell, by item or by row. TList supports in-place editing, and transparent or bitmapped backgrounds. You can also assign URL's to each item for Internet control, and it supports virtual lists.

Toggle Switch ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
Toggle Switch ActiveX Control is a TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO, or ON/OFF indicator. It displays either captions or pictures to represent the switch's state. It has sound playing capabilities to indicate the switch turning on or off and timers to provide automatic cut off and blinking to draw attention to the control.

Wave files (*.wav) used with the control will not be stored in the control as the bitmap files are, therefore, all wave files need to accompany your application when distributed. Windows has a limited number of timer handles available so be careful when using several timers and blinking controls on a single form. :::

Total Components Sizer
FMS, Inc
Total Components Sizer is a package of two ActiveX controls for Visual Basic developers. The Sizer controls provide form resizing and splitter bar functionality. The Resizer control is a fully functional resizer control, that when placed on a form, automatically resizes the form's controls as the form is resized. The Splitter control is a container-based object that provides a splitter bar that allows two panes to be sized in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Total Visual CodeTools
FMS, Inc
Integrated directly into the VB/VBA Integrated Development Environment, Total Visual CodeTools gives you a rich set of enterprise-enabled coding tools. Increase productivity and let your entire development team share a consistent set of standards and rules. Total Visual CodeTools allows you to define all aspects of your coding standards, including visual style, indentation, error handling, commenting, variable naming conventions, and more. Define your settings once, save them to a shared location, and your entire team can use your enterprise standards without even thinking about it.

TreeBuilder is a smart control that can be used to build Information Browsers, Organization Charts, Decision Trees and to logically organize any kind of hierarchical data. Treebuilder has over a dozen combinations of tree styles, sser defined link style and colors, and user defined fonts. Each node can have multiple bitmaps and colors, data can be stored in individual nodes, trees can be stored in files using user defined file formats, trees can be copied to the Clipboard, and you can Drag/Drop and Cut/Paste branches/nodes in the ActiveX version. Transparent node bitmaps (ActiveX version) User defined node height (ActiveX version)

Infragistics, Inc
The TreeViewX features full support for multiple selection OLE drag & drop. With its advanced OLE DB/ADO data binding, developers can add the TreeViewX to any Visual Studio project and bind to data without a single line of code. Other features include check boxes, radio buttons, color and font properties per node, advanced searching, sorting, multiple selection, tool tips and multiple columns.

True DBInput Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBInput Pro 6.0 is a collection of eight high-quality, data-aware ActiveX input controls and five objects designed for Microsoft Visual Studio database front-end application development. The user-friendly interface and powerful feature set make True DBInput Pro 6.0 a powerful tool for enterprise-wide Internet/intranet database front-end application development.

True DBList Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBList Pro 6.0 is a customizable set of data-aware ActiveX list and combo controls for Visual Studio 5.0 and 6.0. Patterned after the DBList and DBCombo controls included in Visual Basic, True DBList Pro 6.0 adds dozens of data presentation and user interface features to the intrinsic controls enabling it to work like a grid but with the lightweight requirements of a list.

SMS Limited
TrueTree is a 32-bit ActiveX component from SMS Limited that is a drop-in replacement for the TreeView control that comes with Visual Basic 5.0. It allows nodes to be viewed in a "real" tree structure as opposed to an indented list. It also features all the properties and methods supported by MS TreeView.

Infragistics, Inc
Create robust and dramatic applications that emulate the rich look of Microsoft Office 2000 with UltraToolBars, complete with quick customization, personalized menus, flyout toolbars and an integrated tab control. We've included even greater value, with eleven interface-enhancing controls to stretch your imagination. Our exclusive PictureRegion technology enables forms and components to adopt virtually any shape you can dream up. And, after you've created the perfect application, add the finishing touches with 37 attention-grabbing, PowerPoint-style transitions for a dramatic, polished interface.

Infragistics, Inc
VBAssist 5.0 is a set of 15 major productivity tools that seamlessly integrate into the Visual Basic IDE. VBAssist 5.0 has been totally re-architected to take maximum advantage of Visual Basic's 32-bit environment. The new and enhanced plug-in productivity tools help reduce the time you spend in developing applications.

R.M. de Boer Software
VBBackup is a Visual Basic add-in to create backups of all your Visual Basic projects. With each project you can: Add/include additional files to be backed up, enter a memo for each project, provide a password for each backup for security, backup all components/references of the project (.DLL/OCX). Seamlessly integrated into the Visual Basic IDE, projects are saved with a mouse-click, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the project at hand without worrying about timely storage of your code revisions.

:::Only works with Visual Basic 6.0

BeCubed Software
VBCommander - Practical and Powerful Visual Basic productivity tools that command performance! This essential tool pack assists you by adding true functionality with it's more than 20 practical add-in tools! Guaranteed to speed your Visual Basic 5.0 design-time. VBCommander rules!

VBMaximizer extends the Visual Basic IDE with over 70 new commands and a full-featured Code Librarian that lets you categorize, search, bookmark, and annotate your procedures and comes with a library of 500+ super-optimized, ready-to-use routines. VBMaximizer includes an improved find-and-replace that searches multiple projects and controls' properties, control naming policies, a string extractor for spell-checking or localization, template-based code generators for error handling, property stylesheets for controls, a wizard to create inherited classes, easier control management with automatic TabIndex and hotkeys arrangements. Everything packed in a 800K fast and resourse-savvy DLL. Source code available (Enterprise edition only).

VBVoice is an ActiveX component-based development toolkit for Visual Basic that provides a rapid design environment for creating interactive voice response systems. Additionally, VBVoice is an award-winning rapid application development tool that blends a graphical component interface, a programmable event handling layer, and a comprehensive IDE testing environment to help you develop IVR applications up to ten times faster than with other software. The object-oriented telephony components of VBVoice organize standard telecom processes into fast, user-definable objects, properties and methods.

VBXRef 2000
BeCubed Software
VBXRef 2000 is a Cross Reference utility designed as an Add-In to Microsofts® Visual Basic 5/6 and enables the programmer to quickly cross-reference their code with minimal effort.

VBXRef 2000 is more then just a cross-reference utitlty for VB programmers, it's a complete project navigational aid. A cross-reference novice can be using this product to its fullest within minutes. VBXRef 2000 doesn't require any complicated configurations or option settings. Its easy to use design ensures that this is a utility you will always use. :::

HockWare, Inc.
VB just got more visual with VisPro for Visual Basic. Drag and drop programming allows easy code generation. The VisPro Code wizard offers point and click selection methods, properties and parameters. The VisPro Event Tree and Event Map allow you to see the structure of applications easily and browse related events. The List View and other wizards will greatly increase your productivity with Visual Basic.

Visual ADEPT
Parameter Driven Software
A tremendous tool for users with little or no programming experience to easily create VB programs for multi-user environments. Visual ADEPT automatically creates multi-user Visual Basic executable code and ACCESS data structures by guiding the user through a series of on-line parameters which drive the application's data processing functions.

Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 development system is the most productive tool for creating fast business solutions for the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Web. With its rapid application development (RAD) environment, developers can quickly create and deploy super-fast client/server applications--plus easily develop Web applications using familiar Visual Basic programming techniques. Click Here for Your Upgrade Options

Visual Basic IDE Power Tools
Visual Basic IDE Power Tools from CodeAvionics is a single DLL-based ActiveX add-in component for VB that provides many timesaving utilities and feature enhancements. The Power Tools include the Code Navigator, code search tools, a comment wizard, error handlers, header comments, code alignment tools, copy buffers, and caption property editor -- all included on a dockable toolbar complete with help in a Win2000 format!

Visual Intercept
Elsinore Technologies
As the only project-oriented enterprise ready bug tracking system for Microsoft developers, Visual Intercept is integrated with Visual Basic, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Test, and more. It is a Lightning fast, 32 bit app containing a native GUI for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x. Visual Intercept is also fully scaleable and ODBC enabled. All in a simple, easy to use graphical user interface.

Visual InterDev 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual InterDev version 6.0 is a powerful development environment for rapidly creating database-driven Web applications. Integrated visual design tools, debugging support, and database features enable you to build fully interactive, cross-platform Web applications quickly and easily.

Visual SourceSafe 6.0
Microsoft Corp
The Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 version control system is the latest edition of Microsoft's award-winning version control system for managing software and Web site development. Fully integrated with the Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual InterDev, and Visual FoxPro development environments, as well as with Microsoft Office applications, it provides easy-to-use, project-oriented version control. Visual SourceSafe works with any type of file produced by any development language, authoring tool, or application. Users can work at both the file and project level while promoting file reuse.

Visual Studio 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, the complete development suite for rapidly building Windows-based and Web solutions, now contains a set of technologies and training materials designed to help developers take advantage of new Windows 2000 features. Use the Windows 2000 Developer's Readiness Kit for fast access to in-depth, step-by-step training and technical resources. Get the essential Windows 2000 programming information you need - delivered to your doorstep - with an included one-year subscription to the MSDN Library. Build highly reliable, self-repairing applications using the new Visual Studio Installer. Finally, you can create desktop and shared solutions that easily scale up to SQL Server 7.0 using the new Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for Visual Studio.

VisualSoft Validator
VisualSoft Technologies
VisualSoft Validator is for validating user-input fields. As the component is designed keeping in mind the needs of an e-com application developer, it can validate almost any type of user input including email Ids. Specifically, it can validate email ids, addresses, city, state and province names and zip codes. It can be programmed to repeat a question until answered correctly.

VoiceDataTree OCX
United Research
VoiceDataTree is a innovative way to memorize and display your hierarchical data list and have it accessed for selection, interaction, search and modification using Code, Voice, Keyboard or Mouse. Once the tree is created all your data is stored in memory. No need of re-additions every computer restart or each runtime. You can add with choice six components to every node of the tree viz. Label Text, Picture, Check Box, Command Button, Combo List, Column List.

Developer Express Inc.
The XpressInspector is a suite of data aware and non-data aware 100% ATL Based ActiveX controls to help you display data in an efficient and compact manner while enabling full control over runtime display characteristics and data manipulation behavior. The XpressInspector is the first component of its kind for the ActiveX community and is designed to closely emulate the behavior and display characteristics of the Visual Basic® and Visual C++® Property Editors.