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Active Uploader Source Code
Web Integration Lab
Active Uploader is an ASP script solution for uploading files to your server using a browser. No DLLs need to be installed. Use Active Uploader to upload pictures (GIF, JPG), programs (ZIP, EXE), or any other files. Customizing is easy because it's 100% ASP script.

ActiveFile is an add-on component for ASP, providing file upload and download capabilities that work seamlessly with all leading web browsers. Using Active Server Pages scripting, your application can also manipulate files and directories, import and export files from a database, and much more!

Logic Dreams
ActiveMailer gives you a way to have a complete mail client with a very simple but extremely powerful programmable interface. Using this ActiveX you will have a way to completely manage your mail system. You will be able to send messages, have a complete client to store or visualize them, have an event when new messages arrive, the possibility to read all the internal components of a mail message and so on. The ActiveMailer control was designed mainly for programs that automatically manage the mail exchange in a company or over the internet, but it can be used in many other situations such as web development or single station mail systems. All the operations that you normally do in a mail client, you can now do using the programmable interface of the ActiveMailer.

Personalize your Active Server Pages application in a snap! No database programming. No messing around with limited solutions like browser cookies. ActiveProfile is the answer. Set program and user group defaults for your application or let users set their own options. Save yourself hours of programming with an off-the-shelf solution to the problem of adding customization capabilities to web-enabled applications.

ActiveSuite Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveSuite Plus is a collection of four products from Sheridan's ActiveSuite Series product line. It is a high-quality package that delivers the look and feel of Microsoft Office 97 and 2000 at a low price. Included in the suite are: ActiveThreed Plus, ActiveListBar, ActiveTreeView, and ActiveToolBars Plus.

ActiveThreed Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveThreed Plus is a set of 11 32-bit ActiveX controls that give your applications the look and feel of Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet Explorer. ActiveThreed Plus now includes a powerful new Resizing control and the ability to create irregularly (nonrectangular) shaped controls, buttons, forms and splash screens. The SSSplitter control is also enhanced to allow forms to be dropped into the panes it creates. ActiveThreed Plus also includes four new controls SSResizer, SSScroll, SSSplash, and SSTransition

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Systems, Inc
Tired of colleagues not being able to open your documents? Frustrated by software and platform incompatibilities that destroy your documents' look and feel? You need Adobe® Acrobat® 4.0 software. It's the most reliable, efficient, and effective way to share information electronically. Acrobat lets you convert any document - including entire Web sites - into an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file, with its original appearance preserved, and then distribute it for viewing and printing on any system. Powerful markup tools make electronic review a snap, so you can collaborate more easily and productively than ever before.

Adobe GoLive
Adobe Systems, Inc
From Paris to San Francisco to Tokyo, the Web's top designers and developers use Adobe GoLive™ 4.0 software to create and manage world-class sites. Its visual design tools let you lay out pages with pixel-level control, while the flexible source-code editor helps you write, edit, and check your HTML. Add in easy-to-use Dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, QuickTime editing, ready-to-use JavaScript actions, and advanced site-management capabilities, and it's no wonder that GoLive is the tool of choice for Web professionals.

AgOnline Update
Agendum Software
AG Online Update is an ActiveX control which allows easy insertion of automated software update and patch download capabilities into your application. Our control handles auto-patching from any local drive, network drive OR the web!!

AgProgressive D/L
Agendum Software
No coding Necessary! This powerful ActiveX control has properties that can be set at design time to avoid coding or during runtime for those more experienced programmers. Various information can be returned to your application including but not limited to: Remote Host, Name, RemoteHostIP, LocalHostName, LocalHostIP, URL, File Size, Download time, Date… plus much more.

Mirus Data AB
Generate interactive systems on both local and remote servers across the Internet. ALSTRA VB/WEB Toolkit is a Visual Basic / HTML / DHTML rapid application development. It uses a template-driven code generator, which produces well-structured and fully documented object-orientated code, without any manual coding. The generated application includes all forms for an MDI environment, supporting multiple instances of VB forms or HTML / DHTML Web clients.

Apollo Database Server
Vista Software
Apollo Database Server is a full-featured, SQL high-performance client/server DBMS. It can be configured to simultaneously serve data over the Internet, LAN or Intranet. Move your database applications to true client/server computing and allow Apollo Database Server to provide solid client/server DBMS support to your database files. Apollo Database Server makes it easy.

ASP Fundamentals
Instructor Eric Polson, a guru in Web site development, brings his skills to the screen in these two 1-hour video discs. ASP technology is the backbone of many dynamic web sites running on Windows NT today. If you're doing any Web development and want to know about VB integration, then ASP Fundamentals is for you.

The course has two full hours of presentation video and a complete student/reference guide with labs and solutions included and on the Web site. Geared for Web developers, the labs cement concepts presented in the lectures. ::::::These VideoCD's will play in any Windows PC and most DVD Players. :::

ASP MagicBundle
Dana Consulting
ASP Magic Bundle Components extend the boundaries by Active Server Pages programming by adding the rich, enhanced functionalities not available before. It extends the reach of ASP by making file, registry and INI manipulations easy and efficient. All components supports standard COM interface and will work well with Active Server Pages, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other COM enabled software

netExs LLC
ASP XL delivers fast, efficient report creation for Web Development with Active Server Pages. With a tuned COM DLL for data access and HTML/XLS report generation, ASP XL is the finishing touch on your web project for creating HTML and Excel downloadable reports. The intelligent user interface analyzes your data source, allows you to set colors, formats, and properties, and generates ASP framework files for running and configuring your reports utilizing the COM DLL.

netExs LLC
ASP+ delivers a new paradigm for Visual Web Application Development with IIS and Active Server Pages. With four tuned, highly configurable server objects, ASP + generates easily understandable and commented web forms with browser independent client-side JavaScript field validation to reduce server round-tripping, search forms, grids, and downloadable Excel snapshot extracts all in a convenient recognizable DHTML framework with optional DHTML toolbars. Also included is a robust security layer that is integrated into ASP +'s generated pages and can be added to pre-existing ASP and HTML pages.

USIntertech, Inc.
ASP-db is an ASP component that allows you to display your database tables with only four lines of ASP code. With a variety of options, including "grid" mode, "form" mode, hidden fields, and filtering ASP-db is a powerful component that encapsulates your database and outputs it as HTML.

Stonebroom Software
ASP2XML provides an easy-to-use interface between a data source and an XML client. It creates XML documents from the data source that include specific information about that data. These XML documents can then be edited by the client and returned to the server. There, the ASP2XML component uses the information in the document, together with the edits made by the client, to update the original source data.

netExs LLC
ASP3 delivers FAST, scalable, multi-tier web solutions by leveraging Stored Procedures, ActiveX Data Objects, COM components, Active Server Pages, and Internet Information Services. Beginning its efficient design at the back end, ASP3 generates SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE database-specific stored procedures, applies them to your database (any data source with an ODBC driver is supported), and allows you to further modify them. File based data sources (i.e. Microsoft Access) use dynamic SQL for these actions. Then, Visual Basic classes are created for each table and combined with a general factory class and general framework module.

Diamond Software Concepts
Include robust, data-bound grids in your web application. Aspect is an Active Server Pages (ASP) component that provides facilities for web-based database development as well as services for uploading binary or text data to web servers, file management, SQL statement building, date format conversion and manipulation, and simple one-way encryption facilities. Aspect uses standard ADO DB connections to any supported database, including SQL Server and Access.

Tashcom Software
ASPEdit 2000 is a powerful Active Server Pages and HTML editor with full support for Visual Basic script. Its code highlighter provides a clear view on your code and shows all HTML, ASP, and VBScript colorized, so you immediately can see what is code and what is text. Discover the ease of use ASPEdit provides when you are editing your web pages. Features like plugin support enable third party programmers to write their modules for ASPEdit.

ASPEdit also supports the webtv tags, coldfusion and common SQL commands and is able to generate SQL functions via an easy SQL query builder. ::::::ASPEdit is for *all* levels of web authoring. It provides easy to use wizards who enable you to work fast and easy, and you can switch them off if so desired.:::

Persits Software
AspGrid is an active server component that brings to your ASP application the power of a data-bound grid control. With AspGrid, you can build browser-independent editable grid interfaces to your databases in as little as three lines of ASP code. AspGrid's features include an intuitive object interface, enabling you to customize the appearance of data in a grid; support for foreign-key recordsets; support for HTML controls such as checkboxes, list boxes, and text areas; the ability to turn data fields into links or images; support for column-wise sorting; navigation buttons; and support for data-bound forms.

You've just spent months developing the killer ASP application. You're just days away from unleashing it on the world. But now you have a dilema. While ASP scripting made development a breeze, you can't afford to have all that VBSCRIPT code, your intellectual property, left unprotected. ASPLightning is the solution.

ASPLightning is revolutionizing the ASP application industry with the first ever packaging system that not only protects your source code, but also improves the performance of your application. :::

Stonebroom Software
ASPointer makes it easy to access and update XML, HTML, ASP and similarly-structured files directly on the server, without having to load them into a browser or other client application. It reads the file on disk and returns the selected content as a string that can be manipulated using script or code. The component can also automatically replace all matching instances in the target document with new content that you specify.

AspSmartSuite contains all of the aspSmart components in one package. With aspSmartSuite you instantly can use powerful components such as : aspSmartFile, aspSmartUpload, aspSmartDate, aspSmartCache, aspSmartForum, aspSmartMail, and aspSmartSecurity

Software Artisans
In a single easy to use package, ASPstudio includes a rich set of tools for popular functions like file upload, transactional (MTS) file management, data validation and much more. ASPstudio includes over 20 components with hundreds of functions to meet the need of ASP Developers ASPstudio combines Software Artisans' most popular and powerful components in one solution. ASPstudio includes many different components including their latest: SA-Admin, SA-Jfile and SA-FileManagerTx. Hundreds of methods meet almost any need of the ASP Developer.

Persits Software
AspUpload is the leading upload component on the market. It allows your ASP application to capture, save and process arbitrary files uploaded with a browser.

Async Professional
TurboPower Software
Async Professional ActiveX is TurboPower's flagship communications toolkit, now available for COM and ActiveX developers using Microsoft Visual Basic. Async Professional ActiveX is more than just an optimized comport component. It's a full-featured toolset with serial communications and TCP/IP support for building tomorrow's Internet applications. It's true VT-100 terminal emulation, error-correcting file transfer protocols, and a simple gateway to the power of TAPI. Best of all, APAX builds on years of time-tested communications expertise. It's fully documented, royalty-free, backed with solid support, and ships at a price that might surprise you.

BeeGrid Pro
BeeGrid is a full-featured, database-aware, ActiveX grid control. It supports development tools such as: Visual Basic, Internet Explorer, Visual InterDev and Visual C++. BeeGrid can be used in a bound (both OLEDB and ICursor), unbound and virtual data modes. BeeGrid has all features expected from a modern grid control: fast and easy manipulation of tabular data, powerful display capabilities, easy to use unbound mode, easy to use event and interface based virtual modes, outlook-like grouping, etc. But it doesn't stop there. BeeGrid has unique features that will make your applications stand out: rich object model, preview pane, group calculations, group header/footer formulas, XML layouts, CSV/XML import and export, HTML export, row filtering, powerful custom drawing...

Pegasus Software
CadXpress ActiveX is an ATL based control that offers high-speed access to DXF and DWG AutoCAD files from within databases, Internet/Intranets or any other 32bit Windows environment. CadXpress' background processing makes DXF, DWG, JPEG, TIFF G3/G4, TGA, WMF, PNG, BMP and others fly to the screen with very little effort. This engine includes many powerful image features such as printing, transparencies, smoothing, annotation/redlining, rotate, zoom, crop, copy-to-clipboard, rubber-banding, and much more! CadXpress is the perfect tool for displaying the most popular AutoCAD files!

Pegasus Software
CapturePRO provides you with all the features you could want in a high level image acquisition toolkit. CapturePRO works with digital cameras and digital video capture cards to provide high level image and video management. Whether you are creating an internet video solution, a networked security application, an industrial monitoring system, or a medical imaging device, CapturePRO solves your problem. It interfaces with your image device using TWAIN and MCI calls, it selectively acquires images, outputs to high-speed JPEG files, and can even upload frames to remote FTP sites. The variety of applications is endless for this Cadillac of toolkits.

Chart FX Internet Edition
Software FX
Chart FX Internet Edition is a set of server-side and client side components for adding dynamic charting capabilities to Web sites and corporate intranets. On the server side, it includes ActiveX DLLs for Active Server Page development (all we care about :-) but it also includes ISAPI and NSAPI components as well as Standard and Console CGI applications. On the client, although it provides a 32-bit ActiveX for IE3 & IE4 and both 16&32-bit Netscape plugs-ins, it can generate JPG files for least-common denominator approach. This is an incredibly powerful, polished, and well thought-out product that has won many awards in the past, including VBxtras' Thunderbolt Award for Best Charting Package for the past two years. If you need charting, or even think you do, you should check out Chart/FX Internet Edition.

Chili!ASP brings the power of Active Server Pages to Netscape and Lotus Web Servers. This powerful programming environment lets you use a combination of VBScript and Jscript to create interactive Websites including database access, Active Server components and other powerful features.

Infragistics, Inc
CodeAssist is a template driven code generation product that streamlines the data application development process and slashes development time. Using breakthrough, template-driven technology, CodeAssist helps Visual Basic and Active Server Page developers create sophisticated data access routines faster, more efficiently and more economically than ever. Developer modifiable code templates include a variety of VB, ASP, and SQL code to produce n-tier or client/server applications.

Crescent Internet ToolPak
Sax Software
Add Internet functionality to your applications. Crescent Internet ToolPack allows you to create applications that access the resources of the Internet without Internet protocol expertise or low-level coding. Connect to email and messaging, use RAS to dial-up, execute FTP file transfers, and more, directly from your Visual Basic application. Features include: TCP/IP server control, IMAP4 control, IRC/Chat, FTP proxy support, web form parsing, and more.

Crescent QuickPak/J++
Sax Software
Perform visual enhancements and functionality improvements on Visual Basic and Visual J++ applications. QuickPack VB/J++ is a comprehensive collection of 32-bit ActiveX components for developing applications using VB and VJ++ that will reduce development time and increase productivity. It includes Internet functions to open, read, and parse IIS log files, convert logs files to HTML tables, and get and set IIS properties in either the local or remote system registry.

Cypress Enable
Cypress Software
Basic Scripting for Applications is a Visual Basic for Applications and VBScript compatible Basic Scripting Language designed to be embedded in software applications. With Enable developers can add scripting language functionality to their applications or Web pages to automate complex tasks. Users can also create scripts for launching and manipulating other applications via OLE Automation or external DLL's. Enable is a complete programming language and is available under Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and is now available on Mac, UNIX and DOS.

Data Widgets
Infragistics, Inc
Data Widgets 3.1(tm) Data Widgets 3.1 is a set of six bound ActiveX (tm) Controls for Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 or higher and other ActiveX host environments. Featured is the DataGrid (tm), a fully editable data grid identical in look and feel to the Access grid. The DataGrid allows updating, adding and deletion of records, along with unbound columns. It also supports Bound, Virtual and AddItem modes. Other features include printing, exporting to HTML, saving/restoring grid layouts, and masked editing.

DevPartner Studio
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
DevPartner Studio accelerates team development of multi-language components and applications for the enterprise and Internet. DevPartner's SmartDebugging tools automatically detect, diagnose and facilitate resolution of software errors and performance problems. DevPartner Studio reduces software development costs by decreasing the time spent finding and fixing software errors and performance problems.

DevPartner Web Script Edition
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
NuMega DevPartner Web Script Edition accelerates the development of ASP and HTML by helping web developers ensure their scripts are reliable and free of performance problems. NuMega DevPartner Web Script Edition is the only suite of software development tools that saves testing and debugging time by helping web developers improve the reliability and efficiency of their dynamic web pages. It includes performance profiling, script test coverage, and distributed analysis features that developers can use to analyze the VBScript and JavaScript/JScript in their ASP or HTML files.

Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit
Distinct Corporation
The Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit 5.0 is the complete solution for faster-to-market Intranet and Internet applications. Distinct has assembled a key set of reusable software components, in the form of DLL's and ActiveX, to dynamically incorporate into your applications. These components include Firewall (Socks 4 and 5); FTP Client; FTP Server; HTTP and HTTPS, ICMP, IMAP, LPR, MIME, NNTP, POP, RAS, RCP, Rexec, Rlogin, Rshell, SMTP, Telnet, TFTP, VT220, Windows Sockets and more.

Doc-to-Help 2000
WexTech Systems Inc
WexTech has long been on the cutting edge of help development technology, introducing features such as the Doc-To-Help Navigator, which tracks a table of contents, and the ability to embed sophisticated graphics and video inside help windows. Doc-To-Help Pro 2000 continues this tradition of innovation with breakthrough technology such as HelpXtender and AnswerWorks, while still delivering the industry's only true single source tool for easy development of printed documentation, Windows Help, HTML, HTML Help, and now JavaHelp, from a single, easily maintained source.

Finer Technologies
DOC2HTML is a formless ActiveX DLL for converting various document formats to HTML. Currently, DOC2HTML will convert Microsoft Word .DOC, Rich Text Format .RTF, ASCII Text .TXT and various other popular formats. DOC2HTML uses Microsoft Word for part of its functionality, and as a result, MS Word 2000 is REQUIRED to be installed on the server the component will be used on.

Massinissa Software
OCX & DLL which allows one or more valid Word 97/2000 input files to be converted into HTML format. Because DocToHtml uses Word 97/2000 OLE automation objects, these input files can be doc, rtf, txt, ... extensions. List of files to be converted are held in a string array which can be populated calling the OpenFileDialog method or by simply declaring a dynamic array and filling it with list of files. Once the file array is generated, passing it as an argument to the ConvertToHtml method and supplying the output folder as another argument will convert those files into HTML format. DocToHtml OCX can be used in any environment which support activeX control technology such as VC++, VB, Visual Foxpro and Delphi. DocToHtml DLL is an ASP compatible version of DocToHtml OCX and is therefore fully scriptable in environments such as Visual Interdev.

dt Search Corporation
dtSearch 5.2 has two dozen text search options, works with ALL popular file types, and displays highlighted hits & images. dtSearch Web adds instant searching to your site, with point and click set-up, on-the-fly conversion to HTML, “hit” highlighting in browser, and preservation of HTML links & images. dtSearch Engine adds power searching to your PC, LAN or NET product, with extensive sample source code (including for dtSearch Web), support for VB, Vis C++, C++, Delphi, ActiveX, ASP and more.

EasyMail Advanced API 2.0
Quiksoft Corporation
EasyMail Advanced API's will enable your C++ applications to send, retrieve, merge, store, organize, compose, view, edit and print Internet e-mail messages. For professional developers who demand the best.

EasyMail Objects
Quiksoft Corporation
EasyMail Objects is a collection of full-featured, easy-to-use COM objects for sending and retrieving Internet e-mail. With only a few lines of code, you can add email capabilities to your ASP application. These objects were designed to run mission critical applications. They are small, fast, dependable and scalable. The objects contain built-in support for SMTP, ESMTP, POP3, IMAP4, MIME, Base64, UUencode, Quoted Printable, APOP, HTML messaging, mail merge, custom message and attachment headers, backup SMTP servers, priorities, logging, progress notifications, composition, editing and viewing dialogs, message printing, NT integration and more.

EasyMail SMTP Express
Quiksoft Corporation
SMTP Express dramatically increases the performance and dependability of your e-mail enabled applications by intercepting, sorting, queuing, and delivering outbound e-mail in the background.

EasyMail WebAccess
Quiksoft Corporation
WebAccess is a browser independent web-based mail system written in ASP and powered by the EasyMail Objects. Use "as-is" or modify it to suit your needs

Email Screen
Finer Technologies
Email Screen will help prevent web site users submitting fake email addresses on forms. Currently, the state of email address validation is poor. As a result, many garbage email addresses populate companies databases. This results in wasted bandwidth sending membership emails, and wasted money hiring temps to clean out bad email addresses. EmailScreen is an MFC COM DLL that is perfect for the ASP environment, although it will work in VB, VJ++ and VC++. Simply feed it an email address and a DNS server name and it will return a true or false.

Email Templates PRO
/n software inc.
Email Templates is an essential tool for email-intensive business units such as help desk and support. Email Templates extends the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook and/or Microsoft Exchange by letting users create standardized template messages. Message templates are created in advance so that even when users are pressed for time, they know they are expressing themselves fully with a complete response that has already been checked for inaccuracies and compliance to company policy

Business eTouch
Keep your customers informed with a professional news center web site. Customers can zoom into articles and search your complete news center or archives in seconds. Viewers can search by article titles, authors and keywords. For the web administrator it only takes a total of 3 hours of training and you can add, delete and modify articles in a matter of seconds. Built using templates, the layout can be modified easily by selecting and moving the templates to create a whole new look. Built in picture upload capability lets you add images to articles.

Ermas Components Active Server Suite
Ermas Consulting
Ermas Components Activer Server Suite 1.01 bundles eight server side components into one low-priced toolkit. Featuring HTML Table Designer, presents database data in in many formats, data manager. Maintains database data, Data Transfer, User Manager, Email Manager, Event Manager Directory & Idle Manager, and Java Data Transfer Class.

Business eTouch
eShop helps you put your store on-line without having to write a single line of code. Merchants who want to set up shop on the web are faced with a maze of technical details. The online store layout is designed with the use of HTML templates, thus allowing you to create an entire store without writing any HTML code and it also gives you complete control over the way it looks. Developed with end users in mind, eShop allows visitors to easily browse the available products, choose products for purchase, select payment and shipping options and submit the order via a secure server and sit back and anticipate delivery from you!

Business eTouch
Web Database publishing has become a big factor in building Application Web Services. We all know Rapid Application Development is important in keeping up with technology trends. With the new eTouchDB Version 2.1, Business eTouch has developed a unique Microsoft BackOffice solution not only to publish databases to your web site quickly but also to provide an extremely easy ASP database development interface that takes all the guesswork out of ODBC and ADO objects.

Business eTouch
A excellent web master tool to upload one or multiple files, pictures or databases to your website directly through your web browser. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape compatible. With only two lines of ASP code it makes a great addition to eTouchDB to help power your web site administration. Click here to see how easy it is to upload a picture or file through our web site.

EzStor is a tool that lets you create HTML content storage files quickly and easily, compressing all of your HTML and graphic files into a single file for easy distribution. These content storage files can also be used by HSP. Stuff a complete website into a single file. Its also a viewer that you can distribute with your product as an easy to use alternative to HTML Help. Shareware version allows you to create EzStor files with up to 10 files inside. Try it with HSP today.

Professionals choose Dreamweaver to develop Web sites, automate production, and enhance team efficiency. Control your code with Roundtrip HTML and the revolutionary Quick Tag Editor, and accelerate workflow with integration with Web applications, Microsoft Office and leading e-commerce and application servers. Only Dreamweaver can be customized using HTML, JavaScript and XML, giving you the power you need for rapid Web development.

ForeHTML Pro
ForeFront, Inc.
ForeHTML Pro creates a help project which supports both WinHelp and HTML-based help formats. ForeHTML Pro features a WinHelp/HTML mode switch allowing you to instantly switch between WinHelp and HTML editing modes–simply change modes to use the unique features of WinHelp or of HTML-based help. Dialog boxes and testing options change accordingly. When you're in HTML mode, ForeHTML Pro provides HTML editing features and gives you all the options to create sitemaps, splash screens, information types and other HTML-based help features.

Gatsby Database Explorer
Gatsby Software Inc.
Gatsby Database Explorer generates a rich interface with three integrated views that allows users to edit, view and search database content over an intranet or extranet. You don't need to know any programming or hire an outside consultant. You'll get a rapid solution, without having to waste internal time and resources.

GeoCoder Object
MAILERS Software
Now you can add geocoding to your custom program or Web site. You pass a ZIP+4 Code to this COM object and it returns the latitude & longitude coordinate along with the Census tract and block number. You can use the Census tract and block to link to Bureau of the Census demographic data.

Help Magician Pro
StateLine Software
Help Magician Pro, a pioneer in the help authoring community since 1992, comes complete with everything you will need for creating professional quality help files. With support for WinHelp and HTML Help, Help Magician Pro stands out in the running with no learning curve. To create the growing standard in today's help, (HTML Help), just read in your existing HLX files, push a few buttons, and view a compiled HTML Help file. As for WinHelp the similarities are uncanny. With Help Magician Pro you will feel as though you are actually working within WinHelp. Great program at a great price!

HTML Add-on
Sub Systems, Inc.
This add-on product works with the TE Editor Control. HTML Add-on is a DLL that displays and allows you to edit HTML files. This product also performs HTML to RTF translation and vice-versa. The HTML Add-on control offers a most cost effective method of incorporating an HTML viewer/editor into your application.

HTML Scripting Pages (HSP)
HSP is an Internet Explorer plug-in that lets you completely simulate an ASP webserver on your Windows machine. Mix VBScript and HTML in your webpages just like server side ASP - but your webpages will be run 100% on your own machine - all in a single client side DLL! Shareware version allows up to 10 lines of script code per HSP file. To fully understand the power of HSP, download PowerPad now and see what you can do with HSP.

XML Software Corporation
HTTP COM DLL programming tool.

AssurX.com (formerly Intuitive Data Solutions)
The idsMail (tm) OLE Server is an easy to use programming component that allows programmers to incorporate universal email send and receive capabilities into their applications. A single set of code allows the programs to transparently support all of the popular email protocols: Internet (SMTP/POP), Microsoft (MAPI), Lotus (VIM), Banyan VINES and MHS. idsMail can be used by all OLE programming environments: VB, Visual C++, Delphi, MS Access, Visual Fox Pro, MS Excel, etc.

iGrafx Designer
The iGrafx Designer suite includes iGrafx Designer and iGrafx Image, the powerful upgrades to Micrografx's award winning Designer and leading Windows image editing software Picture Publisher. iGrafx Designer bridges the gap between the highly precise CAD/CAM world and any type of published outcome from printing, HTML and SGML or Microsoft Office. Anyone who creates vector-based graphics will benefit from Designer's easy-to-learn interface and highly productive tools. iGrafx Image provides users the easiest professional level image editing tools with an incredible array of visual and special effects and unique functionality. TWAIN support allows scanning or acquiring images directly from a digital camera with 16-bit per channel quality so even small images look great after processing.

iGrafx Development
iGrafx Development from Micrografx is the essential tool-kit for building and deploying powerful data- and process-oriented graphics solutions based on iGrafx Professional and iGrafx Process. Using the comprehensive hard-copy documentation, developer tools and code samples within iGrafx Development as their guide, developers can easily leverage the powerful and intuitive graphical process, and data visualization features of these two leading applications from Micrografx.

iGrafx Development also includes a full version of iGrafx Professional as well as other end-user productivity tools from the iGrafx System consisting of iGrafx Share, iGrafx Deploy, and iGrafx Business. Developers can also obtain iGrafx Process when their solution requires process simulation and improvement capability. :::

Pegasus Software
ased on Microsoft's IIS and Active Server Pages (ASP), Images ASaP! is an advanced color image compression and manipulation tool. You can now easily acquire images from web browsers, process the image, store the image, convert the image and return optimized images and thumbnails directly within your Active Server Pages application.

InstaComm Instant Messenger
XML Software Corporation
Internet messaging COM DLL programming tool.


Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallMaster is designed for the power user who wants complete control over every detail of their installation, yet it is remarkably easy to use. InstallMaster includes SmartPatch; SetupCapture, for quick "repackaging" of existing installations; WebDeploy, for creating dynamic Internet/intranet-based installations, plus all the functionality of InstallBuilder; WiseUpdate, installs a small client app that checks for periodic updates over the Internet and, based on user preferences, can download and install.

InstallPump is a software deployment application specifically designed to create custom installation routines for Lotus Notes applications. Drag and drop the database files that your application uses and set a few InstallPump Actions and your installation is complete. InstallPump can also create custom installations for the Notes client itself. Administrators can now upgrade Notes users without visiting each and every desktop. Many companies currently use InstallPump to manage the deployment process of Lotus Notes within the entire enterprise.

XML Software Corporation
Client/server Internet database connectivity programming tool and remote database browser application, enabling Universal Data Access using XML (UDAX).

InternetUpgrade OCX
InternetUpgrade OCX Control is an ActiveX component that will let your customers download and run your latest software update from your website from within your application. Just add this OCX to your project, set the properties and let the InternetUpgrade wizard do the rest. When the user clicks the Upgrade button, the download begins will a full progress bar and bytes downloaded status

/n software inc.
IP*Works! contains simple high-level programmable components and powerful TCP/IP programming tools. All controls have simple, yet powerful, interfaces that shield developers from the complexity of TCP/IP programming while giving them access to a wide spectrum of Winsock features. Corporate developers will find the features they need to quickly enable their applications to participate in a TCP/IP network without steep learning curves. Internet developers will find fast components with small footprints that provide excellent performance over dialup links. IP*Works! runs on top of the industry standard Winsock API and implements standard protocols specified in Internet RFCs.

IP*Works! SSL introduces SSL and Digital Certificates to the IP*Works! components, providing Secure Web Browsing, Secure Client, Secure Server, Secure Mail, Digital Certificate Management Capabilities, and a lot more. This is a no-compromise, comprehensive suite of royalty-free SSL-enabled components, an industry first in many ways. ::::::IP*Works! ASP Edition is specially designed and optimized for Active Server Page programming. Its 30 components include the standard IP*Works! components, plus higher level components such as WebUpload, WebForm, FileMailer, and TraceRoute. A complete array of sample ASP pages, including demonstrations on how to access Web Services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS Address Verification Tools are also included. :::

IPro Falcon
WebWare Solutions, Inc.
WebWare's latest product release, IPro Falcon Server, is a high performance, easy to use Application Server. IPro Falcon Server is designed for the simple and rapid development of Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000) and Wireless Windows (Pocket PC, CE) Internet applications. Complex Server side coding is now a thing of the past. IPro Falcon Server brings the simplicity of plug and play to Internet application development.

:::IPro Falcon Server Package includes everything you need: client software, server software, help files and full documentation. :::

iTmove - DC Computacion Internacional
iTbutton v2 is an ActiveX control for displaying images using a variety of special effects. The control lets you add gradient tooltips, change the image when the mouse is over, and apply various visual effects, including blending, mixing, color masking, working with transparency, desaturating, animating, adding gradient fills, text, and more. You can also have images load from the Internet via HTTP, and install fonts via HTTP. You can also execute files and Web pages.

jtScroll ActiveX Component
Jagat Technology, Inc.
The jtScroll ActiveX component is a page navigation aid. It helps you build web pages to view the contents of an ADO recordset in a highly customized navigable fashion. This server side component takes out the repeated tedious tasks of building the navigation logic, the navigation bars, and the presentation of data in a grid, justified, or any custom format. The jtScroll provides all this by using very few characters per user session of system resources. The component provides extremely rich set of properties and methods to have total control over your presentation as well as the navigation. The component is based on Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model) architecture. It can be used from ASP (Active Server Pages) scripts with or without design-time controls, and CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs.

KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls
Put KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls (KOAC) on your form and you get a visual interactive dynamic interface that's ready to use. KOAC is designed specially for those programmers who develop applications featuring dynamic interactive objects, including images, text, rectangles or OLE objects. KOAC allows you to manipulate objects with unprecedented flexibility: create, move, size, select, delete, copy, or place objects on top of each other. It's perfect for developing for desktop publishing, training, advertising, architecture, etc. Also put OLE Controls on the Form, and KOAC makes it moveable and sizable at runtime. Use KOAC for creating Internet Dynamic InterActive HTML, too.

Snark Soft
LDAP for VB is a set of several components packed in one dll. It gives you a single simple interface for browsing and modifying such LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directories like Active Directory, Exchange 5.x or NDS.

LEADTOOLS Internet Imaging Pro
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support and much more.

Distribute only what you need with your application. No more overhead, with the smallest set of footprints available. With the LEADTOOLS Internet Imaging Pro toolkit you get all of the comprehensive imaging functionality found in the popular LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro but now that complete imaging feature set comes with a COM interface. :::

LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging
LEAD Technologies Inc
LEADTOOLS version 12 is LEAD's fastest version ever! Optimizations have been made to memory management, file formats, and image processing routines, effecting speed-increases in nearly all functions across the board in all LEADTOOLS toolkits. Version 12 also supports new file formats, contains new image processing filters for document clean up, updated DICOM support, and much more.

LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging and Raster Imaging Pro are ActiveX and VCL toolkits each with 60+ raster file formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF...), 70+ image transforms and filters, extensive display options, TWAIN scanning, capture, printing, screen capture, imaging common dialogs, thumbnail browser, image list, Internet and database imaging functions, and much more. LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro also includes API and C++ class library development environments, providing even more flexibility and control.:::

Mabry Encoder/X Control
Mabry Software
Encoder/X provides an easy and powerful way to handle the data encoding formats used by various Internet protocols. There are four encoding types used by protocols such as mail and news, Base64, BinHex 4.0, Quoted-Printable, and UU. Encoder/X provides a number of functions to convert back and forth between binary (or text) data and any of those formats. Encoder/X provides unlimited flexibility when it comes to specifying source and destination for the data being encoder or decoded. The following methods fulfill basic requirements: FileToString, FileToFile, StringToFile, and StringToString. In addition to that Encoder/X utilizes our new Stream/X technology to provide a fully extensible way of accessing and storing encoded/decoded data.

Mabry Finger Control
Mabry Software
The Finger control requests user information from another host. Some hosts will return little information, some hosts return large amounts of information, some return none at all. The information typically returned includes last date of logon, mail waiting, real name, etc. Sometimes the information includes an address and/or a phone number.

Mabry FTP/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's FTP/X ActiveX control provides easy, high-level access to the complete FTP client protocol (RFC 959). In addition to capturing server directory listings into a string array property, the new FTP/X also makes the results available as an ADO Recordset providing easy access to the various fields that a server returns. The FTP/X also has powerful built-in features to support debugging and non-standard servers using the Quote method.

Mabry FTPServer/X Control
Mabry Software
FTPServer/X makes it easy for you to put up an FTP server within minutes. FTPServer/X comes in both ActiveX Control and COM Object forms to make it easy for you to integrate it into nearly any Windows programming environment. When you use FTPServer/X, you have complete control over user access, directories, file uploads and downloads, deletion, etc.

FTPServer/X acts as a full FTP server by default. Events notify your program when the user requests to download a file, upload a file, create a directory, delete a directory, etc. Through these events you can thoroughly control the user's access and modifications to your server. You can make it wide open or you can simply allow them to download a single file -- or anywhere in-between. :::

Mabry GetHost/X Control
Mabry Software
GetHost/X translates server names to IP addresses and IP addresses to server names.

Mabry HTTP/X and COM Object
Mabry Software
Mabry's HTTP/X ActiveX control provides easy, high-level access to the complete HTTP client protocol. HTTP/X was designed to be as programmer-friendly as possible, by providing features such as automatic connect and disconnect for single interactions with HTTP/X servers. And for more advanced uses, HTTP/X also directly supports the more sophisticated pipelined request mechanisms used by today's servers.

Mabry Internet Client Pack/X
Mabry Software
Mabry's Internet Client Pack/X is a complete suite of state-of-the-art Internet client components. Each component comes as both an ActiveX control and a COM object, and all components feature Fast Notifications and multiple blocking modes. that allows you to create "Internet-Enabled" applications. Whether you need a control for FTP, MIME compliant Mail, POP, WhoIs, name resolution, Time, or News, Mabry has the control for you. There's even a powerful RAS control for establishing connections and a complete socket control that gives you easy access to Windows sockets. All controls are 32-bit ActiveX controls/OCXes. Controls are royalty-free and source code is available.

Mabry Mail/X Control
Mabry Software
Mail VBX/OCX is the only control in the VB market which is fully MIME compliant. It's really four controls in one. It provides SMTP and POP3. It also can send and receive MIME compliant messages with unlimited attachments. And, it supports encoding/decoding of Base64, Binhex40, UU, and Quoted-Printable.

Mabry Software's Mail meets the complete specifications for MIME (RFC1521 and 1522), POP3 (RFC1725), and SMTP (RFC0821). ::::::Mail can also be used independently as a general purpose encoder and decoder control, or in combination with other controls that need encoding/decoding capability. The Mail control comes with a sample program written in VB that is nearly a complete mail client. The sample program shows how to use all of the major features (and most of the minor ones) of Mail. :::

Mabry News/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's News/X OCX and COM objects provide a powerful and flexible way to handle news (NNTP) messages. Advanced features, such as XOver headers, are fully supported. And News/X's Groups objects which contain Articles objects, which in turn contain Articles, make managing groups and articles very easy. Entire sets of articles for any group can easily be downloaded, and left untouched in that Group as other groups are accessed. News/X uses Mabry's new Encoder/X, Mime/X, and Stream objects, making it easy for you to handle today's complex (MIME) messges which are often posted. And Mime/X and the Stream objects make storing and retrieving articles from disk or other data stores a breeze.

Mabry Ping/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's Ping/X ActiveX control provides easy-to-use Internet 'ping' functionality. Using Ping/X you can test for the existence of machines on the net and determine the latency time for transfer between the machine doing the ping and that being pinged. In addition to the usual ICMP and RAW type pings, Ping/X supports TCP and UDP pings. These alternatives are provided because some systems, mostly running UNIX, can be set up so that they don't respond to the normal ping requests. The 32-bit Ping/X comes as both an ActiveX control (OCX) and a COM object (DLL), so you can use it in nearly any modern programming environment. As a light ActiveX control/COM Object, Ping/X doesn't require any bulky MFC DLLs to run. Your web-based applications (VBScript, ASP, etc.) will download faster, your installation package will be smaller, and you'll have no problems with different versions of DLLs on your users' systems. And, because it's both an ActiveX control and COM Object, Ping/X will run in Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Internet Explorer, Delphi and any other environment that supports either ActiveX controls or COM objects.

Mabry RAS/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's RAS/X control provides easy access to Dial Up Networking (DUN). With it you can automatically connect to, and disconnect from, the internet -- all under program control and without operator intervention. RAS/X also makes it easy for you to let your users add, edit, modify and delete phonebook entries. RAS/X's simple methods and full complement of properties allows you to determine when and what your users are allowed to do.

RAS/X is built using the latest in ActiveX control development tools and technologies. You can use the COM object version of RAS/X, for minimal size requirements and usability in ASP and similar environments. Or, for Visual Basic and other full-featured development environments, you may choose to use the OCX version of RAS/X. Either way, you get the same functionality and reliability. :::

Mabry Socket/X Control
Mabry Software
Socket/X provides you with full access to the power of Windows Sockets, making it easy to write TCP/IP or UDP client and server software. Socket/X comes in ActiveX control and COM object forms. Because Socket/X is both an ActiveX control and a COM object, you can use it nearly anywhere -- ASP pages, Visual Basic applications, Visual C++ applications, anywhere that supports either COM objects or ActiveX controls. Plus is supports secure connections with SSL!

Mabry Time/X Control
Mabry Software
The Time control allows you to retrieve the current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from time servers on the Internet. Use it in any application where you need to have accurate time/date stamps. This includes financial transactions, medical data, long-term data collection, or anywhere else that a reliable time-stamp is needed. You can even use this control to update the time-of-day on your systems and servers.

Visionary Business Systems
MAX*IP, a robust, high performing, easy to use internet suite. These controls have been built from the ground up in C++ to provide the some of the most raw speed available. MAX*IP takes advantage of 32-bit THREADS to manage its connections and raw socket functions to perform tasks rather than the "messaging" model introduced so Socket calls would not "block" the 16bit Windows 3.1 operating system. What does this all mean for you? RAW POWER! Robustness? 13 controls make internet programming EASY! Have you ever wanted to resume a VERY large FTP Download? MAX*IP has a dual interface that allows programmers to call methods like a function returning true or false OR to initiate operations by setting a property which allows subsequent code to continue executing...The best of both worlds

Object Power Toolkit
Quicksoft Corporation
EasyMail Object Power Toolkit is a set of additional COM objects designed to perform a variety of useful functions. The toolkit is currently included as a Free Bonus to customers who purchase the EasyMail Objects. It is not available for purchase separately.

Flicks Software
Flicks Software's OCXHttp component lets you make HTTP requests from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components

Flicks Software
The ocxQmail ASP component with FollowUpMail(TM) technology allows you to send and schedule email using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components. Scheduling email with FollowUpMail(TM) allows you to create a personalized, followup email campaign for every website visitor that registers with their email address. Followup email campaign tutorial included.

PowerTCP FTP Tool
Dart Communications
With the PowerTCP FTP Tool, you can easily copy files between a client and any FTP server with a single method call! Options are set using simple properties, and data files will even spool to/from memory. List entries are captured as objects, so parsing is eliminated - a superior performer for any application. The PowerTCP FTP Tool provides Get and Put methods that respectively download and upload ANY file with one line of code! The Login Method combines connection set-up and authentication in one easy step. It has a Passive Property makes this control "firewall-friendly" in most environments. The Retrieve and Store methods handle file transfers and include automatic support for restarting transfers that were previously incomplete. The File transfer options are set using simple properties and are automatically sent only when needed, making this control exceptionally efficient AND easy-to-use. Files can be transferred between the server and disk OR memory. The Listing property formats listings into properties for file name, size etc., eliminating the need to write and debug parsing code. Finally, applications can be written using blocking or non-blocking techniques plus scripting languages such as VB Script are fully supported.

PowerTCP Mail Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Mail Tool is a total mail management solution: The SMTP Control sends mail, the POP3 Control downloads mail, the IMAP4 Control manages mail on the server, and its unique Mail Message object encodes/decodes your mail on-the-fly. Use the SMTP Control to send messages to any SMTP server; enhanced SMTP commands are automatically supported, and a message can even be constructed and sent with just one line of code. The POP3 Control allows you to download messages from any POP3 server and handles the underlying details of the POP3 protocol, allowing you to focus on the user interface. The IMAP4 Control lets you manage and download messages from any IMAP4 server. The Message object provides all of the building blocks needed for creating advanced Internet Mail applications and supports easy manipulation of simple and complex (hierarchical) MIME messages. The use of supporting objects makes remote mail management easy!

PowerTCP Server Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Server Tool combines two controls that enable the rapid construction of custom server applications. The Server Control targets high-performance server-side use using non-blocking operation. All events include an object reference as the first parameter so the application can easily reference the TCP object that the event pertains to. This tool uses an internal TCP Daemon object and dynamically creates internal TCP objects as each passive connection is automatically accepted. The Service Control allows you to build an application that runs as an NT service.

PowerTCP SNMP Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP SNMP Tool contains Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) version 1 and 2 Agent and Manager Controls with a suite of supporting objects: a Mib Object loads Mib files, an SNMP Message Object encodes/decodes packets, a Trap Object presents Traps, and a Variable Object builds messages. The Manager Control handles the underlying details of the SNMP protocol, allowing you to focus on the user interface and has a built in timeout mechanism so you don't have to implement your own. The Agent Control, used to build SNMP agents, handles all Get/Set requests and error reporting and automatically switches between v1 and v2 messages. The Service Control, used with the Agent Control, can be used to build an SNMP agent that runs as an NT service. The PowerTCP SNMP Tool supports SNMP versions 1 and 2, it reads MIB files and compiles them into easy-to-use objects such as the SNMP Variable objects which is added to a Message object to build packets. With it you build a message by setting properties, adding variables (OIDs) and sending the message. Applications can be written using blocking or non-blocking techniquesm, and scripting languages such as VBScript are fully supported.

PowerTCP SSL Tool
Dart Communications
With the PowerTCP Secure Tool you can automatically authenticate and encrypt/decrypt all data sent and received over the TCP connection using SSL2, SSL3, PCT and TLS. It supports both client and server-side applications, and you can create any Client/Server application that implements secure transactions, knowing that your data is safe from any security risk.

PowerTCP Telnet Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Telnet Tool manages your Telnet, RSHELL, REXEC, and RLOGIN connections. It simplifies the process of using these protocols by providing methods to establish, use, and terminate sessions. By default, communications will block execution of your program, but non-blocking use can be enabled for applications using event-driven communications. Option negotiation will automatically default to a standard set, but the Telnet Tool supports complete control of option negotiation. Full support for scripting languages such as VB Script and improved debugging support are also included.

PowerTCP Web Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Web Tool provides an HTTP control to communicate with Web Servers world-wide using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (HTTP with Secure Socket Layer encryption.) Includes support for URL cracking to identify scheme, remote host, data path, etc.; ability to fetch a complete web page with one method call; control of various security aspects of HTTP/S; full proxy server support including selective bypass, persistent internal cache support for quick second-time page fetches; and applications can be written using blocking or non-blocking techniques. It fully supports scripting languages such as VB Script. (Requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.)

PowerTCP WebServer Tool
Dart Communications
What is the PowerTCP WebServer Tool Control? Think of it as a full-functioning Web Server right on a control. Instead of adding your logic to an existing Web Server engine, you add this "turn-key" Web Server to your application. You have complete control!

:::With WebServer Tool, you can add a web interface to ANY existing application for monitoring and control with fully secure connections supported. You can re-use client/server code from your existing applications and deploy them on any OS from Windows 95 up to Windows 2000. Plus, you'll have no additional licensing fees or run-time dependencies. If you high performance, you can construct your content in memory for blazing speed!

PowerTCP Winsock Tool
Dart Communications
The easy-to-use ActiveX controls of the PowerTCP Winsock Tool provide all the building blocks you need for Internet application development. Superior buffer management, the use of variants supporting String and Byte-array data, and optional blocking use makes this tool exceptionally complete and versatile. Consists of TCP, Daemon, UDP, Ping, DNS, and RAS controls. Includes full support for VB Script and other scripting languages as well as improved debugging support.

Protection PLUS
Concept Software
Protection PLUS is a powerful, flexible software licensing toolkit which allows developers to protect their applications by remotely managing customer access. Protection PLUS gives developers the power to control applications, turn a demo application into a live one, extend a demo, rental or lease for an additional time period and even permits turning on one or more menu options or applications in a suite. There is single user mode and multi-user mode as well as a mechanism that allows modification of the number of allowed network stations.

Quick Tab
Web Integration Lab
Quick Tab is a VB DLL component that allows developers to easily add tab control functions in their ASP applications. It generates 100% HTML output, and no ActiveX is required. It is a royalty-free component and includes the VB source code.

Quick Tree View
Web Integration Lab
Quick Tree View is a VB DLL component that lets you add Treeview controls in your ASP applications. It generates 100% HTML output, and no ActiveX is required. Applications created with QTV enables users to easily navigate web sites.

SSS Inc (formerly CEC, Inc.)
RASClient is a 32-bit ActiveX control designed to encapsulate the Windows 32-bit RASAPI. This client API allows the developer to manipulate 32-bit Dial-Up networking services on Windows 95 and NT. Our control allows you to leverage these services without making messy API calls. It is also the best way to get events (like connection status changes) back from the service into your VB programs.

Make your Crystal Reports available on the web. ReCrystallize allows you to make your Crystal Reports available to your managers, sales force, stockholders, employees and customers on your intranet, extranet, or public web site. Using the options you choose, ReCrystallize generates all the web pages (including JavaScript or ASP code) needed to run your Crystal Reports on the web. If your report requires parameters, it can set them automatically or generate a web page to gather the required information from your users before running the report.

Redei Enterprises
A real 32-bit DLL, REMail DLL works with any 32-bit Windows compiler as well as with VBA. No installation is required, and no registration in the system registry is required. REMail DLL lets you perform a variety of functions, including RAS functions, downloading from the web or from FTP, uploading to FTP, and sending and receiving email.

Pegasus Software
A lightweight, high-performance text display control, RivetText will make your applications stand out from the crowd. It provides fast flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop, in-line images that can be inserted on-the-fly, and rich hypertext interactivity. Since the RivetText control is Internet-enabled, you can load your text and images asynchronously from any TCP or URL address. RivetText supports RTF and plain text, as well as popular image file formats including BMP, TIFF, Targa, GIF, and the fastest JPEG available.

RoboHELP for Microsoft HTML Help
eHelp Corporation
Specialized for creating the new Windows 98 and NT 5.0 Help format (Microsoft HTML Help). You can create an entire HTML Help project from start to finish, as well as leverage existing WinHelp (HLP) files to quickly move them to HTML Help. Offers a pure WYSIWYG authoring environment that supports standard and advanced HTML features such as Dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, inline styles, multi-level bulleted and numbered lists, related topics, frames, information types, tables, and much more.

RoboHELP for WinHelp
eHelp Corporation
Get the industry's best WinHelp support which is used by more professionals worldwide to create high quality, full-featured WinHelp systems. Make your everyday WinHelp authoring easier than ever with the easy-to-use functionality in this major new release. Enhanced WinHelp 2000 offers your WinHelp systems the look and feel of HTML Help with just one mouse click - no need to rewrite anything.

RoboHELP Office
eHelp Corporation
RoboHELP Office is a powerful tool that lets you create full-featured Help systems for your Web site and software applications. This versatile tool automates the Help development process making it fast and easy to create full-featured Help. Simply add a RoboHELP system to your Web site or application to significantly improve usability, reduce support costs, save on development time and increase end user satisfaction

Real X Software
Enhance your email capability, automatically respond to your customer requests, monitor activity on your Web site and more

Software Artisans
SA-FileUp allows users with a web browser to transmit files from their local hard disk to a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server. Files can be of any format, such as Word documents, images or plain text. Developers can use SA-FileUp to receive and process user input, while staying within the context of their Active Server application. SA-FileUp also includes file download and file management components, which allow you to simply and easily download files from the web server to the user's browser, manipulate files, change ACLs and permissions, and register DLLs, all in a single, easy-to-use package.

Sax Comm Objects
Sax Software
Sax Comm Objects is a an easy to use ActiveX control and COM object that lets you add powerful, multi-threaded communications capabilities to your 32-bit windows applications. Sax Comm Objects is upward compatible with the MSComm control that comes with Microsoft Visual Basic and with Crescent's PDQComm. Sax Comm Objects includes modem support, terminal emulation, file transfers, look-up strings, common dialogs and low-level functions. It has full support for Visual Basic 6.0 (32-bit 4.0 and 5.0 are also supported), Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Microsoft Office applications, and Active Server Pages. Sax Comm Objects' CommSpy debugger and its powerful BugTrap feature let you catch errors early and make debugging your application easy and effortless. Now with its new toolbar and common dialogs, Sax Comm Objects provides HyperTerminal functionality in a custom control allowing instant results by just drawing it on your form and clicking Run.

Sax Setup
Sax Software
With Sax Setup 6, your app's installation is ready for the future! New Windows 2000 and Internet support is just the beginning... We've also added features that make it easy to upgrade your existing installations. And the new If Then/Else actions give you total customization power so your setup works exactly the way you want. All Sax products are compatible with VB6

SNMP Agent Discovery Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
SNMP Agent Discovery Control is an ActiveX control that sends an SNMP request to a range of IP node addresses at a port that you specify and builds a list from those nodes that respond. If the SNMP agent implements the MIB-II system group, this control retrieves all information about the agent.

SNMP AgentBuilder VB Professional Studio
NuDesign Team, Inc
SNMP AgentBuilder for VB is an SNMP v1 agent simulator running as a Visual Basic application. Its main purpose is to shorten the time needed to develop SNMP management applications. Developers of such applications must often wait for work on an SNMP agent to be finished before they can test their application, and are left with little time to meet a release deadline. How can SNMP AgentBuilder for VB help? You can use SNMP AgentBuilder for VB to build a test SNMP agent that employs the same MIB that will eventually be implemented in the target agent. In five minutes, your simulated SNMP agent will be up and running with MIB objects initialized to their default values. By simply checking an option, you can even have one row in each table automatically created.

SNMP Management Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This control manages the requirements for making SNMP v1 and v2 requests to SNMP agents from your application. Like all our other controls, it is easy to use from any C++, VB or browser-based application. The following management side SNMP functionality is provided by this control. All requests are non-blocking and implement a retransmission policy.

Get Request :::GetNext Request :::Set Request :::Open/Close sessions :::Create/Delete Varbinds :::A retransmission policy for the above functions :::A Timeout event for no response :::A Reponse event for responses from the agent

SNMP MIB Loader Component
NuDesign Team, Inc
NMP MIB Loader Component is an ActiveX component that parses v1/v2 SMI MIBs and generates collections of MIB objects: imports, textual conventions, MIB nodes, and sequences. Each object in a collection has properties as stipulated in the SMI specification. That is, each MIB node has parent, access, syntax, and description content; event comments in the MIB are associated with the object that follows it in the MIB. This component is ideal for use in any application that must present, navigate, or in any other way interact with an SNMP MIB.

SNMP Trap Receiver Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This powerful yet easy to use control receives SNMP v1/v2 traps. Upon reception of a trap, the SNMP packet is decoded and an event notification is sent to the container. This control can be configured to receive traps on ports other than 162 (the default receive trap port). On Windows NT and 2000, the control can be initialized to receive traps from the Windows SNMP Trap Service and pass them on to the application. With this control the traps can be received on Windows 95/98/NT and 2000.

SNMP Trap Sender Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This powerful control will allow your application to send SNMP v1/v2 traps to a network manager. It can be used to send traps on ports other than 162 (the default receive trap port). With this control the traps can be sent from Windows 95/98/NT and 2000.

Catalyst Development Corporation
The SocketTools Visual Edition consists of 16-bit VBX and 16/32-bit ActiveX (OCX) controls for visual development environments. Nineteen controls provide client interfaces for the major application protocols such as the File Transfer Protocol (ftp), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (email), Domain Name Service (dns) and Telnet.

:::The SocketTools Library Edition packages eighteen of the controls found in the Visual Edition as a DLL. Each DLL is documented with an API that can be accessed by any Windows language. The package includes samples written in VC++, Clarion and VB. ::::::The Sockettools Enterprise Edition is a combination of the Visual and Library Editions that offers the best of both worlds for the developer who needs visual controls, as well the flexibility of dynamic-link libraries. The Enterprise Edition includes licenses for two developers and a 1-year subscription to the Premium Support Package. ::::::SocketTools Secure Editions are collections of controls that supports secure data connections over the Internet or a local network. They include client interfaces for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-compliant versions of popular application protocols PLUS all the standard Visual Edition components (in SocketTools Secure Visual Edition) and DLLs (in the SocketTools Secure Library Edition)from the standard editions. SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition offers the best of both worlds for the corporate developer who needs visual controls for rapid application development, as well as the power and flexibility of DLLs for developing core application systems.:::

Seapine Software
SoloSubmit allows an unlimited number of users and customers to submit bug reports and feature requests to your TestTrack Pro databases from their web browsers. Customize SoloSubmit to match the look and feel of your web site. Documentation is included with TestTrack Pro.

Source + 2000
AxTools / E-Lite Enterprises
AxTools Source+ 2000 brings the real VB components reusability to your fingertips through a powerful manager with extremely versatile code and designer components import/export (including private controls), powerful wizards integrated in both VB/VBA and a high quality components library of more than 25,000 lines of code updateable through the Internet.

SourceGear Corporation

SourceOffSite is a true client/server solution designed to provide quick and reliable access to a SourceSafe database from remote locations. The SourceOffSite Client provides an interface that closely resembles Visual SourceSafe Explorer, allowing users to perform most SourceSafe operations in a familiar fashion. SourceOffSite Professional Edition offers support for encryption of passwords and files to protect your data as it travels across the Internet. The product is easy to install and has been specifically designed to work over dialup TCP/IP. :::

Pegasus Software
SuiteFace Create powerful, visually-engaging applications with SuiteFace. These user-interface controls provide image display, custom scrollbars, background graphics and much more, with precise object layering, full-screen transitions, animations, and internet download. SuiteFace also includes RivetText, a lightweight, high-performance rich text display control, featuring flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop and rich hypertext interactivity.

Perseus Development Corporation
Using SurveySolutions you can design professional surveys quickly, distribute them via the Web or e-mail, collect responses automatically, analyze the results, and create presentations of results instantly. When you want to improve customer satisfaction, identify market opportunities, measure web site effectiveness, poll an audience, do a course evaluation or address employee satisfaction, SurveySolutions delivers the information you need.

TestTrack Pro
Seapine Software
TestTrack is an advanced bug tracking solution for all Visual Basic programmers. Features like SoloBug, receiving bug reports via e-mail, sending e-mail notifications, handling duplicate bugs as single bug reports, automatically generating product release notes, attaching files to bug reports, etc. make TestTrack the best choice to save you time and money, and improve the quality of your products. TestTrack Pro is the newest addition to the top-selling TestTrack product line. TestTrack Pro is a client/server version of TestTrack, offering ODBC databse access, customizable fields, high scalability, access from Windows and web browser-based clients.

LogiGear Corporation
TRACKGEAR is a Web-based bug tracking solution that is powerful, flexible, and simple to use. It offers custom workflow, e-mail notification, meaningful metrics, and attachment features and supports multiple projects while maintaining security at user, group, and project levels. Create unique queries with its flexible search tools. TRACKGEAR's intuitive interface lets you access any information with just a few clicks, and it supports any client platform with Netscape Navigator 4.x or MS Explorer 4.x.

True WebChart
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True WebChart gives you the same charting power as Olectra Chart but in an ASP environment. True WebChart can generate different types of output, depending on the abilities of the requesting browser. Using Microsoft Visual InterDev, you can load the True WebChart component and right away create charts for your ASP pages.

TX Text Control
The Imaging Source America / DBS GmbH
The TX Text Control is the most versatile word processing component available to handle MS Word, HTML and RTF documents. If you need a complete word processor for intranet applications, a desktop publisher with free text positioning and free text flow or a hypertext application, TX Text Control is the perfect choice. TX Text Control is very compact, fast, reliable, and compatible with Microsoft's Edit Control, but it also offers you all the functions of a WYSIWYG word processor.

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
UpdateLive is a utility you ship with your application that keeps your software and data current. It can be run at the end of an install kit to check your web site for updates. It can be run from a start menu, allowing your users to update anytime. And it can be run at system startup to check for updates on a daily basis.

VectorDraw Viewer-Net
Add to your application or your web site the ability to view and print DWG, DXF, VDI, VDF formats. Supports hyperlinks and tooltips when picking or moving over drawing entities. Automatic open new urls or even downloading and displaying new drawings. Supports drawing manipulation functions including Zoom, Pan, Print/Print preview, Layer manage, Hide, Render and many more!

Visual MIBrowser
NuDesign Team, Inc
This easy-to-use Windows application allows a user to perform Get, Set, or Walk operations on auto-discovered SNMP v1 or v2 agents. This powerful utility is a must for anyone who is managing and/or developing SNMP-related applications or agents. Visual MIBrowser provides: SNMP communication with agents, Import facility for enterprise MIBs, Auto-discovery of SNMP agents on the network, ASN.1 notation of an object for handy reference, Abililty to save the most commonly used queries, and Ability to save results in text files for use in other programs.

Visual MIBuilder
NuDesign Team, Inc

This Windows application allows a user to design, build and manage an SNMP MIB in minutes. No background in ASN.1 notation is required -- simply point and click. This powerful utility will import an existing MIB for modification or create a new one. A guaranteed time-saver for both experienced and new users. Visual MIBuilder provides: Easy-to-use visual MIB building, Drag and drop manipulation of groups, tables, objects, Copying and replicating objects in seconds, Syntax checking built-in, Import for any standard SMI MIB, Output of bullet-proof MIBs every time, and Conformity with [all] ASN.1 conventions for SNMP v1 and v2 MIBs. :::

VisualSoft Cart
VisualSoft Technologies
Create your online storefront on the Internet with VisualSoft Cart. Implement in hours for a fraction of the cost. This Cart component provides store front "cart" tools that integrate with e-commerce sites for generic shopping cart manipulation. The technology used to create VisualSoft Cart is based 100% on Microsoft Active Server Pages. The component enables adding to, removing from and replacing items in the shopping cart while the customer continues shopping or even before placing an order.

VisualSoft FileUpload
VisualSoft Technologies

This is a server side component that allows users with a web browser to transmit files from their local hard disk to a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Web Server. It is an Active Server Component that can be used in Active Server Pages (ASPs). VisualSoft FileUpload allows users to send files of any format such as Word Documents, Images, EXEs or Plain Texts. :::

VisualSoft FTP
VisualSoft Technologies
This client side component allows users with a web browser or EXE to transfer files from their local hard disk to an FTP server. Since it's a COM Object, you can use it in all COM supporting Languages such as Active Server Pages (ASPs), VB, VC, etc. Transfer the files of any format, including Word documents, images, EXEs, or plain text

VisualSoft HTTP
VisualSoft Technologies
This is a client side component that allows users to receive a file from an HTTP server. It is a COM component that can be used in any COM supporting Languages as well as in Active Server Pages (ASPs). A developer can create a VisualSoft HTTP object and then use its methods. This product supports the offline feature similar to the one found in Microsoft IE5. You do not need to include bulky MFC DLLs which, in turn, speeds up file transfer. Proxy support is also available.

VisualSoft Mail
VisualSoft Technologies
This is a SMTP Client component that can be used to send mails to a given recipient. ASP as well as VB programmers can use this component. The component can be used to send attachments in the following formats: plain text files (.txt), word documents (.doc), images (.jpeg, .gif), excel files (.xls) and executables (.exe). The component also supports CC, bCC and coma separated multiple recipients.

VivaTexte Multipage Browser ActiveX Control
An exciting new product which has been called "...a channel changer for the Internet", The Vivatexte multipage browser is an ActiveX control that enhances any Internet Explorer and lets developers add and customize multipage browser support to both standalone applications and web pages. Ideal for Intranets, HTML Help, Web link pages and computer based training.

VFit Technologies
With the advent of the Web, most software companies are moving their applications to Web-based, component-based applications. Visual Studio, with its Windows DNA, makes it easy to create distributed web applications. With the component-based approach gaining momentum, the process of building multiple components (ActiveX DLL, ActiveX EXE, ActiveX Controls) become complex and time consuming. Also, handling GUID's in Visual Basic projects becomes a nightmare for developers. VSBuilder addresses these concerns by automating the build process and resolving GUID problems in Visual Basic.

Web on Windows (WOW)
WOW turns the Internet Explorer ActiveX control (IEX) into the ultimate programmable ActiveX control. Embed IEX in your VB programs and receive HTML events such as mouse clicks back in your code. WOW enhances IEX so you can do things you cannot do with the raw IEX control, such as disable the context menu and control the window border. WOW can seamlessly work with EzStor files to store all of your program's HTML/graphic content in a single file. Also works with our HSP product to turn IEX into the ultimate programmable ActiveX control.

D.M.F. Systems Corporation

WebRainbow is a CGI tool for Visual Basic that lets VB developers write Web Server Independent dynamic web page content directly. The CGI script is written once, but works for all major web servers running on Windows 2000/NT/9x. WebRainbow uses Static / Dynamic Separation technology and makes dynamic web page development easy. :::

Webster Pro Control
Home Page Software
A World Wide Web and local HTML browsing solution, complete with configurable tool and status bars, which can be used in any development environment that supports OCX Controls (also known as ActiveX or OLE controls). These include Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, FoxPro, Borland Delphi, C++ builder, Clarion, Lotus Notes, Approach and many others.

Webster Pro retrieves and displays HTML from local files, an Intranet or the Internet. Most HTML 3 features and extensions are supported, including Frames, background sound and in-line video. :::

WebX Server
Future Wave Tech Inc.
Adding WebX Server to your application allows you to have a customizable ActiveX HTTP Server built into your application. Writing dynamic web pages or adding web based access to you application will never been this easy. WebX Server allows you to easily add web based administration/configuration, client access, and reporting features to existing applications while reusing existing subroutines, functions and classes. And the best part, you can do all this while still working the development environment of your choice, whether it is Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, or any environment that supports ActiveX controls.

DataWizard Technologies
WinsockQ is an ActiveX DLL component that provides simplified access to Winsock and TCP/IP without sacrificing reliabillity, flexibility, or speed. WinsockQ will allow developers to build internet/intranet server applications like FTP, Telnet, POP3/SMTP, HTTP, or any type of custom TCP/IP server or client quickly. Additionally, WinsockQ provides developers with a head start by including several commercial quality applications (with source code), built using WinsockQ. These applications include an Internet Search Engine, an RPC component for VB, an SMTP Mail Component, and a Web Community Chat Client and Server among others. These applications are intended to show the developer how to use the product's object model effectively, as well provide some value added knowledge on how to perform tasks like sending SMTP mail.

Wintertree Spelling Server
Wintertree Software, Inc.
Add a spelling checker to your ASP-based forms with Wintertree Spelling Server. Wintertree Spelling Server has the power you need to process spelling requests on high-traffic Web sites and intranets.

xAuthorize, LLC
xAuthorize is an ActiveX component that enables developers to incorporate real-time credit card processing into their programs or websites within a matter of minutes. xAuthorize is compatible with various types of programming environments. The component also supports some of the largest credit card processors in the world including Authorize.Net, Cybercash, ECX, and Planet Payment.

Xceed FTP Library
Xceed Software
The Xceed FTP Library is a high-performance ActiveX control that allows developers to easily add FTP capabilities to their Windows or web applications. It provides access to the complete functionality of the FTP protocol, is feature rich and firewall friently, can work in the background and uses Winsock 2-for best performance.

Xceed Winsock Library
Xceed Software
The Xceed Winsock Library is a COM/ActiveX library designed to offer effortless access to the complete Winsock 2 networking API. It allows you to write efficient, scalable networking code without spending weeks or months developing the low-level code and expertise needed to properly use Winsock 2. The Xceed Winsock Library is the only COM library that lets you write protocol-independent networking code. That means that your applications can automatically work with different protocols as needed - including new and emerging protocols such as IPv6. Gone are the days of IP, UDP or TCP-only programming. .

Finer Technologies
XLS2HTML is a developer COMponent for converting Microsoft Excel workbooks to HTML. XLS2HTML is a VB/ASP friendly component, and is great for: providing real time reporting on a customer web site or internal intranet, document imaging systems, website content conversion, and batch conversions for archival. XLS2HTML is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, XLS2HTML is great at preserving existing document format, including all worksheets.

Massinissa Software
OCX & DLL which allows one or more valid Excel 97/2000 input files to be converted into HTML format. Because XlToHtml uses Excel 97/2000 OLE automation objects, these input files can be XLS, XLT, ... extensions. List of files to be converted are held in a string array which can be populated calling the OpenFileDialog method or by simply declaring a dynamic array and filling it with list of files. Once the file array is generated, passing it as an argument to the ConvertToHtml method and supplying the output folder as another argument will convert those files into HTML format. XlToHtml handles multiple sheets per Excel files and can create one HTM file per sheet. XlToHtml OCX can be used in any environment which support activeX control technology such as VC++, VB, Visual Foxpro and Delphi. XlToHtml DLL is an ASP compatible version of XlToHtml OCX and is therefore fully scriptable in environments such as Visual Interdev.

SoftQuad Software, Inc.
SoftQuad XMetaL, the premier enabler for XML-based content applications, has the power and flexibility you need to create and work with XML content in a real world production environment. Combining state-of-the-art XML editing features and the ideal front-end to your applications, XMetaL makes it easy for your entire user base to create content. Whether you're developing innovative XML-based applications in Web publishing, knowledge management or e-commerce or simply looking for a more flexible editor for an existing document solution, XMetaL provides the power and versatility you need to create the content that powers your XML applications.

Vervet Logic
XML Pro v2.0, the latest release of the popular eXtensible Markup Language editor offers the same clean, easy to use interface as previous versions, and includes a host of new features, including: Drag and Drop, Undo, Cutting and Pasting of Elements, Ability to Change Document Encoding and much, much more. Additionally, XML Pro v2.0 features the IBM XML4J parser, offering solid support for the W3C Document Object Model and the SAX interface. Using the IBM parser, XML Pro integrates well with customized XML solutions for the enterprise. .

Persits Software
XUpload is the revolutionary upload ActiveX control which provides features not found in the traditional form-based uploading, such as a progress bar, multiple file selection, etc.