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Entisoft Tools
Entisoft Tools is a function library of over 1500 financial, string manipulation, text processing, data structures, mathematical, engineering, deques & queues and other functions. Entisoft Tools integrates seamlessly with all aspects of the Microsoft Visual Basic IDE and Microsoft programs that support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Entisoft Tools uses features you're already accustomed to (like the Object Browser, IntelliSense, AutoCompletion and Windows Help). The Professional Edition includes the complete source code

Factory Foundation Classes
First Factory, Inc
The Factory Foundation Classes (FFC) v1.0 is an ActiveX Class Library that wraps over 275 non-GUI Win32 API calls. The FFC allows you to access the functionality of Windows in an Object Oriented fashion so that you no longer have to wrestle with the complexities of the Win32 API. The FFC provides Class wrappers for the following Win32 API functionality: Atom Tables, Communications, File Compression & Decompression, Event Logging, File Systems, Hooks, Mailslots, Memory Mapping, Pipes, Process Status Helper (PSAPI), Registry, Services, System Information, Time & Timers and User Profiles.

TeraTech, Inc.
FinLib/VB is a great compliation of functions to make everything from calculating simple interest to bond calculations easy! It has 65 Financial Functions and contains source code and formulas for you to learn and customize. FinLib/VB has functions for both beginning programmers and financial wizards. The Quick Basic and Power Basic versions are included free! Check out what FinLib/VB can do for you, take a look at our manual

John Galt
ForecastX SDK is an ActiveX that allows you to add forecasting and time series analysis to your applications. Forecasting includes moving average, several exponential smoothing methods, linear regression, multiple regression, Box Jekins, multivariate analysis and over 30 supporting statistics.

dLesko, Inc.
FUNCky for Visual Basic is one of those toolkits you never outgrow because it does the things you don't even know you need to do because you haven't done them yet! Absolutely hundreds and hundreds of powerful general-purpose routines and dozens upon dozens of specialized objects make your daily programming grind a breeze. We all know that sooner or later, you have to write some code - and with FUNCky for Visual Basic, that code will be powerful, simple, elegant, and even FUN!

IC Code Librarian
IC Add-Ins, Inc.
IC Code Librarian 2000 is an add-in for VB and VBA programmers that runs under VB 5.0/6.0 and VBA 5.0/6.0. IC Code Librarian 2000 is a fast, intelligent, easy to use, and affordable source code librarian. ICCL utilizes its trademark IntelliCoupling™ technology to automatically load from or save to the library, with one click, any source code item and any other code items coupled to it. ICCL includes all the standard types of functionality (string handling, subclassing of form and control objects, sorting and searching, find-and-replace, data structures, database management, file I/O, Windows registry manipulation, and so on) available today.

:::This sample code is built around topics that either have been or will be written about in VBA programming articles. The articles provide in-depth explanations of how the various categories of source code in the Librarian work.

Chisel Software
Enhance your COM-based database application. JetPack is a collection of ActiveX components that provides database functionality such as visual querying, table designing, import/export, searching, and more. Most of JetPack's components are non-visual and lightweight, and they will help you take control of your database application.

Math Point MFXLibs
Math Point Ltd.
Specifically designed for ActiveX, the Math Point MFXLibs numerical libraries are an essential tool for developers of high-end applications who want to unravel the power of Visual Basic. The Math Point MFXLibs libraries consist of more than 650 carefully documented and easy-to-use numerical routines for Visual Basic. The underlying algorithms are the classical, time-honored and unsurpassed FORTRAN packages that have been developed during the last 40 years and are part of all the professional numerical software distributed today. What makes the MFXLibs distribution unique is the exclusive focus on ActiveX and Visual Basic, the documentation and the careful exception handling.

TeraTech, Inc.
If you have any math, engineering, or statistical problem in your program, the chances are it is already solved in Pro Math/VB! It has 240 plug-in math solutions along with full explanations, formulae, and source code! Pro Math/VB offers extensive statistics/regression support and a new Dynamic expression evaluator. For even more information, check out our manual

Stamina from MicroDexterity is a library over 400 fast 32-bit assembly language routines for sorting, searching, parsing, dates, bit manipulation, string handling, etc. It uses simple DLL calls and was written for VB programmers, no assembler knowledge needed. Smart, fast and agile...it'll make your applications scream!

TK Solver
Universal Technical Systems Inc.

TK Solver, one of the longest-lived product names in PC software, is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The mathematical modeling and knowledge management Tool Kit was first released in 1983 by the developers of the first spreadsheet. TK Solver 4 advances distributed applications, deployment of knowledge bases on the World Wide Web and intranets, and enterprise computing. TK was and is a rule-based declarative environment for creating mathematical models and solving them multidirectionally. :::

Total VB Statistics
FMS, Inc

Need to perform statistical analysis? Trying to analyze large data sets or crunch numbers beyond the simple functions in SQL? Afraid you're going to have to write and test your own complex math functions? Look no further! Total VB Statistics lets you add advanced statistical analysis to your VB applications. Easily run a regression, or calculate percentiles, t-tests, correlations, and confidence intervals. Quickly generate frequency distributions, probability values, ANOVA group analysis, crosstabs, Chi-Square, and non-parametric analysis. All these and more are available in Total VB Statistics. :::

UCalc Fast Math Parser
Allows programs to evaluate algebraic expressions which are defined at runtime. It includes direct support for Delphi, VC++, Borland C++ Builder, and PowerBASIC, in addition to Visual Basic. It also supports unlimited user functions and variables, callbacks to functions in your source-code, strings, customizable syntax, extended precision, and more.

VBMaximizer extends the Visual Basic IDE with over 70 new commands and a full-featured Code Librarian that lets you categorize, search, bookmark, and annotate your procedures and comes with a library of 500+ super-optimized, ready-to-use routines. VBMaximizer includes an improved find-and-replace that searches multiple projects and controls' properties, control naming policies, a string extractor for spell-checking or localization, template-based code generators for error handling, property stylesheets for controls, a wizard to create inherited classes, easier control management with automatic TabIndex and hotkeys arrangements. Everything packed in a 800K fast and resourse-savvy DLL. Source code available (Enterprise edition only).

Massinissa Software
VBToolBox is a COM-based component covering over 30 API functions, shelled into an easy-to-use interface. Add functionality into your VB applications with minimum coding that previously required you to master C++! If you use API libraries in your VB6 projects, this component will save you a lot of time.

Visual DLL
Simply Solutions Development Corp.
Generate true Microsoft Windows Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) from your Visual Basic app or collection of routines with Visual DLL. It supports any development environment or application capable of calling Microsoft Windows DLLs and also supports both 16- and 32-bit modes!