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3D Data Map ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
3D Data Map ActiveX control provides a means to create, use, save, and open 3d surface data as typically used in efficiency maps, etc. The x, y grid is regular but need not be square. Interpolated Z values can be retrieved using the InterpZ method and a valid x,y point.

Nevron LLC
The 3DClock 5.0 is an ActiveX component used to display 2D and 3D clocks. It supports digital and analog clocks and can be synchronized with local machine date and time presentation parameters.

Blue Squirrel
A$PCharge works with VBScript, VBA, Visual Basic, or any other language that will communicate with an ActiveX object. Simply tell A$PCharge which processor you are using, the credit card number and expiration date, and tell it to clear the credit card. When A$PCharge finishes communicating with the credit card processing network, ask A$PCharge whether the credit card cleared. If an error occurs, you can use A$PCharge's predefined error messages, or you can use A$PCharge's numeric error codes and give your own customized messages.

Ace Toolbar includes 16-bit OCX and 32-bit ActiveX controls for creating a wide variety of active toolbars, including but not limited to Internet Explorer 3.0, Office 97, and other innovative toolbars. You can also use AceToolbar as a versatile button control.

Data Dynamics
ActiveBar gives you and your users complete control over toolbar & menu appearance and functionality. ActiveBar is a 32-bit ActiveX control that lets you effortlessly create dockable toolbars, detachable menus, tabbed toolboxes, and sliding tabs. The ActiveBar designer reduces development time by providing an integrated toolbar/menu design environment.

Logic Dreams
ActiveFolders is an ActiveX control very useful for the representation and the visualization of hierarchical data using an explorer-like style. It seems to be the ideal solution for the representation of all the models based on hierarchical-structured data or to render relational-structured data by a hierarchical model.

Logic Dreams
ActiveGrid is an ActiveX control very useful for the representation and the visualization of hierarchical data through a tree representation of the data structures and an exploration of the contents using a specialized grid. It seems to be the ideal solution for the representation of all the models based on hierarchical-structured data that needs a more sophisticated data management.

Infragistics, Inc
ActiveListBar is a 32-bit ActiveX control that lets you easily create client/server applications with the look and feel of Microsoft Office 97's Outlook Bar. ActiveListBar includes such features as sliding groups, enabling you to group icons into a logical subset for enhanced accessability; facilities that enhance web applications like asynchronous download and PNG compression.

Fath Software Inc
ActiveMP3 is a stand-alone OCX you can use as a fully functional MP3 player. It has volume control and ability to convert MP3 files to WAV sound files.

Data Dynamics
For professional Windows developers who need to provide automatic form sizing, splitting, scrolling, and form hosting within their business applications, ActiveSizer delivers complete functionality in an easy-to-use designer. Unlike other sizer controls, ActiveSizer combines these four popular control functions into one. ActiveSizer automatically sizes control fonts to match the scaling ratio and behaves as a group control with a variety of border and bevel settings. Multiple horizontal and vertical splitters can be specified independently. ActiveSizer supports 3D, flat and pager scrollbars. You can use form hosting (subforms) to create wizard layouts and reuse the same forms in different settings

ActiveSuite Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveSuite Plus is a collection of four products from Sheridan's ActiveSuite Series product line. It is a high-quality package that delivers the look and feel of Microsoft Office 97 and 2000 at a low price. Included in the suite are: ActiveThreed Plus, ActiveListBar, ActiveTreeView, and ActiveToolBars Plus.

ActiveThreed Plus
Infragistics, Inc
ActiveThreed Plus is a set of 11 32-bit ActiveX controls that give your applications the look and feel of Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet Explorer. ActiveThreed Plus now includes a powerful new Resizing control and the ability to create irregularly (nonrectangular) shaped controls, buttons, forms and splash screens. The SSSplitter control is also enhanced to allow forms to be dropped into the panes it creates. ActiveThreed Plus also includes four new controls SSResizer, SSScroll, SSSplash, and SSTransition

Infragistics, Inc
ActiveTreeView™ extends the common Microsoft® TreeView with a host of upgraded features, allowing the developer to display a pleasing, graphical tree, incorporating sound, colors, fonts and images. Our unique approach to providing a variety of methods for fetching and navigating data make Infragistics' ActiveTreeView ideal for large and small databases.

Aegis Database Monitor Add-on
Abacus Systems
This add on to Aegis Help Desk allows you to monitor an incident database for new incidents, closed incidents and responses in the last N minutes. You can also notify selected users when the number of new incidents added, closed or number of responses is more than a specified number in the last N minutes

Aegis Escalation Add-on
Abacus Systems
The Escalation Add-On to Aegis Help Desk allows you to escalate an incident if it is not closed, or if the last response has passed a specified interval. Escalation can be system wide, specific to each client or each incident. You can define how to exclude incidents from being escalated, which fields to update and how they should be updated. You can also notify selected users when an incident has been escalated.

Aegis Help Desk
Abacus Systems
Aegis is a full-featured help desk and defect tracking system. It is very easy to use, intuitive, affordable and packed with features Help Desk users have come to rely on. Aegis simplifies the process of providing a high level of service to your customers. It is a painless approach to providing a high level of support and service to your clients. The standard package can be used out of the box. With it's customization capabilities, it can be easily setup to track any incidents reported by clients and internal staff.

Agendum Software
AgDigital allows you to add digital counters, timers and display capabilities to your applications WITHOUT using a timer control! With 8 presets built in, AgDigital gives you the flexibility to create many type of applications requiring digital display!

Aircraft ActiveX Library
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Aircraft ActiveX Library is a bundle of four (4) aircraft-specific custom controls designed for developers interested in creating games, simulations, or cockpit emulations. These controls include the Aircraft Dynamics, Aircraft Instruments, Joystick, and Moving Map ActiveX controls. Packaged together to provide customers with an economical and powerful set of tools for aircraft-related applications.

Aircraft Instruments ActiveX
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Aircraft Instruments ActiveX Control displays 12 small aircraft flight instruments including air speed indicator, altimeter, artificial horizon, automatic direction finder, climb rate indicator, compass, course indicator, heading indicator, horizontal situation indicator, omni-bearing indicator, radio magnetic indicator, and turn coordinator. It utilizes dynamic property pages and is self-registering. It is used by every branch of the US Military and every large commercial aircraft manufacturer. In fact, the Aircraft Instruments ActiveX has been licensed throughout the world as the only commercially available Aircraft-specific instrumentation suite in ActiveX format.

AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The AlphaNumeric LED ActiveX Control provides a highly customizable digital display. Its dynamic property pages provide full control of the control's sizes, colors and bitmaps. It may be used to display either numeric or alphanumeric values. With its data-aware features, the AlphaNumeric LED is an ideal element for technical interfaces.

Angular Gauge ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Angular Gauge ActiveX Control is a multi-purpose, highly customizable angular gauge custom control. Its dynamic property pages provide a powerful tool for designing gauges with full control of scales, needles, fonts, captions, annulars, hubs and tics. With its data-aware and mouse input features, AGauge is an ideal display element for technical interfaces.

AppForge, Inc.
AppForge software is fueling the handheld revolution. It lets you create applications for PDAs and other Palm OS® devices using Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0®. It's incredibly powerful and easy to use. AppForge software supports products made by Palm, Handspring, Sony, Symbol, Kyocera, TRG, and others. Think it. Build it. It's that easy!

ASP FileFunctions Object
Jeroen Ritmeijer
ASP FileFunctions Object is a component that exposes almost every feature needed to manipulate files and folders on the hard drive to supplement limitations in IIS. It allows you to retrieve file lists, sort them by many criteria, and manipulate files and directories (move, copy, rename, and delete).

Stonebroom Software
ASPointer makes it easy to access and update XML, HTML, ASP and similarly-structured files directly on the server, without having to load them into a browser or other client application. It reads the file on disk and returns the selected content as a string that can be manipulated using script or code. The component can also automatically replace all matching instances in the target document with new content that you specify.

Calendar Tools
DBI Technologies Inc.
Calendar Tools consists of five calendaring components including the flagship component ctCalendar. Display time by day, week, month, or year with this scrolling virtual calendar. ctCalendar offers definable start and end dates, drag and drop functionality, image, color, and printing capability, for complete user controlled presentation. ctDropDate makes its debut in Calendar Tools offering a fully functional drop down monthly calendar ideal for easy date selection and navigation. Also packaged in Calendar Tools are month and year components for added presentation options. ctMonth supports drag and drop, images, colors, printing and multiple selection of dates. ctYear offers multiple display options to meet your interface requirements.

Calendar Widgets
Infragistics, Inc
Calendar Widgets includes most of the features of a high-quality commercial personal information manager, but in a component form! Four separate controls cover every aspect of time and date input and management. Calendar Widgets has StyleSet design templates to speed formatting display of dates and days of the week and it has reusable components for date and time management.

CCS Colman Computer
Build professional applications using a single component on your forms. ccsMultiControl incorporates nine different types of forms controls including Text Box, Check Box, Combo Box, Date/Time, Radio Buttons, and more. ccsMultiControl allows you to specify a caption for each control on your form without needing to add a separate Label control. Combo Boxes are automatically formatted to adjust to the maximum width of the contained data.

CFD HTC Mapper ActiveX
CAE Power Tools
The CFD HTC Mapper Finite Element Results ActiveX control makes using Heat Transfer Coefficients from Computation Fluid Dynamics in downstream thermal analyses easy. HTC results are usually exported from the CFD package in the form:

X,Y,Z,HTC :::1,0,0,0,0 :::2,0.013555,0,0,3.07E-10 :::3,0.02711,0,0,5.19E-10 :::CFD HTC Mapper Finite Element Results ActiveX control provides a way to map the HTC results from the CFD analysis onto the structural mesh (coarser). It provides no import or export facility - that is left up to you, using the controls methods and properties.

Code Co-Op
Reliable Software
Code Co-op is an excellent Version Control System that offers many benefits that you don't typically realize with other VCSs. You can collaborate with developers on and off site by using your existing infrastructure. There is no need to purchase a costly server system. Also, development doesn't have to stop when your away from the network. Program from anywhere at anytime and synch with your team the next time you get connected.

SoftInterface, Inc
CompareFilesX (CFX) is an ActiveX component designed to help you quickly add a file and directory comparator utility to your applications. Comparing of text files is encountered often in all areas of software programming. A key feature of this OCX is that it runs on a separate thread, allowing the end users' application to continue functioning in a responsive manner.

Young Software Works
See website for details.

#ifdef Software, Inc.
crondSys is a robust, Enterprise-capable, Windows NT/2000 batch-scheduling system that allows users to schedule the execution of Windows NT-based commands and programs at specified dates and times. It's easy to use, has flexible scheduling options and is tightly integrated with Windows NT and Windows 2000. Its abundance of management features make crondSys an excellent choice for NT-based Enterprise Scheduling.

Crystal Reports (formerly Seagate Crystal Reports)
Crystal Decisions
Whether it's web reporting that leverages existing skills, flexible report integration within applications, or presentation-quality reports from any database, Crystal Reports does it all. Its page-on-demand, thin-wire architecture ensures superior Web response time. New for VB developers are an Automation Server interface to the Crystal Report Engine; event/call back support; the ability to create UFLs in VB; enhanced grid support; and reporting off application data and memory blocks. Check out the "Press Release" for information on the new Report Designer Component!

Data Lookup - The List Box Killer
Appsoft (Pty) Ltd
Is a lot of your development time spent writing search boxes or do you have speed issues when incorporating list boxes into your applications e.g. Customer and Item Lookups? You need Data Lookup - The List Box Killer. Cut down your development time and add value to your application with this intelligent, easy to use search control.

Placer Group, Inc
DataMiner is the ideal application for converting text style documents into a more workable tabular format. Any Text or RTF file that has repeating elements can be converted. DataMiner even has special features for converting multiple documents into one file. DataMiner is also an excellent tool for researchers or anyone wanting to consolidate text based documentation into a more workable tabular format. DataMiner is the industrial strength software utility for data mining and text parsing.

Infragistics, Inc
The DataTable grid component, with its cutting-edge OLE DB/ADO binding support, continues to be the leading choice for both VB and ASP developers alike. DataTable requires no coding to bind to hierarchical recordsets to produce the industry-standard Microsoft-style user interface for data display. Also included are Currency, Date Edit with drop-down calendar, Mask Edit Numeric and Time Edit components that may be used stand-alone or as in-cell editors for DataTable. Completing this feature-rich component set are the ProtoView drop-in replacement ListBox & ComboBox.

dBest Barcode Font Library for Windows
HALLoGram Publishing
dBest Barcode Fonts are royalty-free, Windows TrueType fonts that may be displayed and printed from any Windows product. Code 39, Interleaved 2/5, Code 128, UPC/EAN/JAN, POSTNET and Codabar styles are supported. You have complete control over the actual width of each bar code with Narrow, Medium and Wide fonts for each style.

DDF Sniffer
Pervasive Software, Inc.
DDF Snifer allows you to build DDfs for undocumented Btrieve files. If you dont know the structure of your Btrieve data files, dont worry. DDF Snifer was designed to help you analyze and document these files so you can easily build the necessary DDFs.

Borland International
See web site for details.

DevPartner Remote Agent
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
DevPartner Remote Agent provides the ability to analyze applications or components running on machines that do not have DevPartner developer tools installed. No longer are you limited to obtaining information from a single machine for debugging and testing purposes.

DewNT is an active server component that allows users to change their NT Domain password from a web page. It also allows administrators to add users from a web page. DewNT was formerly known as passwdisapi.

Finer Technologies
DOC2HTML is a formless ActiveX DLL for converting various document formats to HTML. Currently, DOC2HTML will convert Microsoft Word .DOC, Rich Text Format .RTF, ASCII Text .TXT and various other popular formats. DOC2HTML uses Microsoft Word for part of its functionality, and as a result, MS Word 2000 is REQUIRED to be installed on the server the component will be used on.

Finer Technologies
Doc2TXT will convert popular file formats such as .DOC, .RTF, .WP* and almost any other format that Microsoft Word will support. Doc2TXT is a VB/ASP friendly component, and is great for: Providing real time reporting on a customer web site or internal intranet, website content conversion, and batch conversions for archival. Doc2TXT is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, Doc2TXT is great at preserving existing document format, as well as included images.

dt Search Corporation
dtSearch 5.2 has two dozen text search options, works with ALL popular file types, and displays highlighted hits & images. dtSearch Web adds instant searching to your site, with point and click set-up, on-the-fly conversion to HTML, “hit” highlighting in browser, and preservation of HTML links & images. dtSearch Engine adds power searching to your PC, LAN or NET product, with extensive sample source code (including for dtSearch Web), support for VB, Vis C++, C++, Delphi, ActiveX, ASP and more.

Data Dynamics
DynamiCube(tm) facilitates data mining/analysis through instant filtering, drill-down, roll-up and pivoting of virtually unlimited quantities of relational data. Developers can license DynamiCube and easily drop OLAP and reporting capabilities into applications, including web sites, while fully controlling which features and abilities will be available to the end user.

KeyLogic Systems Inc.

EasyTree ActiveX control for Visual Basic lets you easily incorporate tree functionality into your VB applications. You can create a tree (or outline) within an application with only a couple lines of code. A sample application is included. :::

Energy Tax Component
Energy Programming Limited
Energy Programming recognizes that tax is a complicated issue, and so they have developed a component to ease the burden of calculating tax. This component has been developed for use in today's most advanced payroll system, Payroll32. You can now use the component to calculate/verify tax payments from within your own systems.

Event Log Toolkit
Desaware, Inc.
Visual Basic allows you to log events to the NT/2000 event log, but does not allow you to create custom event sources - so every event belongs to the application VB runtime, descriptions are limited, and event categories unavailable. Even if you use the API to log events, creating custom event sources for your application is not supported by VB, and is difficult with C++. Desaware's new Event Log Toolkit makes creation of event sources easy, and provides all the tools needed to create and log custom events. Now your applications and services can support event logs in a professional manner, as recommended by Microsoft.

FarPoint's Calendar ObjX
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's Calendar Objx 3, now including Daily PlanIt, gives you all the components your development team needs to display or select date and/or time values in any application. By including a calendar control, a clock control, a poster control, and a schedule control, Calendar Objx makes it easy to incorporate robust calendar or schedule features in your program's interface today.

FarPoint's List Pro
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's List Pro contains the most powerful list box and combo box development components. These extremely robust controls allow you to display up to two billion list items, display single records or items on multiple rows, merge cell text for easier viewing, search for specific list items, or sort list items using unlimited keys. List Pro has over two hundred properties that you can use to further customize the look and feel of the controls. Together, these features help make List Pro the Ultimate Data Viewer.

FarPoint's Tab Pro
FarPoint Technologies
Tab Pro contains the most flexible tab control available. Named "the tab control of choice" in a national review and used by developers around the world, Tab Pro is the easiest and quickest way to enhance your application's appearance using a tab metaphor. Whether taking advantage of its eight pre-defined appearance styles or dynamically changing the tab's appearance in response to your user, Tab Pro gives you the most comprehensive tab feature set to customize any application.

File Pack 1
File Pack 1 is a collection of 3 ActiveX controls for working with files and folders:

:::DirDlg allows users to select existing directories and/or create new ones. ::::::XFind is a utility designed to recursively search folders for files matching user defined search string. ::::::XPODlg is a control allowing users to preview image files (resized and full) before opening them. It also gives information of image dimensions in pixels.

FileView ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The FileView ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like listview to your application, showing all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the filelist used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to contextmenus, dragdrop, AutoUpdate, infotips, renaming, virtual folders and much more.

SoftInterface, Inc
Now you can instantly add a "Find In Files" feature to your application! With FindInFilesX it's as easy dropping an OCX/ActiveX component onto your form. FindInFilesX is an ActiveX component designed to assist developers to quickly add a text search utility to their end products. This can be very useful in document or knowledge management applications. The parsing of files for text is encountered often in all areas of software programming. A key feature of this OCX is that it runs on a separate thread allowing the end users application to continue functioning in a responsive manner.

FindInFilesX encapsulates all the details required for quick integration. For example, all search parameters are persistent across running of the end users application automatically. A built in dialog box to facilitate setting the FindInFilesX properties is also available. :::

Finite Element Results ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
The Finite Element Results ActiveX control is designed to simplify the storage and use of finite element analysis results in custom software programs. Once stored, the data can be used for further processsing and/or exported to a variety of formats (FEMAP, I-DEAS and Output2 files coming soon).

Fixed Field Parser ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
The Fixed Field Parser ActiveX control is designed to simplify the parsing of multi line fixed field records as typically found in ASCII finite element input files.

FlyTreeX ActiveX is a fast, powerful, and flexible multi-columnar Tree/Grid/List/Outline control. Its 14 controls include OptionGroup, Checklistbox, Treeview, Explorerbar, CustomGrid and Sectionlist. FlyTreeX's features increase application speed and convenience, helping you design programs that use varying arrays of data.

FolderView ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The FolderView ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like treeview to your application, showing all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the tree used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to contextmenus, dragdrop, AutoUpdate, infotips, renaming, virtual folders and much more.

MAILERS Software
FONE*Data allows you to match up telephone numbers to ZIP Code data. The database includes up to three commonly used ZIP Codes for each area code and prefix combination. Although there is no exact match between ZIP Codes and telephone numbers, this does allow you to form some loose geographical associations. Use the information from FONE*Data to avoid the frustration that occurs when area codes change or split. Each quarterly update contains the existing, or old area codes, along with the new area codes scheduled to replace them. You'll be talking to your customers while the competition is calling information for the new numbers.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbControls is a set of six controls that allow you to add complex functionality to your applications. The Calendar control allows you to add date functionality to your applications without writing you own date routines. The DateBox Control allows you to have a text box that only accepts dates. The Lists control allows you to create OptionLists and CheckLists without having to use control arrays. The NoteBook control is a simple container control that keeps items organized in notebook fashion. The PickList control allows you to add available and selected capabilities to your applications. The Toolbar control adds enhanced functionality to applications. And the RibbonBar control is very similar to the toolbar -- it also has dropdown capabilities but has a button selected all the time.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbDials allows you to add a number of dials and gauges to any application. These can be used to display information to users in a more readable format then text or spreadsheet. The pack of controls includes a LED, 3 sliders, and a stereo bar. Use these in any combination to create professional information displays.

Gravitybox Software LLC

GbListbar allows you to build applications with the ListBar popularized by MS-Outlook. The ListBar is a substitute for a treeview of two levels. There is a collection of tabs that serve as the root of the tree. Each tab has an associated collection of items, each with text and an icon. All objects, tabs and tab items, have a tooltiptext property so you can display additional information to the user. Make your applications windows standard with this control. :::

GeoView LT
Blue Marble Geographics
GeoView is a powerful and comprehensive OCX mapping and geographic analysis engine for Windows95 or NT. Support for AutoCAD DXF, DWG, Microstation DGN, Shape, MapInfo, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, BSB, NOS, Targa, and PCX is lightning fast. Custom layer types provide a true "common API to spatial data."

:::Please note that a separate distribution agreement will need to be negotiated directly with Blue Marble Geographics

Quality Software Components Ltd
GP-Version is a tool designed from the start as a Version Control tool for end-users. It is a tool that can be used easily by any competent computer user. GP-Version is simple to configure and requires very little maintenance. GP-Version prevents developers overwriting each other's changes. It also allows prior versions of a project to be re-built. You can track bugs and feature requests as well.

Heidi Computers, Ltd
HelloEURO converts any currency amount to the euro and back again if required. HelloEURO works with your Worksheets, Documents, Databases and Presentations, indeed any Windows application that handles the clipboard. The user simply highlights the area to convert and presses a hot key. User also has use of a triangulation calculator for cross currency pricing with various rounding methods, VAT and export to several file formats. Users can download the latest exchange rates directly from the Internet. The developer version includes a COM DLL and 3 OCX controls with examples for VB, ASP, Java, and VC. HelloEURO is available as an end user edition and as a developer edition. The developer edition includes the conversion tool and a set of COM libraries. The end user edition includes the conversion tool.

Instrumentation ActiveX Library
Global Majic Software, Inc.
Instrumentation ActiveX Library now offers 11 instrumentation and general purpose ActiveX controls bundled together. It includes; Angular Gauge, Knob, LED, Numeric LED, Linear Gauge, Odometer, Percent, Selector, Slider and Toggle and now Strip Chart. All controls are data-aware, self-registering and incorporate dynamic property pages. All Global Majic Software ActiveX controls are signed using the Microsoft Authenticode process and are safe for Web development.

KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls
Put KazaGur Objects ActiveX Controls (KOAC) on your form and you get a visual interactive dynamic interface that's ready to use. KOAC is designed specially for those programmers who develop applications featuring dynamic interactive objects, including images, text, rectangles or OLE objects. KOAC allows you to manipulate objects with unprecedented flexibility: create, move, size, select, delete, copy, or place objects on top of each other. It's perfect for developing for desktop publishing, training, advertising, architecture, etc. Also put OLE Controls on the Form, and KOAC makes it moveable and sizable at runtime. Use KOAC for creating Internet Dynamic InterActive HTML, too.

KazaGur Tracker
The KazaGur Tracker control is a necessary supplement to any OLE control or even any VB native object. KazaGur Tracker is irreplaceable for development of those programs that allow the end-user to move and size different objects. KazaGur Tracker instantly renders any OLE control and VB native object moveable and sizable at run time. KazaGur Tracker while sizing Panel controls or any other "simple frame" can also move and resize controls housed inside.

Knob ActiveX
Global Majic Software, Inc.
Knob ActiveX is an easy-to-use, versatile, configurable (100+ properties) knob component. Double-buffering technology makes screen updates the fastest possible. Property pages are organized by functionality, extremely easy to use, and are very powerful. Property pages are even available at run time if desired. Properties are available to control styles, scales, tics, bands, captions, and background. Mouse input is optional. It is even data aware for fast, efficient database connectivity. Supports all standard methods and events as well as several Global Majic custom events and methods. Possible uses include: VCR Jogging Component; Tuning Knob; Audio or Video Mixer; Volume Knob; Input Control Knob; Aircraft or Automobile Dial; and Factory Dials and Knobs.

LED ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The LED ActiveX Control provides a highly customizable Light-Emitting Diode (LED) interface. Its dynamic property pages provide full control of the LED's size, shape, colors and bitmaps. Horizontal or vertical arrays of LEDs may be used to display meter levels or dip switch settings. With its data-aware and mouse input features, LED is an ideal element for technical interfaces.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)
Microsoft Corp
MSDN subscriptions provide developers with the latest Microsoft tools, technology, and information to create solutions for the Microsoft Windows operationg system. With the flexibility of three subscription levels and the convenience of timely updates delivered throughout the year, MSDN subscriptions are essential for every developer. MSDN offers developers a variety of product offerings so that they can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Moving Map ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Moving Map ActiveX Control is a highly customizable mapping tool. Multiple Maps of known extents (North, South, East and West) may be defined with any consistent units (LAT/LONG, UTM, custom). These maps may be pieced together to form a large composite map or may be overlapped to give more detail to certain regions. Multiple objects may be placed at any location and are displayed as standard shapes (airplane, navaid, airport, waypoint, etc), user defined shapes, or pictures. Additionally, multiple views (map areas defined by a center location and a relative radius) make it possible to either view a small area or to "follow" any object. Pan and Zoom features are also available.

Multilizer Inc.
MULTILIZER offers an integrated globalization solution for the enterprise needs. The broad support for different technical platforms combined with outstanding expandability and ease-of-use lets you easily turn your software and services multilingual. Unlike other localization tools that produce single language versions, MULTILIZER allows developers to create multilingual software that lets the user change language at runtime. You can use the MULTILIZER OCX both in Visual Basic as well as in VBA, thus applying the globalization support both in desktop software and ASP for example.

Nastran Optimization Results Parser
CAE Power Tools
The Nastran Optimization Results Parser ActiveX control reads and parses Nastran optimization analysis results. After import, the objective and variables for each iteration are accessable through the objective and variable collections of the control.

Perseus Development Corporation
Using SurveySolutions you can design professional surveys quickly, distribute them via the Web or e-mail, collect responses automatically, analyze the results, and create presentations of results instantly. When you want to improve customer satisfaction, identify market opportunities, measure web site effectiveness, poll an audience, do a course evaluation or address employee satisfaction, SurveySolutions delivers the information you need.

Sylvan Ascent, Inc.
SylvanMaps/OCX integrates sophisticated interactive maps and the Geographic Information System with VB. SylvanMaps/OCX can also find the latitude and longitude corresponding to a given address or ZIP code. It's very flexible and open architecture allows you to use data you already have in the format you have it. With all this great functionality, you really can't go wrong!

VB Language Manager Professional
Translate your VB app for customers around the world with VB Language Manager Professional! With its string editor, translation of your VB apps is easy. You can have multiple translations in one project file and view, edit, and sort those tables in a variety of ways. VB Language Manager is compatible with all versions of Visual Basic.

VBASIC Library
EMS Professional Shareware
The VBASIC Library is the most extensive collection of VB products available! With 1,728 Visual Basic shareware and freeware add-on products...and still growing! VBASIC Library has the most popular files for Visual Basic, complete with an excellent search utility! You get three CD-ROM disks full of VB tools, tips, tricks, programs, code, articles, wizards, utilities, demos - you name it, it's in there!

Visual C++ 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual C++ development system is the most productive C++ tool for optimized high-performance development for Windows and the Web. Nearly all contemporary world-class software, including the leading Web browsers, Internet servers, databases, and office productivity suites are built with the Microsoft Visual C++ development system. Visual C++ is also the tool of choice for creating scalable, multi-tier corporate applications where performance and reliability are critical. Going forward, Visual C++ will continue to be the tool of choice for those developing on the cutting edge, where the latest platform, Internet, and component support are top priorities.

Visual Studio 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, the complete development suite for rapidly building Windows-based and Web solutions, now contains a set of technologies and training materials designed to help developers take advantage of new Windows 2000 features. Use the Windows 2000 Developer's Readiness Kit for fast access to in-depth, step-by-step training and technical resources. Get the essential Windows 2000 programming information you need - delivered to your doorstep - with an included one-year subscription to the MSDN Library. Build highly reliable, self-repairing applications using the new Visual Studio Installer. Finally, you can create desktop and shared solutions that easily scale up to SQL Server 7.0 using the new Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for Visual Studio.

Windows CE Toolkit for Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Windows CE is the modular real-time embedded operating system for small footprint and mobile 32-bit intelligent and connected devices. Windows CE combines Windows compatibility and advanced application services with support for multiple CPU architectures and built-in networking and communications options to deliver a rich, scalable open foundation for building a wide variety of products. Windows CE powers consumer electronic devices, Web terminals, Internet access appliances, specialized industrial controllers, mobile data acquisition handhelds, and embedded communication devices. This highly modular platform allows developers to flexibly and reliably build the new generation of small footprint and mobile 32-bit devices that integrate seamlessly with Windows and the Internet.

Xceed Backup Library
Xceed Software
The Xceed Backup Library is an ActiveX control that allows Windows applications to automatically perform scheduled or on-demand backup and restore operations on their data files. The library can backup to local drive(s), remote drives, and removable media such as floppy disks, writable-CDs, "Zip" drives, "SuperDisks", "Jazz", "SyQuest" - you name it. Includes backup/catalog/log file management, multithreaded scheduler, compression, and much more.

Finer Technologies
XLS2TXT is a developer COMponent for converting Microsoft Excel workbooks to plain Windows text. XLS2TXT will keep the individual worksheets as separate text files or combine them into one, you choose! XLS2TXT is a VB/ASP friendly component, and is great for: providing real time reporting on a customer web site or internal intranet, document imaging systems, website content conversion, and batch conversions for archival. XLS2TXT is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, XLS2TXT is great at preserving existing document format, including all worksheets.

Developer Express Inc.
The XpressInspector is a suite of data aware and non-data aware 100% ATL Based ActiveX controls to help you display data in an efficient and compact manner while enabling full control over runtime display characteristics and data manipulation behavior. The XpressInspector is the first component of its kind for the ActiveX community and is designed to closely emulate the behavior and display characteristics of the Visual Basic® and Visual C++® Property Editors.

Developer Express Inc.
Built from the ground up using 100% ATL-based code, the XpressQuantumTreeList represents some of the most advanced tree-list technology available in the ActiveX marketplace. The XpressQuantumTreeList is a power-packed, lightweight component library that will help you create killer applications, deliver unbelievable features to your end users, and blow away your competition -- all without writing a single line of source code!

Xybo Wireless Application Enabler
Xybo Systems
The Xybo Wireless Application Enabler is the ultimate solution for building and hosting wireless applications. Its visual development environment is simple enough for beginners but flexible enough for seasoned professionals. You can literally create and deploy a wireless application in minutes! If you know how to draw a flow chart, you know how to build wireless applications using our Application Builder. The Builder and Server are "VBA-enabled" so developers can define their own functions with a familiar language. This innovative solution supports all major wireless standards and devices including WAP phones, two-way pagers and PDAs. .