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Mabry NTUSER/X Control
Mabry Software
NTUser/X is a collection of COM objects that gives you the ability to perform administrative tasks on a local or remote Windows NT server -- managing users, local groups, global groups, and modal information. Users and groups can be added, modified or even deleted from the server (if your program has the security privileges to do so). Using NTUser/X is about as easy as using a Collection object or a list box.

Mabry RAS/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's RAS/X control provides easy access to Dial Up Networking (DUN). With it you can automatically connect to, and disconnect from, the internet -- all under program control and without operator intervention. RAS/X also makes it easy for you to let your users add, edit, modify and delete phonebook entries. RAS/X's simple methods and full complement of properties allows you to determine when and what your users are allowed to do.

RAS/X is built using the latest in ActiveX control development tools and technologies. You can use the COM object version of RAS/X, for minimal size requirements and usability in ASP and similar environments. Or, for Visual Basic and other full-featured development environments, you may choose to use the OCX version of RAS/X. Either way, you get the same functionality and reliability. :::

NT Service Toolkit
Desaware, Inc.
NT Services are among the most useful types of applications for enterprise developers, but support for them under Visual Basic has been notoriously poor. The few techniques available until now have had severe limitations - none have come close to allowing VB programmers to create a fully functional service with the kinds of features that C++ programmers could implement.

PowerTCP Emulation Tool
Dart Communications
Build terminal emulation capabilities into your application with VT and Telnet controls. Screen scraping, advanced graphic fonts and superior printing capabilities make this tool suitable for the most demanding applications.

The Telnet Control manages Telnet, RSH, REXEC, and RLOGIN connections and simplifies use of these protocols by providing methods to establish, use and terminate sessions. By default, communications will block execution of your program, but non-blocking use can be enabled for applications using event-driven communications.:::The VT Control provides for VT52, VT100, VT220, and VT320 emulation and includes VT320 Emulator projects which can be enhanced and deployed royalty-free.

PowerTCP Telnet Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Telnet Tool manages your Telnet, RSHELL, REXEC, and RLOGIN connections. It simplifies the process of using these protocols by providing methods to establish, use, and terminate sessions. By default, communications will block execution of your program, but non-blocking use can be enabled for applications using event-driven communications. Option negotiation will automatically default to a standard set, but the Telnet Tool supports complete control of option negotiation. Full support for scripting languages such as VB Script and improved debugging support are also included.

SSS Inc (formerly CEC, Inc.)
RASClient is a 32-bit ActiveX control designed to encapsulate the Windows 32-bit RASAPI. This client API allows the developer to manipulate 32-bit Dial-Up networking services on Windows 95 and NT. Our control allows you to leverage these services without making messy API calls. It is also the best way to get events (like connection status changes) back from the service into your VB programs.

Sax Comm Objects
Sax Software
Sax Comm Objects is a an easy to use ActiveX control and COM object that lets you add powerful, multi-threaded communications capabilities to your 32-bit windows applications. Sax Comm Objects is upward compatible with the MSComm control that comes with Microsoft Visual Basic and with Crescent's PDQComm. Sax Comm Objects includes modem support, terminal emulation, file transfers, look-up strings, common dialogs and low-level functions. It has full support for Visual Basic 6.0 (32-bit 4.0 and 5.0 are also supported), Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Microsoft Office applications, and Active Server Pages. Sax Comm Objects' CommSpy debugger and its powerful BugTrap feature let you catch errors early and make debugging your application easy and effortless. Now with its new toolbar and common dialogs, Sax Comm Objects provides HyperTerminal functionality in a custom control allowing instant results by just drawing it on your form and clicking Run.

SNMP Agent Discovery Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
SNMP Agent Discovery Control is an ActiveX control that sends an SNMP request to a range of IP node addresses at a port that you specify and builds a list from those nodes that respond. If the SNMP agent implements the MIB-II system group, this control retrieves all information about the agent.

SNMP AgentBuilder VB Professional Studio
NuDesign Team, Inc
SNMP AgentBuilder for VB is an SNMP v1 agent simulator running as a Visual Basic application. Its main purpose is to shorten the time needed to develop SNMP management applications. Developers of such applications must often wait for work on an SNMP agent to be finished before they can test their application, and are left with little time to meet a release deadline. How can SNMP AgentBuilder for VB help? You can use SNMP AgentBuilder for VB to build a test SNMP agent that employs the same MIB that will eventually be implemented in the target agent. In five minutes, your simulated SNMP agent will be up and running with MIB objects initialized to their default values. By simply checking an option, you can even have one row in each table automatically created.

SNMP Management Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This control manages the requirements for making SNMP v1 and v2 requests to SNMP agents from your application. Like all our other controls, it is easy to use from any C++, VB or browser-based application. The following management side SNMP functionality is provided by this control. All requests are non-blocking and implement a retransmission policy.

Get Request :::GetNext Request :::Set Request :::Open/Close sessions :::Create/Delete Varbinds :::A retransmission policy for the above functions :::A Timeout event for no response :::A Reponse event for responses from the agent

SNMP MIB Loader Component
NuDesign Team, Inc
NMP MIB Loader Component is an ActiveX component that parses v1/v2 SMI MIBs and generates collections of MIB objects: imports, textual conventions, MIB nodes, and sequences. Each object in a collection has properties as stipulated in the SMI specification. That is, each MIB node has parent, access, syntax, and description content; event comments in the MIB are associated with the object that follows it in the MIB. This component is ideal for use in any application that must present, navigate, or in any other way interact with an SNMP MIB.

SNMP Trap Receiver Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This powerful yet easy to use control receives SNMP v1/v2 traps. Upon reception of a trap, the SNMP packet is decoded and an event notification is sent to the container. This control can be configured to receive traps on ports other than 162 (the default receive trap port). On Windows NT and 2000, the control can be initialized to receive traps from the Windows SNMP Trap Service and pass them on to the application. With this control the traps can be received on Windows 95/98/NT and 2000.

SNMP Trap Sender Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This powerful control will allow your application to send SNMP v1/v2 traps to a network manager. It can be used to send traps on ports other than 162 (the default receive trap port). With this control the traps can be sent from Windows 95/98/NT and 2000.

Catalyst Development Corporation
The SocketTools Visual Edition consists of 16-bit VBX and 16/32-bit ActiveX (OCX) controls for visual development environments. Nineteen controls provide client interfaces for the major application protocols such as the File Transfer Protocol (ftp), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (email), Domain Name Service (dns) and Telnet.

:::The SocketTools Library Edition packages eighteen of the controls found in the Visual Edition as a DLL. Each DLL is documented with an API that can be accessed by any Windows language. The package includes samples written in VC++, Clarion and VB. ::::::The Sockettools Enterprise Edition is a combination of the Visual and Library Editions that offers the best of both worlds for the developer who needs visual controls, as well the flexibility of dynamic-link libraries. The Enterprise Edition includes licenses for two developers and a 1-year subscription to the Premium Support Package. ::::::SocketTools Secure Editions are collections of controls that supports secure data connections over the Internet or a local network. They include client interfaces for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-compliant versions of popular application protocols PLUS all the standard Visual Edition components (in SocketTools Secure Visual Edition) and DLLs (in the SocketTools Secure Library Edition)from the standard editions. SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition offers the best of both worlds for the corporate developer who needs visual controls for rapid application development, as well as the power and flexibility of DLLs for developing core application systems.:::

Visual MIBrowser
NuDesign Team, Inc
This easy-to-use Windows application allows a user to perform Get, Set, or Walk operations on auto-discovered SNMP v1 or v2 agents. This powerful utility is a must for anyone who is managing and/or developing SNMP-related applications or agents. Visual MIBrowser provides: SNMP communication with agents, Import facility for enterprise MIBs, Auto-discovery of SNMP agents on the network, ASN.1 notation of an object for handy reference, Abililty to save the most commonly used queries, and Ability to save results in text files for use in other programs.

Visual MIBuilder
NuDesign Team, Inc

This Windows application allows a user to design, build and manage an SNMP MIB in minutes. No background in ASN.1 notation is required -- simply point and click. This powerful utility will import an existing MIB for modification or create a new one. A guaranteed time-saver for both experienced and new users. Visual MIBuilder provides: Easy-to-use visual MIB building, Drag and drop manipulation of groups, tables, objects, Copying and replicating objects in seconds, Syntax checking built-in, Import for any standard SMI MIB, Output of bullet-proof MIBs every time, and Conformity with [all] ASN.1 conventions for SNMP v1 and v2 MIBs. :::

VivaTexte Multipage Browser ActiveX Control
An exciting new product which has been called "...a channel changer for the Internet", The Vivatexte multipage browser is an ActiveX control that enhances any Internet Explorer and lets developers add and customize multipage browser support to both standalone applications and web pages. Ideal for Intranets, HTML Help, Web link pages and computer based training.