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activePDF Printer
activePDF, Inc.
activePDF Printer is an add-on for activePDF Server that the scripting developer can use to "print" directly to PDF. Printer supports drawing text, lines, boxes and even tables. Images are supported as well with our PaintPicture and PaintOlePicture commands and you have complete control over how the images are rendered onto the page. Available as a COM object, Printer is the ideal tool for those developers that need low-level precision control over their PDF output.

Fath Software Inc
BarcodeX is an ActiveX control / object you can use to print various types of barcodes from Windows applications like MS Visual Basic, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc. Formats supported are: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code39 Ext., Code 128, EAN-128, ISSN, ISBN and codebar bar codes.

Code.Print Pro
Caladonia Software
Code.Print Pro gives you full control over titles, margins, fonts and styles, line spacing, line numbering, headers/footers, and more. Create your own style for all your project documentation. Once you've defined your own settings, everything you print will look consistent and professional - the way you want it. Four-sided margin control assures you'll never again have to punch holes through your code when you place it in a binder. Adjustable line spacing and numbering make it easy to write notes between the lines during code reviews.

Data Widgets
Infragistics, Inc
Data Widgets 3.1(tm) Data Widgets 3.1 is a set of six bound ActiveX (tm) Controls for Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 or higher and other ActiveX host environments. Featured is the DataGrid (tm), a fully editable data grid identical in look and feel to the Access grid. The DataGrid allows updating, adding and deletion of records, along with unbound columns. It also supports Bound, Virtual and AddItem modes. Other features include printing, exporting to HTML, saving/restoring grid layouts, and masked editing.

Tall Tree Software
DocJet is the easiest way to document your project. It finds all the objects in your source code and any comments found with them and organizes it all into fully formatted, fully cross-referenced documentation. DocJet can produce HTML, MSHelp and RTF output from VB, C++ or IDL source code.

Data Techniques, Inc.
The ImageIt drivers allow you to create raster image files from any Windows 95/98/NT or Windows 2000 application that supports printing. Creating a raster file is as simple as selecting the desired file resolution printing from your Windows application to the ImageIt driver. The driver automatically creates the file in the directory specified during the simple install process or optionally prompts the user for the filename. ImageIt creates images in industry standard raster formats including TIFF, PCX, BMP, DCX, Fax and PNG.

List & Label
BeCubed Software
Programming the print is done for you with List & Label. You just pass the data to be printed with simple function calls which are then automatically processed by List & Label. In addition, a programmable preview (color WYSIWYG) is available. The function only differs from the "real" print in one parameter. Printing may also be initiated from the preview display. In addition to all of these features, List & Label also offers further options which allow you to control the printing process exactly.

MailIt - US Mail and Label Control
etc Computers, Inc.
Easily add print mail pieces to your VB applications. Options include envelopes, postcards, Avery labels, address lists and custom mail pieces

PDF Converter
AMYUNI Consultants
The PDF Converter or Printer Driver allows you to create a PDF document from any application running under Windows operating systems. It can be installed on your system like any printer driver. An automatic installation software is provided for an even easier installation. Instead of printing to your standard printer, you will just select our printer. A file will be generated for you which you can transmit over the Intranet, Internet or view with the free Adobe AcrobatReader. The PDF Converter Developer License allows you to distribute a special version of the driver with your application like any DLL or ActiveX with no royalties.

Polar Draw ActiveX Control
Polar Software
Polar Draw is a 32-bit OCX/ActiveX control that will enhance your application with abilities of creating, editing, displaying, storing and printing drawings. It looks like a standard picturebox within your application, but offers unique support for the creation, editing, displaying, storing and printing drawings. Polar Draw incorporates Vector drawing abilities together with Raster Image Tools such as bitmap filters (brighten, add and limit color, transparency, heatmap, tinted grayscale, custom color map and invert). Over 300 functions together with a dozen built-in formatting dialogs for your convenience, dozens of built-in textures and patterns will suite your needs, whether you need a simple picture preview, or graphical animation of some developing process, or even your own vector drawing application.

Polisher for Visual Basic
Aardvark Software, Inc.
Polisher will automatically format your source code according to your specifications and spell check your source code! It will clean up your forms and code modules...split single line IF statements, align control structures, add white space, add comments, and even put in OPTION EXPLICIT! And these are just some of the 40+ options available. Polisher even has a built-in link to Aardvark's Pretty Printer!

Pretty Printer for Visual Basic
Aardvark Software, Inc.
Create fabulous looking printouts with Pretty Printer. Use Pretty Printer 6.0 to reduce your development cost, get projects done faster, impress your clients, and reduce your risk. Even use Pretty Printer to quickly and effectively track down and terminate those rare but elusive program bugs!

Pretty Printer, Polisher and Compare Bundle
Aardvark Software, Inc.
You can use Polisher to automatically format your source code and then use Pretty Printer to format your output. Compare will help smooth the modifications you make to your code. All three programs are designed to work together so it only seems logical to buy them together, especially at this low, low price!

Pegasus Software
The Most Advanced Printer Interface Tool Available! Whether you are trying to print through the Internet/Intranet or within your distributed application, PrintPRO gives you all the advanced features you would need to create the ideal interface for your application. PrintPRO is one of the only printing utilities that makes it possible for you to bypass the printer interface of Internet Explorer. This unique engine makes it possible for you add powerful printing features to your next application with just a few lines of code.

Project Analyzer
Aivosto Oy
Project Analyzer analyzes design quality with industry standard metrics of complexity, understandability and reusability. It counts lines of code too. In its analysis, the program makes extensive use of cross-reference information. Three add-in tools are included with Project Analyzer Pro Pack. Super Project Analyzer add-in analyzes groups of projects ("super projects") that share some modules. Project Printer add-in generates code manuals and source documents with cross-references. It can also put your code in a Help file or an HTML file for quick hypertext style viewing. Project Graph add-in builds graphical call trees.

SevenStar Technologies
StarPrint/VB Professional is a source code print and preview add-in for Visual Basic. Control fonts and color for full syntax highlighting, code selection, filtering, and sorting. Pages are formatted, long lines wrapped, comments and procedure headers are hi-lited. Options include cover pages, table of contents, and your own company logo and copyright notice. A "documentation" feature allows you to print just what is needed so others can use your programs. StarPrint/VB can also be used standalone outside the VB environment, making the product very easy to use.

VB Documentor
VB Frameplus
VB Documentor is a VB add-in that lets you effortlessly document source code and generate professional technical HTML help from the documented source code. VB Documentor can also load COM object type library and allow you to re-document the objects so that more technical information could be added to the documents and shared in the development team or organization.

VB HyperDocs

VB HyperDocx is an automated technical documentation tool that uses VB Compress Pro's analytical engine to analyze your project, and then uses 100% user-customizable templates to generate comprehensive and impeccably-formatted technical docs in rich text format (RTF). Output can be optimized for either hard copy or hypertext :::

ViewPro includes 16-bit OCX and 32-bit ActiveX controls for adding print and preview capabilities to your forms, dialog boxes or other windows. It replaces VB's printer object for preview support and enhanced capabilities, and serves as a RAD print/preview tool for Visual C++ and Delphi. ViewPro can also be used as a versatile run-time report generator in place of inflexible static report writers.

ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
Adding printing and previewing to your applications has never been easier! VSVIEW 7.0 replaces the Printer Object in Visual Basic, significantly expanding and simplifying printing functionality with its rich document creation command set. VSVIEW makes it easy to create documents and reports for printing and print previewing from your applications. It only takes a single statement to print plain text or RTF files, and just a few more lines of code to print graphics, tables, and formatted text.

XpressDeveloper's Studio
Developer Express Inc.
The DevExpress XpressDeveloper's Studio combines six great in one value-priced package. Included in the suite are: XpressQuantumGrid, XpressQuantumTreeList, XpressInspector, XpressEditors Library, XpressPrinting System and XpressSideBar.

XpressPrinting System
Developer Express Inc.
XpressPrinting System gives you a fast and flexible way to automatically design reports based on the contents of visual controls and data tables in your applications. When combined with Developer Express ActiveX technologies, the XpressPrinting System makes it a snap to produce printed output that closely matches the interface your users see every day. The XpressPrinting System not only renders ActiveX controls, it also offers a powerful abstraction layer over the painfully complicated Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI).