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Anton Britten Computing LTD
ABCEncrypt is a small ActiveX control providing public/private key encryption and digital signing. It supports key lengths of up to 2,048 bits, offering unrivalled security, and its small footprint makes it suitable for web deployment. ABCEncrypt is simple to use particularly from Visual Basic or scripting languages. Its simple interface of methods and properties avoids API calls or long parameter lists. ABCEncrypt provides a full range of supporting facilities, including data compression and symmetrical encryption.

Fath Software Inc
ActiveZip is an OCX for manipulating files in ZIP archives. It is a fully compilant ActiveX control you can use in any ActiveX Windows development tool. It includes: Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Visual C++, etc. By using few simple methods you can get info about files in archive, create ZIP archives, compress, extract or remove files from them. Encryption/decryption of files in archive is also supported.

Agendum Software
AgMapThat also allows you to perform common coding tasks such as inserting Comment Headers, Error Handlers and Line Numbers with a simple right click of your mouse! There is even a compile with line numbers option built into AgMapthat! Using hotkeys or the right mouse button menu allows for easy inserting or saving of your code. With the built in AgTask system, AgMapthat gives you an integrated project task tracking system using drag and drop functionality. Full configurable user options allow you to print you project in the most detailed format you can imagine!

You've just spent months developing the killer ASP application. You're just days away from unleashing it on the world. But now you have a dilema. While ASP scripting made development a breeze, you can't afford to have all that VBSCRIPT code, your intellectual property, left unprotected. ASPLightning is the solution.

ASPLightning is revolutionizing the ASP application industry with the first ever packaging system that not only protects your source code, but also improves the performance of your application. :::

AspSmartSuite contains all of the aspSmart components in one package. With aspSmartSuite you instantly can use powerful components such as : aspSmartFile, aspSmartUpload, aspSmartDate, aspSmartCache, aspSmartForum, aspSmartMail, and aspSmartSecurity

Persits Software
AspUser is a comprehensive NT user and permission management component. It provides your with an object-oriented programming interface to NT user and group accounts as well as access control lists of files.

LockwoodTech Auto-Error™ processes Microsoft Visual Basic files (forms, modules, etc.), adding line numbers and customizable Error Processing code to every function, sub and property statement. This application, used in conjunction with a powerful Error Processing Component that ships with the Auto-Error™ install, solves the tedium of Visual Basic error handling once and for all.

BugCollector Pro
Nesbitt Software Corporation
Where do you put your bugs? BugCollector Pro 4.0 is a powerful, multi-user database specifically designed for keeping track of software bugs and feature requests. With it, you can track bugs from first report through resolution and feature requests from initial contact through implementation. BugCollector Pro 4.0 includes many powerful features, including a built-in report designer, user security, automated email notifications, customizable charts, user-definable filters, a multi-level project tree, and much more.

Build! VB
Build! VB is a development tool designed to enhance your ability to deliver robust and supportable Visual Basic applications and components. It does this by adding a host of capabilities to your Visual Basic project including structured error identification, logging and on-line diagnosis, object instance monitoring and runtime debug output. Build! VB will ensure that if your software should stumble unexpectedly that it is easy to accurately identify the fault, the context surrounding the failure and will provide you with a tool set to do further diagnosis if necessary.

Kenonic Controls
CrypKey provides copy protection to prevent unauthorized use & duplication of your software. CrypKey's software licensing features allow you to ensure that your software only runs for those who you have authorized, with the software license options that you have authorized. Extensive features let you provide free trials that can offer one free demo, then convert remotely to a full working version. You can control access to options, levels, number of executions, duration of use, number of network seats and more. Because the protection is IN your software, you can distribute it over the Internet, or any other conventional method with full security. Even copies from authorized users become demos when 'loaned' to an unauthorized user. By controlling the authorization of your software through CrypKey's protection technology, you ensure that if someone hasn't paid for your software, they aren't using it.

Crypto++ SDK
Sampson Multimedia

Provides total software control and copy protection to new and existing applications. Turn your trial/demo into full blown applications instantly. Wide range of protection schemes: Date and run limits, number of allowed users, modules, features, etc. It is 100% Royalty-Free. It is the real programmer's choice in software control and copy protection! :::

DevPartner for Visual Basic
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
DevPartner for Visual Basic speeds development of Visual Basic components and applications for the enterprise and Internet. DevPartner's SmartDebugging tools automatically detect, diagnose and facilitate resolution of software errors and performance problems.

Deliver Visual Basic components and applications in record time by decreasing the time spent finding and fixing software errors and performance problems. :::Get bug-free, standardized code with CodeReview. :::Increase the speed and usability of software with TrueTime. :::Automate the process of fatal run-time error location and diagnosis with SmartCheck. :::Implement powerful structured error handling that pinpoints remote errors to the line number with FailSafe.

DevPartner Studio
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
DevPartner Studio accelerates team development of multi-language components and applications for the enterprise and Internet. DevPartner's SmartDebugging tools automatically detect, diagnose and facilitate resolution of software errors and performance problems. DevPartner Studio reduces software development costs by decreasing the time spent finding and fixing software errors and performance problems.

DevPartner Web Script Edition
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
NuMega DevPartner Web Script Edition accelerates the development of ASP and HTML by helping web developers ensure their scripts are reliable and free of performance problems. NuMega DevPartner Web Script Edition is the only suite of software development tools that saves testing and debugging time by helping web developers improve the reliability and efficiency of their dynamic web pages. It includes performance profiling, script test coverage, and distributed analysis features that developers can use to analyze the VBScript and JavaScript/JScript in their ASP or HTML files.

Snark Soft
EasyCrypto gives you the ability to encrypt data or a file in just one method call without diving into the depths of cryptography. EasyCrypto doesn't implement any cryptographic algorithm. Instead it sits as a thin shell over Microsoft® Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI). With this flexibility, a VB programmer can choose any cryptographic service provider (CSP) and cryptographic algorithm available on his systems. EasyCrypto allows you to perform most often operations: generate keys, encrypt/decrypt data or files, sign data and verify signatures, and calculate hashes.

Energy Encryption Component
Energy Programming Limited
Data encryption is a major customer requirement in tomorrow's world, and Energy Programming has provided a component that meets tomorrow's requirements today. Previously encryption tools have been available only in high-end systems; Energy Programming provides tools to the entire business community, providing feature-rich tools for any sized company. The Encryption control allows for the provision of seedkeys, which are essentially passwords used to generate the lock code for the data. Each seedkey provides a varying value for the encrypted data -- therefore, if somebody gains access to the data, unless the party possess the encryption seedkey, the data is unreadable to a third party.

Event Log Toolkit
Desaware, Inc.
Visual Basic allows you to log events to the NT/2000 event log, but does not allow you to create custom event sources - so every event belongs to the application VB runtime, descriptions are limited, and event categories unavailable. Even if you use the API to log events, creating custom event sources for your application is not supported by VB, and is difficult with C++. Desaware's new Event Log Toolkit makes creation of event sources easy, and provides all the tools needed to create and log custom events. Now your applications and services can support event logs in a professional manner, as recommended by Microsoft.

Interactive Error Assistant 3.0
PUCC Multimedia
Error Code Add-In With Focus On: Performance - Variable Contents - Work Flow - Security

/n software inc.
IP*Works! contains simple high-level programmable components and powerful TCP/IP programming tools. All controls have simple, yet powerful, interfaces that shield developers from the complexity of TCP/IP programming while giving them access to a wide spectrum of Winsock features. Corporate developers will find the features they need to quickly enable their applications to participate in a TCP/IP network without steep learning curves. Internet developers will find fast components with small footprints that provide excellent performance over dialup links. IP*Works! runs on top of the industry standard Winsock API and implements standard protocols specified in Internet RFCs.

IP*Works! SSL introduces SSL and Digital Certificates to the IP*Works! components, providing Secure Web Browsing, Secure Client, Secure Server, Secure Mail, Digital Certificate Management Capabilities, and a lot more. This is a no-compromise, comprehensive suite of royalty-free SSL-enabled components, an industry first in many ways. ::::::IP*Works! ASP Edition is specially designed and optimized for Active Server Page programming. Its 30 components include the standard IP*Works! components, plus higher level components such as WebUpload, WebForm, FileMailer, and TraceRoute. A complete array of sample ASP pages, including demonstrations on how to access Web Services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS Address Verification Tools are also included. :::

PowerTCP SSL Tool
Dart Communications
With the PowerTCP Secure Tool you can automatically authenticate and encrypt/decrypt all data sent and received over the TCP connection using SSL2, SSL3, PCT and TLS. It supports both client and server-side applications, and you can create any Client/Server application that implements secure transactions, knowing that your data is safe from any security risk.

Pretty Printer, Polisher and Compare Bundle
Aardvark Software, Inc.
You can use Polisher to automatically format your source code and then use Pretty Printer to format your output. Compare will help smooth the modifications you make to your code. All three programs are designed to work together so it only seems logical to buy them together, especially at this low, low price!

NetResults Corporation
ProblemTracker is a powerful, easy-to-use Web-based tool for defect tracking and change management. ProblemTracker delivers the benefits of automated bug tracking to any desktop in a familiar web browser interface, at a price every organization can afford. ProblemTracker is accessed entirely via a standard web browser. There is no proprietary client or administrative program to distribute or maintain. This zero-footprint architecture means there is no impact on client desktops both in terms of disk space and also training, greatly reducing the effort necessary to deploy and support a bug tracking system.

Sikander Soft
The most advanced and complete Copy Protection solution available; SafeSerial can avoid unwanted piracy, create shareware/trial versions of your software, and add remote licensing capabilities to your VB project in minutes. SafeSerial is an OCX (ActiveX) control extremely easy to use: only drag and drop, and write three or four lines of code and your project will be protected! Users of SafeSerial have right to free updates to any future version, and first-class, lifetime tech support.

Sax Comm Objects
Sax Software
Sax Comm Objects is a an easy to use ActiveX control and COM object that lets you add powerful, multi-threaded communications capabilities to your 32-bit windows applications. Sax Comm Objects is upward compatible with the MSComm control that comes with Microsoft Visual Basic and with Crescent's PDQComm. Sax Comm Objects includes modem support, terminal emulation, file transfers, look-up strings, common dialogs and low-level functions. It has full support for Visual Basic 6.0 (32-bit 4.0 and 5.0 are also supported), Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Microsoft Office applications, and Active Server Pages. Sax Comm Objects' CommSpy debugger and its powerful BugTrap feature let you catch errors early and make debugging your application easy and effortless. Now with its new toolbar and common dialogs, Sax Comm Objects provides HyperTerminal functionality in a custom control allowing instant results by just drawing it on your form and clicking Run.

Nesbitt Software Corporation
Stop software piracy! Get paid for your software! Kenn Nesbitt's ShareLock™ 2.1 instantly turns any 32-bit Windows program into a trial version. ShareLock includes ActiveX, VCL and DLL versions for use with any 32-bit Windows programming language.

Sleuth QA Suite
TurboPower Software
With new Sleuth QA Suite 2 everything you need to track down bugs, optimize performance, and test your code comes in one package, with full support for the world's top-selling Windows development tools. Sleuth QA Suite 2 has five great tools you can use to get an unprecedented look inside your 32-bit Windows projects. Each of the Suite's tools has its own unique function for tracking down bugs, improving performance, or improving the overall quality of your project.

Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
NuMega SmartCheck for Visual Basic, the first run-time debugging tool for Visual Basic that provides clear, detailed analysis of program errors. SmartCheck automatically detects and diagnoses Visual Basic run-time errors and translates vague error messages into exact problem descriptions. Its EventDebugging feature provides developers with an easy way to solve the toughest programming problems. SmartCheck provides clarity and visibility into Visual Basic problems by showing the developer exactly what happened and how to fix the problem. SmartCheck makes it quick and easy to fix these tough problems, regardless of whether the problem occurred in a component or in the main program.

Seapine Software
SoloSubmit allows an unlimited number of users and customers to submit bug reports and feature requests to your TestTrack Pro databases from their web browsers. Customize SoloSubmit to match the look and feel of your web site. Documentation is included with TestTrack Pro.

Alan Berman
SolutiOnError makes it much easier to locate and correct errors that occur at runtime sites. Without Visual Basic error handlers, the application is terminated with an often cryptic message, and the programmer very often doesn't know what caused the error. With SolutiOnError, the user's screen shows: the procedure and line number, a trace of called procedures, the contents of the Errors collection, and context-specific information, such as the field name or SQL query.

SourceGear Corporation

SourceOffSite is a true client/server solution designed to provide quick and reliable access to a SourceSafe database from remote locations. The SourceOffSite Client provides an interface that closely resembles Visual SourceSafe Explorer, allowing users to perform most SourceSafe operations in a familiar fashion. SourceOffSite Professional Edition offers support for encryption of passwords and files to protect your data as it travels across the Internet. The product is easy to install and has been specifically designed to work over dialup TCP/IP. :::

Spotlight on SQL Server
Quest Software
As a DBA, you can't keep your SQL Server database running optimally if you can't see and respond quickly to database performance problems. Spotlight on SQL Server helps you correct problems quickly and easily. Its unique graphical display shows, in real time, the actual server processes and flow of your data. From Spotlight's intuitive user interface, you can quickly identify congested areas in your server and take corrective action. From the overview screen, you can view server activity to pinpoint and alleviate problem areas as they occur. When detailed information is needed, you can drill down on any problem to view in-depth tables and charts of underlying statistics. Spotlight's built-in knowledge base gives you tips on what you can do to fix each problem and explains exactly what the information on each screen means.

Morello Publishing, Ltd
StrongBox is a COM component that provides strong, secure data encryption. StrongBox uses industry standard, public domain algorithms - choose between Blowfish and DES, probably the 2 best respected algorithms around. Encrypting a file or a block of memory takes just a single method call. File encryption provides a convenient way of securing sensitive data files, including password files or any other private data. File encryption benefits from data integrity checking (during decryption) so that invalid passwords are readily detected. Encrypted files may optionally be stored as binary files or 7-bit text files, using a subset of the ASCII85 algorithm.

TestTrack Pro
Seapine Software
TestTrack is an advanced bug tracking solution for all Visual Basic programmers. Features like SoloBug, receiving bug reports via e-mail, sending e-mail notifications, handling duplicate bugs as single bug reports, automatically generating product release notes, attaching files to bug reports, etc. make TestTrack the best choice to save you time and money, and improve the quality of your products. TestTrack Pro is the newest addition to the top-selling TestTrack product line. TestTrack Pro is a client/server version of TestTrack, offering ODBC databse access, customizable fields, high scalability, access from Windows and web browser-based clients.

THB Componentware
Helps you to load, save and encrypt settings in an Ini-File without spending more than some minutes. If you develop an application you will soon have some data to store between sessions. For example file paths, filenames, database name, username, passwords form positions, .... You can save them either in the registry or in an Ini-File. If you decide to use an Ini-File, THBIniFile is the right helper for you.

THB Componentware
Helps you to load, save and encrypt settings in the Registry without spending more than some minutes. If you develop an application you will soon have some data to store between sessions. For example file paths, filenames, database name, username, passwords form positions, .... You can save them either in the registry or in an Ini-File. If you decide to use the registry, THBRegistry is the right helper for you.

LogiGear Corporation
TRACKGEAR is a Web-based bug tracking solution that is powerful, flexible, and simple to use. It offers custom workflow, e-mail notification, meaningful metrics, and attachment features and supports multiple projects while maintaining security at user, group, and project levels. Create unique queries with its flexible search tools. TRACKGEAR's intuitive interface lets you access any information with just a few clicks, and it supports any client platform with Netscape Navigator 4.x or MS Explorer 4.x.

VB Watch Suite
Aivosto Oy
VB Watch includes 3 tools: Profiler, Debugger, and Protector. VB Watch Profiler lets you measure execution speed. See what procedures are the slowest ones, and which lines or loops are taking up most of the time. VB Watch Debugger allows you to take control of your compiled apps. Pause your app and see its status. Answer questions such as: What line is it on? What procedures were called with what arguments? Call stack? Which objects are alive? Setup breakpoints to your exe's and see what's really happening. VB Watch adds error handlers to your code with a few clicks. Error messages can include: error description, procedure, module, line number, application state like values of variables and objects, procedure call stack, system description including run-time library versions, and even execution trace procedure-by-procedure, line-by-line

R.M. de Boer Software
VBBackup is a Visual Basic add-in to create backups of all your Visual Basic projects. With each project you can: Add/include additional files to be backed up, enter a memo for each project, provide a password for each backup for security, backup all components/references of the project (.DLL/OCX). Seamlessly integrated into the Visual Basic IDE, projects are saved with a mouse-click, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the project at hand without worrying about timely storage of your code revisions.

:::Only works with Visual Basic 6.0

Vermont High Test Plus
Vermont Creative Software, Inc.
Vermont HighTest is the easy and affordable way to automate testing of Windows software. Test scripts are created simply by running your application! The drag and drop Suite Manager lets you combine scripts into structured test suites, set up nested loops, and run tests...all without script programming! Test cases are evaluated and results logged automatically. It's that easy!

Desaware, Inc.
With VersionStamper you can verify every version of a DLL, OCX or VBX used in an application. If a problem exists, your user is notified as to why. VersionStamper detects missing and obsolete OCX, VBX and DLL files. It also analyzes OCX, VBX and DLL version information. VersionStamper includes an excellent tutorial on Windows operations and provides both a 16- & 32-bit OCX plus a VBX.

Visual Intercept
Elsinore Technologies
As the only project-oriented enterprise ready bug tracking system for Microsoft developers, Visual Intercept is integrated with Visual Basic, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Test, and more. It is a Lightning fast, 32 bit app containing a native GUI for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x. Visual Intercept is also fully scaleable and ODBC enabled. All in a simple, easy to use graphical user interface.

Visual Test
Rational Software Corporation
Rational Visual Test is an automated functional testing tool that helps developers and testers rapidly create tests for Windows applications created with any development tool. Rational Visual Test is integrated with Microsoft Developer Studio, a desktop development environment, and has extensive integration with Microsoft Visual Basic. Rational Visual Test makes developers and testers more productive and makes it easier for organizations to deploy applications of virtually any size for the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems and for the World Wide Web.

VisualSoft Crypt
VisualSoft Technologies
VisualSoft Crypt is a COM Component, which provides strong cryptographic Algorithms for Secure Web Application Development. It supports cryptographic algorithms - DES, Triple DES, RC4 ,Blowfish and IDEA . It can be used to encrypt/decrypt string or file data to provide strong security for sensitive and confidential information like Pass words, Credit Card Numbers, Mail, Transaction data and any other private information traveling on the Web.

Xceed Backup Library
Xceed Software
The Xceed Backup Library is an ActiveX control that allows Windows applications to automatically perform scheduled or on-demand backup and restore operations on their data files. The library can backup to local drive(s), remote drives, and removable media such as floppy disks, writable-CDs, "Zip" drives, "SuperDisks", "Jazz", "SyQuest" - you name it. Includes backup/catalog/log file management, multithreaded scheduler, compression, and much more.

Y2K Test & Fix
SecureNet Technologies Inc
Experts estimate that 70-90 percent of the world 's PCs will fail to correctly advance their internal clocks to the year 2000, causing innumerable problems for the many functions that depend on those clocks -- e-mail , voice mail, banking transactions, data tracking, and more. Y2K Test & Fix provides an easy, reliable, low-cost repair for this hardware bug