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Diamond Software Concepts
Include robust, data-bound grids in your web application. Aspect is an Active Server Pages (ASP) component that provides facilities for web-based database development as well as services for uploading binary or text data to web servers, file management, SQL statement building, date format conversion and manipulation, and simple one-way encryption facilities. Aspect uses standard ADO DB connections to any supported database, including SQL Server and Access.

BeeGrid Pro
BeeGrid is a full-featured, database-aware, ActiveX grid control. It supports development tools such as: Visual Basic, Internet Explorer, Visual InterDev and Visual C++. BeeGrid can be used in a bound (both OLEDB and ICursor), unbound and virtual data modes. BeeGrid has all features expected from a modern grid control: fast and easy manipulation of tabular data, powerful display capabilities, easy to use unbound mode, easy to use event and interface based virtual modes, outlook-like grouping, etc. But it doesn't stop there. BeeGrid has unique features that will make your applications stand out: rich object model, preview pane, group calculations, group header/footer formulas, XML layouts, CSV/XML import and export, HTML export, row filtering, powerful custom drawing...

Data Widgets
Infragistics, Inc
Data Widgets 3.1(tm) Data Widgets 3.1 is a set of six bound ActiveX (tm) Controls for Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 or higher and other ActiveX host environments. Featured is the DataGrid (tm), a fully editable data grid identical in look and feel to the Access grid. The DataGrid allows updating, adding and deletion of records, along with unbound columns. It also supports Bound, Virtual and AddItem modes. Other features include printing, exporting to HTML, saving/restoring grid layouts, and masked editing.

Infragistics, Inc
The DataTable grid component, with its cutting-edge OLE DB/ADO binding support, continues to be the leading choice for both VB and ASP developers alike. DataTable requires no coding to bind to hierarchical recordsets to produce the industry-standard Microsoft-style user interface for data display. Also included are Currency, Date Edit with drop-down calendar, Mask Edit Numeric and Time Edit components that may be used stand-alone or as in-cell editors for DataTable. Completing this feature-rich component set are the ProtoView drop-in replacement ListBox & ComboBox.

Enterprise Database Pack
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's Enterprise Database Pack is a comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to provide a robust database front-end. You get Spread, a comprehensive spreadsheet/grid; List Pro, a robust ListBox and ComboBox; and Input Pro, a collection of six formatted-edit controls, a memo control and boolean control.

FarPoint's Spread
FarPoint Technologies
Use FarPoint's Spread 3 to create powerful database front-ends, manage the display and entry of two billion rows and two billion columns using the enhanced Virtual Mode, print reports, perform calculations, import/export files, sort data, support OLE Drag and Drop, respond to user changes, or take advantage of its unparalleled cell-level formatting, including twelve built-in cell types. All of this is included in one control. Unmatched power, flexibility, and speed combine to make Spread the perfect complement to any application.

FlyTreeX ActiveX is a fast, powerful, and flexible multi-columnar Tree/Grid/List/Outline control. Its 14 controls include OptionGroup, Checklistbox, Treeview, Explorerbar, CustomGrid and Sectionlist. FlyTreeX's features increase application speed and convenience, helping you design programs that use varying arrays of data.

Formula One
Tidestone Technologies, Inc.
Forumla One is an API-driven, Excel-compatible spreadsheet and reporting engine for building Windows and Internet reporting applications. Supplied ODBC methods enable Formula One's connection to a wide variety of databases. Workbook Designer provides a robust spreadsheet environment for users to enter and manipulate data and for developers to build report templates for use in applications. Utilizes powerful spreadsheet engine to deliver fast calculations. Reads and writes the Excel 95/97/2000 file formats and provides many of the same formula, function, calculation, and data formatting options as Excel, including support for user-written, add-in functions. Designed to be a programmer's tool with a small footprint and a complete property, method, and event model

Inabyte, Inc.

Unbound/Virtual 32-bit ActiveX Grid Control :::From Inabyte, Inc. ::: ::: Display data faster with InaGrid. An unbound/virtual 32-bit ActiveX grid control for use with Visual Basic, and C++ or any language that supports OCX's. The simplicity of InaGrid makes it an ideal tool for database oriented viewers and editors. InaGrid's speed and cell editing make it an excellent replacement for list controls and list boxes. :::

Janus GridEX
Janus Systems
The Janus GridEX 2000 (also known as Version 2.0) is a 32-bit ActiveX grid control designed to display and manipulate data using an easy and intuitive user interface patterned after Microsoft Outlook. Janus GridEX 2000, has built-in multilingual sorting capabilities, the columns can be sorted as strings, numbers or dates (even while grouped). With the unique grouping capability of the control, a user can drag a column header and drop it into the "Group By Box" and the control automatically presents the data grouped by the chosen field. When a record is added or updated, the control places that record in its proper position based on the current group/sort settings.

Rich Text Grid Control
Sub Systems, Inc.
Rich Text Grid allows a developer to incorporate the table editing and viewing features into an MS Windows application. Each table cell can have text with multiple fonts and divided into multiple paragraphs.

True DBGrid Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBGrid Pro 7.0 is here!!! ComponentOne has added even more great features to the powerful grid control you've come to know and love, based on customer feedback. New features include enhanced display of Master-Detail relationships with fully editable hierarchical grids; Excel-style cell selection; additional display modes; even better keyboard navigation; expanded styles; more print and print preview options; a Filter Bar interface to easily code filtering and formatting behavior; native integration with True DataControl; and more.

Infragistics, Inc
There's more to Infragistics' UltraGrid™ than immediately meets the eye. UltraGrid represents a dramatic reconstruction of the architecture of Sheridan Software's grid technology to form a foundation for the future. UltraGrid is the first grid-specific software product optimized for OLE DB technology—providing maximum stability and reliability. Its unique features and components give you more control and flexibility than anything seen before. And the look and feel of UltraGrid's high-quality user interfaces makes navigating through complex data structures easier and more visually appealing than ever.

VSFlexGrid Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
Customizing the display and presentation of dynamic data for Windows, Internet or intranet applications is now faster and easier than ever. VSFlexGrid Pro 7.0 offers a rich feature set for quickly building flexible, powerful front ends -- without adding user overhead. VSFlexGrid Pro 7.0 is 100% backward compatible with the MSFlexGrid in Visual Basic, so upgrading an existing application is easy.

The fastest, most feature-rich solution for building flexible, powerful front ends for database applications, VSFlexGrid Pro 7.0 provides new ways to display, edit, format, organize, summarize, and print tabular data. Data can be formatted conditionally, highlighting data that falls outside of designated ranges. And you can customize almost every aspect of the appearance of both the entire grid and individual cells. You can even merge contiguous cells with like-valued data, making your grid easier to read. :::

LGB Systems
XControls is a collection of powerful ActiveX controls designed to enable you to build robust database applications in Visual Basic 6.0. It is full of advanced data presentation and user interface features to build user-friendly functionality into complex applications that previously required extensive coding. Unlike other grid controls, XControls supports not datasheet-oriented but single record and master/detail forms. Designed to display and manipulate data using an intuitive user interface XControls is the best solution for all developers who want to quickly and easily build any database application. .

Finer Technologies
XLS2HTML is a developer COMponent for converting Microsoft Excel workbooks to HTML. XLS2HTML is a VB/ASP friendly component, and is great for: providing real time reporting on a customer web site or internal intranet, document imaging systems, website content conversion, and batch conversions for archival. XLS2HTML is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, XLS2HTML is great at preserving existing document format, including all worksheets.

Finer Technologies
XLS2TXT is a developer COMponent for converting Microsoft Excel workbooks to plain Windows text. XLS2TXT will keep the individual worksheets as separate text files or combine them into one, you choose! XLS2TXT is a VB/ASP friendly component, and is great for: providing real time reporting on a customer web site or internal intranet, document imaging systems, website content conversion, and batch conversions for archival. XLS2TXT is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, XLS2TXT is great at preserving existing document format, including all worksheets.

XpressDeveloper's Studio
Developer Express Inc.
The DevExpress XpressDeveloper's Studio combines six great in one value-priced package. Included in the suite are: XpressQuantumGrid, XpressQuantumTreeList, XpressInspector, XpressEditors Library, XpressPrinting System and XpressSideBar.

Developer Express Inc.
The XpressQuantumGrid is a 100% ATL Based ActiveX component library and supports development tools such as: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Internet Explorer and Visual InterDev. Once you begin using it, you will quickly discover its incredible flexibility as a data presentation and manipulation system. The XpressQuantumGrid offers you a series of automatic high-performance data management functions along with a full range of control over runtime display characteristics. The XpressQuantumGrid was built from the ground up for extremely efficient and ultra-fast processing of large amounts of data. In fact, a massive number of its features (such as sorting, grouping, summarizing etc.) are available to you -- without writing a single line of code.