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e-BIZ Factory
e-BIZweb (Formerly Luxent Webworks)
Visual WebGrid, the world's first e-Business Component Factory, is now known simply as e-BIZ Factory! With e-BIZ Factory, you can build reusable Professional (Database) e-Business Components in minutes--without writing any code. Wizards get you started, while e-BIZ Factory's intuitive Visual Designer makes completing and customizing the design applications a matter of point-and-shoot.

Snark Soft
EasyCrypto gives you the ability to encrypt data or a file in just one method call without diving into the depths of cryptography. EasyCrypto doesn't implement any cryptographic algorithm. Instead it sits as a thin shell over Microsoft® Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI). With this flexibility, a VB programmer can choose any cryptographic service provider (CSP) and cryptographic algorithm available on his systems. EasyCrypto allows you to perform most often operations: generate keys, encrypt/decrypt data or files, sign data and verify signatures, and calculate hashes.

EasyMail Advanced API 2.0
Quiksoft Corporation
EasyMail Advanced API's will enable your C++ applications to send, retrieve, merge, store, organize, compose, view, edit and print Internet e-mail messages. For professional developers who demand the best.

EasyMail Objects
Quiksoft Corporation
EasyMail Objects is a collection of full-featured, easy-to-use COM objects for sending and retrieving Internet e-mail. With only a few lines of code, you can add email capabilities to your ASP application. These objects were designed to run mission critical applications. They are small, fast, dependable and scalable. The objects contain built-in support for SMTP, ESMTP, POP3, IMAP4, MIME, Base64, UUencode, Quoted Printable, APOP, HTML messaging, mail merge, custom message and attachment headers, backup SMTP servers, priorities, logging, progress notifications, composition, editing and viewing dialogs, message printing, NT integration and more.

EasyMail SMTP Express
Quiksoft Corporation
SMTP Express dramatically increases the performance and dependability of your e-mail enabled applications by intercepting, sorting, queuing, and delivering outbound e-mail in the background.

EasyMail WebAccess
Quiksoft Corporation
WebAccess is a browser independent web-based mail system written in ASP and powered by the EasyMail Objects. Use "as-is" or modify it to suit your needs

KeyLogic Systems Inc.

EasyTree ActiveX control for Visual Basic lets you easily incorporate tree functionality into your VB applications. You can create a tree (or outline) within an application with only a couple lines of code. A sample application is included. :::

Woll2Woll Software
EditPower is a powerful collection of edit components specifically designed to give professional database developers unmatched power in their Visual Basic applications. From the most powerful mask language for user validation, to the most aesthetically pleasing looking controls, EditPower delivers quality and robust applications. Other powerful features include: quicken-style incremental searching, history and MRU (Most Recently Used) capabilities, maplist support (where a user sees descriptive text instead of a stored mapped code), display formatting for currency & numeric fields, custom button glyphs, & more. And it offers full support for ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.0, Data Access Objects (DAO), and Remote Data Objects (RDO).

Effective ADO
Instructor, Marty Mazurik, a 16 year veteran of programming brings his wit and flair for explaining details to ActiveX Data Objects. ADO is an essential database enabling middleware and one technology that no VB programmer can do without.

The course has two full hours of presentation video and a complete student/reference guide with labs and solutions included. Geared for SQL Server and/or Access the labs cement the concepts presented in the lectures. ::::::These VideoCD's will play in any Windows PC and most DVD Players. :::

Email Screen
Finer Technologies
Email Screen will help prevent web site users submitting fake email addresses on forms. Currently, the state of email address validation is poor. As a result, many garbage email addresses populate companies databases. This results in wasted bandwidth sending membership emails, and wasted money hiring temps to clean out bad email addresses. EmailScreen is an MFC COM DLL that is perfect for the ASP environment, although it will work in VB, VJ++ and VC++. Simply feed it an email address and a DNS server name and it will return a true or false.

Email Templates PRO
/n software inc.
Email Templates is an essential tool for email-intensive business units such as help desk and support. Email Templates extends the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook and/or Microsoft Exchange by letting users create standardized template messages. Message templates are created in advance so that even when users are pressed for time, they know they are expressing themselves fully with a complete response that has already been checked for inaccuracies and compliance to company policy

Energy Credit Card Component
Energy Programming Limited
Energy Programming's Credit card component lets you accept data via Magnetic card readers as well as via keyed input methods. All data is validated to ensure maximum authenticity and reduce chargebacks from the banking community. With increased levels of fraud, banks are increasing premiums on retailers for invalid posting of information, called chargebacks. With the Credit Card Component, all acquired information is presented and retrieved in the recognized formats for all EFTPos systems.

Energy Encryption Component
Energy Programming Limited
Data encryption is a major customer requirement in tomorrow's world, and Energy Programming has provided a component that meets tomorrow's requirements today. Previously encryption tools have been available only in high-end systems; Energy Programming provides tools to the entire business community, providing feature-rich tools for any sized company. The Encryption control allows for the provision of seedkeys, which are essentially passwords used to generate the lock code for the data. Each seedkey provides a varying value for the encrypted data -- therefore, if somebody gains access to the data, unless the party possess the encryption seedkey, the data is unreadable to a third party.

Energy Software Licensing Component
Energy Programming Limited
The Software Licensing component allows you to provide evaluation products that can be instantly made live using a registration key. These keys will protect your applications from unauthorized distribution and use while also protecting your revenue stream. You can therefore maximize your revenue stream by providing users with a demonstration/evaluation copy of your software that can be triggered to self-expire at a given date, or provide subscription notification for users that enroll into the software on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The component lets you concentrate on developing a single source product, which can be made into a live/demo/subscription-based application based upon the input of a registration key.

Energy Tax Component
Energy Programming Limited
Energy Programming recognizes that tax is a complicated issue, and so they have developed a component to ease the burden of calculating tax. This component has been developed for use in today's most advanced payroll system, Payroll32. You can now use the component to calculate/verify tax payments from within your own systems.

Business eTouch
Keep your customers informed with a professional news center web site. Customers can zoom into articles and search your complete news center or archives in seconds. Viewers can search by article titles, authors and keywords. For the web administrator it only takes a total of 3 hours of training and you can add, delete and modify articles in a matter of seconds. Built using templates, the layout can be modified easily by selecting and moving the templates to create a whole new look. Built in picture upload capability lets you add images to articles.

Enterprise Database Pack
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's Enterprise Database Pack is a comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to provide a robust database front-end. You get Spread, a comprehensive spreadsheet/grid; List Pro, a robust ListBox and ComboBox; and Input Pro, a collection of six formatted-edit controls, a memo control and boolean control.

Entisoft Tools
Entisoft Tools is a function library of over 1500 financial, string manipulation, text processing, data structures, mathematical, engineering, deques & queues and other functions. Entisoft Tools integrates seamlessly with all aspects of the Microsoft Visual Basic IDE and Microsoft programs that support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Entisoft Tools uses features you're already accustomed to (like the Object Browser, IntelliSense, AutoCompletion and Windows Help). The Professional Edition includes the complete source code

Ermas Components Active Server Suite
Ermas Consulting
Ermas Components Activer Server Suite 1.01 bundles eight server side components into one low-priced toolkit. Featuring HTML Table Designer, presents database data in in many formats, data manager. Maintains database data, Data Transfer, User Manager, Email Manager, Event Manager Directory & Idle Manager, and Java Data Transfer Class.

Computer Associates International Inc.
ERwin is an industry-leading data modeling solution that creates and maintains databases, data warehouses, and enterprise data resource models. ERwin models visualize data structures in a manner that helps you organize, manage, and even mitigate the complexities of data, database technologies, and the deployment environment. Not only are databases developed faster, but also their quality and maintainability are dramatically improved.

Business eTouch
eShop helps you put your store on-line without having to write a single line of code. Merchants who want to set up shop on the web are faced with a maze of technical details. The online store layout is designed with the use of HTML templates, thus allowing you to create an entire store without writing any HTML code and it also gives you complete control over the way it looks. Developed with end users in mind, eShop allows visitors to easily browse the available products, choose products for purchase, select payment and shipping options and submit the order via a secure server and sit back and anticipate delivery from you!

Essential XML
Beyond Markup
The Extensible Markup Language (XML) has been anointed as the universal duct tape for all software integration problems, despite XML's relatively humble origins in the world of document management systems. Essential XML presents a software engineering-focused view of XML and investigates how XML can be used as a component integration technology much like COM or CORBA. Don Box is a co-founder of DevelopMentor, the premier developer training company. He is also co-author of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) specification, and provides readers with insight into this emerging XML messaging technology. Aaron Skonnard and John Lam are members of the technical staff at DevelopMentor.

ESTIMATE Professional
Software Productivity Centre
ESTIMATE Professional is the affordable, reliable project planning and estimation tool that helps you plan, manage and control project scope, risk and schedule. See immediately, whether you can build required features within schedule constraints. Manage and control projects from requirements to delivery. Use ESTIMATE Professional to create or validate estimates

Business eTouch
Web Database publishing has become a big factor in building Application Web Services. We all know Rapid Application Development is important in keeping up with technology trends. With the new eTouchDB Version 2.1, Business eTouch has developed a unique Microsoft BackOffice solution not only to publish databases to your web site quickly but also to provide an extremely easy ASP database development interface that takes all the guesswork out of ODBC and ADO objects.

Business eTouch
A excellent web master tool to upload one or multiple files, pictures or databases to your website directly through your web browser. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape compatible. With only two lines of ASP code it makes a great addition to eTouchDB to help power your web site administration. Click here to see how easy it is to upload a picture or file through our web site.

Event Log Toolkit
Desaware, Inc.
Visual Basic allows you to log events to the NT/2000 event log, but does not allow you to create custom event sources - so every event belongs to the application VB runtime, descriptions are limited, and event categories unavailable. Even if you use the API to log events, creating custom event sources for your application is not supported by VB, and is difficult with C++. Desaware's new Event Log Toolkit makes creation of event sources easy, and provides all the tools needed to create and log custom events. Now your applications and services can support event logs in a professional manner, as recommended by Microsoft.

Williams MicroSystems
Ever want to run Word, Notepad, or any other program directly from your Visual Basic program as a multi-threaded ActiveX component? Now you can! The main program can be from any language or tool that supports ActiveX technology. The sub-program can be any EXE from any language or tool.

Protect your software with this licensing and copy protection system. Its also a database program that manages your license keys, orders, customers and products. You can also use EzReg to lock your EzStor/HSP files so they can't be opened or run without a license.

ISAPI DLL for automatic Internet license key generation. For use with EzReg.


EzStor is a tool that lets you create HTML content storage files quickly and easily, compressing all of your HTML and graphic files into a single file for easy distribution. These content storage files can also be used by HSP. Stuff a complete website into a single file. Its also a viewer that you can distribute with your product as an easy to use alternative to HTML Help. Shareware version allows you to create EzStor files with up to 10 files inside. Try it with HSP today.