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Factory Foundation Classes
First Factory, Inc
The Factory Foundation Classes (FFC) v1.0 is an ActiveX Class Library that wraps over 275 non-GUI Win32 API calls. The FFC allows you to access the functionality of Windows in an Object Oriented fashion so that you no longer have to wrestle with the complexities of the Win32 API. The FFC provides Class wrappers for the following Win32 API functionality: Atom Tables, Communications, File Compression & Decompression, Event Logging, File Systems, Hooks, Mailslots, Memory Mapping, Pipes, Process Status Helper (PSAPI), Registry, Services, System Information, Time & Timers and User Profiles.

FarPoint's Button Objx
FarPoint Technologies
Button Objx (previously ButtonMaker) is the most comprehensive button-like control available. Not only can you replace the Windows button control to create visually enhanced buttons, you can create fully customized active buttons and toolbars as well as custom-shaped containers. You can also dynamically change pictures and shapes, add multiple hotspots within your custom-shaped region, or use its many features to fully customize your interface. Also included is the Balloon control, the easiest and most extensive control for adding customized help balloons (tool tips) to your application using standard or custom shapes.

FarPoint's Calendar ObjX
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's Calendar Objx 3, now including Daily PlanIt, gives you all the components your development team needs to display or select date and/or time values in any application. By including a calendar control, a clock control, a poster control, and a schedule control, Calendar Objx makes it easy to incorporate robust calendar or schedule features in your program's interface today.

FarPoint's Input Pro
FarPoint Technologies
Easily create professional data-entry screens using Input Pro's eight custom controls. Take advantage of the six formatted edit controls to quickly validate data and alert your user as they enter information or as the application programmatically assigns or edits values. Use the boolean control to display a check box, option button, or custom true/false/grayed value appearance. Use the memo control to display large amounts of text, even those greater than 64K.

FarPoint's List Pro
FarPoint Technologies
FarPoint's List Pro contains the most powerful list box and combo box development components. These extremely robust controls allow you to display up to two billion list items, display single records or items on multiple rows, merge cell text for easier viewing, search for specific list items, or sort list items using unlimited keys. List Pro has over two hundred properties that you can use to further customize the look and feel of the controls. Together, these features help make List Pro the Ultimate Data Viewer.

FarPoint's Spread
FarPoint Technologies
Use FarPoint's Spread 3 to create powerful database front-ends, manage the display and entry of two billion rows and two billion columns using the enhanced Virtual Mode, print reports, perform calculations, import/export files, sort data, support OLE Drag and Drop, respond to user changes, or take advantage of its unparalleled cell-level formatting, including twelve built-in cell types. All of this is included in one control. Unmatched power, flexibility, and speed combine to make Spread the perfect complement to any application.

FarPoint's Tab Pro
FarPoint Technologies
Tab Pro contains the most flexible tab control available. Named "the tab control of choice" in a national review and used by developers around the world, Tab Pro is the easiest and quickest way to enhance your application's appearance using a tab metaphor. Whether taking advantage of its eight pre-defined appearance styles or dynamically changing the tab's appearance in response to your user, Tab Pro gives you the most comprehensive tab feature set to customize any application.

FaxMan Developer's Toolkit
Data Techniques, Inc.
FaxManTM Developers Toolkit lets you develop fax applications with ease. Only your imagination limits the fax-functionality that you can add to your applications. With Data Techniques' companion product, ImageMan, you can provide complete fax management! So, if you spend any time developing fax applications, you won't want to go without this product.

FaxMan Jr.
Data Techniques, Inc.
FaxMan Jr. allows you to seamlessly embed fax support into your Windows applications. FaxMan Jr provides lightweight ActiveX controls that allow you to add simple send and receive fax support for industry standard faxmodems to your applications.

File Pack 1
File Pack 1 is a collection of 3 ActiveX controls for working with files and folders:

:::DirDlg allows users to select existing directories and/or create new ones. ::::::XFind is a utility designed to recursively search folders for files matching user defined search string. ::::::XPODlg is a control allowing users to preview image files (resized and full) before opening them. It also gives information of image dimensions in pixels.

FileView ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The FileView ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like listview to your application, showing all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the filelist used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to contextmenus, dragdrop, AutoUpdate, infotips, renaming, virtual folders and much more.

Find/Findx Control Pack
Chisel Software
Use wildcards to search your database. The Find/Findx Control Pack provides you with two ways to search through your databases. Once connected to a data component, the Find/Findx ActiveX Controls can search for the first, previous, next, and last record that meets the search criteria. The Find dialog window is loaded at runtime and floats on top of your application. The Findx component can be added to any form at design time.

SoftInterface, Inc
Now you can instantly add a "Find In Files" feature to your application! With FindInFilesX it's as easy dropping an OCX/ActiveX component onto your form. FindInFilesX is an ActiveX component designed to assist developers to quickly add a text search utility to their end products. This can be very useful in document or knowledge management applications. The parsing of files for text is encountered often in all areas of software programming. A key feature of this OCX is that it runs on a separate thread allowing the end users application to continue functioning in a responsive manner.

FindInFilesX encapsulates all the details required for quick integration. For example, all search parameters are persistent across running of the end users application automatically. A built in dialog box to facilitate setting the FindInFilesX properties is also available. :::

Finite Element Results ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
The Finite Element Results ActiveX control is designed to simplify the storage and use of finite element analysis results in custom software programs. Once stored, the data can be used for further processsing and/or exported to a variety of formats (FEMAP, I-DEAS and Output2 files coming soon).

TeraTech, Inc.
FinLib/VB is a great compliation of functions to make everything from calculating simple interest to bond calculations easy! It has 65 Financial Functions and contains source code and formulas for you to learn and customize. FinLib/VB has functions for both beginning programmers and financial wizards. The Quick Basic and Power Basic versions are included free! Check out what FinLib/VB can do for you, take a look at our manual

Professionals choose Dreamweaver to develop Web sites, automate production, and enhance team efficiency. Control your code with Roundtrip HTML and the revolutionary Quick Tag Editor, and accelerate workflow with integration with Web applications, Microsoft Office and leading e-commerce and application servers. Only Dreamweaver can be customized using HTML, JavaScript and XML, giving you the power you need for rapid Web development.

First Impression
Tidestone Technologies, Inc.

First Impressional supplies more than 35 two-dimensional and three-dimensional chart types. The component's extensive programming interface offers an unparalleled degree of customization while built-in features such as a Chart Wizard, a Chart Designer, and printing support expedite the development process. First Impression also contains Internet Explorer friendly methods and can output charts in .JPEG format for Internet applications. :::

Fixed Field Parser ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
The Fixed Field Parser ActiveX control is designed to simplify the parsing of multi line fixed field records as typically found in ASCII finite element input files.

Flipper Graph Control
Don't just chart your data - Communicate it! Award-winning Flipper Graph Control lets you add fast, compelling and customized business and scientific charts to Windows applications with amazing ease. It then helps your end users understand the charts' significance with selected detail zoom, interactive data drill-down and printer-resolution hardcopy. Unparalleled optimization for high performance and small footprint. From ProWorks, trusted makers and supporters of expert graphical visualization components since 1987.

FlyTreeX ActiveX is a fast, powerful, and flexible multi-columnar Tree/Grid/List/Outline control. Its 14 controls include OptionGroup, Checklistbox, Treeview, Explorerbar, CustomGrid and Sectionlist. FlyTreeX's features increase application speed and convenience, helping you design programs that use varying arrays of data.

Focal Point
Panatech Computer Management Inc.
Focal Point is a comprehensive set of Active X controls that encapsulates Recordsets, Business Rules, and other commonly needed functions for typical data base applications. In its very simplest form, think of the Focal Point as a replacement for the Microsoft Data Control, but one that also encapsulates Parent/Child relationships, encapsulates your business rule classes, provides hooks for all major navigation and I/O events, and much, much more.

FolderView ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The FolderView ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like treeview to your application, showing all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the tree used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to contextmenus, dragdrop, AutoUpdate, infotips, renaming, virtual folders and much more.

MAILERS Software
FONE*Data allows you to match up telephone numbers to ZIP Code data. The database includes up to three commonly used ZIP Codes for each area code and prefix combination. Although there is no exact match between ZIP Codes and telephone numbers, this does allow you to form some loose geographical associations. Use the information from FONE*Data to avoid the frustration that occurs when area codes change or split. Each quarterly update contains the existing, or old area codes, along with the new area codes scheduled to replace them. You'll be talking to your customers while the competition is calling information for the new numbers.

John Galt
ForecastX SDK is an ActiveX that allows you to add forecasting and time series analysis to your applications. Forecasting includes moving average, several exponential smoothing methods, linear regression, multiple regression, Box Jekins, multivariate analysis and over 30 supporting statistics.

ForeFront, Inc.
All help authoring tools output help files. What sets ForeHelp apart is its WYSIWYG authoring environment, Instant Test Mode, powerful project management features, and its dozens of timesavers designed just for help authoring tasks. ForeHelp is a standalone authoring environment it does not ride on top of Microsoft Word, so it can provide TRUE WYSIWYG authoring and all the incredible project management features that let you manage your projects like a pro, no matter how big the project! Time after time, our customers and industry experts alike praise ForeHelp for its short learning curve,ease of use, and powerful editing features.

ForeHelp Premier Suite
ForeFront, Inc.
Now more than ever, you're being pressed to put information online faster, better, and in multiple formats. ForeHelp Premier 2000 offers superior performance and all the tools you need for professional Help authoring. Take advantage of its many new and enhanced features including FrameMaker .mif import, live topic list editing, as well as headers, footers, and stamps.

ForeHTML Pro
ForeFront, Inc.
ForeHTML Pro creates a help project which supports both WinHelp and HTML-based help formats. ForeHTML Pro features a WinHelp/HTML mode switch allowing you to instantly switch between WinHelp and HTML editing modes–simply change modes to use the unique features of WinHelp or of HTML-based help. Dialog boxes and testing options change accordingly. When you're in HTML mode, ForeHTML Pro provides HTML editing features and gives you all the options to create sitemaps, splash screens, information types and other HTML-based help features.

ForeFront, Inc.

Now you can easily add context-sensitive help as you create your Visual Basic applications. Add help topics as you create forms, or let ForeVB scan your entire Visual Basic project to create a help file. ForeVB builds and compiles basic help files with context-linking to your applications. ForeVB is an add-in to Visual Basic, allowing you to create help right from your Visual Basic menus. :::

Formula One
Tidestone Technologies, Inc.
Forumla One is an API-driven, Excel-compatible spreadsheet and reporting engine for building Windows and Internet reporting applications. Supplied ODBC methods enable Formula One's connection to a wide variety of databases. Workbook Designer provides a robust spreadsheet environment for users to enter and manipulate data and for developers to build report templates for use in applications. Utilizes powerful spreadsheet engine to deliver fast calculations. Reads and writes the Excel 95/97/2000 file formats and provides many of the same formula, function, calculation, and data formatting options as Excel, including support for user-written, add-in functions. Designed to be a programmer's tool with a small footprint and a complete property, method, and event model

Frameplus Object Library & Application Wizard
VB Frameplus

The FramePlus Wizard is a Visual Basic add-in component that helps you create FramePlus-enabled applications. In just four steps, you can have a fully-functioning application containing all of the advanced framework features that FramePlus provides, including dockable window, dockable toolbars, splittable windows, customized menu items, and statusbars. :::

dLesko, Inc.
FUNCky for Visual Basic is one of those toolkits you never outgrow because it does the things you don't even know you need to do because you haven't done them yet! Absolutely hundreds and hundreds of powerful general-purpose routines and dozens upon dozens of specialized objects make your daily programming grind a breeze. We all know that sooner or later, you have to write some code - and with FUNCky for Visual Basic, that code will be powerful, simple, elegant, and even FUN!

FXTools Gold
Pegasus Software
FXTools Gold v5.0 provides nine (9) award-winning ActiveX components packed full of visual effect features that imaging and multimedia applications crave! Featuring over 100 built-in multi-threaded professional effects such as 3D fonts, block shadows, gradient filled backgrounds, audio, video, and much more! High speed display of 10 popular image formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIF, ePIC, and TGA. Winner of 4 industry awards, FXTools Gold is a must-have for any 32-bit multimedia project!