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AddSoft, Inc.
Gantt/OCX is a 32 bit OLE custom control that adds protect and task tracking to your applications with the click of a button. You can now produce applications with professional project management features like planned, actual, progress and slack tracking through visually interactive Gantt charts.

Gatsby Database Explorer
Gatsby Software Inc.
Gatsby Database Explorer generates a rich interface with three integrated views that allows users to edit, view and search database content over an intranet or extranet. You don't need to know any programming or hire an outside consultant. You'll get a rapid solution, without having to waste internal time and resources.

Gravitybox Software LLC
The Gravitybox ColorCombo allows you to give users the ability to select colors in a professional manner similar to MS Frontpage. The combo drops down the main predefined colors from which the user may choose.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbControls is a set of six controls that allow you to add complex functionality to your applications. The Calendar control allows you to add date functionality to your applications without writing you own date routines. The DateBox Control allows you to have a text box that only accepts dates. The Lists control allows you to create OptionLists and CheckLists without having to use control arrays. The NoteBook control is a simple container control that keeps items organized in notebook fashion. The PickList control allows you to add available and selected capabilities to your applications. The Toolbar control adds enhanced functionality to applications. And the RibbonBar control is very similar to the toolbar -- it also has dropdown capabilities but has a button selected all the time.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbDials allows you to add a number of dials and gauges to any application. These can be used to display information to users in a more readable format then text or spreadsheet. The pack of controls includes a LED, 3 sliders, and a stereo bar. Use these in any combination to create professional information displays.

Gravitybox Software LLC
GBGraphs allows for the easy display of bar, Gantt, and line graphs. It can display multiple series, each with its own color. The legend can be toggled on/off. Any text you wish can be displayed on the X and Y axises. The scale can be changed to include any minimum and maximum value for the X and Y axis. Many other features, you need to test it to see. The GravityBox Graphs control is easy to use and comes with easy to understand examples. Try it and see!

Gravitybox Software LLC
The GbHotspot control lets you display a picture and define areas on it as hotspots. When the mouse moves over a hotspot, it changes to a hand like an Internet browser. The control has two modes of operation: an admin mode that allows you to define hotspots, and a user mode for their display. With GbHotspot you can create a hotspot map of any graphic in any ActiveX container. This control is very useful when you need to map areas of a graphic to allow user interaction. Hotspots may be assigned in two ways: programmatically through code by using the HotSpots collection; or by using Admin mode so that a user may graphically drag areas on to the canvas. Through this dual functionality, you can construct applications that allow users to set up their own hotspots. Afterwards, you may loop through the HotSpots collection and save it to a database for later display.

Gravitybox Software LLC

GbListbar allows you to build applications with the ListBar popularized by MS-Outlook. The ListBar is a substitute for a treeview of two levels. There is a collection of tabs that serve as the root of the tree. Each tab has an associated collection of items, each with text and an icon. All objects, tabs and tab items, have a tooltiptext property so you can display additional information to the user. Make your applications windows standard with this control. :::

Gravitybox Software LLC
GbSchedule allows users to build custom schedules. It can handle any number of appointments with color-coded categories. Any number of days or rooms can be displayed with 24-hour days. Time increments can be displayed in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 minute modes. Allows for drag and drop schedule moves or copies. The control can be displayed in any of six ways or modes. These modes are determined by the display of the time, on top or left, and the configuration of the days and rooms. You can display days only, rooms only, or days and rooms together.

GeoCoder Object
MAILERS Software
Now you can add geocoding to your custom program or Web site. You pass a ZIP+4 Code to this COM object and it returns the latitude & longitude coordinate along with the Census tract and block number. You can use the Census tract and block to link to Bureau of the Census demographic data.

GeoView LT
Blue Marble Geographics
GeoView is a powerful and comprehensive OCX mapping and geographic analysis engine for Windows95 or NT. Support for AutoCAD DXF, DWG, Microstation DGN, Shape, MapInfo, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, BSB, NOS, Targa, and PCX is lightning fast. Custom layer types provide a true "common API to spatial data."

:::Please note that a separate distribution agreement will need to be negotiated directly with Blue Marble Geographics

GigaSoft ProEssentials
GigaSoft, Inc.
GigaSoft ProEssentials' five controls provide quick and easy graphic presentation and interactive data visualization. You can implement ProEssentials in a matter of hours -- the end result will look as if it took you years. Whether at the DLL or OCX/VCL/VBX level, ProEssentials are totally property oriented, no complex functions required. The ProEssentials are a stable, professionally engineered tool that will help your projects be visually and functionally impressive while being delivered on time.

ProEssentials v3 adds a powerful 3D Scientific Graph, 3D effects optional on 2D charts, JPEG output along with other internet improvements, more plotting methods including 2D contour, as well as horizontal stacked bar, step, ribbon, annotations, hot spots, legend placement, axis formatting, more user interface, improved 580 page manual, improved example code, and much more. :::

Quality Software Components Ltd
GP-Version is a tool designed from the start as a Version Control tool for end-users. It is a tool that can be used easily by any competent computer user. GP-Version is simple to configure and requires very little maintenance. GP-Version prevents developers overwriting each other's changes. It also allows prior versions of a project to be re-built. You can track bugs and feature requests as well.

Graphics Server
Pinnacle WebWorkz

Graphics Server is the easiest way to add sophisticated graphing support to your Windows, Windows NT and Windows 95 applications. Because it is built to support even the most high-end, mission-critical applications, Graphics Server offers much more than other graphing software -- multiple platforms, multiple hosts, multiple interfaces, the most extensive range of graphs, charts and statistical functions available, and much more. :::