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Sign-On Systems
See web site for details.

Heidi Computers, Ltd
HelloEURO converts any currency amount to the euro and back again if required. HelloEURO works with your Worksheets, Documents, Databases and Presentations, indeed any Windows application that handles the clipboard. The user simply highlights the area to convert and presses a hot key. User also has use of a triangulation calculator for cross currency pricing with various rounding methods, VAT and export to several file formats. Users can download the latest exchange rates directly from the Internet. The developer version includes a COM DLL and 3 OCX controls with examples for VB, ASP, Java, and VC. HelloEURO is available as an end user edition and as a developer edition. The developer edition includes the conversion tool and a set of COM libraries. The end user edition includes the conversion tool.

Help Magician Pro
StateLine Software
Help Magician Pro, a pioneer in the help authoring community since 1992, comes complete with everything you will need for creating professional quality help files. With support for WinHelp and HTML Help, Help Magician Pro stands out in the running with no learning curve. To create the growing standard in today's help, (HTML Help), just read in your existing HLX files, push a few buttons, and view a compiled HTML Help file. As for WinHelp the similarities are uncanny. With Help Magician Pro you will feel as though you are actually working within WinHelp. Great program at a great price!

Haley Enterprise
CPR allows a database of cases representing problems and their symptoms and diagnostic questions to be incrementally accumulated and maintained by workgroups of non-technical authors and end-users. Help!CPRTM is a multi-user Windows application for managing troubleshooting knowledge and conducting troubleshooting sessions. ActivFiX is an ActiveX control that encapsulates CPR knowledge bases and the problem resolution process within a COM API.

HiColor Tools
BeCubed Software
Finally, a tool package that makes full use of the expanded color capabilities of today's machines. No more flat, one color controls. These tools were written using ATL3.0 - which means no MFC file overhead and no external supporting DLL's. This package is perfect for use across the Internet or any 32bit visual programming environment. Average OCX size is only 104K (3 - OCX's in package). Package includes, Panel/Frame, Multi-Column Label, Option button, Checkbox, Command Button, State Button, and Group Button. Data Aware. Full Color, and Aspect control. Controls will work with 256 color (16bit color or better preferred) and can optionally be set to a solid fill color if desired.

HiProf for Visual Basic
TracePoint Technology
HiProf lets you analyze the structure and dynamics of your app so that you can fine-tune it to maximize performance. HiProf quickly and automatically shows you all the bottlenecks and hotspots in your code. HiProf's powerful hierarchical analysis shows all the calls made between parents and children and the time taken by those calls as well as each function's self-time. It also autmoatically idenitifies the slowest path through your app as well as the slowest functions and the parents that call them. In addition, HiProf now lets you watch multiple threads executing in real-time on the stack so you can spot resource conflicts and get an intuitive idea of what your app is doing. HiProf is extremely easy to use and understand - there's even a new project wizard to help you get started - AND IT'S FAST. Works on on the debug version of your binary code - no need for OBJ or source files.

HTML Add-on
Sub Systems, Inc.
This add-on product works with the TE Editor Control. HTML Add-on is a DLL that displays and allows you to edit HTML files. This product also performs HTML to RTF translation and vice-versa. The HTML Add-on control offers a most cost effective method of incorporating an HTML viewer/editor into your application.

HTML Scripting Pages (HSP)
HSP is an Internet Explorer plug-in that lets you completely simulate an ASP webserver on your Windows machine. Mix VBScript and HTML in your webpages just like server side ASP - but your webpages will be run 100% on your own machine - all in a single client side DLL! Shareware version allows up to 10 lines of script code per HSP file. To fully understand the power of HSP, download PowerPad now and see what you can do with HSP.

XML Software Corporation
HTTP COM DLL programming tool.