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IC Code Librarian
IC Add-Ins, Inc.
IC Code Librarian 2000 is an add-in for VB and VBA programmers that runs under VB 5.0/6.0 and VBA 5.0/6.0. IC Code Librarian 2000 is a fast, intelligent, easy to use, and affordable source code librarian. ICCL utilizes its trademark IntelliCoupling™ technology to automatically load from or save to the library, with one click, any source code item and any other code items coupled to it. ICCL includes all the standard types of functionality (string handling, subclassing of form and control objects, sorting and searching, find-and-replace, data structures, database management, file I/O, Windows registry manipulation, and so on) available today.

:::This sample code is built around topics that either have been or will be written about in VBA programming articles. The articles provide in-depth explanations of how the various categories of source code in the Librarian work.

IconMaker PRO
Visual Soft Corporation
IconMaker Pro is a must-have program if you are working with Icons. Period. With it, you can convert a fax or scanned image into an icon. You can convert a DLL or EXE icon into a .ICO file. Do you want to resize, cut, paste, edit on a pixel by pixel basis, or save multiple icon images to a single resource file for Win95 apps? IconMaker Pro gives you the capabilities to do almost everything possible with icons.

AssurX.com (formerly Intuitive Data Solutions)
The idsMail (tm) OLE Server is an easy to use programming component that allows programmers to incorporate universal email send and receive capabilities into their applications. A single set of code allows the programs to transparently support all of the popular email protocols: Internet (SMTP/POP), Microsoft (MAPI), Lotus (VIM), Banyan VINES and MHS. idsMail can be used by all OLE programming environments: VB, Visual C++, Delphi, MS Access, Visual Fox Pro, MS Excel, etc.

iGrafx Business
iGrafx Business is the only business solution that gives every user across the enterprise all the tools needed to quickly and easily create, share and utilize powerful visual communications. With complete solutions for diagramming, drawing, image editing, 3D, media management and application deployment, iGrafx Business is specifically designed for the communication demands of today's business environment.

iGrafx Designer
The iGrafx Designer suite includes iGrafx Designer and iGrafx Image, the powerful upgrades to Micrografx's award winning Designer and leading Windows image editing software Picture Publisher. iGrafx Designer bridges the gap between the highly precise CAD/CAM world and any type of published outcome from printing, HTML and SGML or Microsoft Office. Anyone who creates vector-based graphics will benefit from Designer's easy-to-learn interface and highly productive tools. iGrafx Image provides users the easiest professional level image editing tools with an incredible array of visual and special effects and unique functionality. TWAIN support allows scanning or acquiring images directly from a digital camera with 16-bit per channel quality so even small images look great after processing.

iGrafx Development
iGrafx Development from Micrografx is the essential tool-kit for building and deploying powerful data- and process-oriented graphics solutions based on iGrafx Professional and iGrafx Process. Using the comprehensive hard-copy documentation, developer tools and code samples within iGrafx Development as their guide, developers can easily leverage the powerful and intuitive graphical process, and data visualization features of these two leading applications from Micrografx.

iGrafx Development also includes a full version of iGrafx Professional as well as other end-user productivity tools from the iGrafx System consisting of iGrafx Share, iGrafx Deploy, and iGrafx Business. Developers can also obtain iGrafx Process when their solution requires process simulation and improvement capability. :::

iGrafx Professional
In today's wired workplace, clear, impactful information isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. iGrafx Professional provides powerful visual tools that do more than deliver a polished, professional edge; they help users at every level communicate ideas and information instantly and effectively. iGrafx Professional's sophisticated diagramming power provides professional-quality diagrams with built-in intelligence that can actually aid in critical problem solving and decision making.

Image Pack 1
XShow is a control designed to create transition effects between bitmap images. It supports both BMP and JPG file formats. It offers the choice of more than 150 transition effects. If you build a slideshow, presentation software or a screensaver XShow is the tool to make your job easy.

:::XImgEdit is an image-processing tool. It allows you to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. It will make images sharper or blur them. It will allow you to create special effects such as embossing or pixelation. It will rotate image by arbitrary angle, flip it and convert to grayscale. The most exciting feature is its ability to alpha-blend two images creating stunning effects.

Image Pack 2
Image Pack 2 is a collection of 3 ActiveX controls:

:::XJPG displays BMP and JPG images and converts bitmaps from BMP to JPG file format with user-defined compression ratio. ::::::XGIF is a control designed to display BMP and GIF images (including animated gifs) and to compress bitmaps from BMP to GIF file format. XGIF uses LZW compatible RLE compression algorithm.:::

Data Techniques, Inc.
The ImageIt drivers allow you to create raster image files from any Windows 95/98/NT or Windows 2000 application that supports printing. Creating a raster file is as simple as selecting the desired file resolution printing from your Windows application to the ImageIt driver. The driver automatically creates the file in the directory specified during the simple install process or optionally prompts the user for the filename. ImageIt creates images in industry standard raster formats including TIFF, PCX, BMP, DCX, Fax and PNG.

Newtone Corporation

Use the ImageKit5 to create, edit, and manipulate a variety of image types to enhance your applications. The ImageKit5 adds image-processing functions including watermarks, layers, filters, etc. It also handles loading and saving, editing, displaying, and printing. Retrieve images from any TWAIN scan device, create thumbnails, slideshows, and save in a variety of formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, and more. The ImageKit5 has a free run time license and is capable of running in multiple containers. :::

ImageLib Corporate Suite ActiveX
SkyLine Tools
The Corporate Suite ActiveX is a royalty-free* document imaging toolkit which includes a comprehensive TIFF package and superior TWAIN scanning capabilities. The Corporate Suite ActiveX also features a unique anti-aliasing (scale-to-gray) function essential for cleaning up lossy, scanned documents and guaranteeing clear, high-resolution text. A full annotation package is also included. For programmers who want more flexibility, SkyLine includes Visual C source code for the ActiveX.

Data Techniques, Inc.
ImageMan looks like a simple picture box, but it's NOT! Built-in dialogs allow you to load, save, and convert images in a multitude of formats - both bitmapped or vector based. And if that isn't enough, ImageMan permits you to acquire images using any industry standard TWAIN compatible device. The ImageMan VBX/OCX Suite includes both 16-bit VBX and 16- & 32-bit OCX controls for one price!

Pegasus Software
ased on Microsoft's IIS and Active Server Pages (ASP), Images ASaP! is an advanced color image compression and manipulation tool. You can now easily acquire images from web browsers, process the image, store the image, convert the image and return optimized images and thumbnails directly within your Active Server Pages application.

Pegasus Software
ImagN' for Windows is a series of add on tools that allow software developers to easily integrate graphic images in just about any Windows application. ImagN's easy-to-implement VCL, VBX, DLL,FLL and OCX interfaces make displaying BMP, PCX, DCX, GIF, JPEG, PIC, and TIFF images a snap, while still providing the performance you need when working with graphic images.

Pegasus Software
ImagXpress v5.0 gives developers powerful, flexible, and reliable imaging technology. With over 80 image processing functions and support for over 30 file formats, ImagXpress includes the standard imaging functions you expect and the advanced imaging features you need, like high-performance deskew and despeckle. ImagXpress supports multiple page TIFF, including compacting of multiple page files, TIFF tag editing, and Wang TIFF annotation compatibility. ImagXpress includes TWAIN scanner support, video frame capture, advanced printing support, and fully programmable annotations, as well as add-on tookits for Barcode recognition and printing, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and high-speed ISIS scanning.

ImagXpress Professional includes CapturePRO for video capture, TwainPRO for low level image scanning, PrintPRO for expanded printing capabilities and NotateXpress for annotation. ImagXpress supports your platform of choice with COM objects, lightweight ActiveX controls, and Delphi VCLs and provides samples for VB, VC++, C++ Builder, Delphi, Access, and HTML. :::

Designer Controls, Inc.
ImgX is an ActiveX DLL that allows you to add powerful image manipulation to your Visual Basic applications. Simply add a reference to the DLL and your application will be able to easily read and write various bitmap image formats. It will also be able to grab image data from other sources such as the clipboard, device contexts, device independant bitmaps and screen captures. Once the image is in memory, it will be able to perform various effects including resizing, rotation, embossing, mosaic and many others.

Import Studio
Import Studio is a powerful tool to import EDI, XML, dBase, fixed or variable length text and any other format data into database using ODBC . Import process is based on data import rules . Those are defined as map and used to locate data in message (file) and form dynamic INSERT statements for database . Whole processing is based on map definitions . After map is defined it can be used to import data in batch processes or be used in ActiveX component as part of other application .

Ingenuware Ltd
ImpulseGlobals is incredibly useful in all types of Visual Basic applications... whether business, commercial, database, or even games! With dozens of global objects & creatable classes, and hundreds of global functions, ImpulseGlobals gives you the POWER and CONTROL you've always wanted in Visual Basic! ImpulseGlobals gives you great features, including Image Processing & Fast Drawing Methods, String Parsing & Searching, System Settings, Registry and INI file Access, and much MUCH MORE!!

Ingenuware Ltd
ImpulseStudio is comprised of 26 high quality, highly customizable ActiveX Controls, hundreds of functions, and dozens of objects & creatable classes. It covers all aspects of Visual Basic development from the user interface to graphics & multimedia to core application functionality. ImpulseStudio is ideal for all types of Visual Basic development. It even lets you easily create skinnable applications! ImpulseStudio 3.0 has the right components for the job! Many of the components have been rebuilt from 2.0 for optimal speed & performance!

Inabyte, Inc.
A component that can take Credit Card number details and validate the data provided using the recognized algorithms. Programming an application or web that collects credit card details (number/type and/or expiration date) for data storage or online verification needs the data to be pre-validated before it is commited. InaCardCheck eliminates bad credit card data entry and possible fraud! Supports Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners, Enroute, JCB, Cat Blanche and Discover.

Inabyte, Inc.

Unbound/Virtual 32-bit ActiveX Grid Control :::From Inabyte, Inc. ::: ::: Display data faster with InaGrid. An unbound/virtual 32-bit ActiveX grid control for use with Visual Basic, and C++ or any language that supports OCX's. The simplicity of InaGrid makes it an ideal tool for database oriented viewers and editors. InaGrid's speed and cell editing make it an excellent replacement for list controls and list boxes. :::

InstaComm Instant Messenger
XML Software Corporation
Internet messaging COM DLL programming tool.


Zero G Software
InstallAnywhere is a very powerful software deployment solution. It brings intelligence and simplicity to the process of deploying software to virtually any client or server platform, such as Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS, HP-UX, and AIX. Designed with an easy-to-use interface that complements an advanced customization mode, InstallAnywhere automatically handles all the installation details for each platform.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallBuilder features Wise's advanced technology, including: fully customizable script editing, integrated, real-time debugging, custom dialog and graphic creation, and built-in Windows API calling. InstallBuilder also features SmartPatch for creating efficient installation patches between different versions of an application.

InstallConstruct makes creating a Software Package, Setup Wizard, Installer, and Uninstaller for software installation and delivery as easy as it can be. It is designed for demanding professionals as well as for non-programmers with a user-friendly expanding wizard system using intuitive step-by-step procedures. Unlike other Installer and Setup programs, InstallConstruct does not require programming background; nor does it require you to learn any application specific language. Your work is automatically saved in reusable scripts, which require no programming efforts.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallMaker is the perfect solution for developers who want quick, simple Windows installations. InstallMaker's Installation Expert guides you through a few easy steps to build an installation program in minutes. InstallMaker includes Wise Installation System 7.03 and SmartPatch, for creating installation patches that contain only the differences between two versions of an application.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallManager is the complete administrator's tool for creating and managing installations for their end users. Follow Wise's 6-step process and point-and-click your way to a setup program in minutes. InstallManager includes all the functionality of InstallMaster, plus ConflictManager - a database application that quickly and easily identifies potential file conflicts before deployment.

Wise Solutions Inc.
InstallMaster is designed for the power user who wants complete control over every detail of their installation, yet it is remarkably easy to use. InstallMaster includes SmartPatch; SetupCapture, for quick "repackaging" of existing installations; WebDeploy, for creating dynamic Internet/intranet-based installations, plus all the functionality of InstallBuilder; WiseUpdate, installs a small client app that checks for periodic updates over the Internet and, based on user preferences, can download and install.

InstallPump is a software deployment application specifically designed to create custom installation routines for Lotus Notes applications. Drag and drop the database files that your application uses and set a few InstallPump Actions and your installation is complete. InstallPump can also create custom installations for the Notes client itself. Administrators can now upgrade Notes users without visiting each and every desktop. Many companies currently use InstallPump to manage the deployment process of Lotus Notes within the entire enterprise.

InstallShield Express
InstallShield Software Corporation

For developers with short cycles, InstallShield Express is the ideal setup solution. Only InstallShield Express provides an intuitive, point-and-click interface with an easy-to-follow guide for setup creation. With a low learning curve and no training, you can complete and customize your installation in less than a day. :::

InstallShield Express Multi-Platform Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Express - Multi-Platform Edition is the solution developers need to target multiple platforms with a single, easy-to-build installation. You'll deploy bulletproof InstallShield installations to any number of supported platforms. Just build your install, choose your target platforms, and deploy with technology from the industry's installation leader, InstallShield.

InstallShield Professional Multi-Platform Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Professional - Multi-Platform Edition is the solution developers need to target multiple platforms with only one, customized installation. You'll be able to use an open API and robust functionality to customize and deploy bulletproof InstallShield installations to any number of supported platforms. Just build your install, customize to fit your exact needs, choose your target platforms, and deploy with technology from the industry's installation leader, InstallShield.

InstallShield Professional Standard Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Professional Standard Edition provides breakthrough productivity, usability, and control for professional Windows developers distributing applications with sophisticated installation requirements. Developers can create custom setups of any size and complexity - for any Windows® platform - while reducing build time and installation development cycles. InstallShield Professional 2000 is the new standard for software deployment.

InstallShield Professional Windows Installer Edition
InstallShield Software Corporation
InstallShield Professional 2000 for Windows Installer is the most comprehensive Setup-development solution available for applications targeting Microsoft's new Windows Installer service, the set of APIs and processes governing installations for Microsoft Windows 2000

Instrumentation ActiveX Library
Global Majic Software, Inc.
Instrumentation ActiveX Library now offers 11 instrumentation and general purpose ActiveX controls bundled together. It includes; Angular Gauge, Knob, LED, Numeric LED, Linear Gauge, Odometer, Percent, Selector, Slider and Toggle and now Strip Chart. All controls are data-aware, self-registering and incorporate dynamic property pages. All Global Majic Software ActiveX controls are signed using the Microsoft Authenticode process and are safe for Web development.

XML Software Corporation
Client/server Internet database connectivity programming tool and remote database browser application, enabling Universal Data Access using XML (UDAX).

Interactive Error Assistant 3.0
PUCC Multimedia
Error Code Add-In With Focus On: Performance - Variable Contents - Work Flow - Security

InternetUpgrade OCX
InternetUpgrade OCX Control is an ActiveX component that will let your customers download and run your latest software update from your website from within your application. Just add this OCX to your project, set the properties and let the InternetUpgrade wizard do the rest. When the user clicks the Upgrade button, the download begins will a full progress bar and bytes downloaded status

Iocomp Instrument Pack
Iocomp Software
Iocomp Instrument Pack is a collection of our high speed, real-time ActiveX and VCL controls for instrumentation automation, industrial, and scientific applications. Choose from 25 professionally designed LED, Seven Segment, Switch, and Gauge components including our popular Strip Chart control with 2GB per channel capacity and user interface controls. Why struggle with static, bitmap-based gauges, switches, and other similar controls when you can enjoy the flexibility and reliability of controls designed for the needs of automation programmers. All components are optimized for speed, and include our easy to use theme support.

Iocomp Plot Pack
Iocomp Software
Iocomp Plot Pack is our premier, high speed, real-time, advanced, and easy to use ActiveX and VCL controls for instrumentation automation, industrial, and scientific plot and charting applications. Our popular Plot Pack Controls include 2GB per channel capacity, multiple axis support, unlimited number of channels and axes, copy, printing and save support, advanced scrollable legend, runtime property editors, sliding scales, time based and xy plotting support, Value/Exponent/Prefix/Date-Time Scale Labels, null data support, and user interface controls, even while plotting.

Iocomp Professional Pack
Iocomp Software
Iocomp Professional Pack is a complete suite of high-speed, real-time ActiveX and VCL controls for instrumentation automation and industrial applications. Includes 48 professionally designed LED, Seven Segment, Switch, Chart, Bar, Digital, Analog, Object Canvas, Rotation, Compass, Timer, Sliding Scale, and Spectrum Display components including their popular Strip Chart control with 2 GB per channel capacity and user interface controls. Why struggle with static, bitmap-based gauges, switches, and other similar controls when you can enjoy the flexibility and reliability of controls designed for the needs of automation programmers? All components are optimized for speed, and include Iocomp's easy-to-use theme support.

/n software inc.
IP*Works! contains simple high-level programmable components and powerful TCP/IP programming tools. All controls have simple, yet powerful, interfaces that shield developers from the complexity of TCP/IP programming while giving them access to a wide spectrum of Winsock features. Corporate developers will find the features they need to quickly enable their applications to participate in a TCP/IP network without steep learning curves. Internet developers will find fast components with small footprints that provide excellent performance over dialup links. IP*Works! runs on top of the industry standard Winsock API and implements standard protocols specified in Internet RFCs.

IP*Works! SSL introduces SSL and Digital Certificates to the IP*Works! components, providing Secure Web Browsing, Secure Client, Secure Server, Secure Mail, Digital Certificate Management Capabilities, and a lot more. This is a no-compromise, comprehensive suite of royalty-free SSL-enabled components, an industry first in many ways. ::::::IP*Works! ASP Edition is specially designed and optimized for Active Server Page programming. Its 30 components include the standard IP*Works! components, plus higher level components such as WebUpload, WebForm, FileMailer, and TraceRoute. A complete array of sample ASP pages, including demonstrations on how to access Web Services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS Address Verification Tools are also included. :::

IPro Falcon
WebWare Solutions, Inc.
WebWare's latest product release, IPro Falcon Server, is a high performance, easy to use Application Server. IPro Falcon Server is designed for the simple and rapid development of Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000) and Wireless Windows (Pocket PC, CE) Internet applications. Complex Server side coding is now a thing of the past. IPro Falcon Server brings the simplicity of plug and play to Internet application development.

:::IPro Falcon Server Package includes everything you need: client software, server software, help files and full documentation. :::

iTmove - DC Computacion Internacional
iTbutton v2 is an ActiveX control for displaying images using a variety of special effects. The control lets you add gradient tooltips, change the image when the mouse is over, and apply various visual effects, including blending, mixing, color masking, working with transparency, desaturating, animating, adding gradient fills, text, and more. You can also have images load from the Internet via HTTP, and install fonts via HTTP. You can also execute files and Web pages.