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Mabry BarCod Control
Mabry Software
BarCod VBX/OCX makes barcode display and printing really easy. Just pick the barcode Style, set the Size, and fill the Caption property with the information you want to be displayed as a barcode. You can choose vertical as well as horizontal orientation. For printing, add instructions for position placement on the paper, and BarCod paints into the Printer Object.

Mabry Encoder/X Control
Mabry Software
Encoder/X provides an easy and powerful way to handle the data encoding formats used by various Internet protocols. There are four encoding types used by protocols such as mail and news, Base64, BinHex 4.0, Quoted-Printable, and UU. Encoder/X provides a number of functions to convert back and forth between binary (or text) data and any of those formats. Encoder/X provides unlimited flexibility when it comes to specifying source and destination for the data being encoder or decoded. The following methods fulfill basic requirements: FileToString, FileToFile, StringToFile, and StringToString. In addition to that Encoder/X utilizes our new Stream/X technology to provide a fully extensible way of accessing and storing encoded/decoded data.

Mabry FileView/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's new FileView/X component provides a file list view which is identical to that seen in the Windows Explorer. Using FileViewX you can easily present a list of files to users which they can, optionally, be allowed to display as large icons, small icons, names, or complete details. There is a FilePattern property you can use to select which files will be displayed. And, for more demanding filtering requirements an event is fired for each item before it is displayed, enabling you to determine on the fly which items to display. There is a pattern matching method to help you filter names, and many other useful properties and events. FileViewX can be used in conjunction with Mabry's FolderViewX to create applications which have complete - or limited - explorer capabilites.

Mabry Finger Control
Mabry Software
The Finger control requests user information from another host. Some hosts will return little information, some hosts return large amounts of information, some return none at all. The information typically returned includes last date of logon, mail waiting, real name, etc. Sometimes the information includes an address and/or a phone number.

Mabry FTP/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's FTP/X ActiveX control provides easy, high-level access to the complete FTP client protocol (RFC 959). In addition to capturing server directory listings into a string array property, the new FTP/X also makes the results available as an ADO Recordset providing easy access to the various fields that a server returns. The FTP/X also has powerful built-in features to support debugging and non-standard servers using the Quote method.

Mabry FTPServer/X Control
Mabry Software
FTPServer/X makes it easy for you to put up an FTP server within minutes. FTPServer/X comes in both ActiveX Control and COM Object forms to make it easy for you to integrate it into nearly any Windows programming environment. When you use FTPServer/X, you have complete control over user access, directories, file uploads and downloads, deletion, etc.

FTPServer/X acts as a full FTP server by default. Events notify your program when the user requests to download a file, upload a file, create a directory, delete a directory, etc. Through these events you can thoroughly control the user's access and modifications to your server. You can make it wide open or you can simply allow them to download a single file -- or anywhere in-between. :::

Mabry GetHost/X Control
Mabry Software
GetHost/X translates server names to IP addresses and IP addresses to server names.

Mabry HTTP/X and COM Object
Mabry Software
Mabry's HTTP/X ActiveX control provides easy, high-level access to the complete HTTP client protocol. HTTP/X was designed to be as programmer-friendly as possible, by providing features such as automatic connect and disconnect for single interactions with HTTP/X servers. And for more advanced uses, HTTP/X also directly supports the more sophisticated pipelined request mechanisms used by today's servers.

Mabry Internet Client Pack/X
Mabry Software
Mabry's Internet Client Pack/X is a complete suite of state-of-the-art Internet client components. Each component comes as both an ActiveX control and a COM object, and all components feature Fast Notifications and multiple blocking modes. that allows you to create "Internet-Enabled" applications. Whether you need a control for FTP, MIME compliant Mail, POP, WhoIs, name resolution, Time, or News, Mabry has the control for you. There's even a powerful RAS control for establishing connections and a complete socket control that gives you easy access to Windows sockets. All controls are 32-bit ActiveX controls/OCXes. Controls are royalty-free and source code is available.

Mabry List/X Control
Mabry Software
List/X sets a new standard for functionality and programmability in ActiveX controls. List/X provides multiple sortable columns, multi-line headers, captions, and list items, unlimited color options, and more. The Mabry List/X control is a 32-bit light ActiveX.

List/X also provides a unique owner-draw capability using high-level COM objects that you create with Visual Basic. This feature provides unlimited flexibility, freeing you from the design limitations built into other controls. Using owner-draw objects, you can easily define the exact appearance of any column in any row. Display bitmaps, change fonts and colors on the fly, and use any of the graphical methods available in Visual Basic or the Windows API. :::

Mabry Mail/X Control
Mabry Software
Mail VBX/OCX is the only control in the VB market which is fully MIME compliant. It's really four controls in one. It provides SMTP and POP3. It also can send and receive MIME compliant messages with unlimited attachments. And, it supports encoding/decoding of Base64, Binhex40, UU, and Quoted-Printable.

Mabry Software's Mail meets the complete specifications for MIME (RFC1521 and 1522), POP3 (RFC1725), and SMTP (RFC0821). ::::::Mail can also be used independently as a general purpose encoder and decoder control, or in combination with other controls that need encoding/decoding capability. The Mail control comes with a sample program written in VB that is nearly a complete mail client. The sample program shows how to use all of the major features (and most of the minor ones) of Mail. :::

Mabry News/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's News/X OCX and COM objects provide a powerful and flexible way to handle news (NNTP) messages. Advanced features, such as XOver headers, are fully supported. And News/X's Groups objects which contain Articles objects, which in turn contain Articles, make managing groups and articles very easy. Entire sets of articles for any group can easily be downloaded, and left untouched in that Group as other groups are accessed. News/X uses Mabry's new Encoder/X, Mime/X, and Stream objects, making it easy for you to handle today's complex (MIME) messges which are often posted. And Mime/X and the Stream objects make storing and retrieving articles from disk or other data stores a breeze.

Mabry NTUSER/X Control
Mabry Software
NTUser/X is a collection of COM objects that gives you the ability to perform administrative tasks on a local or remote Windows NT server -- managing users, local groups, global groups, and modal information. Users and groups can be added, modified or even deleted from the server (if your program has the security privileges to do so). Using NTUser/X is about as easy as using a Collection object or a list box.

Mabry Ping/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's Ping/X ActiveX control provides easy-to-use Internet 'ping' functionality. Using Ping/X you can test for the existence of machines on the net and determine the latency time for transfer between the machine doing the ping and that being pinged. In addition to the usual ICMP and RAW type pings, Ping/X supports TCP and UDP pings. These alternatives are provided because some systems, mostly running UNIX, can be set up so that they don't respond to the normal ping requests. The 32-bit Ping/X comes as both an ActiveX control (OCX) and a COM object (DLL), so you can use it in nearly any modern programming environment. As a light ActiveX control/COM Object, Ping/X doesn't require any bulky MFC DLLs to run. Your web-based applications (VBScript, ASP, etc.) will download faster, your installation package will be smaller, and you'll have no problems with different versions of DLLs on your users' systems. And, because it's both an ActiveX control and COM Object, Ping/X will run in Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Internet Explorer, Delphi and any other environment that supports either ActiveX controls or COM objects.

Mabry PropertiesList/X Control
Mabry Software
PropertiesList/X is a list box with columns in which you can edit program-defined properties just like the properties edit list in your favorite development environment. PropertiesList/X has two (or more) columns -- one column for the property name, one or more for the value. Properties can be strings, values selected from a combo box, fonts, colors, or even boolean values. This control lets you put all of your user-modifiable values in one place for ease and convenience.

PropertiesList/X allows full control over the appearance. Border styles, headers, background and text colors, etc. are all set through properties. Each cell may have its own background and text color. ::::::PropertiesList/X can be used anywhere that an easy-to-use interface and efficient use of screen space are required. If you need to edit a wide range of values, you can use PropertiesList/X. :::

Mabry RAS/X Control
Mabry Software
Mabry's RAS/X control provides easy access to Dial Up Networking (DUN). With it you can automatically connect to, and disconnect from, the internet -- all under program control and without operator intervention. RAS/X also makes it easy for you to let your users add, edit, modify and delete phonebook entries. RAS/X's simple methods and full complement of properties allows you to determine when and what your users are allowed to do.

RAS/X is built using the latest in ActiveX control development tools and technologies. You can use the COM object version of RAS/X, for minimal size requirements and usability in ASP and similar environments. Or, for Visual Basic and other full-featured development environments, you may choose to use the OCX version of RAS/X. Either way, you get the same functionality and reliability. :::

Mabry RoText Control
Mabry Software
RoText VBX/OCX is a Visual Basic custom control that lets you put a single-line label on your form at any angle of rotation. Use it to create spinning labels, map labels, vertical headings for columns in spread sheets, anything you can think of that requires non-horizontal placement on your form or paper. The label's text can be initialized at design time and then changed at run-time. RoText will bind to a data control using the DataField, DataSource, and DataChanged properties.

Mabry Socket/X Control
Mabry Software
Socket/X provides you with full access to the power of Windows Sockets, making it easy to write TCP/IP or UDP client and server software. Socket/X comes in ActiveX control and COM object forms. Because Socket/X is both an ActiveX control and a COM object, you can use it nearly anywhere -- ASP pages, Visual Basic applications, Visual C++ applications, anywhere that supports either COM objects or ActiveX controls. Plus is supports secure connections with SSL!

Mabry SoundX/X
Mabry Software
The SoundX/X ActiveX control provides Soundex, Extended Soundex, and Metaphone algorithms which convert words or names to codes that represent how the words "sound". This is useful in a database application where users need to find names they may not know how to spell.

Soundex is a letter plus digits, Extended Soundex is purely numeric and can result in faster database scans, and Metaphone is letters, which can result in a better match rate, but also takes up more computer storage space. The length of the codes (Soundex, Extended Soundex and Metaphone) is selectable through a property. :::

Mabry Time/X Control
Mabry Software
The Time control allows you to retrieve the current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from time servers on the Internet. Use it in any application where you need to have accurate time/date stamps. This includes financial transactions, medical data, long-term data collection, or anywhere else that a reliable time-stamp is needed. You can even use this control to update the time-of-day on your systems and servers.

MailIt - US Mail and Label Control
etc Computers, Inc.
Easily add print mail pieces to your VB applications. Options include envelopes, postcards, Avery labels, address lists and custom mail pieces

Math Point MFXLibs
Math Point Ltd.
Specifically designed for ActiveX, the Math Point MFXLibs numerical libraries are an essential tool for developers of high-end applications who want to unravel the power of Visual Basic. The Math Point MFXLibs libraries consist of more than 650 carefully documented and easy-to-use numerical routines for Visual Basic. The underlying algorithms are the classical, time-honored and unsurpassed FORTRAN packages that have been developed during the last 40 years and are part of all the professional numerical software distributed today. What makes the MFXLibs distribution unique is the exclusive focus on ActiveX and Visual Basic, the documentation and the careful exception handling.

Visionary Business Systems
MAX*IP, a robust, high performing, easy to use internet suite. These controls have been built from the ground up in C++ to provide the some of the most raw speed available. MAX*IP takes advantage of 32-bit THREADS to manage its connections and raw socket functions to perform tasks rather than the "messaging" model introduced so Socket calls would not "block" the 16bit Windows 3.1 operating system. What does this all mean for you? RAW POWER! Robustness? 13 controls make internet programming EASY! Have you ever wanted to resume a VERY large FTP Download? MAX*IP has a dual interface that allows programmers to call methods like a function returning true or false OR to initiate operations by setting a property which allows subsequent code to continue executing...The best of both worlds

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
MetaDraw is a plug-in component solution to the rather complicated problem of implementing high performance drawing in your VB applications. MetaDraw is a special purpose picturebox/image editing tool that offers unique support for the creation, editing and display of MetaFiles, which are smaller than Bitmaps and resolution- and device-independent.. It is specially designed to allow you to tag individual graphic objects for Hypergraphic/HotSpot applications and makes creating interactive graphic interfaces as easy as can be!

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)
Microsoft Corp
MSDN subscriptions provide developers with the latest Microsoft tools, technology, and information to create solutions for the Microsoft Windows operationg system. With the flexibility of three subscription levels and the convenience of timely updates delivered throughout the year, MSDN subscriptions are essential for every developer. MSDN offers developers a variety of product offerings so that they can choose the one that best suits their needs.

MKS Source Integrity
MKS - Mortice Kern Systems, Inc.
MKS Source Integrity 7.2 is a software change management (SCM) system for client/server and Intranet project leaders who must manage change and enable team development. As the only SCM solution to manage both client/server and Web-based development environments, it is available for Windows/NT/95, Web Browsers, Web Servers, DOS, OS/2 and UNIX.

MKS Toolkit for Developers
MKS - Mortice Kern Systems, Inc.
MKS Toolkit for Developers is a Windows development product for software, script, and Web developers, who can choose from UNIX-style command-line or graphical VisualStudio build environments. It is ideal for developing common, cross-platform scripts for UNIX, Linux, and Windows, from a single Windows desktop. Using the power of more than 300 UNIX and Windows command-line software and Web development utilities, including make, cc, and vi, you can develop native Windows applications, as well as Perl, Korn shell, C shell, sed / awk, and CGI scripts. Preserve your existing investment in UNIX training and easily migrate UNIX scripts to Windows.

Moving Map ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Moving Map ActiveX Control is a highly customizable mapping tool. Multiple Maps of known extents (North, South, East and West) may be defined with any consistent units (LAT/LONG, UTM, custom). These maps may be pieced together to form a large composite map or may be overlapped to give more detail to certain regions. Multiple objects may be placed at any location and are displayed as standard shapes (airplane, navaid, airport, waypoint, etc), user defined shapes, or pictures. Additionally, multiple views (map areas defined by a center location and a relative radius) make it possible to either view a small area or to "follow" any object. Pan and Zoom features are also available.

Multilizer Inc.
MULTILIZER offers an integrated globalization solution for the enterprise needs. The broad support for different technical platforms combined with outstanding expandability and ease-of-use lets you easily turn your software and services multilingual. Unlike other localization tools that produce single language versions, MULTILIZER allows developers to create multilingual software that lets the user change language at runtime. You can use the MULTILIZER OCX both in Visual Basic as well as in VBA, thus applying the globalization support both in desktop software and ASP for example.

Multimedia Imaging Suite
Pegasus Software
This suite of tools features the award winning FXTools, SuiteFace, PhotoPRO and CapturePRO products which provides a powerful array of components for building applications with pizzaz! This comprehensive set of 19 ActiveX controls is packed full of multimedia and imaging power. It includes over 100 visual special effects, scrollable hypertext with images and video, load and save over 20 image formats, video capture and playback, MIDI and WAVE playback, 3D fonts, 3D borders, and over 70 image processing functions such as sharpen, soften, emboss and more. You can create fantastic custom user interfaces, acquire images from scanners and digital cameras, download images from Internet addresses, and much, much more!

Multithreading for VB6
Snark Soft
Multithreading for VB6 is a set of ActiveX components that allow for parallel execution of components written with VB6. Whether your VB application hangs on calling time demanding functions, or your UI appears dead while performing some operations, or you need to split operations for parallel processing, Multithreading for VB6 enables automation clients to do the task safely and with very few limitations. Please note the Multithreading for VB6 will work only under MS Windows NT.