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Sierra Data Systems, Inc.
PageOCX is a 32-bit ActiveX control that is easy to implement with any system that works with Visual Basic, Access, Active Server Pages, or any other ActiveX system. The control is quickly incorporated into a program's design and enables the system to send alphanumeric pages using a standard modem. PageOCX will work with any modem using the AT commands set (Hayes compatible) and uses a separate process that allows your application to do other things while paging is taking place.

Parser ActiveX Control
CAE Power Tools
The Parser ActiveX control is designed to simplify the creation of neutral files containing finite element analysis results.

Network Commerce (formerly Go Software, Inc.)
PCCharge Pro , formerly PC-Charge is an award-winning product that helps reduce fraud losses, saves the merchant time and money, and provides powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. Whether you are a retail or direct marketing brick-and-mortar store, mail-order/ telephone order or e-store business, PCCharge Pro is a cost-effective solution that will work for you!

PDF Converter
AMYUNI Consultants
The PDF Converter or Printer Driver allows you to create a PDF document from any application running under Windows operating systems. It can be installed on your system like any printer driver. An automatic installation software is provided for an even easier installation. Instead of printing to your standard printer, you will just select our printer. A file will be generated for you which you can transmit over the Intranet, Internet or view with the free Adobe AcrobatReader. The PDF Converter Developer License allows you to distribute a special version of the driver with your application like any DLL or ActiveX with no royalties.

Pepperwhite Street
Pepperwhite StreetTM is a very easy to use, complete geographic information and mapping component that adds royalty-free maps, street addresses, distance calculations, and powerful geographic visualizations to your applications. Look up addresses to street level, add your own points, animate storm systems, and more with this incredibly fast mapping component. Includes entire United States street map, ZIP codes, and much more.

Percentage Indicator ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Percentage Indicator ActiveX Control is a data-aware, versatile percentage interface used to indicate a level or progress. Percent levels can be set directly by the user or indirectly by allowing the control to calculate them. The user can define the number of percentage areas and shapes (bar, ellipse, tank, user-defined).

Pharoah 1
Pegasus Micro-Technologies Inc.
Pharoah is one of a suite of advanced 3D animated desktops for Visual Basic Programmers, set in ancient Egypt. This product is designed with the VB programmer in mind, from novice to advanced. Program source code, graphics, and notes included! Every element may be changed or altered as needed to create your own personalized 3D desktop.

PicConverter is an ActiveX control that allows you to read image files in over 50 formats and convert them to 15 formats. PicConverter writes the following formats: Amiga IFF/ILBM, Autodesk CEL, ColorRIX SCX, Dr Halo/Genius CUT, JPG, MS Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, PC Paint/Pictor PIC, PBM, PGM, PNM, PPM, Silicon Graphics IMG/RGB, SunRaster RAS, TIFF, True Vision Targa TGA, True Vision Targa 32 bit TGA, ZSoft PCX.

Polar ActiveToolbox
Polar Software
Polar ActiveToolbox is a set of ActiveX (OCX) controls comprising of following components: BitmapFX, CharMap, ColorSelect, FindFile, FontComboBox, HyperLink, ShapedButtons, TableSize, and TrayIcon.

Polar Draw ActiveX Control
Polar Software
Polar Draw is a 32-bit OCX/ActiveX control that will enhance your application with abilities of creating, editing, displaying, storing and printing drawings. It looks like a standard picturebox within your application, but offers unique support for the creation, editing, displaying, storing and printing drawings. Polar Draw incorporates Vector drawing abilities together with Raster Image Tools such as bitmap filters (brighten, add and limit color, transparency, heatmap, tinted grayscale, custom color map and invert). Over 300 functions together with a dozen built-in formatting dialogs for your convenience, dozens of built-in textures and patterns will suite your needs, whether you need a simple picture preview, or graphical animation of some developing process, or even your own vector drawing application.

Polar Spellchecker Component
Polar Software
Polar SpellChecker Component includes a spell checking and autocorrect ActiveX control and DLL. Use this component to add spell checking and autocorrect features to your application.

Polar ZIP Component
Polar Software
The Polar ZIP Component provides your application with the full range of useful abilities for manipulating industry-standard zip files. It includes both a 32-bit ActiveX control and DLLs. With this reliable data compression toolkit for Windows developers, your application will perform all zip and unzip operations: read/write/modify files, create multi-volume archives (disk spanning), fix corrupted zip files, multiple callback and progress monitor options, and many more. Polar ZIP Component can now also create multiple archives on removable volumes (disk spanning) as well as on non-removable disks (multifile zip creation).

Polisher for Visual Basic
Aardvark Software, Inc.
Polisher will automatically format your source code according to your specifications and spell check your source code! It will clean up your forms and code modules...split single line IF statements, align control structures, add white space, add comments, and even put in OPTION EXPLICIT! And these are just some of the 40+ options available. Polisher even has a built-in link to Aardvark's Pretty Printer!

Power Form Scroll98/Resizer Plus Bundle
Trinitronix Resizer Plus ads the ease of effortlessly resizing controls and fonts during run-time in Microsoft(R) VB(R) 4 & 5 (VB4-32bit compatible). Add to that Power Form Scroll 98 OCX which allows the developer to design forms larger than screen size and then to distribute applications which support form-scrolling to end-users! Compatible with VB6

PowerBASIC DLL Compiler
PowerBASIC, Inc.
Satisfied with the speed of your Visual Basic programs? NO! Then accelerate your code with fast machine code DLLs! Don't struggle with C, Pascal, Assembler, and don't abandon your Basic code. Just accelerate it! Use Visual Basic for what it does best -- user interface and forms design. User PowerBASIC for what it does best -- number crunching, calculations -- all of your mission-critical code! Link this duo for the ultimate programming team! PB/DLL 6.0 is a native code compiler for Windows 95/98/2000 and Windows NT. It creates extremely efficient EXEs and industry-standard DLLs accessible from most any Windows language or application.

PowerDesigner is the first design tool that combines object-oriented, conceptual, and physical data object modeling capabilities in a single, integrated environment. It supports more than 30 of today's most popular DBMSs giving you a sound strategy for consistent adaptable business logic and database design across heterogeneous systems. PowerDesigner's new common user interface, along with its powerful set of tools, makes it easier than ever for designers and developers to collaborate on increasingly complex distributed applications.

PowerTCP Emulation Tool
Dart Communications
Build terminal emulation capabilities into your application with VT and Telnet controls. Screen scraping, advanced graphic fonts and superior printing capabilities make this tool suitable for the most demanding applications.

The Telnet Control manages Telnet, RSH, REXEC, and RLOGIN connections and simplifies use of these protocols by providing methods to establish, use and terminate sessions. By default, communications will block execution of your program, but non-blocking use can be enabled for applications using event-driven communications.:::The VT Control provides for VT52, VT100, VT220, and VT320 emulation and includes VT320 Emulator projects which can be enhanced and deployed royalty-free.

PowerTCP FTP Tool
Dart Communications
With the PowerTCP FTP Tool, you can easily copy files between a client and any FTP server with a single method call! Options are set using simple properties, and data files will even spool to/from memory. List entries are captured as objects, so parsing is eliminated - a superior performer for any application. The PowerTCP FTP Tool provides Get and Put methods that respectively download and upload ANY file with one line of code! The Login Method combines connection set-up and authentication in one easy step. It has a Passive Property makes this control "firewall-friendly" in most environments. The Retrieve and Store methods handle file transfers and include automatic support for restarting transfers that were previously incomplete. The File transfer options are set using simple properties and are automatically sent only when needed, making this control exceptionally efficient AND easy-to-use. Files can be transferred between the server and disk OR memory. The Listing property formats listings into properties for file name, size etc., eliminating the need to write and debug parsing code. Finally, applications can be written using blocking or non-blocking techniques plus scripting languages such as VB Script are fully supported.

PowerTCP Mail Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Mail Tool is a total mail management solution: The SMTP Control sends mail, the POP3 Control downloads mail, the IMAP4 Control manages mail on the server, and its unique Mail Message object encodes/decodes your mail on-the-fly. Use the SMTP Control to send messages to any SMTP server; enhanced SMTP commands are automatically supported, and a message can even be constructed and sent with just one line of code. The POP3 Control allows you to download messages from any POP3 server and handles the underlying details of the POP3 protocol, allowing you to focus on the user interface. The IMAP4 Control lets you manage and download messages from any IMAP4 server. The Message object provides all of the building blocks needed for creating advanced Internet Mail applications and supports easy manipulation of simple and complex (hierarchical) MIME messages. The use of supporting objects makes remote mail management easy!

PowerTCP Server Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Server Tool combines two controls that enable the rapid construction of custom server applications. The Server Control targets high-performance server-side use using non-blocking operation. All events include an object reference as the first parameter so the application can easily reference the TCP object that the event pertains to. This tool uses an internal TCP Daemon object and dynamically creates internal TCP objects as each passive connection is automatically accepted. The Service Control allows you to build an application that runs as an NT service.

PowerTCP SNMP Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP SNMP Tool contains Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) version 1 and 2 Agent and Manager Controls with a suite of supporting objects: a Mib Object loads Mib files, an SNMP Message Object encodes/decodes packets, a Trap Object presents Traps, and a Variable Object builds messages. The Manager Control handles the underlying details of the SNMP protocol, allowing you to focus on the user interface and has a built in timeout mechanism so you don't have to implement your own. The Agent Control, used to build SNMP agents, handles all Get/Set requests and error reporting and automatically switches between v1 and v2 messages. The Service Control, used with the Agent Control, can be used to build an SNMP agent that runs as an NT service. The PowerTCP SNMP Tool supports SNMP versions 1 and 2, it reads MIB files and compiles them into easy-to-use objects such as the SNMP Variable objects which is added to a Message object to build packets. With it you build a message by setting properties, adding variables (OIDs) and sending the message. Applications can be written using blocking or non-blocking techniquesm, and scripting languages such as VBScript are fully supported.

PowerTCP SSL Tool
Dart Communications
With the PowerTCP Secure Tool you can automatically authenticate and encrypt/decrypt all data sent and received over the TCP connection using SSL2, SSL3, PCT and TLS. It supports both client and server-side applications, and you can create any Client/Server application that implements secure transactions, knowing that your data is safe from any security risk.

PowerTCP Telnet Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Telnet Tool manages your Telnet, RSHELL, REXEC, and RLOGIN connections. It simplifies the process of using these protocols by providing methods to establish, use, and terminate sessions. By default, communications will block execution of your program, but non-blocking use can be enabled for applications using event-driven communications. Option negotiation will automatically default to a standard set, but the Telnet Tool supports complete control of option negotiation. Full support for scripting languages such as VB Script and improved debugging support are also included.

PowerTCP Web Tool
Dart Communications
The PowerTCP Web Tool provides an HTTP control to communicate with Web Servers world-wide using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (HTTP with Secure Socket Layer encryption.) Includes support for URL cracking to identify scheme, remote host, data path, etc.; ability to fetch a complete web page with one method call; control of various security aspects of HTTP/S; full proxy server support including selective bypass, persistent internal cache support for quick second-time page fetches; and applications can be written using blocking or non-blocking techniques. It fully supports scripting languages such as VB Script. (Requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.)

PowerTCP WebServer Tool
Dart Communications
What is the PowerTCP WebServer Tool Control? Think of it as a full-functioning Web Server right on a control. Instead of adding your logic to an existing Web Server engine, you add this "turn-key" Web Server to your application. You have complete control!

:::With WebServer Tool, you can add a web interface to ANY existing application for monitoring and control with fully secure connections supported. You can re-use client/server code from your existing applications and deploy them on any OS from Windows 95 up to Windows 2000. Plus, you'll have no additional licensing fees or run-time dependencies. If you high performance, you can construct your content in memory for blazing speed!

PowerTCP Winsock Tool
Dart Communications
The easy-to-use ActiveX controls of the PowerTCP Winsock Tool provide all the building blocks you need for Internet application development. Superior buffer management, the use of variants supporting String and Byte-array data, and optional blocking use makes this tool exceptionally complete and versatile. Consists of TCP, Daemon, UDP, Ping, DNS, and RAS controls. Includes full support for VB Script and other scripting languages as well as improved debugging support.

PR-Tracker helps manage your software development projects by tracking software bugs with problem reports. PR-Tracker records problem reports in a network database that supports simultaneous access by multiple users. Its features include classification, assignment, sorting, searching, and estimation, and it supports easy configuration of data collection and workflow on a project-by-project basis. It also uses redundant data storage for speed and backup.

:::** PR-Tracker Web Server is required to use PR-Tracker over the internet or an intranet. It is not required for use PR-Tracker over a network.

Pretty Printer for Visual Basic
Aardvark Software, Inc.
Create fabulous looking printouts with Pretty Printer. Use Pretty Printer 6.0 to reduce your development cost, get projects done faster, impress your clients, and reduce your risk. Even use Pretty Printer to quickly and effectively track down and terminate those rare but elusive program bugs!

Pretty Printer, Polisher and Compare Bundle
Aardvark Software, Inc.
You can use Polisher to automatically format your source code and then use Pretty Printer to format your output. Compare will help smooth the modifications you make to your code. All three programs are designed to work together so it only seems logical to buy them together, especially at this low, low price!

Pegasus Software
The Most Advanced Printer Interface Tool Available! Whether you are trying to print through the Internet/Intranet or within your distributed application, PrintPRO gives you all the advanced features you would need to create the ideal interface for your application. PrintPRO is one of the only printing utilities that makes it possible for you to bypass the printer interface of Internet Explorer. This unique engine makes it possible for you add powerful printing features to your next application with just a few lines of code.

NetResults Corporation
ProblemTracker is a powerful, easy-to-use Web-based tool for defect tracking and change management. ProblemTracker delivers the benefits of automated bug tracking to any desktop in a familiar web browser interface, at a price every organization can afford. ProblemTracker is accessed entirely via a standard web browser. There is no proprietary client or administrative program to distribute or maintain. This zero-footprint architecture means there is no impact on client desktops both in terms of disk space and also training, greatly reducing the effort necessary to deploy and support a bug tracking system.

LockwoodTech's Proc-Blaster is a Rapid Application Development Data Access tool for use by Visual Basic, ASP and/or Microsoft Office/VBA developers who use Microsoft SQL Server 7. Proc-Blaster rapidly creates Parameterized Stored Procedures, the fastest way to process data in SQL Server. Proc-Blaster reads each table, determines datatypes, keys, and identities, and creates the procedure scripts accordingly.

Project Analyzer
Aivosto Oy
Project Analyzer analyzes design quality with industry standard metrics of complexity, understandability and reusability. It counts lines of code too. In its analysis, the program makes extensive use of cross-reference information. Three add-in tools are included with Project Analyzer Pro Pack. Super Project Analyzer add-in analyzes groups of projects ("super projects") that share some modules. Project Printer add-in generates code manuals and source documents with cross-references. It can also put your code in a Help file or an HTML file for quick hypertext style viewing. Project Graph add-in builds graphical call trees.

TeraTech, Inc.
If you have any math, engineering, or statistical problem in your program, the chances are it is already solved in Pro Math/VB! It has 240 plug-in math solutions along with full explanations, formulae, and source code! Pro Math/VB offers extensive statistics/regression support and a new Dynamic expression evaluator. For even more information, check out our manual

PropertiesList Control
The PropertiesList control (similar to the control used to manipulate properties in Visual Studio) provides an efficient, intuitive and visually compact way to handle data input with minimal coding and user interface design. The PropertiesList control natively supports the capture of both standard text / numeric values and more complex data items such as Color, Font, File names, pictures. Custom property types such as RTF or HTML can also be seamlessly supported, saving you valuable coding time and effort and providing an intuitive way for your users to input and manipulate a set of related values.

Protection PLUS
Concept Software
Protection PLUS is a powerful, flexible software licensing toolkit which allows developers to protect their applications by remotely managing customer access. Protection PLUS gives developers the power to control applications, turn a demo application into a live one, extend a demo, rental or lease for an additional time period and even permits turning on one or more menu options or applications in a suite. There is single user mode and multi-user mode as well as a mechanism that allows modification of the number of allowed network stations.