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R&R Report Writer
Liveware Publishing
R&R Report Writer® is a data access and reporting tool that lets users design professional, meaningful reports quickly and easily for data stored in Xbase (DBF) and SQL databases. Xbase databases are those created by Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual dBASE, CA Visual Objects, Clipper and other compatible products. SQL databases are databases accessible via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Btrieve, etc. Endusers, developers, consultants and IS staff can develop reports quickly and reliably, thus responding better to customer needs and at a much lower cost. Developers and IS staff can also tailor R&R to their users, so that they can create and run their own reports.

SSS Inc (formerly CEC, Inc.)
RASClient is a 32-bit ActiveX control designed to encapsulate the Windows 32-bit RASAPI. This client API allows the developer to manipulate 32-bit Dial-Up networking services on Windows 95 and NT. Our control allows you to leverage these services without making messy API calls. It is also the best way to get events (like connection status changes) back from the service into your VB programs.

Make your Crystal Reports available on the web. ReCrystallize allows you to make your Crystal Reports available to your managers, sales force, stockholders, employees and customers on your intranet, extranet, or public web site. Using the options you choose, ReCrystallize generates all the web pages (including JavaScript or ASP code) needed to run your Crystal Reports on the web. If your report requires parameters, it can set them automatically or generate a web page to gather the required information from your users before running the report.

Redei Enterprises
A real 32-bit DLL, REMail DLL works with any 32-bit Windows compiler as well as with VBA. No installation is required, and no registration in the system registry is required. REMail DLL lets you perform a variety of functions, including RAS functions, downloading from the web or from FTP, uploading to FTP, and sending and receiving email.

Sub Systems, Inc.
The ReportEase report writer engine includes a form designer and a report executer. The form designer allows your users to design complex reports using a wysiwyg screen. The report executer merges the data from your application with the report template to produce reports. ReportEase Plus provides a comprehensive set of features. The basic features of the product allow even a novice user to become productive quickly. Your users will find this product very intuitive and user friendly. The advanced features of ReportEase Plus can be used to generate very imaginative reports and documents.

Fogle Computing Corporation
Reportster allows you end users to drag/drop field in to the report, control the font (and color) of the information on the report, include subtotals and groupings, sort by any field, and create selection criteria to determine which records are included on the report. The user can send the output to a printer, display on screen, and save to various file formats including: Text, CSV. RTF. Microsoft Word Merge, WordPerfect Merge, and Access 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0.

ReSize OCX
Larcom & Young
ReSize alters the sizes, font sizes and positions of controls on Visual Basic forms as they are sized. ReSize does this without requiring you to write any code. You simply place the ReSize control on your form.

Newtone Corporation
Make applications size and screen resolution independent in one easy step. Simply attach the ResizeKit to your form and automatically resize any or all controls and fonts without writing a single line of code. Both ResizeKit ActiveX and VCL components are included in the same package. The ResizeKit contains properties, methods and events to allow you to customize the resizing process. It can even resize most third party controls. The ResizeKit can be used from the first day on new programs and of course on established programs without changing the design or code. The ResizeKit for Visual Basic, is an ATL ActiveX control that is fast and lightweight. The ResizeKit for Delphi and C++Builder offers both types of VCL components in the same package. Runtime royalty-free license.

Resizer OCX
Resizer OCX is a fully automatic resizing component that you can use to completely customize how your components are resized and repositioned. You can ensure that your single line text boxes don't get taller when they shouldn't, and those buttons stay aligned with the bottom right hand corner of the form, without getting bigger. Optionally restrict the form minimum and maximum size as well.

Rich Text Grid Control
Sub Systems, Inc.
Rich Text Grid allows a developer to incorporate the table editing and viewing features into an MS Windows application. Each table cell can have text with multiple fonts and divided into multiple paragraphs.

Pegasus Software
A lightweight, high-performance text display control, RivetText will make your applications stand out from the crowd. It provides fast flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop, in-line images that can be inserted on-the-fly, and rich hypertext interactivity. Since the RivetText control is Internet-enabled, you can load your text and images asynchronously from any TCP or URL address. RivetText supports RTF and plain text, as well as popular image file formats including BMP, TIFF, Targa, GIF, and the fastest JPEG available.

RoboHELP for Microsoft HTML Help
eHelp Corporation
Specialized for creating the new Windows 98 and NT 5.0 Help format (Microsoft HTML Help). You can create an entire HTML Help project from start to finish, as well as leverage existing WinHelp (HLP) files to quickly move them to HTML Help. Offers a pure WYSIWYG authoring environment that supports standard and advanced HTML features such as Dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, inline styles, multi-level bulleted and numbered lists, related topics, frames, information types, tables, and much more.

RoboHELP for WinHelp
eHelp Corporation
Get the industry's best WinHelp support which is used by more professionals worldwide to create high quality, full-featured WinHelp systems. Make your everyday WinHelp authoring easier than ever with the easy-to-use functionality in this major new release. Enhanced WinHelp 2000 offers your WinHelp systems the look and feel of HTML Help with just one mouse click - no need to rewrite anything.

RoboHELP Office
eHelp Corporation
RoboHELP Office is a powerful tool that lets you create full-featured Help systems for your Web site and software applications. This versatile tool automates the Help development process making it fast and easy to create full-featured Help. Simply add a RoboHELP system to your Web site or application to significantly improve usability, reduce support costs, save on development time and increase end user satisfaction

RTF Code Generator
Sub Systems, Inc.
RTF Code Generator offers a simple and efficient method of creating RTF code from within your application without using an RTF edit control. RTF Code Generator is not an RTF edit control. Therefore, it does not require the overhead of window creation and internal data management of an RTF edit control. RTF Code Generator is the most efficient method of generating RTF code. It can reduce the RTF document creation time by as much as 10 times compared to an RTF edit control.

Real X Software
Facilitate your editing capabilities!

Just like Notepad and more!

Real X Software
Enhance your email capability, automatically respond to your customer requests, monitor activity on your Web site and more