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Software Artisans
SA-FileUp allows users with a web browser to transmit files from their local hard disk to a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server. Files can be of any format, such as Word documents, images or plain text. Developers can use SA-FileUp to receive and process user input, while staying within the context of their Active Server application. SA-FileUp also includes file download and file management components, which allow you to simply and easily download files from the web server to the user's browser, manipulate files, change ACLs and permissions, and register DLLs, all in a single, easy-to-use package.

Massinissa Software
SafeCard is an ActiveX DLL and OCX that allows both credit and debit card validation for almost all breeds of credit/debit cards. These include: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Delta, JCB, Diners Club, enRoute and Discover. The validation process uses the most common MOD 10 checksum algorithm and returns a value representing the status of the validation.

Sikander Soft
The most advanced and complete Copy Protection solution available; SafeSerial can avoid unwanted piracy, create shareware/trial versions of your software, and add remote licensing capabilities to your VB project in minutes. SafeSerial is an OCX (ActiveX) control extremely easy to use: only drag and drop, and write three or four lines of code and your project will be protected! Users of SafeSerial have right to free updates to any future version, and first-class, lifetime tech support.

Sax Basic Engine
Sax Software
An add-on macro language in the form of a custom control, Sax Basic Engine is compatible with every major Windows application. It allows your users to write Basic macros that will automate common tasks, customizing your application to suit their needs. The new version has the same time-saving usability features as VB6, including hover evaluation, auto-completion, syntax tooltips, and on-the-fly parameter info.

Sax Comm Objects
Sax Software
Sax Comm Objects is a an easy to use ActiveX control and COM object that lets you add powerful, multi-threaded communications capabilities to your 32-bit windows applications. Sax Comm Objects is upward compatible with the MSComm control that comes with Microsoft Visual Basic and with Crescent's PDQComm. Sax Comm Objects includes modem support, terminal emulation, file transfers, look-up strings, common dialogs and low-level functions. It has full support for Visual Basic 6.0 (32-bit 4.0 and 5.0 are also supported), Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Microsoft Office applications, and Active Server Pages. Sax Comm Objects' CommSpy debugger and its powerful BugTrap feature let you catch errors early and make debugging your application easy and effortless. Now with its new toolbar and common dialogs, Sax Comm Objects provides HyperTerminal functionality in a custom control allowing instant results by just drawing it on your form and clicking Run.

Sax Setup
Sax Software
With Sax Setup 6, your app's installation is ready for the future! New Windows 2000 and Internet support is just the beginning... We've also added features that make it easy to upgrade your existing installations. And the new If Then/Else actions give you total customization power so your setup works exactly the way you want. All Sax products are compatible with VB6

Sax Zip Objects
Sax Software
Sax Zip Objects adds industry-standard, robust data compression to your application. Every application can benefit from smaller, more secure data that is guaranteed to be uncorrupted. Optional data encryption helps protect you from reverse-engineering and unauthorized data-access. Available as both an ActiveX control and a COM object, Sax Zip Objects is very easy to plug into your application.

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
ScatterPlot3D is designed to support the creation and display of three-dimensional scatter plots composed of points and lines (optionally marked with colors or characters,) allowing display from a specified point of view. The plot can be rotated or zoomed quickly, and the end-user can select the particular groups of points an lines using the mouse.

AddSoft, Inc.
Schedule/OCX is a 32 bit OLE custom control that adds scheduling to your applications with the click of a button. A display more property shows year, month, week and day at a glance as well as a resource view for data entry.

Infragistics, Inc
The ScheduleX combines five powerful, lightweight components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. Using the advanced Calendar, DayView and TaskPad components create Personal Information Management (PIM) software, project management and tracking, or any application that requires advanced scheduling. Also included are Date Edit with drop-down calendar and Time Edit.

Selector Knob ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Selector Knob ActiveX Control is a knob-style control that can be used to choose between discrete options. It can be used as a replacement for option buttons and provides the user with an easy-to-use and intuitive mouse input. Additionally, there are automatic features that define the control with minimal work required.

Setup Factory
Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation
Setup Factory does something quite unique in the world of installation tools. It actually combines ease of use with flexiblity. Using an intuituve visual interface, you will be able to create professional setups in only minutes. Setup Factory will exceed your expectations!

Nesbitt Software Corporation
Stop software piracy! Get paid for your software! Kenn Nesbitt's ShareLock™ 2.1 instantly turns any 32-bit Windows program into a trial version. ShareLock includes ActiveX, VCL and DLL versions for use with any 32-bit Windows programming language.

ShComboBox Control ActiveX Control
Sky Software
The ShComboBox ActiveX Control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like drive-selection combobox to your application, showing all the drives, folders and even files exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the combobox used by Windows Explorer, right from displaytexts, icons and overlayicons to virtual folders and much more.

Shell Control Pack
Plasmatech Software Design
With the Shell Control Pack you can easily add Windows Explorer-like file and folder selection capabilities to your applications with 7 controls in a high-performance, easy to distribute ActiveX package. Most development environments today come with file selection controls of some sort. The problem is, they look and act like Windows 3.1 controls nearly a decade old. Windows 95 revolutionized the Windows PC environment, especially for file management with the Explorer shell interface, yet developments tools available now, still do not provide your applications with easy access to this interface. Now you can use the latest Explorer interface in your applications, thanks to the Shell Control Pack ActiveX.

Sign-On Verify
Sign-On Systems
See web site for details.

SILOGIC QueryBuilder
Silogic Solutions
SILOGIC QueryBuilder is an ActiveX Component that generates SQL statements in the same fashion as Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Give your application the edge by adding this component to allow your users to create custom queries easily - in a way that's familiar to them. The demo application included with the product can also be used as a separate query tool.

Site Survey
The Retsel Group
The Report Miner SiteSurvey provides a quick survey (or overview) of your reports on your screen providing the following data in an easy to use grid: report file name, report title, revision number (maintained by the report designer program), total editing time (as maintained by the report designer program), author (as maintained by the report designer program), and much, much more. This survey lets you quickly review your reports. The survey listing can be ordered (sorted) by any of the fields in either ascending or descending order, providing listing from smallest to largest, oldest to most recent, number of tables used, etc.

SizerOne (formerly VS-OCX)
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
SizerOne 7.0 (formerly VS-OCX) is the latest version of this four-in-one best seller! Two resizing controls handle all your sizing requirements, from simple to complex. A tab control presents several screens' worth of data in the space of one. And a parsing control scans and parses text files. Now works in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++Builder, and Windows environments!

Sleuth QA Suite
TurboPower Software
With new Sleuth QA Suite 2 everything you need to track down bugs, optimize performance, and test your code comes in one package, with full support for the world's top-selling Windows development tools. Sleuth QA Suite 2 has five great tools you can use to get an unprecedented look inside your 32-bit Windows projects. Each of the Suite's tools has its own unique function for tracking down bugs, improving performance, or improving the overall quality of your project.

Slider ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Slider ActiveX Control is a versatile input/output tool used to create sliders, gauges, meters, etc. that incorporate a sliding mechanism. It uses dynamic property pages for easy design of unique sliding displays in short time. Its mouse control and data-aware features make it an ideal element for technical interfaces

Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
NuMega SmartCheck for Visual Basic, the first run-time debugging tool for Visual Basic that provides clear, detailed analysis of program errors. SmartCheck automatically detects and diagnoses Visual Basic run-time errors and translates vague error messages into exact problem descriptions. Its EventDebugging feature provides developers with an easy way to solve the toughest programming problems. SmartCheck provides clarity and visibility into Visual Basic problems by showing the developer exactly what happened and how to fix the problem. SmartCheck makes it quick and easy to fix these tough problems, regardless of whether the problem occurred in a component or in the main program.

Smartscan Xpress Barcode
Pegasus Software
Smartscan Xpress Barcode ActiveX/COM specializes in high-speed accurate readings of more than 20 industry formats such as Code39, CODABAR, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code128, UCC128, EAN128, Code93, UPC-A, and many more! Smartscan Xpress makes it easy to add barcode recognition to your applications. In fact, you can add barcode recognition using less than 10 lines of code. It's as simple as 1-2-3. Just give Smartscan Xpress an image containing 1 or more barcodes. Tell Smartscan Xpress to detect the barcodes. Then ask Smartscan Xpress to give you the results. It's really that easy. Try it today!

Aelita Software Group
See web site for details.

SNMP Agent Discovery Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
SNMP Agent Discovery Control is an ActiveX control that sends an SNMP request to a range of IP node addresses at a port that you specify and builds a list from those nodes that respond. If the SNMP agent implements the MIB-II system group, this control retrieves all information about the agent.

SNMP AgentBuilder VB Professional Studio
NuDesign Team, Inc
SNMP AgentBuilder for VB is an SNMP v1 agent simulator running as a Visual Basic application. Its main purpose is to shorten the time needed to develop SNMP management applications. Developers of such applications must often wait for work on an SNMP agent to be finished before they can test their application, and are left with little time to meet a release deadline. How can SNMP AgentBuilder for VB help? You can use SNMP AgentBuilder for VB to build a test SNMP agent that employs the same MIB that will eventually be implemented in the target agent. In five minutes, your simulated SNMP agent will be up and running with MIB objects initialized to their default values. By simply checking an option, you can even have one row in each table automatically created.

SNMP Management Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This control manages the requirements for making SNMP v1 and v2 requests to SNMP agents from your application. Like all our other controls, it is easy to use from any C++, VB or browser-based application. The following management side SNMP functionality is provided by this control. All requests are non-blocking and implement a retransmission policy.

Get Request :::GetNext Request :::Set Request :::Open/Close sessions :::Create/Delete Varbinds :::A retransmission policy for the above functions :::A Timeout event for no response :::A Reponse event for responses from the agent

SNMP MIB Loader Component
NuDesign Team, Inc
NMP MIB Loader Component is an ActiveX component that parses v1/v2 SMI MIBs and generates collections of MIB objects: imports, textual conventions, MIB nodes, and sequences. Each object in a collection has properties as stipulated in the SMI specification. That is, each MIB node has parent, access, syntax, and description content; event comments in the MIB are associated with the object that follows it in the MIB. This component is ideal for use in any application that must present, navigate, or in any other way interact with an SNMP MIB.

SNMP Trap Receiver Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This powerful yet easy to use control receives SNMP v1/v2 traps. Upon reception of a trap, the SNMP packet is decoded and an event notification is sent to the container. This control can be configured to receive traps on ports other than 162 (the default receive trap port). On Windows NT and 2000, the control can be initialized to receive traps from the Windows SNMP Trap Service and pass them on to the application. With this control the traps can be received on Windows 95/98/NT and 2000.

SNMP Trap Sender Control
NuDesign Team, Inc
This powerful control will allow your application to send SNMP v1/v2 traps to a network manager. It can be used to send traps on ports other than 162 (the default receive trap port). With this control the traps can be sent from Windows 95/98/NT and 2000.

Catalyst Development Corporation
The SocketTools Visual Edition consists of 16-bit VBX and 16/32-bit ActiveX (OCX) controls for visual development environments. Nineteen controls provide client interfaces for the major application protocols such as the File Transfer Protocol (ftp), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (email), Domain Name Service (dns) and Telnet.

:::The SocketTools Library Edition packages eighteen of the controls found in the Visual Edition as a DLL. Each DLL is documented with an API that can be accessed by any Windows language. The package includes samples written in VC++, Clarion and VB. ::::::The Sockettools Enterprise Edition is a combination of the Visual and Library Editions that offers the best of both worlds for the developer who needs visual controls, as well the flexibility of dynamic-link libraries. The Enterprise Edition includes licenses for two developers and a 1-year subscription to the Premium Support Package. ::::::SocketTools Secure Editions are collections of controls that supports secure data connections over the Internet or a local network. They include client interfaces for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-compliant versions of popular application protocols PLUS all the standard Visual Edition components (in SocketTools Secure Visual Edition) and DLLs (in the SocketTools Secure Library Edition)from the standard editions. SocketTools Secure Enterprise Edition offers the best of both worlds for the corporate developer who needs visual controls for rapid application development, as well as the power and flexibility of DLLs for developing core application systems.:::

SoftICE Driver Suite
Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
The SoftICE Driver Suite is a suite of the core device driver tools that accelerate the development and debugging of Windows device drivers. The SoftICE Driver Suite includes all versions of SoftICE, including SoftICE for Windows 2000/NT, SoftICE for Windows 95, SoftICE for Windows 3.1, and SoftICE for DOS, along with DriverWorks, VtoolsD, DriverAgent. This suite provides a full-featured solution for basic driver development and debugging. Driver developers will be able to build drivers for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95/98, and more, and use SoftICE on the target platform for full-featured, interactive debugging.

SoftWIRE Technology (formerly ComputerBoards, Inc)
SoftWIRE is a complete graphical programming package. Select the functions you need from a simple menu. Place the objects on the screen where you'd like them. Connect the objects with a few simple drag-and-drop wires. Run the program. It's as simple as that! And unlike other graphical programming languages, SoftWIRE runs in VB. Is there a graphical function you need that's not provided? Do you have an I/O board or instrument that's not supported? In SoftWIRE, there's no problem. You're already in the VB environment, so you can write a VB routine and you're ready to go. Try that in any other graphical programming language!

All SoftWIRE control blocks are fully COM/ActiveX compatible and are easily interfaced to your Visual Basic programs. It's also easy to convert your existing ActiveX controls for use with the SoftWIRE graphical progammer. An easy-to-follow public specification tells you how. :::

Seapine Software
SoloSubmit allows an unlimited number of users and customers to submit bug reports and feature requests to your TestTrack Pro databases from their web browsers. Customize SoloSubmit to match the look and feel of your web site. Documentation is included with TestTrack Pro.

Alan Berman
SolutiOnError makes it much easier to locate and correct errors that occur at runtime sites. Without Visual Basic error handlers, the application is terminated with an often cryptic message, and the programmer very often doesn't know what caused the error. With SolutiOnError, the user's screen shows: the procedure and line number, a trace of called procedures, the contents of the Errors collection, and context-specific information, such as the field name or SQL query.

Source + 2000
AxTools / E-Lite Enterprises
AxTools Source+ 2000 brings the real VB components reusability to your fingertips through a powerful manager with extremely versatile code and designer components import/export (including private controls), powerful wizards integrated in both VB/VBA and a high quality components library of more than 25,000 lines of code updateable through the Internet.

SourceGear Corporation

SourceOffSite is a true client/server solution designed to provide quick and reliable access to a SourceSafe database from remote locations. The SourceOffSite Client provides an interface that closely resembles Visual SourceSafe Explorer, allowing users to perform most SourceSafe operations in a familiar fashion. SourceOffSite Professional Edition offers support for encryption of passwords and files to protect your data as it travels across the Internet. The product is easy to install and has been specifically designed to work over dialup TCP/IP. :::

Tetradyne, Inc.
Easily add a colorful syntax highlighting text editor to your applications with the SourceView ActiveX control. SourceView can be adapted to a wide range of syntax requirements and supports both color and bold/italic highlighting. Other control features include undo/redo, print support, and support for view customization such as margin bitmaps.

SPEED Ferret
Black Moshannon Systems
Still using traditional find and replace methods? SPEED Ferret searches all object properties and source code, then LISTS the results to give you the big picture BEFORE saving the changes you select. Quickly determines where an object is used. Renames objects while updating all references. Implements global terminology changes. Supports Visual Basic 5/6, Access 97/2000, and SQL Server 6.5/7.

TeraTech, Inc.
SpellCheck lets you provide spell checking features in your VB apps. Over 70,000 words are provided with SpellCheck/VB and it can grow up to one million! SpellCheck will list possible corrections if the word is not found in the dictionary. It works with several BASIC compilers like VB/Win, VB/DOS QBasic, Power BASIC, etc. There is even foreign character support. Check out more information on SpellCheck's manual.

Sub Systems, Inc.
Spell Time allows you to incorporate a spell checker into your product. This optimized control includes an English word dictionary and the routines to access the dictionary. If your application allows the user to enter text, or if your application incorporates any text based processing, we now have a product that you have been looking for. Complete source code is included

Spotlight on SQL Server
Quest Software
As a DBA, you can't keep your SQL Server database running optimally if you can't see and respond quickly to database performance problems. Spotlight on SQL Server helps you correct problems quickly and easily. Its unique graphical display shows, in real time, the actual server processes and flow of your data. From Spotlight's intuitive user interface, you can quickly identify congested areas in your server and take corrective action. From the overview screen, you can view server activity to pinpoint and alleviate problem areas as they occur. When detailed information is needed, you can drill down on any problem to view in-depth tables and charts of underlying statistics. Spotlight's built-in knowledge base gives you tips on what you can do to fix each problem and explains exactly what the information on each screen means.

Desaware, Inc.
SpyWorks brings advanced Microsoft Windows programming techniques to Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and other development tools that support the full Microsoft COM/ActiveX Control specification. SpyWorks has long set the standard for controls that provide low level subclassing and hook technology to extend Microsoft's Visual Basic. These controls allow programmers to intercept the low level message stream for any application in the system or the entire system at once. This is ideal for creating application extensions, implementing systemwide hotkeys or macro recorders, and adding low level features to applications.

SQL Navigator
Quest Software
SQL Navigator helps you cut SQL development time in half with an integrated environment for developing and testing stored procedures, scripts and more. With a drag-and-drop, graphical user interface, developers can quickly create and edit database structures and ensure quality with powerful debugging and integrated version control.

SQL Server 2000
Microsoft Corp
Develop your database solutions with the new and enhanced capabilities of SQL Server 2000. Built on the extensible foundation of SQL Server 7.0, it represents the next-generation database of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers. SQL Server 2000 is the complete relational database management and analysis system for building scalable e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing solutions.

Stamina from MicroDexterity is a library over 400 fast 32-bit assembly language routines for sorting, searching, parsing, dates, bit manipulation, string handling, etc. It uses simple DLL calls and was written for VB programmers, no assembler knowledge needed. Smart, fast and agile...it'll make your applications scream!

Standards Master
FlexiSoft Solutions, Inc.
Standards Master is a Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 Add-In that checks VB code against a configurable set of standards. Whenever activated, Standards Master will generate a list of violations of your own coding standards. It then provides an easy to use mechanism for correcting the problems - all from within the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment. There is no need to run a separate application after you have finished coding, since Standards Master checks your code while you work. And best of all you do not have to put up with other products' arbitrary default standards - Standards Master allows you to configure everything!

Starbase Versions
Starbase Corp
Versions 2.0 provides intuitive version control for individuals and local groups of developers using Windows 95 and Windows NT. Versions 2.0 provides a unique blend of power and intuitive ease-of-use unparalleled in current version control products. Versions 2.0 provides intuitive version control, visual differencing, build and milestone management, audit logs and an advanced project repository for individuals and local groups of developers using Windows 95 and NT. Versions 2.0 includes advanced features like 3-way merge to support parallel development and optional milestone and volatile versions for large projects.

SevenStar Technologies
StarPrint/VB Professional is a source code print and preview add-in for Visual Basic. Control fonts and color for full syntax highlighting, code selection, filtering, and sorting. Pages are formatted, long lines wrapped, comments and procedure headers are hi-lited. Options include cover pages, table of contents, and your own company logo and copyright notice. A "documentation" feature allows you to print just what is needed so others can use your programs. StarPrint/VB can also be used standalone outside the VB environment, making the product very easy to use.

Desaware, Inc.
Change the way you work with files and data forever! New for Version 2.0! StorageTools now includes an ATL Storage Component that is lightweight and does not require Microsoft runtime dependencies. This component includes a number of new features, including support for the Document Summary Information property set, IPersistStream interface, use in applications without forms, and improved performance. StorageTools 2 also adds support for Visual Basic 6 and Windows 98.

Strip Chart ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
The Strip Chart ActiveX Control is a dynamic two-dimensional charting control that provides an ideal interface for viewing one or more streams of real-time data. Panning and zooming functionality allows for quick review and in-depth analysis of data trends. Its dynamic property pages provide a powerful tool for designing chart with full control of scales, captions, fonts, and tics. Additionally, multiple methods are provided to easily pass data to the control.

Morello Publishing, Ltd
StrongBox is a COM component that provides strong, secure data encryption. StrongBox uses industry standard, public domain algorithms - choose between Blowfish and DES, probably the 2 best respected algorithms around. Encrypting a file or a block of memory takes just a single method call. File encryption provides a convenient way of securing sensitive data files, including password files or any other private data. File encryption benefits from data integrity checking (during decryption) so that invalid passwords are readily detected. Encrypted files may optionally be stored as binary files or 7-bit text files, using a subset of the ASCII85 algorithm.

Pegasus Software
SuiteFace Create powerful, visually-engaging applications with SuiteFace. These user-interface controls provide image display, custom scrollbars, background graphics and much more, with precise object layering, full-screen transitions, animations, and internet download. SuiteFace also includes RivetText, a lightweight, high-performance rich text display control, featuring flicker-free transparent scrolling over any image backdrop and rich hypertext interactivity.

Perseus Development Corporation
Using SurveySolutions you can design professional surveys quickly, distribute them via the Web or e-mail, collect responses automatically, analyze the results, and create presentations of results instantly. When you want to improve customer satisfaction, identify market opportunities, measure web site effectiveness, poll an audience, do a course evaluation or address employee satisfaction, SurveySolutions delivers the information you need.

Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio
Sybase® SQL Anywhere™ Studio is a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise synchronization to enable the rapid development and deployment of distributed e-Business solutions. Optimized for workgroups, laptops, handheld devices and intelligent appliances, SQL Anywhere extends the reach of a corporation's e-business information to anywhere business transactions occur.

Sylvan Ascent, Inc.
SylvanMaps/OCX integrates sophisticated interactive maps and the Geographic Information System with VB. SylvanMaps/OCX can also find the latitude and longitude corresponding to a given address or ZIP code. It's very flexible and open architecture allows you to use data you already have in the format you have it. With all this great functionality, you really can't go wrong!

Systemsmith Address Components
Let's face it, you've got more important things to know than the fact that New Zealand requires a numeric postal code of between one and four digits in length. This control combines the required address logic of all 190 Universal Postal Union member countries in a single resizable ActiveX control. When used with the optional Systemsmith ZipData-US product, it provides auto-completion of zip code from city and state, or auto-completion of city and state from zip code. Because it's an OCX, you can add all this functionality without duplicating and maintaining the same code throughout all of your applications.

Systemsmith ZipData-US
Systemsmith ZipData-US provides a one-year subscription to a US Postal Service 5-digit zip code database and a DLL for performing forward and reverse lookups. Imagine an address data entry solution where your user skips straight to the zip code field, types 5 digits and the city and state are filled in automatically! The result is faster data entry, fewer errors, and improved customer satisfaction. That's what Systemsmith ZipData-US can do for your applications.