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Table Artist
18 Rabbit
Diagramming your databases has never been this easy! 18 Rabbit is proud to announce the release of Table Artist. Finally, there's a tool to help you design, document, diagram, and manage your databases that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Whether you're a developer, a DBA, or even a 'newbie' who's struggling with databases for the first time, you owe it to yourself to check out this exciting new product!

Table X-Ref
The Retsel Group

The Report Miner Table Cross-reference provides a useful cross-reference between reports and the table (file) they reference. All sub-reports are also included in the cross reference. The data available is provided in an easy to use grid: report file name, report title, sub-report name, if any, table reference, with full qualifications, and record selection formula. The cross-reference listing can be ordered (sorted) by any of the fields in either ascending or descending order, providing listing by table (file) name, for example. :::

TAL Bar Codes
TAL Technologies
Add high resolution bar code graphics capabilites to Windows 3.1, 95 and NT applications. Royalty Free! Create perfect bar codes as device independent Windows MetaFile (WMF) graphics. NOT fonts! NOT bitmaps! Extremely easy to use. Includes programming examples, bar code symbologies and all possible bar code options. (16 bit and 32 bit DLL's included.)

TE Developer's Kit
Sub Systems, Inc.
TE Developer's Kit is an effective method of incorporating text editing features into your application. The kit includes the complete source code of the editor and its library routines. TE Developer's Kit can save you hundreds of hours of programming time. The product is royalty free for distribution.

Microsoft Corp
A TechNet subscription keeps you current with the latest technology directions. Every month TechNet delivers two CDs packed with over 150,000 pages of technical notes, product resource kits, and much more. It's like having a dedicated Microsoft support engineer sitting at your desk.

TeeChart Pro Active X
Steema Software SL (formerly teeMach SL)
Packed with many exciting features, TeeChart Pro will help you deliver your Charting application quickly and effectively. Providing general purpose and specialised Charts and Graphing for all areas including Business, Engineering, Financial, Statistical, Scientific, Medical, Real-Time and the Web, TeeChart Pro AX v4 32-bit ActiveX Charting Component can be used as part of an executable desktop application or at the core of almost any ActiveX compatible application and server based system including Internet Information Server and ASP. TeeChart Pro connects directly to ODBC v3 Data Sources or may be populated by ADO Recordsets, has 29 Chart Series types in 2D and 3D, Statistical functions, Design and Runtime Chart Editor, 5 Toolbox components, Print Preview, Gallery, Multiple Axes, extensive Internet demos, JPEG Charts streamable straight to the browser from ASP, URL Charts, many coded examples including HTML Map Hotspot builder, tutorials and Online help including User guide.

TestTrack Pro
Seapine Software
TestTrack is an advanced bug tracking solution for all Visual Basic programmers. Features like SoloBug, receiving bug reports via e-mail, sending e-mail notifications, handling duplicate bugs as single bug reports, automatically generating product release notes, attaching files to bug reports, etc. make TestTrack the best choice to save you time and money, and improve the quality of your products. TestTrack Pro is the newest addition to the top-selling TestTrack product line. TestTrack Pro is a client/server version of TestTrack, offering ODBC databse access, customizable fields, high scalability, access from Windows and web browser-based clients.

Text to Wave DLL
United Research
Text to Wave DLL Converts Text Files to Wave, MP3 or WMA Files and helps design a read out wave or MP3 book for you. Additionally a developer may convert his/her voice to a MP3 file and send it by email. With nomical coding you can convert a text page to a mp3 file and save the file in a specified directory.

THB Componentware
THBCoolCaption allows you to add buttons to the Caption Bar and assign them different pictures for normal, mouseover and pressed state. Additionally you can use color gradients. You can either use simple 2 color gradients by selecting starting and ending color and the direction(top-down or left-right) Or you can uses extended gradients. These are more colorful and extremely modifiable. To ensure that the gradients are smooth shaded you can select between 3 different halftone modes. All properties can be selected within a convenient user interface.

THB Componentware
THBImage displays an image and offers all ways to align and stretch the image and keep the aspect ratio. Additionally, THBImage can be used as a background image. You can create perfect flickerfree backgrounds either for the complete form or for some parts of it. With a special texture effect you can create textured backgrounds without 'hard' borders by mirroring the picture alternately.

THB Componentware
Helps you to load, save and encrypt settings in an Ini-File without spending more than some minutes. If you develop an application you will soon have some data to store between sessions. For example file paths, filenames, database name, username, passwords form positions, .... You can save them either in the registry or in an Ini-File. If you decide to use an Ini-File, THBIniFile is the right helper for you.

THB Componentware
Helps you to load, save and encrypt settings in the Registry without spending more than some minutes. If you develop an application you will soon have some data to store between sessions. For example file paths, filenames, database name, username, passwords form positions, .... You can save them either in the registry or in an Ini-File. If you decide to use the registry, THBRegistry is the right helper for you.

THB Componentware
Your job is to write sophisticated applications doing great things. So don't mess around with positioning controls on the form. Delegate this job to THBResize and concentrate on more important things. Implemented within minutes. Extendable to all your needs. When you resize a standard unintelligent form, nothing happens. All controls stay in the upper left corner of the form and don't change in any way. As soon as you place THBResize on the form and you resize again all controls will change their size and position accordingly to the formsize. The form will in each situation present a compact overall impression

TK Solver
Universal Technical Systems Inc.

TK Solver, one of the longest-lived product names in PC software, is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The mathematical modeling and knowledge management Tool Kit was first released in 1983 by the developers of the first spreadsheet. TK Solver 4 advances distributed applications, deployment of knowledge bases on the World Wide Web and intranets, and enterprise computing. TK was and is a rule-based declarative environment for creating mathematical models and solving them multidirectionally. :::

TList Pro
Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.
TList is an enhanced outline (tree) control for presenting information in organized hierarchical lists. TList 6 is faster than ever and now offers MS TreeView syntax compatibility -- allowing you to convert your projects to TList in seconds without having to rewrite your code. TList also adds true Column support. It becomes a collapsable grid, or you can have numerous grids embedded as children of the tree. You can search/sort on any column or hidden data, format by column, by cell, by item or by row. TList supports in-place editing, and transparent or bitmapped backgrounds. You can also assign URL's to each item for Internet control, and it supports virtual lists.

Quest Software
TOAD empowers developers and DBAs to be more productive by providing an intuitive graphical user interface to Oracle. TOAD is a powerful, low-overhead tool that makes PL/SQL development faster and easier and simplifies database management tasks. Advanced editors allow users to work on multiple files simultaneously — even different file types such as SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, Java, and text. Hot keys, auto-correct, code templates, and numerous other productivity features speed development, while editing and testing are made easier with integrated result sets, explain plans, tracing, and DBMS_OUTPUT views.

Toggle Switch ActiveX Control
Global Majic Software, Inc.
Toggle Switch ActiveX Control is a TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO, or ON/OFF indicator. It displays either captions or pictures to represent the switch's state. It has sound playing capabilities to indicate the switch turning on or off and timers to provide automatic cut off and blinking to draw attention to the control.

Wave files (*.wav) used with the control will not be stored in the control as the bitmap files are, therefore, all wave files need to accompany your application when distributed. Windows has a limited number of timer handles available so be careful when using several timers and blinking controls on a single form. :::

Total Access Analyzer
FMS, Inc
Total Access Analyzer 2000 is the latest version of the world's premier database analysis and documentation program for Microsoft Access. Total Access Analyzer 2000 analyzes all the objects of a database to provide extensive documentation, cross-reference, application and flow diagrams, and over 250 presentation-quality reports. Over 100 types of errors, suggestions, and performance tips are detected. Only Total Access Analyzer 2000 provides you with complete documentation of your Access 2000 database projects, with full object and property documentation of all objects.

Total Access CodeTools
FMS, Inc
Total Access CodeTools is the leading collection of tools for writing code in Access. Total Access CodeTools makes your job of developing Access applications much easier by helping you write new procedures, create difficult code elements, and clean up all the code in an existing project. If you write more than a few lines of code a week, Total Access CodeTools is the tool for you!

Total Access Components
FMS, Inc
Total Access Components 2000 is the only collection of ActiveX controls specifically designed and tested for Microsoft Access. 27 ActiveX controls are included in Total Access Components. You can place them on your forms and reports to enhance your application's ease of use, appearance, and operation. Many controls allow you to provide new and enhanced display effects, while others allow you to use properties and methods to perform complex operations with little or no programming.

Total Access Detective
FMS, Inc
Access database database development takes time and effort. Losing changes or not realizing what has changed can cost you considerable time, money, and headaches. Only Total Access Detective 2000 handles this problem for you.

Total Access Detective 2000 is the next version of FMS' award-winning database and object comparison tool for Access. This newest version includes support for Access 2000 and a host of other new features, including support for Access 2000 databases; the ability to compare Data Access Pages (DAPs), two Access objects in an ADP project, and text blocks; and a faster VBA parser engine. :::

Total Access Inspector
FMS, Inc
How you customized Access can also cause your databases to handle dates improperly. Without careful analysis, many Access databases will fail after 1999. Don't let this happen to you! Total Access Inspector 2000 is the most comprehensive Year 2000 tool for Access. Designed specifically for Access by the world's leading Access Year 2000 and database documentation experts, Total Access Inspector 2000 gets you ready for the next century!

Total Access Memo
FMS, Inc
Total Access Memo gives Microsoft Access users and developers the ability to add formatted memo fields to their forms and reports. Enhance your applications by adding support for features such as fonts, point sizes, boldface, italics, underline, bullet points, paragraph alignment, and tab stops.

Total Access SourceBook
FMS, Inc
Don't program without it! Discover why VB developers of all levels are raving about FMS's Total VB SourceBook, the most extensive professional VB source code library. Over 100 modules and classes are available for you to insert into your applications royalty-free! This quality code is extensively commented, tested, and documented with examples. And because it's code, you can edit it or simply learn from it. Organized with a powerful Code Explorer, you can even add your own code to the repository. Pays for itself even if you only use a few classes.

Total Access Statistics
FMS, Inc
Total Access Statistics 2000 gives users a wide range of statistical analysis functions for Access 2000 with the features and options database users and developers expect. Calculations such as percentiles, correlations, confidence intervals, regressions, t-Tests, group analysis, non-parametric analysis, and probability calculations can be easily generated. Total Access Statistics 2000 works directly in Access as an Access add-in. Simply open the database containing the data to analyze, then invoke Total Access Statistics 2000 from the menu.

Total Components Sizer
FMS, Inc
Total Components Sizer is a package of two ActiveX controls for Visual Basic developers. The Sizer controls provide form resizing and splitter bar functionality. The Resizer control is a fully functional resizer control, that when placed on a form, automatically resizes the form's controls as the form is resized. The Splitter control is a container-based object that provides a splitter bar that allows two panes to be sized in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Total VB Statistics
FMS, Inc

Need to perform statistical analysis? Trying to analyze large data sets or crunch numbers beyond the simple functions in SQL? Afraid you're going to have to write and test your own complex math functions? Look no further! Total VB Statistics lets you add advanced statistical analysis to your VB applications. Easily run a regression, or calculate percentiles, t-tests, correlations, and confidence intervals. Quickly generate frequency distributions, probability values, ANOVA group analysis, crosstabs, Chi-Square, and non-parametric analysis. All these and more are available in Total VB Statistics. :::

Total Visual Agent
FMS, Inc
Discover the ease and simplicity of automated database maintenance! Total Visual Agent 2000 from FMS, Inc. lets you schedule unattended database maintenance chores such as repairs, compacts, data-only backups, rolling backups, and zip archives. You can also track records and run macros and command lines on a schedule. Manage multiple databases and set schedules hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. A complete audit trail is maintained, and you can even generate e-mail notification of a system administrator if errors are encountered.

Total Visual CodeTools
FMS, Inc
Integrated directly into the VB/VBA Integrated Development Environment, Total Visual CodeTools gives you a rich set of enterprise-enabled coding tools. Increase productivity and let your entire development team share a consistent set of standards and rules. Total Visual CodeTools allows you to define all aspects of your coding standards, including visual style, indentation, error handling, commenting, variable naming conventions, and more. Define your settings once, save them to a shared location, and your entire team can use your enterprise standards without even thinking about it.

Total Visual SourceBook
FMS, Inc
Total Visual SourceBook 2000 provides a solution to your VBA code problems for Visual Basic 6 and Access/Office 2000. Shave weeks off your development projects by using our ready-to-run code. Every major area of software development is covered, from ADO to XML, with 85,000+ lines of code, 150+ modules and 40+ categories! New in 2000 is FMS' Source Code Exchange (SCE) technology for sharing code when you aren't connected to your network. Take any code from SourceBook and package it into an SCE file--code, comments, and author information are automatically included. Then email your SCE file or put it on your website. Other SourceBook users can import SCE files and handle new and modified code with ease.

Total ZipCode Database
FMS, Inc
FMS in conjunction with the US Postal Service (USPS) is pleased to offer a monthly subscription to the official USPS zip code database. Provided in the subscription is the official USPS zip code database with the list of every valid zip code and their acceptable city and state names across the entire USA. That's over 50,000 records! With this data you can simplify data entry by automatically filling city and state fields when a zip code is entered. Improve data entry speed and accuracy! There are over 42,000 unique zip codes each with a “primary” city and state name. But did you know some zip codes have more than one acceptable city? Our database gives you all the acceptable city names, plus the county name and number. Easily let your users choose the one they need without spelling a city name or state abbreviation EVER again!

LogiGear Corporation
TRACKGEAR is a Web-based bug tracking solution that is powerful, flexible, and simple to use. It offers custom workflow, e-mail notification, meaningful metrics, and attachment features and supports multiple projects while maintaining security at user, group, and project levels. Create unique queries with its flexible search tools. TRACKGEAR's intuitive interface lets you access any information with just a few clicks, and it supports any client platform with Netscape Navigator 4.x or MS Explorer 4.x.

TreeBuilder is a smart control that can be used to build Information Browsers, Organization Charts, Decision Trees and to logically organize any kind of hierarchical data. Treebuilder has over a dozen combinations of tree styles, sser defined link style and colors, and user defined fonts. Each node can have multiple bitmaps and colors, data can be stored in individual nodes, trees can be stored in files using user defined file formats, trees can be copied to the Clipboard, and you can Drag/Drop and Cut/Paste branches/nodes in the ActiveX version. Transparent node bitmaps (ActiveX version) User defined node height (ActiveX version)

Infragistics, Inc
The TreeViewX features full support for multiple selection OLE drag & drop. With its advanced OLE DB/ADO data binding, developers can add the TreeViewX to any Visual Studio project and bind to data without a single line of code. Other features include check boxes, radio buttons, color and font properties per node, advanced searching, sorting, multiple selection, tool tips and multiple columns.

True DataControl
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DataControl 6.0 is an enhanced ActiveX data control that replaces the standard Microsoft ADO data control (ADODC) in Visual Basic 6. True DataControl is enriched with application logic and advanced features that free developers from the hours of coding formerly needed to build intuitive database front-end applications. Developers no longer have to code hundreds of event procedures in various bound controls because the application logic is enforced in the source as a set of business rules. This leads to more robust, manageable, and scalable applications.

True DBGrid Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBGrid Pro 7.0 is here!!! ComponentOne has added even more great features to the powerful grid control you've come to know and love, based on customer feedback. New features include enhanced display of Master-Detail relationships with fully editable hierarchical grids; Excel-style cell selection; additional display modes; even better keyboard navigation; expanded styles; more print and print preview options; a Filter Bar interface to easily code filtering and formatting behavior; native integration with True DataControl; and more.

True DBInput Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBInput Pro 6.0 is a collection of eight high-quality, data-aware ActiveX input controls and five objects designed for Microsoft Visual Studio database front-end application development. The user-friendly interface and powerful feature set make True DBInput Pro 6.0 a powerful tool for enterprise-wide Internet/intranet database front-end application development.

True DBList Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBList Pro 6.0 is a customizable set of data-aware ActiveX list and combo controls for Visual Studio 5.0 and 6.0. Patterned after the DBList and DBCombo controls included in Visual Basic, True DBList Pro 6.0 adds dozens of data presentation and user interface features to the intrinsic controls enabling it to work like a grid but with the lightweight requirements of a list.

True DBReports
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True DBReports 6.0 is an Active X control that lets you add robust reporting capabilities to your Microsoft Visual Studio applications. With its rich set of properties, methods, and events, True DBReports 6.0 makes it easy to create informative and attractive reports for your organization. It allows you to extract and present critical information in a professional format without a lot of effort. It also lets you access data stored in an ADO or OLE DB data source, data from a memory array, or even data provided programmatically by user events. You can then easily manipulate that data and customize its appearance for printing. True DBReports 6.0 is the ActiveX control to easily create the reports your enterprise needs!

True Help
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True Help is a standalone Windows application that converts Microsoft Word documents into professional-looking Help systems quickly and easily. It's a truly new approach to creating Help: different, intelligent, streamlined, and reliable.

True Help was developed to produce the online Help and print documentation for APEX's award-winning software. The philosophy behind True Help is simple: to produce Help in a way that respects authors' intelligence and time constraints, as well as end-users' needs. True Help's proven technology will free you from cumbersome and repetitive tasks so you can focus on content, not production. Whether you're an expert or a novice Help author, we think you'll be amazed at how easy and pain-free the Help development process can be. :::

True WebChart
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
True WebChart gives you the same charting power as Olectra Chart but in an ASP environment. True WebChart can generate different types of output, depending on the abilities of the requesting browser. Using Microsoft Visual InterDev, you can load the True WebChart component and right away create charts for your ASP pages.

SMS Limited
TrueTree is a 32-bit ActiveX component from SMS Limited that is a drop-in replacement for the TreeView control that comes with Visual Basic 5.0. It allows nodes to be viewed in a "real" tree structure as opposed to an indented list. It also features all the properties and methods supported by MS TreeView.

TurboSFX is a complete front-end file distribution application that uses a user-friendly expanding wizard system to make creating packages for file delivery and installation easy, with intuitive step-by-step procedures. This expanding wizard system allows either a new or an experienced user to create impressive projects, taking advantage of as much or as little as TurboSFX has to offer. TurboSFX automatically saves each step in the creation of a project in a package script file (*.ads), which not only saves you time when re-creating or updating a package, it also supports command line batch processing for unattended operations. Unlike other Installer programs, TurboSFX does not require programming background; nor does it require you to learn any application specific language.

TurboZIP is a Total Archive Management tool that offers an amazing depth of features, with an interface that is easily accessible to every level of user. Hidden beneath this easy to use interface is a powerful proprietary engine, with multithreading and spooling features to allow simultaneous operations - the reason behind its incredible responsiveness.

TurboZIP Express
TurboZIP Express combines ease of use and powerful functionality by giving you several intelligent tools, which increase functionality while saving you time. Almost every imaginable archiving and unarchiving option in TurboZIP Express is fully configurable, letting you choose your won ZIP options. With MAPI integration, you can have TurboZIP Express insert one or more zipped files into an e-mail using the default email client. In addition, TurboZIP Express lets you add password protection, autoscan for archived files as well as add and edit zip comments.

TX Text Control
The Imaging Source America / DBS GmbH
The TX Text Control is the most versatile word processing component available to handle MS Word, HTML and RTF documents. If you need a complete word processor for intranet applications, a desktop publisher with free text positioning and free text flow or a hypertext application, TX Text Control is the perfect choice. TX Text Control is very compact, fast, reliable, and compatible with Microsoft's Edit Control, but it also offers you all the functions of a WYSIWYG word processor.