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VB Compress Pro
VB Compress Pro lets you write better Visual Basic code in less time, and clean up projects in minutes! Compatible with VB4, 5, and 6, VB Compress Pro reduces the size of your VB project (both source and EXE) by safely removing unnecessary code. VB Compress Pro provides detailed reports and a wide range of options to let you fine-tune the compression process!

VB Documentor
VB Frameplus
VB Documentor is a VB add-in that lets you effortlessly document source code and generate professional technical HTML help from the documented source code. VB Documentor can also load COM object type library and allow you to re-document the objects so that more technical information could be added to the documents and shared in the development team or organization.

VB Friend
Aivosto Oy

Need a friend for VB or VBA development? Make your code look good. VB Friend formats source code. It indents your code for better readability. You can customize it to suit your very own coding style. VB Friend doesn't stop at indenting. It also completes code when you work. It adds missing End If, Next and End Select statements and the like. It can also split complex single-line statements like If..Then...Else... into multiple lines. :::

VB HelpWriter
Teletech Systems
Create a working help system in no time with VB HelpWriter. Its automatic helpfile generator reads VB project files and creates help topics for each form. VB HelpWriter doesn't require Microsoft Word and uses complete drag and drop operations! It is compatible with Windows 95 and works with VB 3.0, VB 4.0, VB 5.0 and VB 6.0!

VB HyperDocs

VB HyperDocx is an automated technical documentation tool that uses VB Compress Pro's analytical engine to analyze your project, and then uses 100% user-customizable templates to generate comprehensive and impeccably-formatted technical docs in rich text format (RTF). Output can be optimized for either hard copy or hypertext :::

VB Language Manager Professional
Translate your VB app for customers around the world with VB Language Manager Professional! With its string editor, translation of your VB apps is easy. You can have multiple translations in one project file and view, edit, and sort those tables in a variety of ways. VB Language Manager is compatible with all versions of Visual Basic.

VB Project Works
Young Software Works
See web site for details.

VB Watch Suite
Aivosto Oy
VB Watch includes 3 tools: Profiler, Debugger, and Protector. VB Watch Profiler lets you measure execution speed. See what procedures are the slowest ones, and which lines or loops are taking up most of the time. VB Watch Debugger allows you to take control of your compiled apps. Pause your app and see its status. Answer questions such as: What line is it on? What procedures were called with what arguments? Call stack? Which objects are alive? Setup breakpoints to your exe's and see what's really happening. VB Watch adds error handlers to your code with a few clicks. Error messages can include: error description, procedure, module, line number, application state like values of variables and objects, procedure call stack, system description including run-time library versions, and even execution trace procedure-by-procedure, line-by-line

VBASIC Library
EMS Professional Shareware
The VBASIC Library is the most extensive collection of VB products available! With 1,728 Visual Basic shareware and freeware add-on products...and still growing! VBASIC Library has the most popular files for Visual Basic, complete with an excellent search utility! You get three CD-ROM disks full of VB tools, tips, tricks, programs, code, articles, wizards, utilities, demos - you name it, it's in there!

Infragistics, Inc
VBAssist 5.0 is a set of 15 major productivity tools that seamlessly integrate into the Visual Basic IDE. VBAssist 5.0 has been totally re-architected to take maximum advantage of Visual Basic's 32-bit environment. The new and enhanced plug-in productivity tools help reduce the time you spend in developing applications.

R.M. de Boer Software
VBBackup is a Visual Basic add-in to create backups of all your Visual Basic projects. With each project you can: Add/include additional files to be backed up, enter a memo for each project, provide a password for each backup for security, backup all components/references of the project (.DLL/OCX). Seamlessly integrated into the Visual Basic IDE, projects are saved with a mouse-click, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the project at hand without worrying about timely storage of your code revisions.

:::Only works with Visual Basic 6.0

BeCubed Software
VBCommander - Practical and Powerful Visual Basic productivity tools that command performance! This essential tool pack assists you by adding true functionality with it's more than 20 practical add-in tools! Guaranteed to speed your Visual Basic 5.0 design-time. VBCommander rules!

Yingling Associates
VBCompare compares two versions of a source program or a library of source programs in a folder or compressed PKZip 2.04g format file to determine the differences and produce a merged output file that is displayed and can be edited.

VBeXpress 2000
DataCast Systems Ltd.
VBeXpress 2000 is the new development tool for Microsoft Visual Basic™ that slashes development time and cuts application development and maintenance costs. VBeXpress 2000 will help you create a fully functional n-tier application (with standard screens or ASP screens) based on Microsoft's COM technology in seconds. In three easy steps VBeXpress 2000 will save you hours of development time by generating all your database access classes for you. It even generates a fully functional UI (with VB forms or Web screens) for you so that you can add, update or delete any record in your database using embedded SQL or stored procedures. The database classes generated will provide you with high-performance objects that can be used in production environments without any apprehension. If the code that is generated does not meet your standards, simply amend the code generation templates to suit your particular requirements.

VBeXpress Lite
DataCast Systems Ltd.
VBeXpress Lite is a development add-in for Microsoft Visual BasicTM 6.0 that slashes development time and cuts application development and maintenance costs by providing 16 time saving utilities and a vast library of pre-tested code.

Diakonos Corporation
vbMake is an exciting tool that simplifies the process of building multiple components for any software development project. With its build reporting tools and direct integration to Visual SourceSafe, vbMake also provides an easy means of implementing Software Configuration Management. vbMake is a professional development tool that addresses problems by streamlining the build process and allowing you to focus on more productive tasks – like creating great software!

VBMaximizer extends the Visual Basic IDE with over 70 new commands and a full-featured Code Librarian that lets you categorize, search, bookmark, and annotate your procedures and comes with a library of 500+ super-optimized, ready-to-use routines. VBMaximizer includes an improved find-and-replace that searches multiple projects and controls' properties, control naming policies, a string extractor for spell-checking or localization, template-based code generators for error handling, property stylesheets for controls, a wizard to create inherited classes, easier control management with automatic TabIndex and hotkeys arrangements. Everything packed in a 800K fast and resourse-savvy DLL. Source code available (Enterprise edition only).

Massinissa Software
VBToolBox is a COM-based component covering over 30 API functions, shelled into an easy-to-use interface. Add functionality into your VB applications with minimum coding that previously required you to master C++! If you use API libraries in your VB6 projects, this component will save you a lot of time.

VBVoice is an ActiveX component-based development toolkit for Visual Basic that provides a rapid design environment for creating interactive voice response systems. Additionally, VBVoice is an award-winning rapid application development tool that blends a graphical component interface, a programmable event handling layer, and a comprehensive IDE testing environment to help you develop IVR applications up to ten times faster than with other software. The object-oriented telephony components of VBVoice organize standard telecom processes into fast, user-definable objects, properties and methods.

VBXRef 2000
BeCubed Software
VBXRef 2000 is a Cross Reference utility designed as an Add-In to Microsofts® Visual Basic 5/6 and enables the programmer to quickly cross-reference their code with minimal effort.

VBXRef 2000 is more then just a cross-reference utitlty for VB programmers, it's a complete project navigational aid. A cross-reference novice can be using this product to its fullest within minutes. VBXRef 2000 doesn't require any complicated configurations or option settings. Its easy to use design ensures that this is a utility you will always use. :::

VectorDraw Professional
VectorDraw takes drawing editing to a new level of functionality and ease of use. Designed for users who want control, power, and flexibility, VectorDRAW is the tool you need to easily create and manage your drawing projects. It's Automation objects expose methods and properties are compatible with AutoCAD objects. Give you the ability to localize VectorDraw. Customize the VectorDraw messages and dialogs. VectorDraw provides over 350 methods and properties. Supports DWG, DXF and VDF drawing formats. It is compatible with AutoCAD 2000. Fully object oriented!

VectorDraw Viewer-Net
Add to your application or your web site the ability to view and print DWG, DXF, VDI, VDF formats. Supports hyperlinks and tooltips when picking or moving over drawing entities. Automatic open new urls or even downloading and displaying new drawings. Supports drawing manipulation functions including Zoom, Pan, Print/Print preview, Layer manage, Hide, Render and many more!

Vermont High Test Plus
Vermont Creative Software, Inc.
Vermont HighTest is the easy and affordable way to automate testing of Windows software. Test scripts are created simply by running your application! The drag and drop Suite Manager lets you combine scripts into structured test suites, set up nested loops, and run tests...all without script programming! Test cases are evaluated and results logged automatically. It's that easy!

Desaware, Inc.
With VersionStamper you can verify every version of a DLL, OCX or VBX used in an application. If a problem exists, your user is notified as to why. VersionStamper detects missing and obsolete OCX, VBX and DLL files. It also analyzes OCX, VBX and DLL version information. VersionStamper includes an excellent tutorial on Windows operations and provides both a 16- & 32-bit OCX plus a VBX.

Fath Software Inc
VideoCapX allows developers to easily add access to digital video capture cards, scanners, and cameras to their applications. VideoCapX provides an interface for showing the video on-screen, user interaction, video format control, single-frame video capture, full-motion video recording, saving images in JPG format and uploading them to web servers. All this is made possible through a set of properties and methods completely isolated from the API level.

SysFire LLC (formerly Greenleaf Software)
Greenleaf ViewComm for Windows 95 and Windows NT is simply the only Win32 tool that lets you monitor or interact with RS-232 asynchronous communicating equipment pairs. Do protocol analysis. If you liked Greenleaf ViewComm for DOS, you'll love the Win32 version

ViewPro includes 16-bit OCX and 32-bit ActiveX controls for adding print and preview capabilities to your forms, dialog boxes or other windows. It replaces VB's printer object for preview support and enhanced capabilities, and serves as a RAD print/preview tool for Visual C++ and Delphi. ViewPro can also be used as a versatile run-time report generator in place of inflexible static report writers.

HockWare, Inc.
VB just got more visual with VisPro for Visual Basic. Drag and drop programming allows easy code generation. The VisPro Code wizard offers point and click selection methods, properties and parameters. The VisPro Event Tree and Event Map allow you to see the structure of applications easily and browse related events. The List View and other wizards will greatly increase your productivity with Visual Basic.

Visual ADEPT
Parameter Driven Software
A tremendous tool for users with little or no programming experience to easily create VB programs for multi-user environments. Visual ADEPT automatically creates multi-user Visual Basic executable code and ACCESS data structures by guiding the user through a series of on-line parameters which drive the application's data processing functions.

Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 development system is the most productive tool for creating fast business solutions for the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Web. With its rapid application development (RAD) environment, developers can quickly create and deploy super-fast client/server applications--plus easily develop Web applications using familiar Visual Basic programming techniques. Click Here for Your Upgrade Options

Visual Basic Components Sourcebook
Ziff Davis Publishing
Visual Basic Components Sourcebook, written by Jeffrey P. McManus, gives you an edge by providing information on the hottest ActiveX controls on the market today. The Sourcebook contains reviews of over 650 ActiveX control products, conveniently organized by category, so you can stack controls against each other and compare features easily.

Visual Basic Curriculum
SmartForce (formerly CBT Systems)
The Microsoft Visual Basic curriculum includes courses on every version of Visual Basic from version 3.0 to version 6.0. The courses take novice programmers from the very basics of using Visual Basic to advanced concepts and distributed computing. Students should choose the highest version applicable to their anticipated environment, skipping lower versions, with one possible exception: students wishing to do VB 6.0 courses, but who have no VB background, will benefit from doing the Visual Basic 5.0 Fundamentals courses.

Visual Basic IDE Power Tools
Visual Basic IDE Power Tools from CodeAvionics is a single DLL-based ActiveX add-in component for VB that provides many timesaving utilities and feature enhancements. The Power Tools include the Code Navigator, code search tools, a comment wizard, error handlers, header comments, code alignment tools, copy buffers, and caption property editor -- all included on a dockable toolbar complete with help in a Win2000 format!

Visual Build
Kinook Software Inc.
Visual Build is a tool that enables developers and build specialists to create an automated, repeatable process for building their software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, SourceSafe, Installer, Borland Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, and more.

Download the new build management solution for Windows and web developers and increase your productivity today! It's easy to put Visual Build to work doing all that manual labor for you so you can focus on more important things. Visual Build is a powerful but affordable build management solution that will automate the build process without a huge commitment of time, and it works with the tools you're using today. :::

Visual C++ 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual C++ development system is the most productive C++ tool for optimized high-performance development for Windows and the Web. Nearly all contemporary world-class software, including the leading Web browsers, Internet servers, databases, and office productivity suites are built with the Microsoft Visual C++ development system. Visual C++ is also the tool of choice for creating scalable, multi-tier corporate applications where performance and reliability are critical. Going forward, Visual C++ will continue to be the tool of choice for those developing on the cutting edge, where the latest platform, Internet, and component support are top priorities.

Visual DLL
Simply Solutions Development Corp.
Generate true Microsoft Windows Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) from your Visual Basic app or collection of routines with Visual DLL. It supports any development environment or application capable of calling Microsoft Windows DLLs and also supports both 16- and 32-bit modes!

Visual Help Pro
WinWare Inc.
Visual Help Pro is a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop Windows-based help authoring tool that lets you incorporate multimedia into your help files. Supports jumps, pop-ups, buttons, bullets, enumerated lists, secondary windows, non-scrolling regions, Windows help macros, as well as multimedia VAV, MDI, and AVI files. It features automatic generation of glossary and index, and assignment of context IDs. You can export help to a user manual, includes files and supports Windows '95.

Visual Intercept
Elsinore Technologies
As the only project-oriented enterprise ready bug tracking system for Microsoft developers, Visual Intercept is integrated with Visual Basic, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Test, and more. It is a Lightning fast, 32 bit app containing a native GUI for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x. Visual Intercept is also fully scaleable and ODBC enabled. All in a simple, easy to use graphical user interface.

Visual InterDev 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual InterDev version 6.0 is a powerful development environment for rapidly creating database-driven Web applications. Integrated visual design tools, debugging support, and database features enable you to build fully interactive, cross-platform Web applications quickly and easily.

Visual MIBrowser
NuDesign Team, Inc
This easy-to-use Windows application allows a user to perform Get, Set, or Walk operations on auto-discovered SNMP v1 or v2 agents. This powerful utility is a must for anyone who is managing and/or developing SNMP-related applications or agents. Visual MIBrowser provides: SNMP communication with agents, Import facility for enterprise MIBs, Auto-discovery of SNMP agents on the network, ASN.1 notation of an object for handy reference, Abililty to save the most commonly used queries, and Ability to save results in text files for use in other programs.

Visual MIBuilder
NuDesign Team, Inc

This Windows application allows a user to design, build and manage an SNMP MIB in minutes. No background in ASN.1 notation is required -- simply point and click. This powerful utility will import an existing MIB for modification or create a new one. A guaranteed time-saver for both experienced and new users. Visual MIBuilder provides: Easy-to-use visual MIB building, Drag and drop manipulation of groups, tables, objects, Copying and replicating objects in seconds, Syntax checking built-in, Import for any standard SMI MIB, Output of bullet-proof MIBs every time, and Conformity with [all] ASN.1 conventions for SNMP v1 and v2 MIBs. :::

Visual SourceSafe 6.0
Microsoft Corp
The Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 version control system is the latest edition of Microsoft's award-winning version control system for managing software and Web site development. Fully integrated with the Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual InterDev, and Visual FoxPro development environments, as well as with Microsoft Office applications, it provides easy-to-use, project-oriented version control. Visual SourceSafe works with any type of file produced by any development language, authoring tool, or application. Users can work at both the file and project level while promoting file reuse.

Visual Studio 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, the complete development suite for rapidly building Windows-based and Web solutions, now contains a set of technologies and training materials designed to help developers take advantage of new Windows 2000 features. Use the Windows 2000 Developer's Readiness Kit for fast access to in-depth, step-by-step training and technical resources. Get the essential Windows 2000 programming information you need - delivered to your doorstep - with an included one-year subscription to the MSDN Library. Build highly reliable, self-repairing applications using the new Visual Studio Installer. Finally, you can create desktop and shared solutions that easily scale up to SQL Server 7.0 using the new Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for Visual Studio.

Visual Test
Rational Software Corporation
Rational Visual Test is an automated functional testing tool that helps developers and testers rapidly create tests for Windows applications created with any development tool. Rational Visual Test is integrated with Microsoft Developer Studio, a desktop development environment, and has extensive integration with Microsoft Visual Basic. Rational Visual Test makes developers and testers more productive and makes it easier for organizations to deploy applications of virtually any size for the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems and for the World Wide Web.

AJS Publishing Inc.
Visual/db -- the complete, fast, small, reliable, and dBASE-compatible relational Database Management System for Microsoft Windows. Visual/db's powerful routines create, read, and write dBASE-type database, index, and demo files and give your Basic applications full DBMS capabilities --including sound and bit map graphics. Visual/db is the complete relational Database Management System for Windows because it specializes in dBASE-type file access, gives you direct control over all aspects of file management, and is implemented entirely with straightforward CALL statements.

VisualSoft Cart
VisualSoft Technologies
Create your online storefront on the Internet with VisualSoft Cart. Implement in hours for a fraction of the cost. This Cart component provides store front "cart" tools that integrate with e-commerce sites for generic shopping cart manipulation. The technology used to create VisualSoft Cart is based 100% on Microsoft Active Server Pages. The component enables adding to, removing from and replacing items in the shopping cart while the customer continues shopping or even before placing an order.

VisualSoft Crypt
VisualSoft Technologies
VisualSoft Crypt is a COM Component, which provides strong cryptographic Algorithms for Secure Web Application Development. It supports cryptographic algorithms - DES, Triple DES, RC4 ,Blowfish and IDEA . It can be used to encrypt/decrypt string or file data to provide strong security for sensitive and confidential information like Pass words, Credit Card Numbers, Mail, Transaction data and any other private information traveling on the Web.

VisualSoft DataManager
VisualSoft Technologies
VisualSoft DataManager lets you cut through the complexity of large corporate database applications with fast and flexible drill-down capabilities and rich report feature, which facilitates easy storage and retrieval of data. DataManager makes it easier than ever for you to build data-intensive applications. Using DataManager one can build scalable data application which can be developed using flexible interfaces for accessing them.

VisualSoft FileUpload
VisualSoft Technologies

This is a server side component that allows users with a web browser to transmit files from their local hard disk to a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Web Server. It is an Active Server Component that can be used in Active Server Pages (ASPs). VisualSoft FileUpload allows users to send files of any format such as Word Documents, Images, EXEs or Plain Texts. :::

VisualSoft FTP
VisualSoft Technologies
This client side component allows users with a web browser or EXE to transfer files from their local hard disk to an FTP server. Since it's a COM Object, you can use it in all COM supporting Languages such as Active Server Pages (ASPs), VB, VC, etc. Transfer the files of any format, including Word documents, images, EXEs, or plain text

VisualSoft HTTP
VisualSoft Technologies
This is a client side component that allows users to receive a file from an HTTP server. It is a COM component that can be used in any COM supporting Languages as well as in Active Server Pages (ASPs). A developer can create a VisualSoft HTTP object and then use its methods. This product supports the offline feature similar to the one found in Microsoft IE5. You do not need to include bulky MFC DLLs which, in turn, speeds up file transfer. Proxy support is also available.

VisualSoft Mail
VisualSoft Technologies
This is a SMTP Client component that can be used to send mails to a given recipient. ASP as well as VB programmers can use this component. The component can be used to send attachments in the following formats: plain text files (.txt), word documents (.doc), images (.jpeg, .gif), excel files (.xls) and executables (.exe). The component also supports CC, bCC and coma separated multiple recipients.

VisualSoft Validator
VisualSoft Technologies
VisualSoft Validator is for validating user-input fields. As the component is designed keeping in mind the needs of an e-com application developer, it can validate almost any type of user input including email Ids. Specifically, it can validate email ids, addresses, city, state and province names and zip codes. It can be programmed to repeat a question until answered correctly.

VivaTexte Multipage Browser ActiveX Control
An exciting new product which has been called "...a channel changer for the Internet", The Vivatexte multipage browser is an ActiveX control that enhances any Internet Explorer and lets developers add and customize multipage browser support to both standalone applications and web pages. Ideal for Intranets, HTML Help, Web link pages and computer based training.

VoiceDataTree OCX
United Research
VoiceDataTree is a innovative way to memorize and display your hierarchical data list and have it accessed for selection, interaction, search and modification using Code, Voice, Keyboard or Mouse. Once the tree is created all your data is stored in memory. No need of re-additions every computer restart or each runtime. You can add with choice six components to every node of the tree viz. Label Text, Picture, Check Box, Command Button, Combo List, Column List.

VFit Technologies
With the advent of the Web, most software companies are moving their applications to Web-based, component-based applications. Visual Studio, with its Windows DNA, makes it easy to create distributed web applications. With the component-based approach gaining momentum, the process of building multiple components (ActiveX DLL, ActiveX EXE, ActiveX Controls) become complex and time consuming. Also, handling GUID's in Visual Basic projects becomes a nightmare for developers. VSBuilder addresses these concerns by automating the build process and resolving GUID problems in Visual Basic.

ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
Easily create professional documention for ActiveX controls with VideoSoft VSDOCX! Create controls using VB5.0 or Visual C++, and VSDOCX automatically creates the user documentation and help files. VSDOCX prepares error-free documents that would take an experienced writer weeks to produce, and lets you focus on the creative aspects of the documentation (examples, hints, remarks, etc.) VSDOCX is a must for ActiveX control developers.

VSFlexGrid Pro
ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
Customizing the display and presentation of dynamic data for Windows, Internet or intranet applications is now faster and easier than ever. VSFlexGrid Pro 7.0 offers a rich feature set for quickly building flexible, powerful front ends -- without adding user overhead. VSFlexGrid Pro 7.0 is 100% backward compatible with the MSFlexGrid in Visual Basic, so upgrading an existing application is easy.

The fastest, most feature-rich solution for building flexible, powerful front ends for database applications, VSFlexGrid Pro 7.0 provides new ways to display, edit, format, organize, summarize, and print tabular data. Data can be formatted conditionally, highlighting data that falls outside of designated ranges. And you can customize almost every aspect of the appearance of both the entire grid and individual cells. You can even merge contiguous cells with like-valued data, making your grid easier to read. :::

ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
VSREPORTS allows you to print Microsoft Access-created reports without having Access or its runtime DLLs installed on the user's machine. This ActiveX control permits you to use the industry leading report designer, Access, to create your reports and the print them using Visual Basic or any ActiveX container.

ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
VSSPELL is a set of two controls: vsSpell and vsThesaurus. vsSpell allows you to instantly have access to its extensive standard American English word dictionary with more than 250,000 entries. A utility is included to easily build and maintain custom dictionaries. vsThesaurus allows access to an American English thesaurus with more than 30,000 entries. vsThesaurus has properties and methods that allow you to both build and maintain thesaurus files.

ComponentOne (via the APEX and Videosoft merger)
Adding printing and previewing to your applications has never been easier! VSVIEW 7.0 replaces the Printer Object in Visual Basic, significantly expanding and simplifying printing functionality with its rich document creation command set. VSVIEW makes it easy to create documents and reports for printing and print previewing from your applications. It only takes a single statement to print plain text or RTF files, and just a few more lines of code to print graphics, tables, and formatted text.