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Wave to Text OCX
United Research
Wave To Text is an English speech recognition-based dictation pad with a WAV-to-text converter. The dictation pad lets you convert your voice to text in real time, while the program's wizard enables you to convert your Windows Audio WAV files (speech recorded) offline. This speech utility is probably the most high speed way to convert speech to text accurately; you don't need to be conscious of what the computer is going to write, you also don't miss a word because it's stored in a wav file. You may then high-speed edit the converted text using a special editor; it plays back every word, which you can mark for editing purposes. In addition, the text can be searched and easily cut, copied, and pasted into any application.

Web on Windows (WOW)
WOW turns the Internet Explorer ActiveX control (IEX) into the ultimate programmable ActiveX control. Embed IEX in your VB programs and receive HTML events such as mouse clicks back in your code. WOW enhances IEX so you can do things you cannot do with the raw IEX control, such as disable the context menu and control the window border. WOW can seamlessly work with EzStor files to store all of your program's HTML/graphic content in a single file. Also works with our HSP product to turn IEX into the ultimate programmable ActiveX control.

D.M.F. Systems Corporation

WebRainbow is a CGI tool for Visual Basic that lets VB developers write Web Server Independent dynamic web page content directly. The CGI script is written once, but works for all major web servers running on Windows 2000/NT/9x. WebRainbow uses Static / Dynamic Separation technology and makes dynamic web page development easy. :::

Webster Pro Control
Home Page Software
A World Wide Web and local HTML browsing solution, complete with configurable tool and status bars, which can be used in any development environment that supports OCX Controls (also known as ActiveX or OLE controls). These include Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, FoxPro, Borland Delphi, C++ builder, Clarion, Lotus Notes, Approach and many others.

Webster Pro retrieves and displays HTML from local files, an Intranet or the Internet. Most HTML 3 features and extensions are supported, including Frames, background sound and in-line video. :::

WebX Server
Future Wave Tech Inc.
Adding WebX Server to your application allows you to have a customizable ActiveX HTTP Server built into your application. Writing dynamic web pages or adding web based access to you application will never been this easy. WebX Server allows you to easily add web based administration/configuration, client access, and reporting features to existing applications while reusing existing subroutines, functions and classes. And the best part, you can do all this while still working the development environment of your choice, whether it is Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, or any environment that supports ActiveX controls.

Windows CE Toolkit for Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Corp
Windows CE is the modular real-time embedded operating system for small footprint and mobile 32-bit intelligent and connected devices. Windows CE combines Windows compatibility and advanced application services with support for multiple CPU architectures and built-in networking and communications options to deliver a rich, scalable open foundation for building a wide variety of products. Windows CE powers consumer electronic devices, Web terminals, Internet access appliances, specialized industrial controllers, mobile data acquisition handhelds, and embedded communication devices. This highly modular platform allows developers to flexibly and reliably build the new generation of small footprint and mobile 32-bit devices that integrate seamlessly with Windows and the Internet.

Blue Water Systems, Inc.
Do you want a simple, reliable and low cost tool to control hardware, such as data acquisition cards, A/D's, encoders and relay cards requiring a few I/O ports, attached to Windows"? WinRT 3.5 is the latest version in this award winning family of device driver tools. WinRT 3.5 is a versatile, robust toolkit that gives you flexibility and power to develop hardware control programs in Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows NT Embedded 4.0, Windows 98 and Windows 95. With WinRT 3.5, you write one hardware control program; no need to write custom drivers. After installing the WinRT 3.5 driver, you have access to I/O ports, physical memory, PCI configuration registers, high-speed repeating interrupts, high accuracy kernel timers and DMA. Using the standard device I/O control API provided by Win32, you can access the WinRT 3.5 driver to perform hardware control actions.

DataWizard Technologies
WinsockQ is an ActiveX DLL component that provides simplified access to Winsock and TCP/IP without sacrificing reliabillity, flexibility, or speed. WinsockQ will allow developers to build internet/intranet server applications like FTP, Telnet, POP3/SMTP, HTTP, or any type of custom TCP/IP server or client quickly. Additionally, WinsockQ provides developers with a head start by including several commercial quality applications (with source code), built using WinsockQ. These applications include an Internet Search Engine, an RPC component for VB, an SMTP Mail Component, and a Web Community Chat Client and Server among others. These applications are intended to show the developer how to use the product's object model effectively, as well provide some value added knowledge on how to perform tasks like sending SMTP mail.

Wintertree Spelling Server
Wintertree Software, Inc.
Add a spelling checker to your ASP-based forms with Wintertree Spelling Server. Wintertree Spelling Server has the power you need to process spelling requests on high-traffic Web sites and intranets.

Wise for Windows Installer
Wise Solutions Inc.
Wise for Windows Installer is a complete, easy-to-use installation toolkit for professional setups that comply with Microsoft's new Windows Installer technology. You can manage install/uninstall at the component level for the entire system, advertise applications with loading software on a system, automatically repair corrupted key product files, and rollback cancelled installations. Using Wise's "patented" 5-step process, you can point-and-click your way to a Windows 2000 compliant setup program in minutes.