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xAuthorize, LLC
xAuthorize is an ActiveX component that enables developers to incorporate real-time credit card processing into their programs or websites within a matter of minutes. xAuthorize is compatible with various types of programming environments. The component also supports some of the largest credit card processors in the world including Authorize.Net, Cybercash, ECX, and Planet Payment.

Xceed Absolute Packager
Xceed Software
The Xceed Absolute Packager is designed to let you create high-quality Smart Zip Files™ quickly and easily. Smart Zip Files are feature-rich self-extracting Zip files designed with your reputation in mind. Unlike most self-extracting zip files, which offer a cluttered, user-unfriendly look, Absolute Packager's smart zip files offer a polished, easy-to-use interface. Use Absolute Packager to create smart zip files that inspire user confidence and reinforce the credibility of the files you want to distribute.

Xceed Backup Library
Xceed Software
The Xceed Backup Library is an ActiveX control that allows Windows applications to automatically perform scheduled or on-demand backup and restore operations on their data files. The library can backup to local drive(s), remote drives, and removable media such as floppy disks, writable-CDs, "Zip" drives, "SuperDisks", "Jazz", "SyQuest" - you name it. Includes backup/catalog/log file management, multithreaded scheduler, compression, and much more.

Xceed FTP Library
Xceed Software
The Xceed FTP Library is a high-performance ActiveX control that allows developers to easily add FTP capabilities to their Windows or web applications. It provides access to the complete functionality of the FTP protocol, is feature rich and firewall friently, can work in the background and uses Winsock 2-for best performance.

Xceed Winsock Library
Xceed Software
The Xceed Winsock Library is a COM/ActiveX library designed to offer effortless access to the complete Winsock 2 networking API. It allows you to write efficient, scalable networking code without spending weeks or months developing the low-level code and expertise needed to properly use Winsock 2. The Xceed Winsock Library is the only COM library that lets you write protocol-independent networking code. That means that your applications can automatically work with different protocols as needed - including new and emerging protocols such as IPv6. Gone are the days of IP, UDP or TCP-only programming. .

Xceed Zip Compression Library
Xceed Software
This high-performance Zip and Unzip compression ActiveX component has the industry's richest feature set and uses the fastest multi-threaded compression engine available. Its clear design, impeccable documentation and free expert support will ensure your compression needs are implemented quickly and easily. Supports almost all languages through ActiveX or DLL interfaces.

LGB Systems
XControls is a collection of powerful ActiveX controls designed to enable you to build robust database applications in Visual Basic 6.0. It is full of advanced data presentation and user interface features to build user-friendly functionality into complex applications that previously required extensive coding. Unlike other grid controls, XControls supports not datasheet-oriented but single record and master/detail forms. Designed to display and manipulate data using an intuitive user interface XControls is the best solution for all developers who want to quickly and easily build any database application. .

Finer Technologies
XLS2HTML is a developer COMponent for converting Microsoft Excel workbooks to HTML. XLS2HTML is a VB/ASP friendly component, and is great for: providing real time reporting on a customer web site or internal intranet, document imaging systems, website content conversion, and batch conversions for archival. XLS2HTML is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, XLS2HTML is great at preserving existing document format, including all worksheets.

Finer Technologies
XLS2TXT is a developer COMponent for converting Microsoft Excel workbooks to plain Windows text. XLS2TXT will keep the individual worksheets as separate text files or combine them into one, you choose! XLS2TXT is a VB/ASP friendly component, and is great for: providing real time reporting on a customer web site or internal intranet, document imaging systems, website content conversion, and batch conversions for archival. XLS2TXT is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, XLS2TXT is great at preserving existing document format, including all worksheets.

Massinissa Software
OCX & DLL which allows one or more valid Excel 97/2000 input files to be converted into HTML format. Because XlToHtml uses Excel 97/2000 OLE automation objects, these input files can be XLS, XLT, ... extensions. List of files to be converted are held in a string array which can be populated calling the OpenFileDialog method or by simply declaring a dynamic array and filling it with list of files. Once the file array is generated, passing it as an argument to the ConvertToHtml method and supplying the output folder as another argument will convert those files into HTML format. XlToHtml handles multiple sheets per Excel files and can create one HTM file per sheet. XlToHtml OCX can be used in any environment which support activeX control technology such as VC++, VB, Visual Foxpro and Delphi. XlToHtml DLL is an ASP compatible version of XlToHtml OCX and is therefore fully scriptable in environments such as Visual Interdev.

SoftQuad Software, Inc.
SoftQuad XMetaL, the premier enabler for XML-based content applications, has the power and flexibility you need to create and work with XML content in a real world production environment. Combining state-of-the-art XML editing features and the ideal front-end to your applications, XMetaL makes it easy for your entire user base to create content. Whether you're developing innovative XML-based applications in Web publishing, knowledge management or e-commerce or simply looking for a more flexible editor for an existing document solution, XMetaL provides the power and versatility you need to create the content that powers your XML applications.

Vervet Logic
XML Pro v2.0, the latest release of the popular eXtensible Markup Language editor offers the same clean, easy to use interface as previous versions, and includes a host of new features, including: Drag and Drop, Undo, Cutting and Pasting of Elements, Ability to Change Document Encoding and much, much more. Additionally, XML Pro v2.0 features the IBM XML4J parser, offering solid support for the W3C Document Object Model and the SAX interface. Using the IBM parser, XML Pro integrates well with customized XML solutions for the enterprise. .

Compuware Corporation / NuMega Lab
XPEDITER/SQL is an integrated set of workbenches designed to help you quickly create, test and manage Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase stored procedures, triggers, and scripts. The straightforward graphical interface provides quick access to its entire workbench of development productivity tools. You can navigate through objects and packages to perform the following tasks: debug packages, procedures, functions and triggers; create and edit stored procedures; develop and test in a safe team environment; and test stored procedures throughout the application life cycle.

XpressDeveloper's Studio
Developer Express Inc.
The DevExpress XpressDeveloper's Studio combines six great in one value-priced package. Included in the suite are: XpressQuantumGrid, XpressQuantumTreeList, XpressInspector, XpressEditors Library, XpressPrinting System and XpressSideBar.

XpressEditors Library
Developer Express Inc.
The XpressEditors Library is a revolutionary suite of 15 data edit controls - all with innovations previously unavailable in the ActiveX/COM marketplace. Every single editor in the suite is available to you in both unbound and data-aware mode (ADO, DAO, RDO) and is engineered to help you create modern interfaces while minimizing and often eliminating code.

Developer Express Inc.
The XpressInspector is a suite of data aware and non-data aware 100% ATL Based ActiveX controls to help you display data in an efficient and compact manner while enabling full control over runtime display characteristics and data manipulation behavior. The XpressInspector is the first component of its kind for the ActiveX community and is designed to closely emulate the behavior and display characteristics of the Visual Basic® and Visual C++® Property Editors.

XpressPrinting System
Developer Express Inc.
XpressPrinting System gives you a fast and flexible way to automatically design reports based on the contents of visual controls and data tables in your applications. When combined with Developer Express ActiveX technologies, the XpressPrinting System makes it a snap to produce printed output that closely matches the interface your users see every day. The XpressPrinting System not only renders ActiveX controls, it also offers a powerful abstraction layer over the painfully complicated Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI).

Developer Express Inc.
The XpressQuantumGrid is a 100% ATL Based ActiveX component library and supports development tools such as: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Internet Explorer and Visual InterDev. Once you begin using it, you will quickly discover its incredible flexibility as a data presentation and manipulation system. The XpressQuantumGrid offers you a series of automatic high-performance data management functions along with a full range of control over runtime display characteristics. The XpressQuantumGrid was built from the ground up for extremely efficient and ultra-fast processing of large amounts of data. In fact, a massive number of its features (such as sorting, grouping, summarizing etc.) are available to you -- without writing a single line of code.

Developer Express Inc.
Built from the ground up using 100% ATL-based code, the XpressQuantumTreeList represents some of the most advanced tree-list technology available in the ActiveX marketplace. The XpressQuantumTreeList is a power-packed, lightweight component library that will help you create killer applications, deliver unbelievable features to your end users, and blow away your competition -- all without writing a single line of source code!

Persits Software
XUpload is the revolutionary upload ActiveX control which provides features not found in the traditional form-based uploading, such as a progress bar, multiple file selection, etc.

XWebPic is an ActiveX control designed to display and convert images between standard web formats (BMP, WBMP, GIF, JPG, PNG). The control is able to resize images. It also includes clipboard support (copy and paste) allowing easy integration with other image-processing software. Images may be displayed inside fixed-size scroll box (with scroll bars appearing automatically when needed) or the control may adjust its size to the dimensions of image.

Xybo Wireless Application Enabler
Xybo Systems
The Xybo Wireless Application Enabler is the ultimate solution for building and hosting wireless applications. Its visual development environment is simple enough for beginners but flexible enough for seasoned professionals. You can literally create and deploy a wireless application in minutes! If you know how to draw a flow chart, you know how to build wireless applications using our Application Builder. The Builder and Server are "VBA-enabled" so developers can define their own functions with a familiar language. This innovative solution supports all major wireless standards and devices including WAP phones, two-way pagers and PDAs. .