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In creating this list of freeware applications I reviewed almost a thousand different programs. I started by creating a list of the common computing tasks I perform regularly and from there located and tested freeware applications which could best perform the task. I was a bit surprised to find that I could summarize my computing needs with so few categories, but at the same time I realized that I simply don't perform several hundred different computing tasks every day. I tend to spend a lot of computer time working inside applications that perform the tasks I need done and switching to a new application on and off throughout the day.

Computing tasks are listed within a category by the frequency with which I perform the computing task (most-used at the top). The change history of these recommendations is shown at the bottom of this page.

Revised 11 February, 2007
General Purpose
1 folder navigation WCD
2 text editor NoteTab Light
3 dictionary WordWeb
4 local weather WeatherWatcher
5 calendar AMP Calendar
6 folder size TreeSize
7 folder comparison Comparator
Files Comparer
8 text file comparison ExamDiff
9 duplicate filesDuplicate File Finder
10 print folder content Print Folder
11 compression JustZipIt
12 clipboard CLCL
13 rename files Renamer Fairy
14 reminder MiniReminder
15 keyboard controller CapsLockOff
16 text find & replaceReplaceEm
17 change file attributesAttribute Changer
18 clock Chimer
19 timer gbOfficeTimer
20 unit conversion Convert
21 filename case recase
1 graphics viewerXnView
2 screen capture MWSnap
3 image resizerImage Resizer
4 graphics editorIrfanView
5 color pickerColor Cop
6 icon editorIcoFX
7 icon extractorIcon Snatcher
8 print controlPrimoPDF
9 3D textX-Fonter
10 font viewerX-Fonter
11 3D graphicsBlender

1 system infoBelarc Advisor
2 system tweakTweak UI
3 startupStartup Control Panel
4 uninstallAdd/Remove Pro
5 context menuFast Explorer
6 registry cleanEasy Cleaner
7 file association-
8 process monitorProcess Explorer
9 remote PC control TightVNC

1 code librariangbCodeLib
2 hex editorFrhed
3 installationInnoSetup
4 programmer's editorCrimson Editor
5 resource filesPE Resource Explorer
6 dependenciesDependency Walker

1 browser tool Google Toolbar
2 email checkerPoppy, ePrompter
3 email clientPegasus
4 news reader Free Agent
5 webcam (viewer) Web Cam Viewer,
Webcam Watcher,
6 web site downloadWinHTTrack

1 bridgeEZBridge

1 HTML editor (text)NoteTab Light
2 HTML editor (WYSIWYG)1st Page 2000
3 FTP (context)SendtoFTP
4 FTP (client)FileZilla
5 webcam (uploader) gbWebCamLite
6 link checker (local)LinkProver
7 link checker (online)Xenu Link Sleuth
8 server log analyzer Analog
9 web serverAbyss Web Server
10 search positionFree Google Monitor

1 anti-virusAVG
2 firewallZone Alarm
3 backupKaren's Replicator
4 spywareSpybot, Ad-Aware
5 cookiesIECookiesView
6 encryptionAxCrypt
7 secure eraseEraser
8 file recoveryPC Inspector File Recovery

1 mp3 player Cool Player
2 music ripper CDEX
3 music creation Obliviion

Multiple Entries Per Category
In a few categories you'll see that I've recommended more than one application. Usually, the first recommendation is a simpler application (fewer options, easier to learn and use). The second is typically more capable and requires more effort to use. My personal tastes lean towards the simpler programs, but many users like the all-in-one variety.

  • Folder Comparison: Comparator, Files Comparer
    Comparator has a much simpler interface. Files Comparer incorporates the ability to view/edit content of text files. For simple folder synchronization between PC and laptop I'd go with Comparator. For more detailed work, particuarly with text files then Files Comparer gets the nod.

  • Keyboard Controller: CapsLockOff, KeyTweak
    CapsLockOff simply disables the #1 enemy on the keyboard. KeyTweak lets you adjust the computer response to any key on the keyboard.

  • HTML Editor: Notepad, NoteTab Light, 1st Page 2000
    I'm a fast typer and pretty much have the HTML code memorized, so using Notepad meets my needs. I use it for about 80% of my HTML editing. I've begun to use NoteTab Light because it opens multiple files at once, plus has syntax highlighting. 1st Page 2000 is a complete HTML development tool.

  • FTP Client: SendtoFTP, FileZilla
    FileZilla is a full featured FTP client. But for simple file transfers just right mouse click on a file to reach SendtoFTP. It's very simple to use. I use SendtoFTP for about 90% of my file transfers.

  • Email Checker: Poppy, ePrompter
    Poppy is a simple version of an email checker whereas ePrompter is almost a full email client in the system tray.

  • Spyware: Spybot, Ad-aware
    Both are excellent. Simply because detection of spyware is so important I recommend using both.

  • Link Checker: LinkProver, Xenu Link Sleuth
    Xenu is the best around. LinkProver works on files located on your hard drive (convenient that I don't have to upload before testing).

Change History