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gbXML is a graphical interface for building XML-formatted language definition files that can be used by CodeMax, a powerful editor control released by WinMain.

The CodeMax control distribution includes samples of language definition files, but provides no mechanism for creating the files. Users must create the files manually using a text editor.

gbXML provides a graphical interface as an alternative - simplifying and speeding up the entry of language definition elements and their attributes. Language definition information for multiple languages is kept in a common database from which XML-formatted language files (*.lng) may be exported for use in CodeMax projects.

To speed creation of language definition files, gbXML shows the results of user inputs immediately on a code sample, which the user may customize for each language. By not having to switch to the using application, language definition file generation goes much faster!

The XML Format help section is very critical to understanding the structure of XML formatted language definition files. If you are new to CodeMax and gbXML, I highly suggest reading the section before any other section of this online Help.

Feel free to try out gbCodeLib, a freeware source code librarian which uses CodeMax as it's source code editor. gbCodeLib is a full-featured, multi-language code librarian and revision control manager. gbCodeLib has an easy-to-use interface yet provides one of the largest feature sets of any code librarian available today. Over 1000 sample source code snippets, including language mini-tutorials, are included in the distribution.

There's also a simpler version of gbCodeLib, called gbFlashLib, which can simply be copied to a flash drive and run in place. It's a great way to be able to work with your snippets when you're away from your own PC.

gbXML may be updated online.

    (ver 1.2.188, 1.4MB)

Latest Changes

Key features:

  • Fast, graphical interface for building language files
  • Immediate XML language code viewing
  • Immediate view of language file effects on sample code
  • Export of language definitions as XML-formatted text files
  • Import of existing language files
  • Common database for multiple languages
  • Option to manually edit/save language files
  • Language files viewed using full XML syntax (CodeMax, of course!)
  • Formatting options to simplify viewing of XML code
  • Debug mode for viewing invalid inputs/references
  • Built-in external language file viewer/editor
  • Default tokenset structures for new languages
  • Ability to include/exclude tokensets from language definition
  • Token-level attribute support
  • Online updates