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Shareware/Commercial Software
Although I'm a big fan of freeware, I still find that my computing needs are sometimes best met by a shareware or commercial program. The applications in the list that follows offer software titles which I found useful enough to warrant paying the purchase price! A missing title on this page means that a freeware application or PC Magazine utility were able to satisfy my computing needs.

Computing tasks are listed within a category by the frequency with which I perform the computing task (most-used at the top). The change history of these recommendations is shown at the bottom of this page.

General Purpose
1 folder navigation -
2 text editor NoteTab Pro
3 dictionary -
4 local weather -
5 calendar -
6 folder size TreeSize Pro
7 folder comparison Beyond Compare
8 text file comparison Beyond Compare
9 duplicate filesDuplic8
10 print folder content -
11 compression WinZip
12 clipboard -
13 rename files -
14 reminder -
15 keyboard controller -
16 text find & replace-
17 change file attributes-
18 clock -
19 timer -
20 unit conversion -
21 filename case -
1 graphics viewerACDSee
2 screen capture -
3 image resizer -
4 graphics editorPaint Shop Pro
5 color picker-
6 icon editorMicroAngelo
7 icon extractorMicroAngelo
8 print controlFinePrint, pdf995
9 3D textXara3D
10 font viewer-
11 3D graphics-

1 system infoSystemworks
2 registry tweak-
3 startup-
4 uninstall-
5 context menu-
6 registry clean-
7 file association-
8 process monitor-
9 remote PC control PCAnywhere

6 code librarian-
4 hex editor-
1 installationInstall Creator
5 programmer's editor-
2 resource files-
3 dependencies-

1 browser tool -
2 email checker-
3 email client-
4 news reader Agent
5 webcam (viewer)
Webcam Watcher,
6 web site downloadOffline Explorer

1 bridgeBridge Baron

1 HTML editorNoteTab Pro
2 FTP clientWS_FTP Pro
3 webcam (server) WebCam32
4 link checker-
5 server log analyzer-
6 web server-
7 search position-

1 anti-virusNorton Anti-Virus
2 firewall-
3 backup-
4 spyware locator-
5 cookies-
6 encryption-
7 secure erase-
1 mp3 player -
2 music ripper -
3 music creation -

Multiple Entries Per Category
In a few categories you'll see that I've recommended more than one application. Usually, the first recommendation is a simpler application (fewer options, easier to learn and use). The second is typically more capable and requires more effort to use. My personal tastes lean towards the simpler programs, but many users like the all-in-one variety.

  • Print Control: FinePrint, pdf995
    FinePrint installs as a printer driver, essentially giving you a print preview from any windows program. You can print pages multiple up or even select pages to skip. pdf995 is also a printer driver - sending the output of any windows program to a PDF file. pdf995 is the lowest cost pdf solution I've found.

Shareware Industry Awards
I also have a page that lists recent winners of the Shareware Industry Awards. This is for information only. My shareware recommendations are found in the list above.

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