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Once you learn the core techniques for drinking and enjoying Pepsi, you may want to sit back and enjoy Pepsi using some of the finer, more subtle techniques I list below. You may not personally have need of the following information but simply knowing the information will help you feel more like a part of the New Generation.

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Rural Traditions for Drinking Pepsi

Drinking is not the only way in which Pepsi may be enjoyed. Just as milk may be used for dunking (i.e., cookies), Pepsi may also be used for dunking. The most prevalent practice in the Southwest United States is to dunk salted popcorn into an open container of iced Pepsi at the movies. Most dunkers will immediately place the popcorn in their mouths. More serious dunkers will allow the popcorn to float in the Pepsi, increasing the time in which the popcorn can absorb Pepsi. This results in a messier, but more flavorful combination. Some folks will even attempt to submerge the popcorn in the Pepsi - a good way to maximize the amount of Pepsi absorbed in the popcorn but also a good way to get your fingers wet!

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Rural Traditions for Drinking Pepsi, #2

Another method for drinking Pepsi in the Midwest United States is to pour a small bag of peanuts directly into the container with the Pepsi. As the Pepsi is poured into the mouth, peanuts come with it - adding a crunch to an otherwise liquid taste.

Since peanuts float in Pepsi, a quick tilt of the container is necessary in order to maximize the number of peanuts one gets with each drink. Tilting the can more slowly will reduce the number of peanuts in each drink, increasing the number of drinks at the price of lowering the seconary (peanut and salt) content of each drink.

Even after the peanuts are gone, the salt that was on the peanuts continues to flavor the Pepsi until it has all been consumed.

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Sex and Pepsi 101

It is a myth that Pepsi and aspirin, when taken together, form a strong aphrodisiac. Giving your girlfriend a Pepsi and an aspirin at the same time will not increase your chances of sexual success.

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The Forgotten Pepsi

Just as a medical doctor must make life and death decisions, so must a Pepsi drinker make difficult decisions. Particularly in social gatherings a container of Pepsi may be left open for an extended period of time. Rembering that carbonation in a Pepsi is under constant pressure to escape, a Pepsi purist will know that 60 minutes is the upper life of an opened Pepsi (refrigeration can extend this to a maximum of 3-4 hours). Once the upper life-time is reached Pepsi reaches what is known as the "flat" state, simliar to flat-lining with ER victims. At that point the Pepsi purist will normally elect to discard the Pepsi. Not all flavor is gone in a "flat" Pepsi, but measurements indicate that at least 93% of the carbonation is gone. At values of 68% of original carbonation a Pepsi is considered to non-drinkable. The serious Pepsi drinker will allow the flat Pepsi to slip away quietly.

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Toys Made from Pepsi Containers

In Oklahoma you can purchase model airplanes (replicas of two wing, propellor driven planes) made entirely of Pepsi cans. They sold for only $10 in 1996. The model includes a body, wings, propellors and landing gear.

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Pepsi Diet Factoid

If a Pepsi purist were to consume no other foods in a day, it would be acceptable to consume up to twenty 12oz. containers of Pepsi that day. However, a prolonged diet of only Pepsi is not recommended.

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Pepsi Budget Factoids

The typical Pepsi purist drinks 3 cans of Pepsi a day. At bulk purchasing prices this puts the yearly expense to about $400 per year.

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Cost of Pepsi

In Dallas, you can sometimes purchase a 12 pack of Pepsi for only $2.50.

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Pepsi Carrying Techniques

As has been noted mechanical agitation of a Pepsi can adversely affect its time to flatness. Pepsi purists use a device known as a gymbal for carrying Pepsi in a container. A gymbal is a device which allows the can to remain vertical even though the hand carrying the Pepsi may tilt. Such a carrying device is normally used in automobiles for hot fluids and may be purchased at many road-side convenience stores. No license is required to use these devices for Pepsi.

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Special Handling Tips

In a humid environment Pepsi containers, particularly cans, are known to collect moisture - or sweat as it is called. Sweating can reduce the maximum chill life of a Pepsi by up to 35%. The moisture that collects on the can provides significantly better heat transfer from the air to the Pepsi in the can. In the same fashion that blowing on wet skins feels cool by increasing the transfer of heat, allowing wetness to accumulate on a can of Pepsi will increase the speed at which the Pepsi heats up, particularly when the Pepis is in the path of moving air, such as in front of a fan.

To eliminate this problem, place all Pepsi containers in absorbtive materials (such as a simple paper napkin) or simply wipe off the moisture as frequently as possible.

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Pepsi Aluminum Can Crushing

A National Lampoon movie depicted fraternity men as having the ability to crush metal cans by bashing them onto the forehead. It is also possible to crush cans between the palms of both hands. However, in both cases the Pepsi can may produce sharp edges which can cut the head or heads of the person doing the crushing. This is not a recommended practice for the Pepsi purist. For only $10 you can go to Target and get a wall appliance which will safely crush the cans.

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Removing Battery Acid

Yes, it is true. If you have a buildup of that white stuff on your car or boat battery terminals, simply pour a warm Pepsi on the battery terminals to clean them.

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Meat Tenderizer

Knowing the above factoid, you won't be surprised to know that placing a piece of steak into a pan of Pepsi for 24 hours prior to grilling it will tenderize and flavor the steak. Simply pour the Pepsi in a large flat container and let the meat soak in it for 24 hours in the refrigerator.

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Pepsi Cannot Spoil

Because of the citric acid and other ingredients in a Pepsi, Pepsi cannot spoil. These ingredients basically kill all bacteria, preventing any type of spoilage from occuring.

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A Raw Egg and Pepsi

If you take a raw egg (in the shell) and place it in a container of Pepsi for 3 days, the eggs shell will soften into a rubbery cover. The ingredients in the Pepsi will dissolve the primary shell ingredients which cause the egg to be rigid. A similar thing will happen to a piece of bone placed in Pepsi for 7 days. The motto of this story is to swallow your Pepsi as soon as possible. Keeping it in your mouth for several days without swallowing can damage your teeth.