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So what good are blogs? Well, if you're like me you're busy 24/7 and there's no way you will take the time to maintain a daily watch on the comments of anyone in the programming industry - regardless of how much influence they wield.

If you enjoy blogging, then by all means spend all the time you want participating. But if your goal is to simply to draw whatever professional/technical benefits are available from blogs, then periodic review once a week or twice a month is adequate.

In one sense, blogs are no better than forums - with each providing daily, real-time information.

With blogs, however, the threads are essentially directed by the same individual. So when I try to identify a blog to follow, I'm really looking for an individual who consistently puts forward topics of value to me as a programmer and who can clearly articulate the issues associated with those topics.

The one exception to the periodic use of blogs is when you're actually caught up in a discussion on a topic of interest to you or that impacts you in some way. In those cases you'll want to follow the thread daily/hourly until the topic is resolved or no new information/points of view are forthcoming.

Here are my suggestions on blogs which consistently put forward information, comments, critiques, or other analysis which will influence your QBasic programming activities.

Blogs/Articles - Programming
These sites contain comments that QBasic programmers will find interesting. Some are QBasic-specific and some are not.

I'll be adding/taking away entries here, but I don't plan to list any more than 10 blogs. Like any other resource I describe on my site, the goal is to describe a subset of available resources - only those which I recommend you monitor/use regularly, rather than provide you with a long shopping list which you have to filter on your own.

Just for Fun
Somewhere on my site I have to put a few things that are just for fun.

  • Sentient Developments (George Dvorsky)
    I don't even know who George is, but I ran across his blog and really liked what I found. I especially like the Fermi Paradox discussion which includes a summary of recent discoveries related to life elsewhere in the universe.

If you have suggestions on blogs to add to this list, please let me know.