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Over all other ways of learning QBasic, I recommend the reading of books - not one, but several books in order to get full coverage of topics and to get the perspective of several authors.

Unfortunately, pretty much all QBasic/QuickBasic books are out of print, but can still be found in used books stores - both online and in your community. Your search for books also benefits from the fact that QBasic is over 99% compatible with QuickBasic (lack of a compiler is the biggest difference), meaning that books written for either language are completely useful to QBasic programmers.

Recommended QBasic Books
Here are my suggestions on a few QBasic books to get you started. You'll probably have to buy them used because they are no longer in print. Most can be bought for about $10 each (that price includes shipping costs).

  • QBasic by Example Perry
  • Running MS-DOS QBasic Halvorson, Rygmyr
  • MS-DOS QBasic: Microsoft Quick Reference Jamsa
  • QBasic Made Easy Inman, Albrecht

I suggest as your first stop in looking to buy a book on QBasic.

Complete Listing
And here's a more complete listing of books. Browse through these to see if a title catches your attention. I generally do not include QuickBasic books because they tend to be several years older than QBasic books. QBasic 1.1 was released 5 years after the release of QuickBasic 4.5.

But since QBasic is a subset of QuickBasic, any books on QuickBasic you can get will be directly applicable to your QBasic needs.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Qbasic Parker, Wertheimer, Meyer (1995)
  • A Brief Course in Microsoft QBASIC Schneider (1991)
  • A Brief Course in QBASIC with an Introduction to Visual Basic Schneider (1994)
  • A Brief Introduction to Basic: Qbasic-Quick Basic Hochwald (1992)
  • A Short Course in QBASIC Venit (1996)
  • Absolute BEginner's Guide to Qbasic Perry (1993)
  • Computers: Concepts and Applications for Users with Qbasic Nickerson (1993)
  • Computers: Quick Look at Qbasic Tutorial Trainor (1995)
  • Crash Course in Qbasic Perry, Potts (1994)
  • Easy Programmign with Qbasic Toupin (1994)
  • Fundamentals of Qbasic Programming: Problem Solving and Application Development Nickerson (1995)
  • Illustrated Qbasic for MS-DOS 5.0 Venkateswaran (1992)
  • Instructors Manual: A Brief Course in QBasic Schneider (1994)
  • Introduction ot Programming with QuickBasic/QBASIC Meyer (1993)
  • Introduction to Computer Programming with Qbasic Carney (1998)
  • Introduction to Program Design with QBasic
  • Introduction to Programming in QBasic Baumann (1993)
  • Mastering Qbasic and QuickBasic Albrecht, Inman (1994)
  • Microsoft Qbasic: An Introduction to Structured Programming Schneider (1991)
  • MS-DOS Qbasic (Microsoft Quick Reference) Jamsa (1991)
  • Power of ... Qbasic Goodwin (1991)
  • Practical Qbasic Programming James
  • Programmign Logic with QBASIC: A Workbook of Business Programming Applications Scott, Higgins (1993)
  • Programming in QBASIC for Engineering Technology Craven (1998)
  • Programming Q-BASIC for Engineering Technology Craven (1998)
  • Programming With Qbasic: Be an Expert! Scherpenisse (1995)
  • QBASIC - A Step by Step Reference Lee (2004)
  • Qbasic (Microsoft) Bent, Sethares (1996)
  • QBASIC A. to Z. Reference Sinclair (1993)
  • QBASIC Beginners Book Sinclair (1993)
  • Qbasic by Example Perry (1993, Que)
  • Qbasic for Beginners Tornsdorf (1993)
  • Qbasic for Beginners Tornsdorf, Tornsdorf (1992)
  • Qbasic for Business Problems Solving Forsmark (1995)
  • QBASIC for Rookies (1993)
  • Qbasic for Students Trombetta (1993)
  • QBASIC Fundamental and Style Shelly, Cashman (1993)
  • QBasic Fundamentals and STyle with an Introduction to MS Visual Basic Quasney, Maniotes, Forman (2000)
  • QBASIC Fundamentals and Style Quasney, Maniotes (1993)
  • Qbasic Games and More! Sexton (1993)
  • QBasic Games and More Sexton (1996)
  • Qbasic Made Easy Inman, Albrecht (1991)
  • QBasic Program Development Jones (1996)
  • Qbasic Programming 101 Perry (1993)
  • Qbasic Programming for Dummies Hergert (1994)
  • Qbasic Programming: Structured Applications Nickerson (1993)
  • Qbasic Programming Schneider (1991)
  • QBASIC Text & Working Model CD Shelly, Cashman, Gleason (1997)
  • QBasic Using Subprograms, 2nd Ed. Quasney, Maniotes, Formen (1997)
  • QBASIC with an Introduction to Visual Basic for Engineering, Mathematics, and the Sciences Schneider (1994)
  • Qbasic: A Brief Introduction Wennington (1996)
  • Qbasic: A Short Course in Structure Programming Martin (1998)
  • Qbasic: An Introduction to Programming Shelly, Cashman, Gleason (1996)
  • Qbasic: Beginning to Advanced Hochwald, Dachslager, Yuhnke (1994)
  • QBasic: Includes Microsoft QBasic Interpreter Baumann (1992)
  • QBasic: Programmer's Quick Reference by Kris Jamsa (1991).
  • Qbasic: The Language of MS-DOS James (1994)
  • Qbasic Amoroso, Boyd, Cohen (1994)
  • Qbasic Baumann, Baumann, Mandell (1996)
  • Qbasic Cassel (1994)
  • Qbasic Fenton (1998)
  • QBASIC James (1992)
  • QBasics by Example (1993)
  • Qbasic for Students Trombetta (1993)
  • Quick BASIC Programming for Scientists and Engineers Noggle (1993)
  • Quickbasic & Qbasic Dejesus (1993)
  • Quickbasic and Qbasic Using Modular Structure Bradley (1993)
  • Running MS-DOS: Qbasic Halverson, Rygmyr (1991)
  • SELECT: QBasic Fenton (1993)
  • Structured PRogramming with Microsoft Qbasic Goldstein (1993)
  • Structured Programming with Microsoft Qbasic Goldstein (1993)
  • Structured QBasdic Lawlor (1996)
  • Teach Yourself Qbasic in 21 Days Shammas (1993)
  • Teach Yourself Qbasic Butkus (1994)
  • The Beginner's Guide to Qbasic Melnikova, Bonushkina, Krylov (1994)
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Qbasic Perry (1994)
  • The Waite Group's Qbasic Primer Plus Mackenroth (1991)
  • The Waite Group's QBasic Reference Plus by Waite, Prata, et al. (1991, Que)
  • Understanding and Using Qbasic Barron (1994)
  • Using Qbasic Feldman, Rugg (1991)
  • Utter Novice Guide to Q-BASIC Aitken (1996)
  • Van Wolverton's Guide to Qbasic Wolverton (1992)

I'm not aware of any online source for the content of these books. In other languages, full text of books are sometimes available.