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Web Sites
There are a large number of web sites which provide information on QBasic, GW-BASIC, and QuickBasic. All are useful sites for the QBasic programmer.

I've broken the sites into various categories, depending on the content available at the site.

Recommendations - Top QBasic Sites
There are hundreds of very useful web sites on the web, more than a busy programmer can fit into his spare time of only an hour our so each day. For those of you who have such limited schedules, I suggest the following QBasic sites

Recommendations - Online Magazines
In addition to the site recommended above, I also suggest you read the following online magazines for awareness of developments in the QBasic community. These come out infrequently, so they won't take much time to stay current.

Note that the first two links also include a fair amount of content on freeBASIC, a newer BASIC dialect very popular with programmers.

Recommendations - Forums
These provide insight into the activity still going on with QBasic. Total posts, regardless of age is important. Also important is the number of active messages.

Since QBasic is no longer under development, the only "new" activity is the work of programmers still interested in using the language and forums are where you'll find them!

Frequency of Visits
How often should a programmer review favorite sites?

The easy answer is that once a week is plenty often to keep you abreast of the site offerings. If you find a topic of interest, particularly one that applies to a project your are, or will be, working on then more time can be justified. If you were to visit all your favorite sites every day, spending 1-2 hours in the process, then you're there for fun, not for professional reasons (which, of course, is ok - but not necessarily the best use of your time).