gbAnimator is a fun and addictive program for creating animated 2D models - shapes that fall, walk, run, bounce, and roll. It is also a great way to demonstrate basic physics concepts.

gbAnimator creates models made of masses linked together with springs. You can drop the models and see how they land, bounce, roll or crash! You can even animate your models in a variety of ways, including link animators, roatation nodes, gravity nodes, and wind.

Models can be simple (my six-year old grandson plays it all the time) and incredibly complex (I'm addicted to creating new models to see how they will behave).

gbAnimator key features include:
  • Easily create models with just a mouse
  • Gravity/Friction/Bounce/Speed control
  • Control of information/model elements displayed
  • Model resizing/centering/rotation
  • Automated insertion of common elements
  • Online Update
  • Animation
  • Sprites
  • Fixed masses
  • Gravity/Rotation nodes
  • Wind/Viscosity control
  • Automatic session save

Download (ver 5.5, 0.5M)