gbStereogram quickly and easily generates stereograms. It can generate random dot stereograms (SIRDS) and tiled/textured (SIS) stereograms (stereograms with background images rather than random dots).

See my Stereogram Information Center for background information on stereograms.

gbAnimator key features include:

  • Text, random dot, and textured stereograms
  • Built-in browser for texture and depth mask selection
  • Oversampling
  • Multiple algorithms
  • Shimmering (viewing aide)
  • Save image (multiple formats)
  • Online update

Download (ver 1.0, 0.5M) (available 7 May 2006)

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gbStereogram provides a very easy way to create stereograms. A depth mask file or text string may be used to generate a single image random dot stereogram (SIRDS). Either black and white, or colored dots backgrounds are supported. An image file may also be used as the background to create a single image stereogram (SIS).

gbStereogram comes with a built-in browser for displaying folders of depth masks and texture files. A depth mask and/or texture may be selected from the browser to use in creating a stereogram.

Users may also enter a text string, which gbStereogram will convert to a depth mask for use in generating a stereogram.

At any time, windows containing the selected depth mask and selected texture may be displayed over the output picturebox. The depth mask is displayed in the upper left hand corner and the texture image is displayed in the lower right corner. The depth mask and texture image may also be displayed at any time directly within the output picturebox.

Several global properties of the stereogram may be set, including whitespace, depth, and oversampling.

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1. Convergence marks are simply two large dots placed in the stereogram. When the stereogram is viewed correctly, three dots can be seen.

2. Multiple images of the stereogram can be created, then displayed in rapid succession to form a stereogram animation. This is called "shimmering". Shimmering helps many users correctly view the stereogram. This applies to random dot stereograms only.

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Toolbar Options

The following functions are available on the top toolbar:

The following functions are available on the bottom toolbar:

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Menu Options

gbStereogram provides Algorithm and Help menu selections.

The Algorithm menu offers the following selections.

The Help menu offers the following selections.