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I hope you'll find that these tutorials provide you with a good foundation on which to learn even more about VB! I also provide several sample applications which implement many of the features that are discussed in my tutorial sections. Feel free to download the entire tutorial for offline viewing. In case you don't know, there are several VB books which come with a Working Model of VB6 which has several limitations but is a reasonable way to evaluate VB without spending a lot of money. Finally, be sure to read the VB FAQs, which I didn't write but have provided here for completeness.

Tutorials Code Librarian Offline Viewing
Other Online Tutorials Sample Applications VB FAQs

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VB Information Center Online Tutorial Index

Beginning Intermediate Advanced
Overview Menus API
IDE Dialogs Objects
Projects Mouse Databases by Code
Forms Drag and Drop Multimedia
Control Overview Graphics Internet (File Transfers)
Controls (Intrinsic) Error Handling Internet (Web Pages)
Controls (ActiveX) Database OverView OLE Automation
Code Database Controls             UNIX/CGI/PERL
Command Descriptions       SQL Perl commands
Command Summary JavaScript
File Handling Web Page Forms

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Offline Tutorial Reading

    I don't offer a zip file with all of my tutorial materials in it, but if you want to download the entire tutorial for offline reading then I suggest you use one of the two freeware applications - WinHTrack or WebReaper.

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OnLine Tutorials

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Sample Applications

The source code for each of these applications is available. I provide online comments about the source code.
  • Original Code Librarian
    Allows you to store VB source code and insert it into your programs
  • Timer
    Simple countdown timer with sounds
  • CaseMaker
    Renames all files/directories in a folder to lower case
  • Book Librarian
    Manages an Access database of VB books
  • Code Librarian II
    An alternate version of the one above, but base on an Access database instead of a simple text file

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Visual Basic FAQs