This site has over 2,000 pages of content covering an unusual blend of topics. With a million+ pages delivered from this site each year, including over 250,000 downloads of my software, it looks like there's something here for just about everyone!

Here are some of the more popular sections of my site.

  • Programming ... languages, code, software    
  • Pepsi ... world's largest Pepsi web site
  • Retirement ... guidance, books, financial tools
  • 3D Graphics ... math, source code, tools
  • Science Fiction ... which books to buy
  • Personal ... blog, webcam, family tree
  • Recent Site Changes:
    As part of the recently released freeware text organizer and source code librarian, I've included a library of recipes from the master chef Nancy Beene! (that would be my wife). You get the entire recipe library when you download gbSnippets (below), or you can view the recipes online!.

    New Site Sections:
    I've been working to add 3 major new sections to the site. I've just started, but you might check them out anyways - mark them for later viewing!

    Here's my latest freeware application, along with some of my other more popular titles.

    If you need help getting started, let me make a few suggestions!