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After 20 years of programming, what code do I find to be most useful? I've found many of my applications do have a lot of code in common - user interface, file access, internet /email functions, etc. - whereas the balance of the code is unique to the application.

Here's my suggestions for the Top 100 code snippets in each language, or groups of languages.

  • Windows - graphical interface, internet, files, API
  • Perl - text, files, databases, CGI
  • QBasic - text, files, sound, some graphics

I welcome any suggestions for additions to these lists.

Code Librarian - gbCodeLib

Throughout my site I promote the use of gbCodeLib, my multi-language freeware code librarian. gbCodeLib has an easy-to-use interface and provides one of the largest feature sets of any code librarian available today. Over 1000 sample source code snippets from fourteen languages, including language mini-tutorials, are included in gbCodeLib - including the Top 100 Code Snippets all programmers should know!

    Key features:
  • Multiple languages
  • Language definition files
  • 1000+ snippets
  • Mini-tutorials
  • Revision control
  • Source code editor
  • Online Searchs
  • HTML export
  • Remote databases
  • Snippet extraction
  • Object storage
  • Online updates
  • Customizable Data Fields

If gbCodeLib doesn't meet your needs, you might want to take a look at a review of available code librarians that I completed a while back.