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    New Vision Concepts is proud to present EZReader, a combination of computer hardware and custom software that is designed to provide vision-impaired users with the access they need to communicate easily and effectively with coworkers and family.

Download (v3.0, 310MB)

EZReader includes a book reader and file editor, an email client, a calender, a document camera viewer and a screen magnifier - custom software written with the needs of visually impaired users in mind.

You can purchase the EZReader software for installation on your own PC, or you can select one of the PC solutions we offer.

Several EZReader applications, notably the Book Reader, are free to use. Just download and install EZReader - no registration required. To get the additional EZReader capabilities, just register EZReader. No additional downloads are required.

 EZReader Software

The EZReader software can be purchased separately and runs on Windows 10. An Intel i5 processor is recommended, although performance on an i3 should be acceptable. EZReader require about 400MB of space.


If you don't want to install EZReader on your own PC, then one of these three PCs is bound to fit your needs. Each offers a different screen size, mounting method or navigation option. All work perfectly with EZReader software!

 Software Design

Every screen in EZReader embodies the same key design elements, combining to give users unprecedented ease of access to electronic capabilities that were once out of reach.

  • Minimal computer skills
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Touch screen navigation
  • Keyboard and mouse support
  • Unlimited text size
  • Large on-screen images
  • High contrast, user-selected colors

The result is that users with vision impairments can more easily access information and have access to capabilities that allow them keep in touch with friends, family or coworkers.

 Book Reader

EZReader's large viewing screen and easy-to-use touch-screen design makes reading not only possible but exceptionally easy for many people with visual impairments. With EZReader, you can once again enjoy the pleasure of reading.

EZReader can even read the book to you. You can control the volume as well as the reading speed.

The book reader allows the user to adjust colors, fonts, text size, character spacing and more to best fit their vision constraints.

EZReader can import Kindle books for reading. A library of 200 popular, classic books from the Gutenberg Project is distributed with EZReader.

Additionally the Book Reader can be used to view free, daily newspapers available from the NFB Newsline website.

 File Editor

EZReader allows users to create and edit files of their own!

A small library of files is provided, including recipes for two of the best desserts ever!

Users can open and edit those files, or create their own.

A keyboard shortcut is provided to quikcly open a GoDo list.

The Editor can also read the contents of the files.

The File Editor offers a unique approach to saving files, one which eliminates the need for a Save-As dialog.


Coupled with ease-of-use and a full list of standard features, the EZReader email client opens new doors of communication with friends and family for users with visual impairments.

Incoming email are converted to text and displayed using the same user-selected settings with which text is viewed throughout EZReader. Email attachments are listed and may be viewed using EZReaders internal viewer, or using the default clients installed on the user's PC.


Users can view monthly calendars and maintain appointment lists using the EZReader calendar. When EZReader is opened, users are alerted if they have appointments that day.


Coupled with ease-of-use and a full list of standard features, the EZReader spreadsheet provides a much needed office tool for users with visual impairments.

Number and string manipulations, mathematical operations and sorting, formating and graphing are all supported by the EZReader spreadsheet.

Note: The spreadsheet will not be available until Feb 28, 2019.

 Document Camera and Viewer

EZReader users can view printed materials using the included optical zoom camera. Newspaper, printed books and other printed materials can be seen at up to 12X magnification with no distortion.

The primary camera, included with EZReader, provides an amazingly clear image of printed materials. Camera properties include:

By default, EZReader is set to display the provided camera. However, other existing cameras, such as an attached webcam, can also be displayed in EZReader.

A smaller, more portable USB camera is also available for folks on the go.

 Screen Magnifier

While EZReader offers great alternatives to existing Windows applications, some users will want or need to continue using other software packages. The EZReader Screen Magnifier can magnify your application windows and uses special algorithms to smooth the magnified images as well as maintain high color contrast.

The EZReader magnifier screen can be adjusted to any size by the user. Special docking icons are available to quickly move the magnified view to uncover screens areas for viewing.

 How it started!

As my 95-year-old mother-in-law's macular degeneration progressed, she was no longer able to read even the largest text in her Kindle app. After her doctors advised her that her condition could not be improved further with medical treatments, I came up with the idea of the EZReader.

With the large viewing size of EZReader, its large fonts and images, and its extremely easy-to-use touch navigation she was able to read books again. The same solution is now available to others with visual impairments.

Gary Beene
Inventor of the EZReader System


For a EZReader demonstration in the comfort of your home, just give me a call at the number below. Otherwise, EZReader is available for viewing at the following location.