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Every aspect of the Pepsi drinking experience must come under scrutiny in order to maximize the Pepsi drinking experience. Buying, storing, sharing, drinking, and disposing of Pepsi products are all subject to closer analysis. On this page we will discuss how the experienced Pepsi drinker handles buying Pepsi products. The inexperienced Pepsi drinker will walk into a grocery store and buy the first Pepsi he finds, whereas the experience Pepsi drinker will take into account the issues discussed on this page.

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Buying a Pepsi - The Container

All purists know that a Pepsi should be purchased in glass to minimize the transfer of taste from the container to the Pepsi. Yes, there are linings in aluminum cans which minimize the metallic taste that normally transfers from the can to the Pepsi, but why settle for less - get glass!.

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Large Container Sizes

The only reason an Pepsi purist will have for purchasing a large container of Pepsi (liter or greater) is for immediate consumption by a group of people. The reason a large container is unacceptable for indvidual consumption of Pepsi is that as the container is emptied, the volume of air in the container acts as a sink for the carbonation in the Pepsi. Even with the lid, carbonation will escape from the Pepsi, into the container and then into the air as soon as the lid is open. All of this results in a very limited shelf life for Pepsi in large containers.

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No, it is not true that PepsiCo puts sub-standard Pepsi into cans which are on sale at the grocery store or the local filling station. All containers of Pepsi meet the same exacting standards, regardless of its selling price. With this in mind, and knowing that Pepsi has a shelf life of several years, it is completely acceptable to stock up on Pepsi when it goes on sale.