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Pepsi is one of hundreds of products manufactured by the PepsiCo corporation. PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient foods and beverages, with revenues of about $27 billion and over 143,000 employees. The company consists of the snack businesses of Frito-Lay North America and Frito-Lay International; the beverage businesses of Pepsi-Cola North America, Gatorade/Tropicana North America and PepsiCo Beverages International; and Quaker Foods North America, manufacturer and marketer of ready-to-eat cereals and other food products.

PepsiCo Frito-Lay Pepsi-Cola Gatorade Tropicana Quaker Brands

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PepsiCo brands are available in nearly 200 countries and territories. Many of PepsiCo's brand names are over 100-years-old, but the corporation is relatively young. PepsiCo was founded in 1965 through the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. Tropicana was acquired in 1998 and PepsiCo merged with The Quaker Oats Company, including Gatorade, in 2001.

PepsiCo (symbol: PEP) shares are traded principally on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States. The company is also listed on the Amsterdam, Chicago, Swiss and Tokyo stock exchanges. PepsiCo has consistently paid cash dividends since the corporation was founded.

PepsiCo World Headquarters is located in Purchase, New York, approximately 45 minutes from New York City. The seven-building headquarters complex was designed by Edward Durrell Stone, one of America's foremost architects. The building occupies 10 acres of a 144-acre complex that includes the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens, a world acclaimed sculpture collection in a garden setting.

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Frito-Lay North America and Frito-Lay International

PepsiCo's snack food operations had their start in 1932 when two separate events took place. In San Antonio, Texas, Elmer Doolin bought the recipe for an unknown food product, a corn chip, and started an entirely new industry. The product was Fritos brand corn chips, and his firm became the Frito Company.

That same year in Nashville, Tennessee, Herman W. Lay started his own business distributing potato chips. Mr. Lay later bought the company that supplied him with product and changed its name to H.W. Lay Company. The Frito Company and H.W. Lay Company merged in 1961 to become Frito-Lay, Inc. Today, Frito-Lay brands account more than half of the U.S. snack chip industry.

PepsiCo began its international snack food operations in 1966. Today, with operations in more than 40 countries, it is the leading multinational snack chip company, accounting for more than one quarter of international retail snack chip sales. Products are available in some 120 countries. Frito-Lay North America includes Canada and the United States. Major Frito-Lay International markets include Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Often Frito-Lay products are known by local names. These names include Matutano in Spain, Sabritas and Gamesa in Mexico, Elma Chips in Brazil, Walkers in the United Kingdom and others.

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Pepsi-Cola North America and PepsiCo Beverages International

PepsiCo's beverage business was founded at the turn of the century by Caleb Bradham, a New Bern, North Carolina druggist, who first formulated Pepsi-Cola. Today consumers spend about $33 billion on Pepsi-Cola beverages. Brand Pepsi and other Pepsi-Cola products, including Diet Pepsi, Pepsi-One, Mountain Dew, Slice, Sierra Mist and Mug brands, account for nearly one-third of total soft drink sales in the United States, a consumer market totaling about $60 billion.

Pepsi-Cola also offers a variety of non-carbonated beverages, including Aquafina bottled water, Fruitworks and All Sport.

In 1992 Pepsi-Cola formed a partnership with Thomas J. Lipton Co. Today Lipton is the biggest selling ready-to-drink tea brand in the United States. Pepsi-Cola also markets Frappuccino ready-to-drink coffee through a partnership with Starbucks.

In 2001 SoBe became a part of Pepsi-Cola. SoBe manufactures and markets an innovative line of beverages including fruit blends, energy drinks, dairy-based drinks, exotic teas and other beverages with herbal ingredients.

Outside the United States, Pepsi-Cola soft drink operations include the business of Seven-Up International. Pepsi-Cola beverages are available in about 160 countries and territories.

Pepsi-Cola began selling its products internationally in 1934 with its operations in Canada. Operations grew rapidly beginning in the 1950s. In addition to brands marketed in the United States, major products include Mirinda and Pepsi Max. Pepsi-Cola North America includes the United States and Canada. Key international markets include Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom. PepsiCo Beverages International also produces, sells and distributes Gatorade sports drinks as well as Tropicana and other juices internationally.

Pepsi-Cola provides advertising, marketing, sales and promotional support to Pepsi-Cola bottlers and food service customers. This includes some of the world's best-loved and most-recognized advertising. New advertising and exciting promotions keep Pepsi-Cola brands young.

The company manufactures and sells soft drink concentrate to Pepsi-Cola bottlers. The company also provides fountain beverage products.

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Tropicana North America

Tropicana was founded in 1947 by Anthony Rossi as a Florida fruit packaging business. The company entered the concentrate orange juice business in 1949, registering Tropicana as a trademark.

In 1954 Rossi pioneered a pasteurization process for orange juice. For the first time, consumers could enjoy the fresh taste of pure not-from-concentrate 100% Florida orange juice in a ready-to-serve package. The juice, Tropicana Pure Premium, became the company's flagship product.

In 1957 the name of the company was changed to Tropicana Products, headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. The company went public in 1957, was purchased by Beatrice Foods Co. in 1978, acquired by Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts in 1986 and sold to The Seagram Company Ltd. in 1988. Seagram purchased the Dole global juice business in 1995. PepsiCo acquired Tropicana, including the Dole juice business, in August 1998.

Today the Tropicana brand is available in 63 countries. Principal brands in North America are Tropicana Pure Premium, Tropicana Season's Best, Dole Juices and Tropicana Twister. Internationally, principal brands include Tropicana Pure Premium and Dole juices along with Frui'Vita, Loóza and Copella. Tropicana Pure Premium is the third largest brand of all food products sold in grocery stores in the United States.

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Gatorade sports drinks was acquired by the Quaker Oats Company in 1983 and became a part of PepsiCo with the merger in 2001. Gatorade is the first isotonic sports drink. Created in 1965 by researchers at the University of Florida for the school's football team, "The Gators," Gatorade is now the world's leading sport's drink.

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Quaker Foods North America

The Quaker Oats Company was formed in 1901 when several American pioneers in oat milling came together to incorporate. In Ravenna, Ohio, Henry D. Seymour and William Heston had established the Quaker Mill Company and registered the now famous trademark. Seymour wanted his product to be a symbol of honesty, integrity and strength. The figures of a man in Quaker clothes became the first registered trademark for breakfast cereal and remains the hallmark for Quaker Oats today.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, John Stuart and his son, Robert, and their partner, George Douglas, operated the largest cereal mill of the time. Ferdinand Schumacher, known as "The Oatmeal King," had founded German Mills American Oatmeal Company in 1856.

Combining The Quaker Mill Company with the Stuart and Schumacher businesses brought together the top oats milling expertise in the country as The Quaker Oats Company.

The first major acquisition of the company was Aunt Jemina Mills Company in 1926, which is today the leading manufacturer of pancake mixes and syrup.

In 1986, The Quaker Oats Company acquired the Golden Grain Company, producers of Rice-A-Roni.

PepsiCo merged with The Quaker Oats Company in 2001. Its products still have the eminence of wholesome, good-for-you food, as envisioned by the company over a century ago.

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PepsiCo has hundreds of brands. These are some of the best known:

    3D's snacks
    Aquafina purified drinking water
    Aunt Jemima mixes & syrups
    Baked Lay's potato crisps
    Baked Ruffles potato chips
    Baked Tostitos tortilla chips
    Baken-ets fried pork skins
    Bocabits wheat snacks
    Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi
    Caffeine Free Pepsi
    Cap'n Crunch cereal
    Cheetos cheese flavored snacks
    Chester's popcorn
    Copella juices
    Cracker Jack candy coated popcorn
    Cruesli cereal
    Crujitos corn snacks
    Diet Mountain Dew
    Diet Pepsi
    Dole juice drinks
    Dole juices
    Doritos tortilla chips
    Doritos, Cheetos & Chester's snack crackers
    Fandangos corn snacks
    Frappuccino coffee beverages (Partnership)
    FrescAvena beverage powder
    Frito-Lay dips & salsa
    Frito-Lay nuts
    Fritos corn chips
    Fritos, Tostitos & Doritos snack kits
    Frui'Vita juices
    FruitWorks juice drinks
    Funyuns onion flavored rings
    Gamesa cookies
    Gatorade Brands
    Gatorade energy bar
    Gatorade Fierce thirst quencher
    Gatorade Frost thirst quencher
    Gatorade Ice thirst quencher
    Gatorade thirst quencher
    Grandma's cookies
    Hamkas snacks
    Harvest Crunch cereal
    King Vitaman cereal
    Lay's Bistro Gourmet potato chips
    Lay's kettle cooked potato chips
    Lay's potato chips
    Life cereal
    Lipton Brisk (Partnership)
    Lipton Iced Tea (Partnership)
    Loóza juices and nectars
    Maui Style potato crisps
    Miss Vickie's potato chips
    Mother's cereal
    Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew Code Red
    Munchos potato crisps
    Near East couscous/pilafs
    Niknaks cheese sticks
    Oberto meat snacks
    Pasta Roni side dishes
    Pepsi-Cola Brands
    Pepsi Light
    Pepsi Limón
    Pepsi Max
    Pepsi ONE
    Pepsi Twist
    Propel fitness water
    Quaker 100% Natural cereal
    Quaker Bagged cereals
    Quaker Brands
    Quaker Chewy granola bars
    Quaker Dipps granola bars
    Quaker Fruit & Oatmeal bars
    Quaker grits
    Quaker instant oatmeal
    Quaker Oats
    Quaker Oatso Simple hot cereal
    Quaker Ohs! Cereal
    Quaker Quakes rice snacks
    Quaker rice cakes
    Quaker Snack-a-Jacks rice cakes
    Quaker Squares cereal
    Quaker Toasted Oatmeal cereal
    Quavers potato snacks
    Quisp cereal
    Rice-A-Roni side dishes
    Rold Gold pretzels
    Ruffles Flavor Rush potato chips
    Ruffles potato chips
    Sabritas potato chips
    Santitas tortilla chips
    Scott's Porage Oats
    Sierra Mist
    Smartfood popcorn
    SoBe juice drinks and teas
    Sonric's sweet snacks
    Sugar Puffs cereal
    Sunchips multigrain snacks
    Toddy chocolate powder
    Toddynho chocolate drink
    Tostitos tortilla chips
    Tropicana 100 juices
    Tropicana Pure Premium
    Tropicana Pure Tropics juices
    Tropicana Season's Best juices
    Tropicana Smoothies
    Twisties cheese snacks
    Walkers French Fries potato sticks
    Walkers Monster Munch Corn snacks
    Walkers potato crisps
    Walkers Square potato snacks
    Wavy Lay's potato chips
    Wild Cherry Pepsi