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A great company like PepsiCo should always be willing to listen to its customers. No matter how great the product, there is alway room for improvement and who better than customers would know what is needed! On this page are recommendations for the management of PepsiCo to consider which can enhance the Pepsi experience of its customers. In addition, this page includes testimonials from satisfied customers who want to share their personal experiences - to tell how Pepsi has become a part of their life in a positive or sometimes humorous way.

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These testimonials come from around the world and from a variety of Pepsi customers, providing a little insight into the lives of those customers.
  • Nancy Beene
    My husband is under strict orders not to put any more Pepsi's in the freezer unless he uses a timer. If another Pepsi blows up on him, it is his job to clean it up.

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Getting the most out of the Pepsi products - including not only improvement to the products, but new products and new ways to enjoy them - is the goal of any Pepsi Purist. Here are some ideas which PepsiCo should consider to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Self-Cooling Pepsi
    If you've ever seen those chemical packs that the doctors use to provide a cold compress for a muscle injury, then you could appreciate how cool it would be to have a similar feature built into a Pepsi container. Buy it warm and take it with you for hours. Then, about 10 minutes before you want a cold drink, switch on the cold!

    It would also be acceptable to have the cooling pack be separate from the can, but the problem is that the cooling packs could then be used to cool beverages other than Pepsi.

  • Pepsi-A-Day
    I'd like to be able to give the gift of a Pepsi per day to special friends and family. I don't want to buy a large pack of Pepsi. I want my special person to get the fun and pleasure of getting a Pepsi in the mail every day. If one of the self-cooling packs described above were included, well then all the better!

  • Solid Pepsi
    Purist Pepsi drinkers often find themselves in situations where food and drink are simply not practical. In those cases a solid form of a Pepsi is needed. Doris Day once starred in a movie which was about a product known as VIM - the mint equivalent of a triple martini. A similar invention is needed for Pepsi purists to allow the enjoyment of Pepsi in a confined environment - where drinking would be awkward.