Date/Time Functions Summary
PowerBASIC has a handful of date/time related functions, categorized as follows.

Profiling - Time to Perform Tasks
A common task is to compare the time taken to run a series of statements. With TIMER, the answer can be retuned with an accuracy of about 0.01 seconds - accurate, but not extremely so. Repeating the code block many times is usually done when TIMER is used.

When only a relative comparison is acceptable, the use of TIX (CPU cycles) can get very high resolution comparisons, but timing is unknown.

For high resolution clock time, use the Windows GetTickCount API.

String Function Listing
Here's a simple listing of the date/time functions above, with a one-line description of what the function does. Syntax and examples are given in the next section.

Date/Time Functions Reference
Here are examples for each of the date/time functions. The functions are listed in alphabetical order.

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